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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    thewizardofroz on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    thewizardofroz on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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I don’t know how else to describe this clip.

I get that conservatives are wired differently. But this absurd word salad logic is inexplicable. It’s pure id or something.

Stupidity is only part of the reason. The rest is definitely malice.

27 Responses

  1. When you realize they are a cult then it all makes sense. Apparently if you aren’t for white supremacy you are going to destroy America.

  2. On an optimistic note, the Women’s US Soccer team won their second World Cup, back to back. I hope they get invited to the White House and don’t go. Women are rising….and they are unapologetic and fearless in the face of their critics.

  3. By the strict definition of socialism (a belief that the State should own all, or at least a preponderance, of the means of production), even Crazy Uncle Bernie is not a socialist.

    • Bernie’s about as “socialist” as FDR was. The fact that even some Democrats seem to consider him the left-wing fringe is a testimony to how far the post-Reagan Republicans have ratcheted the Overton Window to the right.

      He is at most a Social Democrat – he’d be considered center-left in most European countries.

      Oh, and most socialists would argue that workers, not the State, should own the means of production.

      • The thing is he’s foolish to call himself a socialist. He should call himself a social democrat but since he apparently doesn’t like the party all that much I guess he’s stuck.

        • Well, that’s why I don’t care about labels. I care about policy. I don’t consider things like free tuition for state universities (and let’s do it vocational and technical schools, too) to be outlandish. Free tuition was *invented* in the United States. All the land-grant colleges in the US were originally tuition-free (that’s what the land grant was *for*). I went to a state university tuition free in the freaking 1970s in the Deep South (hardly a hotbed of Marxist thought). The University of California system was tuition-free until Ronald Reagan imposed tuition while he was governor. It was the norm in the US for over a century, now it’s a controversial, radical proposal.

          FDR planned to implement single-payer after the end of the war. Why is it beyond the pale to want to fulfill his vision after more than seven decades?

          The Republicans are going to call anyone a “socialist” who doesn’t advocate an outright return to feudalism. I’m not going to play their game.

          • Why stick yourself with such a negative label though? I mean it’s completely optional that he calls himself a socialist.

          • Because it doesn’t matter what we call ourselves – the Right is going to brand us as “commies” regardless. Might as well rub their noses in it.

  4. It’s pretty appalling, but I’m wary of succumbing to the fallacy of composition. You can find a lone idiot in almost every group if you look hard enough. Remember the accusations that Occupy was antisemitic because Fox News found a single bigot who attributed the crash to Jewish influence? One of the biggest problems with infotainment “news” is that it makes the bizarre and sensational seem commonplace.

    • I would caution not to attribute the crazy word salad to the accent. I know people who speak like this who are 100% born here Americans who can’t string a logical sentence together. I blame Fox and pundits like Glenn Beck who aggregate a bunch of concepts together in nonsensical ways that just make it impossible for the average emotionally pinged viewer to make sense of it.
      The next time reporters asks these people a question like this, they should come prepared with Oxford dictionary definitions of capitalism, socialism and every other ism. Then they should ask, which form of socialism is the worst. Scandinavian socialism? French socialism? German socialism? Swiss socialism? How about American socialism from the Great Depression to the Reagan years when it all ended?
      Then ask if capitalism can co-exist with socialism of a sort? Are Americans entitled to bulk discounts, the ability to negotiate prices, regulations to make sure all the capitalists are playing fairly?
      Pin these people down. Make them answer questions by thinking or make no excuses for them anymore.
      We tend to laugh at this shit and it’s not funny anymore. It’s completely unacceptable to be this clueless.

      • Wait until they pop up in Frank Luntz’ “focus groups” during election season. People willingly admit that someone is a better athlete than they are, more financially successful, even better looking. They may express their admiration or envy of such people. But virtually no one is willing to admit that someone is more intelligent than they are. So instead of someone saying. “I really do not know very much about economic or political theories; I don’t know how socialism is defined, nor any variations of it, but I would like to learn, ” they proudly assert their own ignorance, and vehemently deny anyone else’s capacity to know more about it. They know they are right, because they know.

