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Bring on the Conspiracy Theories

Jeffrey Epstein is dead from hanging in his Manhattan jail cell. This just a couple of weeks after his last attempt.

It’s like finding the suicide victim with the gun in his hand and shots to the base of his skull. What are the chances?

Oh, I can totally believe he committed suicide. But I don’t believe he had much choice in the matter. Like, someone might have brought the rope like material to his cell and watched him try it on. That I can believe.

Maybe it was the stash of documents that came out a couple of days ago. Lots of records and names. I doubt we’ll see any of that. AG Barr will redact them for security reasons and the primary witness is dead.

Everybody move along now. Nothing to see.

61 Responses

  1. This is the first that I have seen of the story. It is chilling. He should have been under 24-hour surveillance, particularly after the first situation where he was either attacked, or tried to commit suicide. One thing we know, is that any investigation into this will get us nowhere, because we cannot trust the people running the country.

    Surely there were powerful people who did not want Epstein to testify or talk to law enforcement. This may include people who have been previously responsible for deaths which they kept calling suicides or falls out of windows. This may include people in this country which have a history of murdering people whom they cannot trust to follow the code of omerta. This may include people in very high places in our government, who have a history of being associated with the other two groups of people.

    Most prisoners, even those accused of heinous crimes, do not commit suicide in their cell, particularly before trial. The way this country is being run, it is impossible not to believe that this was not a suicide, or was, as you suggested, a “murder suicide,” where the person is given the implements to do it, to keep him from talking. There is true evil afoot in this country, and we have one last chance to try to do something about it in the election upcoming. Oh, and of course we cannot go through this newest horror without the usual people trying to say that Hillary and Bill did it.

    • Hopefully, Florida will continue the collection and the investigation, this is sex trafficking and there are a lot of ugly things under those rocks. I don’t trust DOJ with Barr at the top. Another reason we need a Dem Prez although, if it is Biden, who knows?

    • William, I have heard Bill mentioned several times along with Bill Richardson this morning. Of course, Hillary will be in the mix simply because of her personal child sex trafficking ring and all those people she had murdered, or did she murder them all herself? Add, Hillary “Super Predator/Ninja Assassin” to her resume.

      • Bill rode on the plane. He already disclosed that a while back. So it’s basically old information. New information is Bill Richardson and George Mitchell. Both Richardson and Mitchell will have their day in court.

  2. Keep in mind that with him dead, there is legally no one who can object to search warrants. They will now be able to collect more evidence.

  3. What a timely and convenient dead.
    No surprise.
    The orange “THING” could have something to do with, since they were “Wild and Crazy Guys” as a 1992 video shows…
    And couple of current GOP senators…

  4. bellecat,

    I agree, what a coincidence!

    It’s not hard to believe that the powerful men associated with Epstein’s child trafficking business devised a scheme to ensure that Epstein remained silent forever and that a lot of money changed hands to make certain they succeeded in his committing suicide this time. Why haven’t they given any details of how he was able to kill himself under their watch?

    What happened to Epstein reminds me of what happens to people in Russia who post a threat to Putin and what happens to them as a result. Makes you wonder how Putin’s puppet continues to be so lucky.

    • The Russian Government and the Russian Mob are basically the same institution. I would guess (only a guess, of course) that Putin told some of the Russian mobsters here to bribe the guards (probably ill-paid, ill-trained, and not overly ethical) to kill Ecchstein, or allow some hit man to kill him.

    • But then, a new event to distract and redirect the attention…
      Haven’t we seen this trick many times before?

  5. In Low Barr, Benedict Donald has found the new Roy Cohn whom he was seeking. 👿

  6. Barr was responsible for keeping him alive. Remember Barr didn’t recuse himself from this case and is responsible for the federal prison system.

