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Democratic Debates Super Elimination – Round 2

Heavy hitters tonight. On deck are Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, the holy trinity of the young, Ivy League White grad student guy. The rest of us ain’t seeing it but they SWEAR by these guys to the point where Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand are invisible.

Well, you know, Kirsten and Kamala are over 50 and therefore unfuckabke. You don’t really expect Chuck Todd and Ezra Klein types to get all excited about them do you? Besides, Mayor Pete is a RHODES scholar. Don’t you want a president who is smart?

When they say shit like that, they forget that Warren, Harris, Klobuchar and Gillibrand are Senators. Warren is an expert in her field abs taught at Harvard Law school. Oh, sure, Harvard is a rinky dink second rate safety college. Come to think of it, Pete might have been taught by Warren if he’d decided to go to Harvard law.

Are we going to have another foreign language competition? Who besides Pete knows Norwegian?

Can you tell I’m completely non-plussed by the guys?

But I’m looking forward to some of them throwing down the gauntlet at Trump. Smacking him with a sweaty leather glove would be satisfying.

Kamala and Kirsten tag teaming against Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg and Hickenlooper is something to look forward to. I just wish the guys would go run for Senate so Lizzy Warren could slam dunk Mitch McConnell.

Predictions, people? Put them in the comments.

13 Responses

  1. “Smacking [Trump] with a sweaty leather glove would be satisfying.”

    Would that work, when he probably pays Russian hookers top ruble to do that? 😈

  2. Hickenlooper is actually a nice guy. I get the no guys thing but IMO he is head and shoulders above Bernie and Biden.

    • Overall, he’s been a pretty good governor. He is, however, *really* tight with the oil industry (due mainly to his background, I think).

      • I’m pretty dubious about putting anyone in the White House who lacks any exposure to foreign policy (even if only in the House or Senate). The next President is going to have a really difficult time repairing the damage Trump has done to our alliances and our international reputation. I don’t think we can afford months or years of OJT in international affairs. I think that alone would be enough to rule out Hickenlooper and Mayor Pete (even if he weren’t a complete lightweight).

  3. Looks like my predictions of Kamala going after Biden and Gillibrand making a pitch for being the best on reproductive rights came to pass.

    Pete Buttigieg is getting a free town hall tonight. He goes over time and is allowed to finish his thoughts. He is a lightweight compared to the accomplished women in this race.

    Biden is coming off very poorly and I predict a fall for him in the polls. Bernie seems to be purposefully not going after Biden as harshly as he could. Hmmm 🤔🤔 I wonder what he has up his sleeve?

  4. “Well, you know, Kirsten and Kamala are over 50 and therefore unfuckabke”

    Does it make me irredeemably shallow if I disagree with you about this?

    • You’re an exception. There may be many. But young male pundits are mentored by old male pundits. We are not imagining their attitudes.

  5. My thoughts: Harris “won,” Buttigieg came in second. I do think that grading debates, even in longform, as the pundits do, is rather silly, when they only talk ten minutes each, but it is the way the media game is played.

    I have mixed feelings about the Harris attack on Biden. I have never been a Biden fan, but he was mostly a decent senator. I cannot remember him ever being attacked on his civil rights record. Harris did what she had to do, which is go after Biden, try to cut into his strong support among Black voters. She may well win the nomination, because there are really only four contenders; her, Biden, Warren, and maybe Buttigieg. It is somewhat ironic here that she is going to get the same protections that Obama got; no one dares attack her because of her race. Biden has certainly had his missteps in his career, but he was a good VP. Harris won the AG in California by about 300 votes, then was fairly nondescript, though no one really shines in an AG position. Then she has been Senator for two years. So she goes after Biden for something 45 years ago, and gets lauded for it. No one can go after her record as Senator, because there is so little of it, just like with Obama. They might go after her AG record, but again, she has the race card, just like Obama had against Hillary. Biden cannot criticize her on anything, she has free shot after free shot. So when you are in a position where no one in your own party dares attack you on anything, it is very helpful. I thought that she helped herself a great deal, but I thought it was a cheap shot. And I do remember busing, and it was a very difficult issue at the time. It’s wonderful that so many people know exactly how everyone should have voted on the Iraq Resolution, and every other issue from decades ago. But that’s politics now, and Hillary was calumniated for just about everything, so c’est la guerre, I guess. It just all seems to minimize how these things are decided. I would hope that we will finally get to a debate where foreign matters are delved into, and we can test out potential coherence on those. Maddow asking Biden how we can trust his judgment on foreign matters because he voted for the Resolution, mirrors her criticism of Hillary for voting for it, as did Kerry, Edwards, and 70+ more senators. Hindsight is valuable, but also pretty easy.

