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No offense, Jay, but…

… you freely admit that Climate Change is your number one issue, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

However, you act like your actions on healthcare and reproductive rights for women have ticked the requisite box for you. Whew! Glad you got THAT out of the way. Let’s move on to carbon cap and trade!

Amy Klobuchar says not so fast:

Amy is not my numero uno but she makes a good point, one that I think is still lost on the Jay Inslees and Chris Matthews’ types. Here it is:

Women are going to make you accountable. You had your fun in 2008 and 2016 when you didn’t consider the threat to women serious enough to curb your casual knee jerk sexist attacks on the only female presidential candidate we have ever had. Oh sure, she was a shoe in. What harm was there in tearing her down a little? It kept the race entertaining, didn’t it? Wasn’t that photofinish exciting?

Except it all went tits up for two major reasons: 1.) The interference of a foreign power for the other candidate and 2.) the inability of any good statistician to create a predictable model based on polls because a female nominee had never been tried before.

You’d think the news media would have conducted a thought experiment based on what they were doing and how it might affect the outcome. It didn’t.

We double XX’s have suffered incalculably for those miscalculations. From now on, checking a box for women’s reproductive rights and healthcare is not going to be anywhere near good enough.

Don’t think you can pull your reproductive rights card out of your pocket, wave it in front of a crowd and then proclaim noisily that climate change is THE most important thing in the world to you.

It may very well be the most important thing to humankind. But it’s not the most important thing to American women.

From now on, we will insist on complete equality and recognition before you can go on to any other thing.

And no, Jay, you didn’t work harder on women’s issues than Lizzy, Amy, Tulsi, Kirsten, or Kamala.

In fact, with so many extraordinarily talented women running, it’s extremely telling that you, a man, feel like you have to run at all.

I guarantee you that any one of these women as president will have your climate change issue as their top priority – right after they take care to remember the ladies.

No one will love us as much as we love ourselves. We come first from now on.

18 Responses

  1. Fantastic post, RD, and so very, very true!!! Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth Warren said in 2016, “of course the primary was rigged,” perhaps immensely unwittingly giving cover to the Bernie people who wanted an excuse not to vote for Hillary in the general election, and whose failure to vote for her has led to what will be a virtual overturning of Roe v. Wade, along with the perpetuation of permanent Republican control of radically gerrymandered Congressional and state legislative seats in many states. Was her comment the major factor in Trump winning? Of course not, but it did not help, and betokened either opportunism, in that she wanted to draw support from Bernie people, or just foolishness, since of course the primaries were not rigged.

    Getting rid of all the men running in the 2020 Democratic primaries will not make up for what happened in 2016. Not in some universal moral sense, and not in a literal sense. That was the chance to save the country. This election is…a desperate attempt to save a few remnants of it. It is my understanding that Tulsi Gabbard refused to support Hillary in the general election. Her only concerns in that and this election are helping Russia, and helping Assad. When asked the awkward but interesting question by the vastly irritating Chuck Todd, about what would they do if they were elected, and McConnell blocked hearings on their Supreme Court nominee, no one had an answer. That’s where the ball is now, on our two-yard line. By the time this Supreme Court is finished, this country will be worse off than in 1840 or 1880. They’ve just gotten started.

    I can only speak for myself, of course. I will certainly vote for our nominee, and support her or him. But I cannot get excited about any of them. I do not think that any of them is capable of surmounting the unparalleled challenges which we now face with a stacked Supreme Court, mostly stacked federal courts, Citizens United run rampant, the most extreme gerrymandering now allowed. Not to mention all the rest of it. Fighting climate change at least gives the planet a chance, so it is my number one issue, though the rest all matter, too. I cannot stop thinking about where we would be if everyone who cared, including all Democratic figures, had enthusiastically and vociferously voiced their support for Hillary, instead of damning with faint praise, offering up, “buts,” or equivocations, as far too many did.

    • What was the context of her comment? She is way too smart to buy into the rigged conspiracy theory.

      • RD, one day I will actually learn how to link. I just looked up the story, and there is an article about it, indicating that after Brazile (the traitor to the party) said that she “had learned” that the DNC had rigged things, Jake Tapper asked Warren if she thought the primary process was rigged, and she said it was. She then said that it is important to bring the Sanders people into the process, so that this cannot happen again. No one knows if these comments cost Hillary votes, but they probably did, because it was a significant story, and the Bernies were just looking for an excuse. So she either believed it, or more likely, felt that going ahead, it was better for her to court the Sanders wing, than to rebuff them. This certaintly doesn’t mean that she would make a bad president. But she failed us at a crucial moment in our nation’s history, by saying something which was manifestly incorrect, and which undercut Hillary.