  7. Apparently, within a few moments of the news of Epstein’s suicide, the Russian bots and the Trump cultists hit the social media with tweets claiming that the Clintons somehow managed to murder Epstein. The speed with which this onslaught occurred either shows us how immense and organized the right-wing conspiracy apparatus is, or that some people were prepared for this, and had the story ready, which is even more sinister.

    We saw how a massively amplified campaign of lies and slanders managed to convince millions of people that Hillary was evil incarnate. So it is not surprising that they will try it again. It’s really not that different from the way that European leaders over the centuries convinced people that the Jews were behind the bubonic plague, all the wars and famines.

    First, there is not any possibility in the world that somehow the Clintons were responsible for this. There is a great possibility that someone near to Trump did this, and then thought to create a lynching party for the Clintons. It also diverts attention from the gun slaughters and the tearing away of chldren from their parents. The people running things would have no compunction about any of this. Kill someone, and try to blame it on your mortal enemy. The mafia does this all the time, and so do fascist tyrants. We can expect more of this sort of thing all the way up to the election.

  8. William,

    A lot of money changed hands to ensure a successful second “suicide” attempt and how it was achieved leads right to Putin’s door. He’s invested a lot in trump remaining in power and has the means and motive more so than any of trump’s friends in silencing epstein. We all suspect that putin is blackmailing not only trump, but the republican senate and possibily even Barr. Why else would the republican senators remain attached at the hip with trump and won’t challenge him no matter what he does. I also feel certain that these republican traitors have been assured that Russia will help them get reelected in the same manner they helped trump get elected in 2016 and intend to do so again in 2020.

    What about the media? The best response to the media and their reporting on what happened in El Paso and Dayton was by Beto O’Rourke. He was right on target when responding to their incipid questions about the massacres: “What do you think? You know the shit he’s been saying,” O’Rourke said. “He’s been calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. I don’t know, like, members of the press, what the fuck? Hold on a second. You know, I — it’s these questions that you know the answers to. I mean, connect the dots about what he’s doing in this country. He’s not tolerating racism; he’s promoting racism. He’s not tolerating violence; he’s inciting racism and violence in this country. So, you know, I just — I don’t know what kind of question that is.”

    The media is part of the problem too.

    • Kathleen, I give Beto points for telling the truth without a speck of sugar coating. Totally agree that, with few exceptions, the press and the pundit class have utterly failed us and the democracy we claimed to be. And we people are far from blameless.

  9. It’s a shock, yet not a shock, that Epstein is no longer among the living. Ironically, he probably believed the information he had on the rich and powerful would keep him safe and mostly out of legal trouble, as per the easy peasy sentence he served in 2008.

    I found myself wondering, prior to this event, how does one insure the guards, and others tasked with watching him, are not vulnerable to offers of tremendous amounts of money to just “take a break away from the monitors” for a minute or two?

    I do believe he killed himself, it was just made easier by the negligence of the staff. He had lost everything he valued (money, material things, influence over and intimidation of powerful, influential people). He had nothing to live for and did not possess the inner strength to withstand whatever trials awaited.

    Anyway, he died a pretty miserable death, while locked up in jail and knowing his life was destroyed forever. So, there’s that.

    • I believe he was taken off suicide watch- I heard they only keep them on for 72 hours at a time and then re-initiate the watch? I have strong doubts that he committed suicide- he seems to lack courage and may have thought he would be able to do something to lessen the charges since he had so much dirt on so many. Or maybe he knew the fix was in and there was no way out. He knew the depths of corruption. He was no innocent, clearly.

  10. HerstoryRepeating,

    Before I believe Epstein really did commit suicide, I want answers to the following account to a conservative leaning paper, “The New York Post” from a former inmate of the Metropolitan Correction Center in lower Manhattan where Epstein was incarcerated:

    “There’s no way that man could have killed himself. I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility.”

    “Between the floor and the ceiling is like eight or nine feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything.”

    “You have sheets, but they’re paper level, not strong enough. He was 200 pounds — it would never happen.”

