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Pornhub Category: White House

Jason Miller is in the news again. Miller is the chinless goateed bowling ball former Trump aide who knocked up AJ Delgado, another former Trump aide, while he was still married. Well, married and screwing prostitutes. Anyway, there are a lot of women who have reasons to be mad at Miller.

But then I got to thinking, there are so many sleazy men (and women) doing so many edgy disgusting and potentially illegal sex acts that the White House could have its own pornhub category.

Here’s a review of what we know so far:

Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign manager, was exposed by his own daughters in their texts to one another as having allegedly forced their mother into gangbangs with other men.

Roger Stone and his wife are notorious swingers and visited sex clubs regularly.

Jeffrey Epstein, former Trump friend, is apparently a pedophile with stashes of child pornography in his mansion. Epstein is also accused of raping and pimping underage girls to his friends.

Jerry Falwell Jr. was very nice to his pool boy. According to Michael Cohen, there are pictures of Rebecca Falwell doing something “terrible”. He’s seen them.

Rob Porter, who used to date Hope Hicks, was just a sadist.

By the way, according to one of the tell all books, Hope Hicks, who Trump referred to as “a piece of tail”, used to spend a lot of “executive time” with Trump in his locked bedroom. Was she taking dictation? The jokes just write themselves.

Trump himself is a self-confessed pussy grabber and has been accused by 20+ women of various forms of sexual assault.

There are rumors that Trump’s modeling agency was a front for an escort service. Normally, I wouldn’t care how many nude modeling pics of Melania are laying around but now, I have to ask myself if they were leaves from Trump’s own Binders Full Of Women.

Have I missed anyone?

Is there something going on here that’s unique to the Trump orbit or are these all just coincidences?

I haven’t even mentioned the Pee Tape. Ok now I did.

Just sayin’.


Lordy, there are tapes of Trump with Epstein and Trump getting all handsy while dancing at mar-a-lago. I swear I didn’t know this was coming out today, even though there seems to be a lot of prurient news coming out lately.


Jeezus the 90s were a lost hair decade. (For the record: long red spiral curls ala Nicole Kidman. I know, I hang my head in shame.)

35 Responses

  1. The “pee tape”–the kompromat that Sith Tsar Putin holds over Benedict Donald, and perhaps the GOP as a whole, may have nothing to do with sexual crimes or misbehaviors.

    When the Russians broke into the GOP’s computers, and the vote-tabulating computers of several states, they may have changed nothing themselves. Rather, they may have discovered that the GOP was changing votes, and had been changing votes for the several elections, and obtained proof of that.

    If this hypothesis is true, then if Putin revealed such proof, the entire GOP, not just Benedict Donald, would be discredited. Even the unelected GOP officials would be discredited, since elected GOP officials appointed them to their offices.

    This would explain why, except for the occasional Amash here and there, the entire GOP meekly metamorphosed into the Treason Party we now know and loathe.

    I am reminded of Saruman, falling under the control of Sauron.

    • “…for the past several elections…” 🙄

      Have I mentioned lately that I hate TurdPress?

    • That’s brilliant

      • I read it over on Cannonfire, from one of the commenters. I don’t know if the idea is original to him/her or not.

  2. If one wanted to generalize, it could be said that the syndrome is something to do with lack of boundaries, ids run wild. Not to say that there have not been a number of male Democratic politicians who were womanizers, but the sexual weirdness and personal violence of Republicans in this area surpasses any of that I would suggest that such people are drawn to the Republican Party, because there are no boundaries and no moral compass there. And that extends beyond the sexual realm to the way they practice politics. Roger Stone is consistent in his warped self indulgence, and the belief that he can take what he wants any way he can get it. There is a resemblance to the nature of the people who were Nazi leaders in Germany.

    And then there is this very strange religiousness which permeates Republican life, where any excess can be hidden or repented away. We have seen that whereas Democrats are forced to resign for hugging women, Republicans do far worse, and then just deny or shrug, and nothing happens to them because the religious zealots don’t care, since they are all hypocrites who subsume everything to their goal of controlling every aspect of non-cultists’ personal lives. If you are a Republican leader, you can give into your favorite perversions, find acolytes who will indulge you in them, and if you are found out, you can give a tearful press conference with your wife standing by you, talk about your religious beliefs,, and then have the Republican flock stand up and support you, because after all, you have been beating the libs. It’s an easy and profitable game. If one knows that he is a sexual pervert, and wants to have a career in politics, there is no question as to which party to join.

