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    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
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CNN Democratic Debate part 2 Open Thread

I don’t understand the reasoning behind how candidates are assigned to a team. Let’s admit it, the media is setting up some Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 game plan. But why this particular set up? Are we assuming either Bernie or Warren are going to be eliminated in this round?

It’s irritating because the same people are debating the same people every debate. It seems contrived. I wish the media would restrict itself to telling the news instead of making it.

As for last night, Warren won it, in my humble opinion. She’s fun to watch, she says interesting things, and she doesn’t shut up when she’s told to. Sure, policy is important. But last night’s set up of “The Left” vs “Moderates” did not show the moderates in the best light. They were way too cautious and had a whiff of “government is our enemy” about them. They seemed captured by Republican Wurlitzer conventional wisdom. It was obvious before Warren said her line about presidential candidates who promise not to do anything should question why they’re in it.

The questions were gratuitously provocative, the time to answer them too short. There are just too many candidates on the stage. Let the culling begin. Raise the requirements for continuing. How about a 5% poll number?

Will tonight’s candidates learn anything from the first night?

Will Biden try to destabilize Kamala?

Will Jay Inslee get a word in edgewise?

Will Gillibrand take the fall for the resignation of Al Franken?

Predictions and comments below. This is a debate Open Thread.

12 Responses

  1. I too, do not buy the whole “candidates are chosen at random” line they’re pushing. The moderators are behaving like they are in control and they wield all this power. This is about helping the American people pick a president, not for the Chuck Todd’s and Jake Tapper’s to talk over the candidates and cut people off.

    I predict lots of shots at Biden tonight. They have to do it. I hope they do. Expect CNN pundits to spin any criticism of Biden as insincere and anti Obama.

    • Like I guessed, Harris , Booker et al are being called insincere about their Joe Biden criticisms. They’re currently offering up debate tips for Biden. Oy vey. 🙄🙄

  2. Tonight appears to be the white guys vs all the diversity candidates.

  3. Will say it again – if Biden is the nominee, Gillibrand will be his VP. She refuses to be critical of Biden and he complimented her earlier in the debate.

    • Well, I walk back my comments on that. Glad to see Gillibrand stand up to Biden but she never should’ve prefaced it with “I deeply respect you” Joe Biden has always been an assh*le. I remember how awfully he treated Hillary in 08. The way he spoke to Gillibrand tonight and the way he has treated women in the past is not a man deserving of respect. I will stay home if he’s the nominee.

  4. Is all about the boys…
    are there any women in this debate?

    • Apparently women who work their asses off and are great on policy are overlooked. Our bar is so low that Joe Biden – 2 time primary loser and renowned women hater is our front runner

  5. This will be rather long, but there are a lot of candidates! I thought that most on the stage did pretty well tonight, but Gabbard is a bad person, probably pushed by Russia to help Assad in Syria. That is why she keeps talking about getting us out of wars. She also refused to endorse Hillary in the general election. So I wish she would go away, but she is getting Russian support, and probably will stay above 2% and thus get in the next debate.

    Yang is a strange candidate; his one issue is giving everyone $10,000. He is not contentious, though. Castro is rather sneering and contentious, is probably running for VP. Gillibrand was fairly impressive, but I will never forgive her for grandstanding Franken out of the Senate on the flimsiest of uncharged evidence. De Blasio is arrogant and unpleasant. He also ended carriage rides around Central Park, which people versed in animal rights said that the horses enjoyed in their retirement.

    Biden did better than last time. If the questions get to foreign policy, he has a clear advantage, as the entire field is filled with candidates who don’t seem versed in it. He was the target of almost 100% of the attacks tonight. and dealt with them fairly well. I don’t think that his challenging Harris or Booker on law enforcement issues was a great choice.

    Harris stood up well under some attacks, though the M4A is a real problem for Democrats, unless they can assure the voters that such a plan will not force them off their own insurance.

    Booker is really irritating me, though probably he did well here. Relentlessly attacking Biden as if he had somehow insulted him and all African-Americans, by the crime bill which was largely supported, was over the top; and in any context, he seems overly emotive, as if he is about to break into anger or tears.

    I am glad that Inslee keeps bringing up climate change, even though he gets ignored. It is indeed a crucial issue, and has to keep being talked about. Bennett seems like a decent and thoughtful person, but obviously will not stay in the race long.

    Once again, CNN seems geared to start arguments between the candidates. Also, the implications behind almost all of the questions was that Democrats are on the wrong side of issues, or are causing themselves to lose. I do not like any of their panel.

    One thing which was asked and then quickly focused away from, was the economy. I want to hear these candidates tell the populace that the economy is not doing very well, GDP was revised down, the Fed chairman, under pressure from Trump, dropped interest rates. Do not let the media and Trump push his narrative that he is leading a soaring economy. If people believe it, he will likely win.

    I think that we are likely headed to a brokered convention. CNN has not done Democrats any favors, by purposely providing hours of footage which the Republicans can use against them. As much as I tend to favor some of the more liberal positions, I think that Biden is best inoculated from the Republican attacks, so might be the most electable, followed by Harris. But they both have vulnerabilities. I have actually not been impressed by any of them that much, but my standards are probably too high now. If we go with a moderate, we will not galvanize the activist base, nor get the change we want; but if we go with a more liberal candidate, they or the base has gotten them into staking out positions which will run into trouble in the battleground states. We need a Bill Clinton who could explain things to the voters, not frighten them, and yet come from a reasonably liberal perspective. But someone like that, or like Hillary, is very rare. We knew that during 2016 and after.

    • De Blasio didn’t end carriage rides in NY – they are still there and the horses are treated awfully and they stick huge feathered boas on their heads

  6. Never forget Hillary Clinton won the most votes without demeaning her opponents and without the help of CNN – which is doing Biden’s dirty work. Shame on them! They are smearing all of his opponents. Enough is enough! Joe Biden is an incoherent, arrogant,sexist ass! & his supporters holding onto this ‘lovable crazy uncle Joe’ fantasy are batsh*t crazy.

  7. Reminds me of the 2nd debate in 1984 that Ronnie Raygun must have rehearsed for weeks on end and could finally remember his name. The previous debate was horrible for him. It was obvious to anyone who was paying the slightest bit of attention that Raygun was having big time memory issues. But after the second debate in 1984, the media pronounced him mentally fit as a fiddle. I say he was obviously suffering from Alzheimer’s by then. But the media was paid to ignore it or they are as stupid as dirt. Of course both could be true!
    This debate for Biden is similar. He performed a bit better, but far from adequate. He has no business running for President at his age. Neither does Trump. Old fools or demented assholes. Whichever applies…….. there should be age limits. Both the bottom and the top age.

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