    “When you’re on suicide watch, they put you in this white smock, a straight jacket. They know a person cannot be injurious to themselves.
    The clothing they give you is a jump-in uniform. Everything is a dark brown color.”

    “Could he have done it from the bed? No sir. There’s a steel frame, but you can’t move it. There’s no light fixture. There’s no bars.”

    Even if he was inexplicably taken off suicide watch, there was nothing in the cell to aid him in committing suicide. There are just too many questions that still remain regarding his “suicide.”

    Let’s not forget that it’s Barr’s DOJ which is in charge of investigating Epstein’s questionable death.

  11. The biggest mistake Bill Clinton ever made in his life was being elected President. The Republicans thought they owned the White House, and they truly hated him from taking it from them. They were going to destroy him and Hillary no matter what it took. They attacked him for getting a haircut and supposedly keeping planes from flying, which was completely untrue. They attacked him and Hillary for changing the staff at the Travel Office. The media acted as if these were important things, major scandals, and appended “Gates” to them. They wanted to impeach him for Sandy Berger taking some files out of the library. They said that he and Hillary ran cocaine through Arkansas when governor. They said that he murdered various people. Then they took the tragic suicide of Vince Foster, and exploited it to claim that Bill and Hillary murdered him.

    They somehow managed to get an Independent Counsel appointed to investigate the nonsense of Whitewater, which of course was completely a non-story. And this IC, a fanatic Republican, investigated it for five years, at the cost of $90 million. And he investigated anything he could get his hands on, including Vince Foster, which he investigated over and over, and found nothing at all, other than the tragic suicide. But that hasn’t stopped the sick Clinton haters from mentioning this over and over, including more recently Trump. So they finally unearthed the Lewinsky matter, and impeached Clinton, which was their goal all along, at least to tarnish him forever in history. And of course the hatred of Hillary was perhaps even greater, as we have seen. And Seth Rich died, and they concocted another fable about how the Clintons murdered him. And then they keep writing “Clinton Body Count,” when all the “count” comes from their own fanatical fantasy stories. Some man went into a pizza parlor armed and ready to kill people because of the insane fantasy of “PIzzagate.”

    And now they are sure that Bill Clinton had sex with girls, which I can assure you was never the case. No one has ever accused him of such a thing, and if he ever had done, Starr and the others would have unearthed it. He did have a problem with womanizing, which puts him up there with many other presidents. He does not consort with underage women. Flying on a person’s plane does not mean that someone engages in the same activities as the person who owns the plane,and everyone knows that, except when it comes to Clinton. And so now, inevitably, when Epstein is either a suicide or murder, the Clintons are accused of the murder, and the “reason” is that Epstein was going to tell about their imaginary pedophile ring. So Trump actually retweets this insanity, essentially accusing them of murder. But he cannot be sued, for libel, because he and his mob lawyers are canny enough to realize that retweeting something is not necessarily endorsing it.

    So the Clintons cannot even live a retired life, even knowing how Hillary was maligned, and cheated out of the Presidency, where she would have been one of the greats. The slavering fanatics have to accuse them of murder, and get the pleasure of running their insane scenarios all over the social media. This is probably comparable to the religious fanaticism of the Middle Ages, where people were always looking for the Antichrist, the person or entities who were responsible for everything that they didn’t like. And many thousands were burned or hanged or stoned to death to sate the fanatic mobs. One might have thought that America would have been immune to this perversity and insanity, but of course the Puritans killed women they believed were witches. And Black people were lynched, and the Jewish man Leo Frank was accused of murdering a young girl, and was lynched, which event marked the reburgeoning of the KKK; and later it was convincingly shown that Frank was innocent, and that one of the KKK almost certainly was the murderer. And so projection and misdirection are their stock in trade, where their own virulent hatred and corruption and evil are turned into weapons against their enemies. It never went away, it was always part of the dark side of America.