      • https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41850798
        She then tried to walk it back. She lost a lot of support from that mistake.

        • I just happened to looked at Eric Holder’s Twitter page, to see if he had any comments about how to deal with the awful Supreme Court decision on gerrymandering, since he had rightfully condemned it today. Someone quite very legitimately blamed the Sanders supporters who voted for Stein, for this situation. An apparent Sanders supporter then wrote something like “choke on this,”, and linked the Warren “the primaries were rigged” article, as an apparent rebuttal, and validation of their refusal to support Hillary in the election. So it pretty clearly did cost Hillary votes. Had Warren said, “Hillary clearly won the popular vote in primaries by over 4 million, and the DNC has no control over state primaries, so Hillary is obviously the rightful nominee chosen by the Democratic voters,” that would have been important. But she didn’t.

          • She unfortunately has decided that the road to the nomination is through the Branch Bernidians. She’s not the only one but others are wising up to the fact that going after their votes is a mistake. Hopefully she will be able to right her ship but honestly saying you’re going to get rid of private insurance? She apparently did not learn anything from the hit Kamala took over saying the same thing.

          • To Ga6thDem: It was paradoxical that the two people getting the most favorable coverage in the debate last night, were Warren and Castro; and yet Warren was only one of two (with Deblasio) om the stage who was in support of taking away private insurance as part of M4A, and Castro was essentially arguing for open borders, which is sure defeat for the Democrats. Staunchly sticking to an unpopular electoral position is very problematical in terms of winning the White House, but it sure fires up some those in the base who love the passion of the extremes. Republicans are eager to run against open borders and M4A. In fact, MSNBC was somehow showing ads against M4A on commercial breaks. There will be a million more against both positions. I am not a fan of the “let’s work together” moderate path, but Democrats cannot usually win general elections by proudly staking out radical proposals.

          • William, well, you know we’re dealing with radical now. Who would have thought the US would be operating concentration camps? I seriously could care less what the GOP thinks of anything and am more concerned about righting the ship of this country. The GOP is going to accuse even Joe Biden of supporting “open borders”. They are going to call everyone of our candidates “socialists”. They are desperate and they are going to stoop to anything to try to win because a lot of them are looking at Paulie Walnuts in his orange jumpsuit and realize they could be next in line and the only thing protecting them is Trump because none of the D’s are going to keep them out of jail and likely are going to encourage prosecutions.

    • Let’s just remember the immense pressure and bullying Warren was and still is enduring from the Bernie bros. She did support Hillary really heavily both at the convention and during the general. I think she was trying to appear as someone who was fair.

      • Well, as I remember it, she was on the short list for VP, and she was very enthusiastic, appearing with Hillary at rallies. But once Hillary picked Kaine, her enthusiasm for Hillary seemed to significantly decline. At that point, her best chance to become President was for Hillary to lose, just as with Sanders. Do I think that she wanted Hillary to lose? No, of course not. But I do think that her interest in the campaign reduced. I would be interested if anyone else felt that, too, or whether it was a misperception on my part.

      • She unfortunately tried to have it both ways during 2016 which ended up causing her problems.

  3. It was a big misstep for Inslee, who otherwise, I like. He was trying to distinguish himself as getting things done, which as governor he has, but ultimately stepped all over the women. Not a good look.

  4. Waiting for tonight “no one has done more for women’s issues than I have” Biden… I predict a more heated debate. Harris may go after Biden. Bernie is going to lose it multiple times, spit flying. Gillibrand will make a great pitch about women’s reproductive rights. Buttigieg will be exposed as a lightweight on policy.

    • I keep hoping Biden and Bernie get in a death spiral.

      • Not literally, anyway.

        OTOH, a literal death spiral is one of my chief objections to nominating either of them. The Democrats need to nominate a candidate who does NOT have one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel.

        • I agree. It’s likely that either one of them could not finish one term and highly likely that they would not be able to serve 2. I mean a political death spiral where they keep throwing punches at each other until they both are polling at 0.

  5. Just an aside:

    Of the 5 members of the Fascist majority on the Supreme Joke, Dorksuch and Rapey McKeggerton were appointed by Benedict Donald, and approved by Senator Turtle McTraitor’s Senate. Roberts and Alito were appointed by Dubya Bush, another Rethuglican who, like Benedict Donald, became Preznit because Purity Ponies couldn’t be bothered to vote for the Democrat, because “The lesser of two evils is still evil.” Only Thomas was appointed by a Rethug Preznit who had won his office by a clear majority of both the popular and electoral votes.

    Purity Punks
    Purity Punks
    Purity Punks

    Apologies to the DKs. NO apologies to the Purity Punks.

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