  3. William,

    I remember reading somewhere years ago someone wrote that the Nazis did not lose WWII, they just moved to the U.S. As astute observation that is not so obsurd these days. In fact, here’s an article written in 2014 reporting how our own government was complicit in allowing Nazi war criminals relocate to the U.S. after the war:


    trump must be a dream come true to the descedents of those Nazi war criminals who would love nothing more than to take over America from the inside and restart their regime here of all places. What symmetry! It’s heartbreaking that so many of our fellow citizens who believe in democracy are following this despot. What we are witnessing with the trump regime is proof that “it can happen here” and right before our very eyes, just like it did in Germany many years ago.

    • Kathleen, I think that there is a strain in the psyches of many people which is attracted to power and the removal of uncertainty from their lives. This can attract them to dictators , and to hatred of any person or group which seems to threaten their system of values. Obviously, the world saw the terrifying rise of fascism in the 1930’s, defeated much of it, only to see it return again. There are evil people who crave absolute power, and the elimination of certain religious or ethnic groups; and there are far too many people who are ready to give them that power, and who yearn for that identification with the tyrant.

      We certainly let Nazis into this country after the war, particularly if they were scientists who could be put to work in the fight against Communism, or to make millions for business. There is a very fine British drama about this, called “Close to the Enemy,” which I highly recommend,. So we let some Nazis in, but we already had plenty of potential homegrown Nazis, those who thrive on White Nationalism, totalitarianism, hatred of anyone who is seen as the other. There was a notorious Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden in the 1930’s, presumably attended by the forbears of those who hold rallies in places like Charlottesville. Trump’s father was a Nazi, He is not intelligent, not even in a sinister way. He is just a stupid narcissist, but there are all those people out there who want to be brainwashed, who listen to Fox or talk radio all day, and are fed a relentless diet of “liberals are evil, they want to destroy your way of life, make you have abortions, keep you from saying ‘Merry Christmas.” Lack of education, detestation of intelligence and knowledge, plus a perverse kind of “religion,” the cult of Evangelism, make them perfect vessels for this.

      The fact that virtually no Republican wants to criticize or even point our what is going on, should be the most terrifying thing of all. They are their own cult. They passed a trillion dollar tax cut for billionaires, when the CBO kept saying that it would not be paid for and would explode the deficit; and now they refuse to vote for aid to first responders to 9/11, unless they can be shown how it would be paid for. They are truly sick and perverted people. Just because they dress better than the people who elect them, does not mean that they are sober people whose statements should be respected.

  4. William,

    You state above: “I think that there is a strain in the psyches of many people which is attracted to power and the removal of uncertainty from their lives. This can attract them to dictators , and to hatred of any person or group which seems to threaten their system of values.”

    What you are describing is “human nature”. Human nature is both good and evil: its goodness derives from conscious activity or “choice” to do good and reject evil. The trump followers who claim to hold “christian values” are choosing behavior which is the exact opposite of what has been accepted as “christian behavior”, as taught to us by Jesus. All of us are subject to human nature and we all have the free will to choose which road we will take.

    Simply put, as so eloquently spoken in the movie “African Queen” by the character played by Katharine Hepburn, Rose Sayer, when Humphrey Bogart – Mr. Allnut, says to her: “A man takes a drop too much once in a while. It’s only human nature.

    Rose Sayer: Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.”

    Trump supporters have chosen not to rise above…

  5. This one is dedicated to Jeffrey Ecchstein and other rapists of children. 😈

  6. Here’s an anecdotal observation; since the Epstein arrest/story grabbed the headlines, Trump has been on a downward behavioral trajectory.

    Really, he is coming apart at the seams, so to speak.

    • Do you suppose he’s actually shrewd enough to feign insanity, so he can escape punishment by pleading insanity, if it turns out that the Epstein material proves he raped one or more underage girls?