    If one stepped back for a second and contemplated the fact that a President of the United States, someone who is the hero of the Nazis, and the KKK, and the people who own dozens of assault weapons and send pipe bombs to his political adversaries, just accused a former President, and his wife, the former Secretary of State, who won the popular vote for President by three million, of murder, you could not conceive of it. But it creeps up by degrees. The descendants of those who said that Jewish people were satanic, because their cleanliness laws relatively protected them from the bubonic plague; who burned people at the stake in Toledo, who drowned women in Salem, who hanged Blacks from trees, who killed Leo Frank–they are thriving right now. Their antichrists are the Clintons. They are running amok, urged on by a man whose father was a Nazi, who admired Hitler, who wanted five young Black men summarily executed for a crime they did not commit, who will cast about for any enemy to project his own evil upon.

    • Courage, William. They are breathing out great wrath, because they know their hour is short. We will bury them. (metaphorically, of course)

      You’re damn right about Clinton not chasing jailbait. Starr and company went over his sex life with what amounts to the sensor suite of the NCC-1701, if not the 1701-D. If there was a scintilla of evidence he had actually raped any girls or grown women, they would have trumpeted it to the skies, and impeached him on that, not on some technicality about lying about consensual encounters with poor silly star-struck Monica.

      • Also Ken Starr is one of the ones that got the initial deal for Epstein. Do es anybody really think he would have kept that quiet if there was something in there about Bill? Acosta would have kept that information hidden too?

  12. Gov. Bill Richardson, the “Judas” who betrayed Hillary during 08 and endorsed Obama has now been accused by an Epstein victim.

    It sickens me that these slimy men like Richardson sexually assaults underage girls and then forces Hillary out of the race. This is pervasive folks! These sexual assaults and trafficking carry over to a larger scale. This is what the patriarchy looks like.

    • Richardson screwed Hillary at the Iowa caucus in 2008; he promised to hold onto his delegates, but then gave them to Obama, which allowed Obama to win the caucus. Had he not, Hillary would have won, and that would have been the end of the Obama run in 2008. I never liked him, even when he was a cabinet member in the Clinton administration.

      Now, as to the allegations, we have to be wary, because while they are likely true in many cases, some may not be. I’d tend to believe this one, but on others potentially upcoming, there is much political capital to be gained from people (Republicans) paying for allegations, particularly when there are unlikely to be formal charges. That’s what happened to Franken. I can imagine one woman coming forward and alleging things about various Democrats, thus causing a national uproar. If they are true, then they are, but it is almost impossible to refute, particularly with Epstein not around. We cannot trust Trump or Barr or the radical right one iota. Who paid Juanita Broderick to make allegations which even Starr did not believe?

      • I would think a lot of them can be disproven simply with logs and calendars.
        The problem Franken had was a picture. It’s the same problem Trump has w/r/t Epstein. He’s on tape partying with women with Epstein and then there are multiple witnesses regarding seeing Trump hanging around Epstein’s house with young women and Trump using the same bank Epstein used.
        I find it interesting that Broderick has been defending pedophiles and attacking their victims.

    • I thought the same thing with regards to Richardson. I wonder if Obama’s campaign knew about this and used it to make Richardson do what they wanted.

      • That is a very interesting surmise, not that far-fetched. Richardson’s actions in the Iowa caucus were very strange, he handed that crucial optics caucus to Obama. I had thought that it was probably the usual political quid pro quo, but perhaps not.

        It is very interesting about Broderick, I did not know about her recent activities. There were and are so many insidious connections in the 28-year history of the far right’s campaign of slander against the Clintons. I wish they could sue Trump for billions of dollars, but of course he and the anti-Clinton cult are very careful not to make an actual allegation which could give rise to a lawsuit. The fact that Trump has gone as far as he has in this matter, makes one almost certain that his people were involved in the suicide. Perhaps the best guess is that Epstein did commit suicide, but that the Trump people made sure that he could do it without interference. If Barr did visit Epstein, he may have told him that there would be no pardon, and that they would make sure that he went to a miserable prison for life, thus giving him no way out. Why would Barr visit Epstein in jail, if he indeed did? Why were the conspiracy sites so ready with the Clinton accusation almost immediately after the suicide was reported? And why are the media not talking much about the possible Trump connection to Epstein, beyond the earlier photos?