        The media, which realizes that each of these people buys as many, or more, products than the well educated people, plus there are so many more of them, nod politely, as if they have said something worthy of appreciation and serious consideration.. Trump, and Bush before him, and Reagan before them, were “elected” because the average unknowledgeable person was comfortable with their simplistic slogans and inaccurate interpretations of history and economics. People who are very bright and knowledgeable, like Hillary, discomfit them. “She thinks she’s better than we are.” Fox and Sinclair and the other corporate vampires wrap them in a cocoon of comfortable superiority to those who valiantly try to break through with facts and history and complexity of meaning. It’s pretty much the adult equivalent of children putting their hands over their ears and shouting, “Nyah, nyah, I can’t hear you.” Except that children sometimes mature, and want to learn from others, and study the world.

  5. I notice a big time accent in the interviewed woman, which makes me wonder if English is her first language…and/or born in the US.

    Did anybody notice that?

    • The clip is from Miami – she may well be a Cuban exile. They tend to skew conservative, both for religious reasons and due to their opposition to the Castro regime.

  6. Yes, I noticed the accent. Also, please notice the banner at the end of the video, it says in Spanish, below on blue: “Somos Capitalista” which means We are Capitalists. The palm trees on the back and the misspelling of the word Capitalistas, that should be plural there… IMO they are maybe in Florida and do not master their Spanish.

  7. Intelligence and knowledge have never been valued that much in America, so people do not feel embarrassed by the lack of them. Not that they needed Trump for this, but his world constructed of lies and fantasy, which he has apparently lived in all his life, are perfect for his supporters, because it helps them to ignore any conflicting data, such as the weather in Anchorage or Paris. Trump and the Republicans give them a team to root for, an identity,;and nothing is going to dissuade them from it.

    This woman thinks that Socialism has something to do with Whites not standing up for their race. It doesn’t, but it is a convenient shorthand for Trump and the Republicans, because for decades, polls and marketing have shown that the word “Socialism” is anathema to most voters, because they think it has to do with Communism. So expect to hear the world literally millions of times during the next 17 months. AOC has done them an immeasurable service by identifying herself as a “Democratic Socialist,” and saying that many Democrats fall into this category. Not that this woman needed any of that, but I remember when Democrats were called “Reds.” That also helped Republicans to win elections. “Socialist” is the new “Commie.”

    • When that woman being interviewed, and others of her tribe, hear “socialism”, they think “welfare”, which they think goes only to people of other ethnicities whom they don’t like. They were just fine with New Deal-era welfare because FDR was compelled to allow de facto exclusion of non-whites from ND welfare in order to get the thing passed at all.

      Of course, it never occurs to them that our country’s real “welfare bums” are the corporations and wealthy individuals who get a bonanza of tax breaks and subsidies and government contracts.

  8. July 7 is the birthday of Kagami & Tsukasa Hiiragi, the twins of Lucky Star. :mrgreen:

  9. I bet that woman is or soon will be taking advantage of Social Security and Medicare.

  10. Before the Brits went to decimal coinage, the exchange rate was 17 furlongs to the dollar, and six dollars to the hogshead, except on Tuesday, when you need a queen and a four to make a fizzbin.

    Oops, wrong blog. My bad. 😛

    • Henh – I delight in informing British and Canadian friends that the US actually went metric before they did. 😉

  11. If anyone wonders when the attacks on our election are going to start, they’ve already started; or more accurately, have never gone away. The newest thing is all-out attacks on Speaker Pelosi, telling her to resign, calling her a Republican, an enabler of Trump, even a partner of Trump. This cannot possibly be coming from Democrats, even though there is a Far Left wing which hates her, hates Hillary, hates every Democrat who is not one of the four “Justice Dems.” This is likely coming from Far Right groups and from Russia, who know that tearing apart the Democratic Party is the easiest way to assure a Trump victory. It worked well last time, so of course they’ll do it again, and the Far Left is always happy to push it along.