      • IBW, does he need to feign anything as long as he is sitting prez, the OLC memo is in effect, Barr is AG, the electoral college exists and his base doesn’t give a poo?

      • IBW, I’ve tried posting this about 10 times, I’ll try once more.

        Shrewd? I don’t know, it’s hard to imagine he has any kind of strategy requiring more than a move or two for advancement.
        It seems he possesses a bully’s visceral intuition. Punch first, ask later, never apologize, continue more attacks on those who are vulnerable or those below you on the hierarchy chart.
        He is looking, and behaving, more and more like a person who is feeling cornered and is lashing out.
        Since Epstein’s arrest and particularly after the release of the viral video of the two of them partying together at Mar A Lago, Trump appears to be full on unhinged, beyond what we’ve seen before, which is saying something.
        If he is trying for a plea which hinges upon his inability to be fully cognizant, he is providing plenty of relevant behavior to support such a plea, but perhaps not deliberately.
        I personally believe he is not competent to manage his own, basic day to day activities, (bathing, dressing, eating, driving, personal financial decisions) much less hold the most powerful, governmental position in the country.
        There is much that is being hidden about his mental and emotional functionality. But we all instinctively know it, when we see it.

        • This is well observed. Trump is a bully who has gotten away with everything all his life. His father bailed him out many times. His mob connections protected him. He wouldn’t pay debts, and dared people to sue him. He found women who liked his aura of money and power. He got the Russians to back him for President, and they used every tactic to steal votes for him. He has a base of cultists who are reminiscent of the Nazi Brown Shirts. He knows that every Republican is afraid of that base, because they all value staying in office more than helping the country. And finally,and most significantly, he has the right-wing media running protection and interference for him every day. Even MSNBC fill up their hours with at least twenty minutes of Trump rallies, or political statements under the guise of diplomatic appearances.

          Louise Mensch thinks that Trump has some kind of dementia which is progressing. His father died of it, I think. He seems cogent enough at times, though, if one ignores the stupidity. For all the people who seem to leak various negative things about Trump, none of them except Mattis, who probably was above leaking, ever quit, or goes public with any of it. So they are complicit, and cowards. The world cannot afford another four years of Trump, for many reasons. Nothing will get better, and some things will get much worse. But Republicans defend him. Maybe they are as bad as he is, just less buffoonish or orange-colored. I do think that getting rid of Trump is not going to salvage the Republican Party as a reasonable political group. If it hadn’t been Trump, it would have been Cruz or Cotton or Jordan, or someone like that. There is no set of 1950’s Republicans who are going to redeem anything. Obama or Biden thinking that this is some kind of “fever” which will break when Trump leaves, are deliberately or obtusely misreading the last forty political years.

  7. Today is the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the Moon. :mrgreen:


  8. The next time someone tries to tell you how great the economy is, ask him or her why the Federal Reserve Bank is cutting interest rates, some think as much as .50, though probably .25 for now. These upcoming cuts got the stock market to go up 1,000 points or so, though, because the stock market loves low interest rates, even if the economy is struggling.

  9. An article which I will not read, because it will greatly upset me, has just been written by Jane Mayer in the New Yorker. Mayer, certainly no advocate for male misbehavior, apparently has written that Al Franken was railroaded, that the allegations have no corroboration, and very likely were concocted.

    I and others sensed this from the outset. Franken was probably the most effective Senator, certainly on the Judiciary Committee. His questioning forced Sessions to recuse from the Russia investigation, leading to the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller. He might have been able to have derailed Kavanaugh, he is that smart and prepared. But he was sacrificed at the altar of something called the “MeToo Movement,” which has some virtues, but which like all such movements, goes too far.

