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Jimmy Carter says what we’ve all suspected

That should make some headlines. Carter is a nonagenarian. It’s not like he’s got a career to worry about. I doubt that anyone is going to make him eat those words.

They’re out there and they are designed to rattle the cages of the militaristic Trump supporters who think they can just do a Purge if the rest of us express our outrage over Trump and Mitch McConnell’s illegitimate power grab.

Someone is figuring out how the Trump messaging system works.

It took long enough but I like it.

Here’s another clip.

For what it’s worth, I believe Carter. Not only that but I’m certain that the degree of illegitimacy *is* quantifiable but that intelligence agencies have chosen to keep quiet due to national security concerns. But it will all come out.

Sooner than later.

Dear Joe, may I call you Joe?

There’s a rumor going around that you said this about Kamala:

Jeesus, Joe. {{facepalm}}

I suspect I know where you’re coming from and who your target audience is. But I think you are missing the point about Kamala and Lizzy and Julián and Amy and all the others who are not you, Pete or Beto.

Here’s the short summary:

The country consists of voters who voted for Trump and an overwhelming majority of voters who voted for Hillary Clinton. Now, you could be forgiven for acting like the majority of voters do not exist. The media, either through embarrassment, misplaced blame or Russian psy-ops has tried very, Very hard to make Hillary go away and to take her loser voters with her. Amirite, people? That’s what we have observed.

If you want to know exactly why Trump seems to have outsized influence on the stories that get covered and why he seems to get away with murder, it’s because the media has created a HUGE power vacuum on the left by telling Hillary to sit down, go away and STFU every time she makes a statement. Then it goes into the heart of East Jabip, Indiana to find the one diner where a bunch of crotchety, curmudgeonly 75 yr olds who have never had to work with anyone outside of their tiny sphere of influence are gnawing on biscuits and sipping black coffee and, poof! The rest of us no longer exist.

But we are out here, Joe. We DO exist and we are going to vote so fucking hard in November 2020 it’s going to make your head spin.

The thing is, no one has heard a peep from us since November 2016. Well, except for our impressive women’s matches and our even more impressive 2018 congressional wins. Do you REMEMBER those things, Joe??

Do you think we did all that because we were doing what Trump wanted us to do? Do you think that speaking up for the vast majority of voters including ourselves is somehow BAD for us??

If you’re saying that the only real people who count are those Hoosiers in diners, then I’m afraid you’re going to be eliminated pretty quickly.

Ain’t nobody got time for that anymore, Joe. And we’re done with preserving the status quo for more do nothing presidents and their veeps.

Please retire gracefully. We’re busy.


Greg Sargent at WaPo digs a little deeper to show how Biden’s dogwhistling days go the white blue collar guys is OVER. Harris just stuck a knife in it. It’s done:

The most charitable way to put this is that Biden comes from a Democratic Party that precedes its new “wokeness,” so those voters might be more comfortable with him. A less charitable way is that Biden’s past association with things like his opposition to busing — which meant capturing the political energy of white racial backlash — carries an implicit racial and cultural signaling that will reassure them.

One key reason that Biden’s nostalgia over white supremacist senators blew up on him is that it ripped the lid off of all this. Just as Harris does, I believe Biden when he insists he was, and is, horrified by their white supremacy.

But what still remains ambiguous is whether Biden does or does not conceive the source of his claimed appeal to conservative whites as rooted in subtle appeals to blue collar white identity politics, as Jamelle Bouie has detailed.

This ambiguity was pushed forward when Biden adamantly refused to back off his praise for segregationist senators and, worse, when he dressed down African American Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) over the matter.

What Harris did last night

What Harris really did is to pin down this ambiguity and not allow it to remain hidden any longer. What she demonstrated is that, whatever Biden’s actual intentions, any whiff of such racial and cultural signaling no longer has any place in today’s Democratic Party.

The Dems can choose to be distracted by these voters and try to pander to them or they can make a case that the world is moving on with or without them and we’ve got more important economic and global issues on our plates than whether some poor black parent somewhere gets free vaccinations and healthcare for her kid.

Harris called it not a minute too soon. Who the f*ck cares what Trump thinks?

It’s yet to be determined whether she’s the nominee but she’s already done us all a big favor. We are moving on.