        • You know, the GOP has a 55 year association with pedophiles going back to 1964 and Strom Thurmond. Like you once they started spinning conspiracy theories about the Clintons I knew the GOP and/or Trump is guilty as heck. They had all that ready to go because they knew they were guilty.

          • The orange “THING” has blood in his hands….
            And what does do?
            Point to his enemies…
            Such a mobster style…
            the cabaret in chief…

  13. In a better world–well, in a really better world, Benedict Donald would never have been “elected” President* in the first place. But in a somewhat better world, the networks would play this clip from the anime Carole & Tuesday after every BD speech.


  14. Why is Nicolle Wallace aghast that KY is getting a plant from a Deripaska company? I remember when McConnell and his merry band of coconspirators blessed the lifting of sanctions on Deripaska’s companies ages ago. That was NOT the first “red” flag on Moscow Mitch’s pro Russia behaviors. None of the sanctions should have been lifted and, if anything, more sanctions added for dicking around with our election. This nuclear event in NW Russia isn’t helping my anxiety and anger either. I am sure our Prez* couldn’t care less that Russia claims to have two aircraft capable of delivering nuclear (powered?) missiles within striking distance of Alaska.

  15. Off-topic:

    RD, haven’t seen anything from you since this was posted 4 days ago. Just checking to make sure you’re okay. Hope your absence is due to you and your favorite Republican having, um, better things to do than post.

  16. Donde esta Senor Niles? Crying over his IRA/401K? How about that Art of the Deal? Caves in as soon as his adversary calls his bluff? Happens every time.

    • “Crying over his IRA/401K? …”

      I know *I* am. And soybean prices (I’m part-owner of a family farm in Illinois). Eat more tofu. Please.

      • Sorry to hear that. At least with money in the market I knew he would screw that up. There’s no way you could have known he would destroy the crops of his own voters.

    • I converted all of mine to cash. So I’m doing GREAT. Seriously this is a guy who crashed a casino. I knew to take my money out of the market.

  17. Trump says that he has lost between $3-4 billion dollars on the stock plummet, but that he doesn’t care, he just wants to do a good job. This translates as: 1) He is making a lot of money on the market gyrations, selling short before he tweets things which will drop the market, and then buying back. 2) He plans to announce a big deal with China. six months or so before the election. The deal will likely be no more than where we were before 2017, but it will be hailed by the media, and the market will go up 2,000 points or so in a week. 3) He has intimidated the Fed Chairman enough, and also has two of his own appointees to the Fed, so that interest rates will be going down to 1% or even less. 4) All he cares about is making money, and winning. Getting the Fed to drop rates further, will stimulate the economy somewhat, give the Fed almost no ammunition to fight the inevitable recession; but Trump just wants to win the election, cash in, and then leave the country to economic calamity, while he and his family move somewhere else.

    • He may think twice about that if Wall Street decides to back the Democrat next year. 😈

    • It’s disconcerting that there are very few options available to support market recovery. Or, even more worrisome, economic recovery.

      Based on the reaction of IRL people who understand economic principles, we are on a downward trajectory, although we could have a couple of upward hiccups on the way down.

      China holds all the cards in the “trade war”. Perhaps they will give a tiny bit of economic cover to Trump, but they have no respect or regard for his governance.

      He has violated all norms in regard to international negotiations. China has correctly pegged Trump as an ignorant lightweight and may or may not help him in his re-election.

      IOW, Trump counting on China to concur with him on any “agreement” is a fool’s view.