    Roger Stone and his cohorts, who delight in this kind of thing, played into the Democrats’ purity standards, and so the Federalists got rid of the biggest barrier to Kavanaugh. To give an idea of the idiocy of the charges against Franken, the last accuser was apparently a woman who said that in 2006 (when Franken was not in the Senate), he looked at her as if he wanted to kiss her, and that it made her uncomfortable. Too bad that the guillotine is outlawed, because the Jacobins would have known what to do with Franken for this. And the Reign of Terror, and the Salem Witch Trials, and the Inquisitions have shown us that most of it was political, a way to get rid of people you didn’t like, or whose estates you wanted. What was done to Franken was unforgivable. And the fact that Gillibrand is polling at 1% does not obviate any of it. If Democrats ever hope to be an elected majority party again, they are going to somehow have to end this purity brigade. Republicans are unscrupulous enough to make them pay for all of it. There are many shades of things, and movements like MeToo deny that there are. What Franken was accused of doing, even at its worst, was not even close to people like Weinstein and Epstein and Cosby and R. Kelly, and Moore and Kavanaugh. And Franken actually probably never did any of what he was accused of. Due Process is not just a term in law books, it is supposed to have real meaning. Franken did not get that at all.

    • I read it William. The allegation is well debunked in the article, Franken was railroaded and no one let him defend himself through due process with the Ethics Committee. Even he regrets resigning. I think it references 7 senators who regret their “rush to judgment.” I hope this helps the pendulum to swing back so that accusers are heard without ridicule or condemnation and the accused are not automatically prejudged and are given the chance to defend themselves in the event of a false accusation. Here’s the link if you care to read.


      • Cats, I appreciate your comments here. It was all so swift and virtually predetermined. First the Tweeden photo. I remember her on L.A. sports talk radio, a job she apparently got because she had dated NFL players, and because she was a friend of the Fox network. During the campaign, she made a big deal about UCLA QB Josh Rosen wearing an anti-Trump t-shirt with a vulgar comment, on a Trump golf course. Tweeden kept repeating how awful and wrong it was for Rosen to do that “on Trump’s golf course!” Then afterthe election, she popped up with this allegation.

        Just like the planned Wikileaks dissemination of emails, new accusers were dripped out. And then there was this absolute rush by Democrats, led by Gillibrand, to force Franken to resign. The media jumped on it, various groups jumped on it, and he had no real choice, since his own Minority Leader, and several other prominent Democratic senators, were demanding it. Those who say that “he should have fought for a hearing,” conveniently forget that these senators did not want such a hearing, they wanted him to leave immediately. They thought that they were making some kind of noble stand against sexual misconduct, but they did not have any facts, just an obviously staged photo, and some questionable accusers of something or other. And now finally we get this article which finds it all to be a contrived hit job done by Stone and his circle, and enabled by a bunch of people who didn’t care to know the facts, just to feel excited when they think they had accomplished something. Every so often, we hear more stories about all those people who were blacklisted in the ’50’s, who lost careers and health because of it, because people would not stand up for due process and fairness and against a rush to condemn and ruin. And yet we still do all of this, just on a different tableau, and we apparently learn nothing. It’s never the same, but of course it always is.

    • Based on the stories I have read Franken now admits he acted too quickly… spurred on by the likes of Gillibrand and Shumer. Looks like NY should replace it’s 2 Democratic senators.

      • Jmac, yes. Schumer is a big disappointment. He is Minority Leader, he is supposed to stand up for democratic principles. Gillibrand is an opportunistic person who doubled down on her railroading of Franken, by telling everyone that President Clinton should have resigned for having a seamy but consensual affair with an adult woman. This after the Clintons essentially got her elected to replace Hillary in the Senate.

    • Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals:

      Rule 4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

      • A tactic which is impossible to use on Benedict Donald and Senator Turtle McTraitor and their Treason Party, since they, and the pale deplorables who adore them, recognize no rules except “All for us, and nothing for anyone else.”

        Gloat while you can, dinosaur. The asteroid named Demographic Change is coming for all of you. 😈

      • True, and the Democratic political wing is at a disadvantage because “no rules” for the GOP.

        If a President who is on record bragging about sexual assault, and is on record for hooking up with a couple of women while his wife was at home caring for their infant son, isn’t held accountable by you, then yeah, you, Niles, are officially in the camp of embracing the worst of human nature.

        But that’s what you love, amirte?

        You have clearly demonstrated your Proud Boys pride in supporting the meanest and ugliest policies and people our country (I’m a military vet, I’ll bet you are not) could ever produce.

        So yeah, enjoy your Pyyrhic victory, for the moment, and I’ll just bet you are counting on not having an afterlife with accountability for who among us you helped vs who among us you deliberately hurt.