    The other is the “Bill Clinton is involved with Epstein.” I am confident that there is no such evidence of this; flying on someone’s plane (Al and Tipper Gore were among many who did) is not evidence of engaging in the same behavior as the person who owned the plane. I think I have a pretty good idea as to his psychological makeup, and it does not include having sex with underage girls. But they’ll play that for all it’s worth, because it’s their card; anything that Trump did, must be something that one or both of the Clintons did. I’ll stand to be proved wrong, but Bill Clinton never had sex with underage women, at any time in his life. Likely, zero evidence will be found, but they’ll still keep saying it, just like they have never stopped on Benghazi. There are so many Far Right people, so many bots and Russian trolls, or whatever, that Twitter is essentially ruined, and probably every other social media site is ruined, as well. That’s part of the goal, of course, make it so unpleasant that everyone goes away. Also, to discourage people from voting, that also worked very well last time. I don’t imagine that there is any way to combat this. It is like an infestation into the entire country. Maybe if Trump loses, some of it will go away, at least for a year or two. The Democrats had better nominate someone who will beat Trump, and by more than a few percent, because of the Electoral College. This has to be carefully considered, even if it is open to debate as to who that candidate is.

  12. Things I wish the Democratic candidates would talk about every day, and which I think would give us a good chance to win the Presidential election:

    The existential crisis of climate change, which Republicans have no interest in dealing with.The fact that Republicans are trying relentlessly to get rid of ACA and throw 13 million people off insurance. The almost certainty that Republicans will try to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, with the excuse being the $22 trillion of debt they created with their tax cuts to billionaires. The Supreme Court stacked with Republican appointees which will essentially outlaw abortion. Massive corruption in the Trump administration. Caging and killing of asylum seekers and immigrants at the border. Theft of billions of dollars by Trump and his cronies.

    Issues which in my opinion, will not help, and will likely cost the Democrats crucial votes:

    Reparations. Medicare for All, which is a worthy goal, but cannot possibly be implemented with this Senate, plus would very likely take people off insurance, which is a very unpopular idea. Anything that sounds too much like “open borders.” Pardoning all student college debt, and/or making tuition free, to be paid for with some large tax. Any other sweeping “plan” which would involve raising taxes on the middle class, which is their bete noir. Maybe all of these issues, plus more, should be debated, but this is hardly a time to try them out, in an election which will likely determine the fate of the remaining parts of the free world. Get elected, and then see what is reasonable and possible. Republicans have lied or obscured in campaigns forever, and are never held to it.Almost all of these Democratic “policy proposals” are extremely unlikely to be passed, plus their floating can lose enough votes so that we would never have that chance, anyway, and would instead get total fascism in America. Can you imagine going through four more years of this?

  13. I think emphasizing the debt and debilitatation of Social Security and Medicare will win the most votes in the general election, combined with the disgusting behavior of trump. The trouble is, the current field of Democratic hopefuls need to distinguish themselves from one another, hence the list of programs that may alienate the more centrist voter. I don’t know what the alternative is.

    • Yes, it is the classic paradox, but I think that Democrats can be very bad at trying to solve it. I think that Warren does indeed believe everything she says, and I admire much of it, but there is a real possibility that it won’t win because it is left of where the country is, which would be disastrous. I think that Sanders is just a demagogic quasi-Marxist who has no idea of how to run anything, much less a country. Harris–well, we can wait to see if her positions are coherent and consistent; maybe they are, but right now they look to me as if they are designed to appeal to various voting groups, not part of any overarching plan or philosophy.

      The so-called moderates are getting hammered. Biden gets attacked for his views on busing and for some ill-chosen remarks about segregationists. Beto gets mocked for waving his arms around. Klobuchar is solid, but gets overlooked in favor of Warren and Harris. Pete can’t get any African-American votes, so has no chance. Bullock can’t get into the debates because he started late. Right now, it looks like Harris, Warren, and Biden. Warren the (now) true-believer classic liberal. Biden the old guard moderate senator and then VP, who lacks campaign skills. Harris charismatic but inconsistent in statements on key issues, plus focuses on things which will perhaps cost votes. I agree that protecting the safety net would be the best issue, plus healthcare. Also, Democrats must point out that the economy is not booming, not at all, when real wages are up no more than 1% from last year, and the deficit is staggering. There is a way to win this election; but to perhaps oversimplify, the Left is well positioned to gripe and inveigh enough that they will stay home and cost the election if we nominate a moderate, or just lose the election if they get the candidate they want. It is enough to make one wish for the era of the party bosses, or at least the superdelegates.

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