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Looks like Trump doesn’t want to go to Yurp. They will probably make him sit at the kids’ table and make fun of him and it will be all over the Twitter.

The problem is that he represents the US at the table and the president has to go.

Let me rephrase that: the problem is that he represents the US and the president has to go.


I hope that our new place as petulant, idiots with nukes but only stable currency as an asset (for now) was worth the opportunity to own the libtards.

Seems like a bad bargain but what do I know. I still think of Yurp as an ally.


15 Responses

  1. RD, there are so many people and factors to blame for this, but as abysmally stupid and hateful as so many of Trump’s voters were, the media is the entity which made it seem okay to vote for him. They never covered issues, never analyzed world politics, and what America must represent and achieve with regard to our relations to other countries. They covered the election as both an entertainment show. and the possible presidency of Trump as a fun adventure. “What might he do?” That was a result of the billionaires who own the media wanting their massive tax cuts; plus the absolute ineptitude of many of the TV anchors and commentators. And then of course the game of “How can we ‘get” Hillary?”

    The election was portrayed as a free ride with no consequences. “Take a shot, what do you have to lose?” Trump’s absolute ignorance of, and contempt for, facts, world relationships, consequences of actions, was minimized or ignored. And now you see some of the voters not liking what they are seeing. How could they not have anticipated this? Partly because the media either refused to warn them, or was somehow not capable of comprehending what stupidity, and disdain for actual knowledge, would cause. Hillary actually knew and understood things, you arrogant fools.

    • The media owners are rich people.

      The higher-ranking employees of the media are also rich people, more or less.

      The Treason Party (fka GOP) consistently gives humongous, ginormous, godzillions of dollars in tax cuts to rich people.

      (Note: A “godzillion” is a number the size of Godzilla.) 😉

      Which party do you think rich media owners and employees would prefer to see holding power in this country?

      Occam’s Razor, folks. 😡

    • I really want to understand -or someone explain, why the right wing GrOPers hate Hillary so much.

      I heard the new guy that will primary challenge the Orange THING; -that the only reason he voted for the THING was because “never Hillary”.

      And some like him -in the millions? state the same…
      Hillary has become their Nemesis -Adrasteia…
      But why?

      • Bellecat, books could be written on this, and maybe will some day. I think that the reasons are deep-seated and psychologically twisted. If I tried to summarize any of it in a few paragraphs, it would be too superficial. But I will suggest that there are two main threads. First, the right wing hated Bill Clinton, because he took the White House away from them. They expected to win every presidential election after 1976, which they only lost because of Watergate. Clinton comes in, he is smooth and confident and empathic, and they despised him. They had hated him back in Arkansas, because he won five gubernatorial elections. They focused on his womanizing, not because their side didn’t do it, but because it just infuriated them even more. So Hillary, being married to, and closely allied with Bill, was hated as well. So was Chelsea, actually, because the right-wing is that sick.

        And then of course is the added fact that Hillary is a woman, and exactly what the right wing hates. A very intelligent and accomplished woman is says what she thinks, who said on national TV that one shouldn’t have expected her to stay home and bake cookies. So they saw here as a feminist, someone who wanted to emasculate men, take away their power. The image of her roused them to inarticulate fury. More than anyone, she represented the rise of successful and smart women, so they hate her.

        Over time, this grew into a pseudo religious cult. She was the embodiment of all evil. They don’t even have a clue as to what her policies are, except that she is for a woman’s right to choose, which they have turned into their own anti-abortion cult. She represents a threat to their whole sense of themselves. And this includes women who happen to hate liberal feminist women. You see the faces of those people at Trump rallies, contorted in hatred and anger, seeing revenge against those whom they think took away something which they never really had, but wish they did. Hitler and Goebbels and other demagogues and epitomes of evil have done that, mostly against Jewish people. It also has been used against Blacks, and now more recently, Hispanics. All the psychological distortions which they have re projected onto this other. And Hillary became the poster upon which to unleash the Two Minutes of Hate.

        I will also add that the more sane right-wingers just hate her because she was a complete threat to their political power. She knew what they were, and how they schemed. Obama either deliberately or naively never confronted any of it. Bill and Hillary did, and would have, had she won. Again, they don’t know what her positions are, they could not articulate any of them; they fall back on absurd claims that she killed people in Benghazi, or she made uranium deals, or stole money. The whole “email” thing was the perfect blank canvas upon which to imply that she was doing something beyond nefarious, somehow traitorous and thoroughly evil. Of course she wasn’t, that was them doing it. But the people predisposed and brainwashed to hate her for 25 year, were ready to believe all of it. Hillary and Bill were the biggest threats to Republican dominance, and so those in power made sure that their masses were taught to have a pavlovian reaction to them. And Hillary learned from what happened to her husband, and she would have made them pay for it, the way that Obama never did.

        • Best explanation I have heard, William and Belle. Anecdotally, all of my
          Repub friends hate Hillary and the only reasons they have been able to give me are: I don’t like her, I don’t trust her, i am not political, as a nonelected individual she had no right to improve heath care and conspiracy theory (she was fired from the Watergate investigation for some nefarious deed). Brainwashing, they don’t really know why they hate her, they just do and nothing i can say will change their minds, it just infuriates them more. And even now, they would never ever vote for her.

        • Excellent comments post.
          Thank you

          You should write one of the books mentioned above.
          Definitely got the talent.

  2. William,

    I totally agree with your analysis regarding the media’s role in aiding and abetting trump’s “win” in the 2016 election.

    Hillary not only “understood things”, she warned us many times about who trump really is and the consequences to our country and the American people if we ignored the person he truly is. As always, the media refused to listen to the smartest person in the room during that 2016 election, primarily because the warning came from a woman.