        Niles, you are the ultimate Nero, just keep on being you, playing
        your fiddle.

      • True, and the Democratic political wing is at a disadvantage because “no rules” for the GOP.

        If a President who is on record bragging about sexual assault, and is on record for hooking up with a couple of women while his wife was at home caring for their infant son, isn’t held accountable by you, then yeah, you, Niles, are officially in the camp of embracing the worst of human nature.

        But that’s what you love, amirte?

        You have clearly demonstrated your Proud Boys pride in supporting the meanest and ugliest policies and people our country (I’m a military vet, I’ll bet you are not) could ever produce.

        So yeah, enjoy your Pyyrhic victory, for the moment, and I’ll just bet you are counting on not having an afterlife with accountability for who among us you helped vs who among us you deliberately hurt.

        Niles, you are the ultimate Nero, just keep on being you, playing
        your fiddle.

  10. Aw, too bad. I thought you really had him this time. (Not)

    Better luck next time!

    • Not even halftime, and the degenerate dinosaur is already doing a victory dance. His ultimate humiliation will be all the more enjoyable for it. 😈

    • Trouble is, he keeps committing crimes. How long do you think even Putin can protect him?

    • There already are pending indictments for Trump on felony campaign finance violations. So I’m not sure what you’re shopping here. All this means is there are going to be no more pending indictments.

  11. Just a thought on tomorrow’ Mueller hearing. There are so many respected analysts or former prosecutors giving their opinion of what the House Democrats should ask. I have not read the whole report, though I have heard or seen various parts of it.So I would certainly defer to them. But purely as a matter of strategy, I would think that there should be a focus on the obstruction part of the report, and an emphasis on what Mueller wrote about not being able to exonerate Trump, and if they could have, they would have. I would want the questioners to go over that a few times, coming at it from different ways, so as not to make it look as if they are asking the same question again and again. This is the crucial part of the entire report.

    For example, “Special Counsel Mueller, your report sets out ten instances of conduct by President Trump which contain at least some if not all of the elements of criminal obstruction of justice. Is that correct?” “You specifically state that your office could not exonerate the President with regard to obstruction,,and if you could have, you would have. That is correct?” “Your report then states that the Special Counsel is bound by a 1974 rule made by the Office of Legal Counsel, that a sitting President cannot be indicted while in office. Why did you specifically refer to that in your report?” Then, “Your report then states that… (and here you read the part about where there are avenues set out in the the Constitution…). “Were you specifically referring to the power of Congress under Article 1 (etc.)?” If he says yes, very good. If he says something about “Not specifically,” you say, “But you did have a specific avenue in mind when you wrote those words?” Is he going to say, “Not really”? Even if he does not say Congress, you say, “Was it your intention in writing those words to indicate that you were leaving it to the Attorney General to make the final decision regarding whether the President committed criminal obstruction of justice?” He has to say no.

    That means that what Barr did, by preempting Mueller’s report, was not appropriate, not intended by the Special Counsel. We know that, but he has to say it. Try to get him to say that the intent was for Congress to follow this up further. If he refuses to say that, as is likely, he is being deliberately evasive, because his office had to have something in mind when it wrote those lines. To think otherwise, would be absurd. In my view, Mueller did everything he could not to find anything against the President. In the first half, he wrote, “There is not sufficient evidence of criminal conspiracy…” In the second half, he says, “If we could have exonerated, we would have, but we are bound by OLC rule that you cannot indict a sitting President. But there are other procedures under the Constitution.” Why did he not refer to the OLC rule for the criminal collusion? Why does he actually make a finding of not sufficient evidence in Part 1, but then refer to OLC rule in Part 2? It is inconsistent. Part 1, he makes a finding. Part 2, he makes no hard finding, says that he couldn’t indict, anyway, but there are other avenues.. Any reasonable interpretation is that he found enough evidence to indict, but did not because he could not under the OLC rule, so left it to another body. And who was that? He should not be allowed to keep that obscure, this is not the Oracle at Delphi. I would want the questioners to go over that, and either have him say that the Office was referring to Congress, or make it obvious that they were, even if they were not willing to specifically say so. For me, this is where the hearing is potentially won, insofar as it could be.