      • William, your comments are brilliantly incisive and I am talking about Trump being a fool to trust the Chinese government to help him.

        • Thank you. I knew that you were referring to Trump! Oh, he is a fool, but like all con men, figures that he can get out of the game ahead of the yokels he is fleecing. I don’t know what China has in mind, I always figured that they and Trump were on essentially the same side, but probably China doesn’t need him.

          BTW, one of my favorite rock/pop artists has been Martha Davis of the Motels, still writing and performing. It’s a a very good name, without even mentioning herstory’s first First Lady. 🙂

          • China doesn’t need him and probably would be glad at the chance to embarrass the US. If he’s hoping for help from China it’s a fool’s errand.

          • Awww, thanks, I know it’s a solid name and there are certainly Martha’s of note throughout history and the arts.

            And, China’s leaders are not providing a lot of tells as far as their next moves in the geopolitical economics arena, the exact opposite of “verbally spew every little thought in my simple mind” Trump.

            I’ve converted as much as I can to cash, in my accounts and hope to ride the current turbulence in the market with low risk/low yield investing.

    • If he’s getting the Feds to lower rates it means to the average voter that the economy is doing poorly. That will not help him.

      • IF people figure this out. The goal of getting rates lowered is to make it easier to borrow and spend money, thus giving a temporary boost to the economy. Usually Wall Street responds positively to rate cuts, and it did a week or so ago, but now the general economic news and the worry about recession, dropped it. I’m not knowledgeable enough about all of this, to know where the market will go, but I’m pretty sure that one of the goals is to get the market to go up short-term, thus making Trump look better. Trump has been railing for lower rates since he started, and there’s a reason for it, at least from his point of view. Maybe it’s hoping that this will raise the GDP and get him re-elected, or maybe it’s just about his investments.

        When Trump was elected, in addition to my general anger and worry, I decided not to invest in any stocks at all. However, the market shot up, undoubtedly due to the easing of regulations on Wall Street and on corporate behavior, so I was wrong in that regard, though I would not have wanted to make any money out of Trump’s policies. But since the market is pretty clearly being manipulated, it just feels so risky to invest in anything right now. These Republicans are cold and calculating, and I know that most of the wealthy want Trump, certainly over someone like Warren who would tax them; so I still think that they will try to manipulate the market upward, if only to get him elected.

        • The problem is first of all if the Fed is lowering the rate it means that the people are losing their jobs. So people are going to be losing jobs. Hiring appears to have slowed. The tariffs are taking a toll and there is gonna be no coming back from that in year and frankly if ever. Once countries find another supplier they usually don’t switch unless there is a shortage at some point. I’m sure there will be attempts to manipulate the market but manipulating the market always ends up causing economic problems. Then there is the issue of the debt and whether that is going to have any effect on what is going on with the economy. There are going to be attempts to help Trump for sure but honestly even when the economic numbers were better his approval numbers were abysmal.

          • All well said, Ga6th Dem, and I hope you are right, at least about Trump being hurt by this. It’s a shame that we sort of have to root for the economy to have a downturn, but we cannot afford having him win again, and the only way we can save the economy is to have him soundly defeated, plus somehow have Democrats retake the Senate. Actually, as we all know, Republican economic policies always end up ruining the economy.

  18. William, two thoughts: 1) the realization, finally, of his supporters when he leaves office and tells them in a tweet that he deliberately stole from them, ruined their lives and the futures of their children, and that they and this country mean less than nothing to him; and, 2) as immigrants, no other country will take them, well maybe NK or SA, and with luck, they will take them long enough to confiscate their assets and then deport them.

    • Cats, acutely put. I think he does have an exit plan, and we can only hope it is not gotterdammerung. More likely it is getting out with all the money.

    • Russia will surely take him.