    What still make me mad as hell is the media’s continued efforts to skirt the fact that they did not do their job when they failed to vet trump. Nonetheless, they are still taking every opportunity to convince the public that “Hillary lost” the election because she did this or didn’t do that, while blatantly ignoring the fact that she did win the popular vote by almost 3 million votes (hardly an indication that the people preferred trump), overlooking Russia’s overwhelming efforts in manipulating public opinion via social media (where most people get their information) AND the questionable slim margin of electoral votes trump received in those 3 states which Manafort requested voting data on prior to the election. Clearly, trump was the real loser and I predict that history will show that the 2016 presidential election was stolen by trump with the help of an adversarial government, that Hillary was the legitimate president and throughout that flawed process the media just stood there and watched.

  3. Tandem smack down, I love it! Did you see this? ( i am on my laptop and this is the only way I could copy Upp’s tweet.) I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

    Persistently Uppity
    ‏ @UppityWomanBlog

    Persistently Uppity Retweeted Henry M. Rosenberg

    Don’t forget to ignore this or pretend it’s no big deal. You all spent years helping them torture Hillary and will spend five minutes on this, right? @msnbc @cnn @ABC @FOXTV (as expected) @nytimes @washingtonpost

    Persistently Uppity added,
    Henry M. Rosenberg
    The House Select Committee on Benghazi just released its report. It totally absolves Hillary Clinton and blames the deaths on a slow military reponse. Mind you, this was released by Devin Nunes who must admit that Hillary’s testimony was truthful and the GOP accusations were BS.
    5:02 AM – 24 Aug 2019

  4. “Today, Secretary Clinton, still struggling to deal with the email issue, gave a speech about foreign policy, in which she called for strengthening the European alliance, and common ground among allies. She did not discuss the new leaks of emails from John Podesta, but we have copies here to read to you. Donald Trump mocked Clinton’s speech, saying, ‘I have the best foreign policy, I understand it much better than she does. I will have great relationships with everybody, and they will all respect us, while they do not respect Obama and Hillary at all.’ Mr. Trump’s plane is about to land in Charlotte, and we will bring you his speech in its entirety. While we are waiting, our panel is here. So what do you think that Hillary is going to do to combat the growing email problem?”

    Multiply this by ten thousand or so, and that is how we got here. A lifetime of knowledge of nuances of foreign policy, and developed relationships with all of the world’s leaders, is equalized with a bogus real estate developer spouting inanities. The implication is, that it really doesn’t matter, it’s just two people arguing with each other. Foreign policy discussions don’t bring eyeballs to the screen and raise our ratings, so we will not bother with them, nor will we point out that one of the candidates knows exactly what she is talking about, while the other one just blathers like a particularly stupid ten-year old. It’s just an argument, the substance of any of it is far less important than the arguing part. The key issues to consider when voting are the emails, the emails, Hillary coughing for a few weeks, whether she talked loud enough or smiled enough, and how entertaining Trump is. When GW Bush ran, the most important issue for the media was, “Who would you rather have a beer with?,” now it is, “Who would you rather be entertained by?” They’ve all got their jobs, anyway, and hobnob at parties, no matter who is in office. Now a few of them seem consternated at what is going on. The amazing thing is that none of them understands their role in it.

  5. The Democratic candidate who goes after Bernie Sanders in a debate will have my great respect. So far, too many are afraid of him and his cult of Bros. The candidate doesn’t have to bring up his “women fantasize about being raped by three men” statements, or his “lack of orgasms cause cervical cancer,” or his attacks on JFK for not realizing the “great things” that Fidel Castro was doing, though those are going to all come out if he somehow gets the nomination, thus destroying his candidacy.

    Just ask him how he plans to get the massive tax increase passed to pay for free tuition for everyone, including the children of the rich. Ask him how he plans to break up the big banks. NYDN asked him this in 2016, and he made a fool of himself, mumbled something like, “Well, I think you just have to break them up.” Ask him what the upper tax rate he wants will be, and then how he is going to get this through the Congress. He is a fraud, a demagogue, and a grifter, but no one wants to say it yet. Left unchecked, he may not win the nomination, but he will take his group of delegates and wreak absolute havoc at the Democratic Convention.

  6. OMG, did anyone see trump’s real estate pitch for his Doral golf club? He wants to host the next G7 + 1 ( bet he thinks he can invite Putin to the next one if it his party). What an f-ing disgrace. They better add that to his long, long list of impeachable offenses. He wants foreign countries to put money in his pocket, blatantly putting his business interests first; this is even worse than him leasing the Washington hotel from GSA and making money off the foreign and Repthug guests seeking to curry favor. Oh, let’s not forget his interference with relocating the FBI building to protect his business interest in said hotel. why is he getting away with this, putting millions in his own pocket?

    • I realize Cats’s last question is probably rhetorical, but:

      Because too many people who are not political extremists could not be bothered to vote in too many elections for too many years, allowing a fanatical, well-organized, and extremely well-funded minority of fanatics to take over our Federal government, and many state and local governments as well.

      Shrewd as the Founders were in many ways, they did not anticipate that a day would come when a sufficient number of Senators would put party above country, making it impossible to impeach (or, more precisely, to remove) the worst President in our country’s history.

      • IBW, I am at the point where the American people scare and disappoint me more than the “worst President in our country’s history.” I don’t see how the country, maybe even the world, is going to recover from this. We have lost our place at the table and everyone is moving on, not that we did such a bang up job at the head of the pack, but China, Russia, Saudi Arabia?

        • I share your disappointment, especially in my own group (maybe yours as well): non-elite white Americans.

          I still support democracy, but now I support it only for Churchill’s reason: it is the worst form of government, except for all the others which have been tried.

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