  12. William,

    I know many people think Bob Mueller is the perfect example of patriot, being an ex-Marine and FBI Director. However, he just doesn’t seem to be behaving like a true patriot by his actions since his report was released, IMO.

    I don’t have high expectations for Mueller’s testimony. I’ve had a bad feeling about Mueller since he recommended no jail time for Flynn, despite Flynn’s egregious betrayal of our country. I was left empty and confused by his 9 minute press conference where he made it clear that he would not testify before Congress because the report spoke for itself, thus assuming that all America could read his report and fully understand its implications…really? Just imagine if Hillary had done the same thing and put strict guidelines that had to be followed if they wanted her to testify before Congress about Benghazi! Instead she willingly agreed to appear before the Benghazi Committee AND without a subpoena, sat alone before a republican controlled committee out to find anything to undermine her and find her guilty of some crime. She sat for 11 hours answering their asinine questions about Bengahzi. On the other hand, Mueller, the ex-Marine, offered himself for 3 hours before the House Judiciary and 2 hours before the Intelligence Committee and neither the media nor Congress complained.

    What’s even more perplexing is Mueller’s not “volunteering” to testify before Congress to clean up the mess caused by the lies spread by both trump and barr re the report for months. Why did he wait so long to speak out? To make it even more difficult for him to clarify his report to the American people, he demanded that Congress subpoena him if they wanted him to testify. A reluctant witness. Why? Not many people know that had he not been subpoened, he would be testifying as a private citizen and not under the perview of barr who then immediately dictated the parameters of his testimony. Why did he do this? It just doesn’t jive with the patriot the media and his colleagues have painted him to be. Shouldn’t his first loyalty be to the country in making certain that the truth is made available to the American people? We paid for his investigation and now he should finish it by speaking openly and freely to the American people, instead of making this seem like a major pain in the ass for him.

    • Kathleen, I too have been disappointed by Mueller. It may well have been that he was told at the outset by Rosenstein, who appointed him, that he had to follow the OLC guidelines and not indict Trump on anything. I do not understand why he specifically said that he did not find sufficient evidence of criminal conspiracy; and then with regard to obstruction, just repeated the OLC “rule,” and then said something vague about another path, and then refused to ever clarify that, even though he was well aware that Barr used that to say that the AG got to make the decision. Mueller wrote a letter complaining about this, but did not say anything about that in his nine-minute presentation. And he clearly thought that he was not going to say anything more. He is surely intelligent enough to realize how his report was being deliberately misinterpreted.

      Compare that to Starr, who told the House that Clinton should be impeached. Now, he had more power under the statute that appointed him, but is still glaring. Every one of the key people in this current matter–Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe–are Republicans. Mueller is unlikely to be an avid supporter of Trump, but he seems bound by some kind of code that will not clearly call Trump to account. Mueller must also be aware that the Senate was never going to convict Trump. The only thing which could have gotten rid of Trump was if Mueller’s report were very clear and very damaging. Mueller would not subpoena Trump, and said in his report that it would have been too costly to do it. And now he will not discuss why he wouldn’t. We are all willing to have him find whatever he found; but not to curtail or adumbrate the report, and not to refuse to be clear about what he found, or whether his report had laid out a roadmap. It almost feels like someone who was given a task which he never wanted in the first place, did a dutiful job of it, but was very happy to get it over with and get back to his previous life, being free from endless Republican attacks on what he did. Maybe I am being unfair, but it is very frustrating, at this crucial time.

  13. William,

    He should never have agreed to do the investigation if he had doubts about his ability to do it fully and without reservation. That is not my definition of integrity, instead, it rings of ego. His “code” should not override getting the truth to the American people, period.

    Unlike you and many others, I can find no excuse for his behavior. His duty (semper fi) is to the American people and he has failed us. The media and his colleagues have decided he can do no wrong and have stuck to that meme no matter what he does. I cannot. I hold him to the same standard that Hillary is held to and he just doesn’t measure up. She does, yet she is the one everyone attacks at every opportunity.

    Hillary’s actions have shown her to be more of a patriot than Mueller, yet Mueller is the one is receives the respect. Another example of what’s wrong with this country.

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