      • Ga6th, as I usually do, i miss the obvious! Yes, Russia would take them, trump would be over the moon thinking he was an oligarch, running with the big dogs, but he would be way out of his league. In the end, the trump crime family would be in a gulag and stripped of their assets, what a coup for Putin. I am sure Pootie cannot stand him. I doubt the Russians would waste good polonium on the trumps, more effective for Putin to go old school. Don’t their defendants, or at least their political enemies, stand trial in a cage?

  19. As long as we are discussing stocks a bit, I will tell you something about Peter Navarro, apparently Trump’s principal economic advisor. There used to be a show on the CBS radio station here in L.A., where they discussed the stock market and the economy for an hour after the markets closed. And I guess that Navarro was one of the usual guests. On the day, or perhaps the day after, the death of liberal Senator Paul Wellstone in a plane crash, the market was up, and Navarro got on there and said something like, “Some may not like that I bring it up, but we see that the markets are a good deal up today, and it appears that they clearly are reacting to the plane crash which killed the Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone, as the Senate is now very much up for grabs in the upcoming election.”

    I thought that this was one of the most tasteless statements I had ever heard. Navarro apparently was excited that a liberal Democrat was gone, and felt that his friends on Wall Street were, too. Now he is somehow running the nation’s economic policy, along with right-wing hack Larry Kudlow.

  20. With respect to the main post, I’m sure everyone has seen by now the recent news that Epstein had injuries not usually associated with suicide.

    I’ve been wondering how long it will be before people start remembering that other procurer for the rich and powerful, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. (I hate the sexist cutesy names the media use for women but never for men in the same circumstances, but I’m sure that one will be out there soon enough).

    Palfrey was never even alleged to trade in under age victims, but supposedly killed herself before going to jail. The men who paid her money to use women for sex were protected by the courts. The same type of men are now being protected by law by the withholding of Epstein’s documents. Her silence was also guaranteed by her death.

  21. Just heard there are now FOUR, count ‘em FOUR, nation states circling to interfere in the next election. Gee, i wonder who they are pushing for? Yet another thing Hillary would have gone full bore to correct.

    Heard someone say today that one of the reasons trump doesn’t listen to “experts” is that they all predicted he would lose in 2016. Again, no mention of Russian interference or at least a suggestion that he would have lost without Pootie.

  22. I still recall vividly the loss of Wellstone, a Senator who would have effectively argued against getting involved in the ill fated Iraqi mess in which we are still stuck.

    I wonder, if Trump had gone into his term touting Kudlow and Navarro as his “best people” financial advisors, whether Wall Street would have been happy about that.

    Big WS firms were giddy about Gary Cohn asthe WH economic advisor, he’s one of their favorite money guys. He was gone in less than a year.

    All the credible financial folks he started with are long gone.

    Trump may have a short term plan (all his plans are momentary) for bumping up Wall Street during the election, but he is incapable of seeing the big picture/long term consequences.

    Effectively overseeing the enormous economic functions of this country is daunting and requires much more ability and understanding than Trump could ever dream of possessing.

    Lost amid the hype regarding the market drop this week, was the fact that the CPI (consumer price index) is pushing up along with the inverted bond yield curve, two indicators Trump has very little ability to influence. Combine that with dropping consumer confidence and we are on the way to a recession, regardless of any China announcement or Fed rate change.

    However, he has the ability to make it significantly worse.

    With Scaramucci ( I know, I know) openly saying Trump will be dropping out of the race next year and when GOP congress people are granting off record and even some on record interviews, saying they are worried the economy is going to be a drag on their chances to keep the WH and Senate, it clearly demonstrates that they are aware of the challenges ahead.

    Trump’s moment to moment behavior and full on idiotic economic policy decisions kept him from being able to at least maintain a facade that the economy was doing well (when it really wasn’t).

    Sadly, when reality catches up to him, we are all going to pay a price.

    Usually I am a silver lining type, but indicators are not giving me a lot of hope, at the moment.

    I guess I can hope that crashing the economy will end the Trump era, although there are plenty of slimy operators out there willing to pick up where he left off.

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