    Finally, I thought that some of the minor candidates did pretty well, I liked Bennett. But they don’t have a chance. It’s too bad that they couldn’t stay around for a while, they actually add to the ideas presented. Anyway, if we quickly get down to Biden, Harris and Warren, I don’t think there is a governmental superstar among them. Debates are debates. We have to hope for the best, and go with whomever looks best in them, I suppose, as that is how candidates are now getting chosen. Since Hillary had the most impressive record and knowledge of any candidate in the last twenty years, and it got dismissed and passed over, it’s hard for anyone to contend that knowledge and complexity of ideas are that important in voting. Hillary got attacked in debates because of the depth of her record. I suppose that the new thing is to have a fairly scant record, so as to avoid it, like GW Bush, Obama, and Trump.

    • William, I’d suggest you look a little closer at Bennet – particularly what he did to the Denver Teachers’ retirement program (and then the entire state employee pension plan here in Colorado, which was used to bail out the Denver teachers plan and is now in a great deal of trouble itself). See: https://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/06/business/06denver.html

      I wouldn’t vote for him for dogcatcher.

      • Fair enough, as you are closer to that situation than I am. It does seem from the article that the major problem was the banks collapsing. It doesn’t seem as if there was any malfeasance involved, maybe a too-risky investment, which is not commendable. I think that Bennet has been a reasonably good senator, and I was impressed with some of his comments tonight, and wouldn’t mind hearing more. As with the NCAA basketball tournament, the early contests may be the most interesting, with a variety of backgrounds. If it got down to Warren, Harris, Biden, Id think it might be rather tedious. It’s not going to matter, but I’m wondering if some of the “lesser” candidates might be every bit as qualified as the top tier.

        • A lot of agencies were duped into weird investment vehicles in the run-up to the crash, but Bennet was not a gullible novice. His previous job was as managing director of the Anschutz Investment Fund. He’s a Wall Street guy through and through. He saw an opportunity to do a solid for his buddies at JP Morgan (at the expense of underpaid, overworked schoolteachers, no less) and he took it. He knew exactly what he was doing, was fully cognizant of the risks involved, and he damned sure knew who stood to benefit the most. I certainly wouldn’t trust him to overhaul financial regulation.

  6. Random prediction – if Biden is the nominee, Gillibrand will be his VP pick

  7. I wonder if Mayor Pete would have done as well as he did if he wasn’t given the extra time to finish his thoughts, unlike the lower tiered candidates and the women, in particular were given. I’ve seen this in every political race where if there is a woman competing with the men, the male pundits will go out of their way to “help” the male pundits who may be struggling. It’s ingrained in the male psyche to automatically help each other if a woman looks like she is getting the best of them. Despite that advantage, Harris did get the best of them last night. She deserves the headlines today for her excellent performance. Imagine if she were a man! Harris AND Warren are examples of the difference between a candidate who is prepared and one who isn’t. I guess from now on, the men won’t be able to depend on grandstanding in the debate alone to get by but will actually have to do the hard work of preparing for a debate whenever women are participating. Women know they have to prepare to be taken the least bit seriously. If the men continue to just talk the talk, I’m certain we will see more of them with that deer in the headlights expression, as biden had after Harris went after him on busing!

    The pundits couldn’t help Joe last night though. He proved that he is his own worst enemy, which many of us already predicted here would be the case as the campaign progressed. I did love Swalwell right of the gate using Joe’s own words of “passing the torch” to make a point! It was priceless.

    Both Joe and Bernie and many of the lower tiered men running are allowing their egos to dictate their need to run. Hopefully, they will be weeded out soon so that the substantive candidates can have more time to show their differences and what they have to offer to the American people.

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