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Two things about Trump

His ugliness makes him hateworthy.

I think we are all a little hesitant about saying that. Hate feels impolite. You’re not supposed to hate someone. But some people are so unworthy of any respect whatsoever that they need to be taken out of power as soon as possible. Impeachment might be quicker. I’d go with quicker at this point.

Trump is capricious, dangerous, careless, cruel and there’s one more thing I’ll get to in a minute.

Last night, as I was dozing off, I heard some asshole Republican going at Chris Hayes, shoving Trump down his throat saying something to the effect, “He’s your president whether you like it or not and he’s going to be president for another four more years”. Now I wasn’t watching this fanatic’s face when he made this offensive statement but I can almost imagine his thighs shaking and sweating as he made this comment. Rage and defiance and ecstasy all rolled into one.

I would caution Republican asshole to not get too ahead of himself.

He’s counting on the electoral college to re-elect Trump or some additional Russian help.

But Trump allegedly won in 2016 with Pennsylvania and Florida. And I’m not so sure he can count on those states this time.

We outnumber you, Republican politician. Like Union vs Confederacy outnumber you. At best, Trump’s support is at 41%. You can wag your dicks at us all you want but in the end, our numbers are solidifying. We loathe this man. And we are not ashamed of saying it.

The second thing we know about Trump is that he is weak.

He doesn’t know how to negotiate. He pounds the table, issues demands and blames people. Maybe that’s what the Trumpers wanted but he’s up against a brick wall because he doesn’t have the capacity to make better deals. So, you guys who are holding your breaths for a better immigration deal where you can treat human beings like shit because it makes you feel good better enjoy that feeling now.

If you don’t get what you want, you bring the condemnation of the world upon you.

If you do get what you want, you’d better shut the fuck up about immigration.

Do you think Trump has any incentive to solve this immigration crisis that he has singlehandedly created? No. If he solves is, what can he make you all hard about? Who will he take on next? What line will you let him cross next?

But that’s all he’s got. Beating up on little kids who can’t fight back. That’s what you’re getting all excited about. A big powerful man making children dirty, miserable and susceptible to disease in unsanitary detention centers.

Big guy. Ooooo, big, stupid, mean guy. Picking on children. Because he can.

You don’t even get any pay out for that. Nothing is being done to prevent employers from hiring illegals. Are we fining them? Putting them out of business? Of course not. Where would Trump get his own workers for his resorts?

He’s also weak on Iran. He tore up a perfectly serviceable agreement that the world signed onto. For what reason?

There was no reason to do this. He brought us to the brink of war and at the last second pulled out of it.

He did that because he’s weak. He knows it. There was only bluster to satisfy a few of the thigh shakers. If he put the rest of us at risk by bringing international sanctions against the US, that would have shown just how weak he is. Plus, we wouldn’t have even one single ally on our side going into Iran. That’s why he pulled out. He couldn’t risk the injury to his image, his supreme humiliation that the world does NOT respect us anymore and especially doesn’t respect HIM. He’s already a colossal failure.

A completely, ignorant, lumbering fool of a failed “commander in Chief”. And he’s WEAK. He has no stamina.

He’s out. Forget about a second term. It’s going to be a bloodbath electorally for Republicans next year. You think you’re filled with fury and rage?

Just wait.

18 Responses

  1. RD,

    I hope you are right and Russia does not fiddle with the voting systems in those same states which gave trump the electoral vote by a slim margin in 2016! They’ve done NOTHING to protect the security of these voting systems and they’ve had security holes and built in errors in the software and are the very same voting systems investigated in the “Hacking Democracy” documentary. Hard to believe Russia will not help trump again, considering the machines are open for business.

    The nut case you heard last night on the Hayes show was, Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas. He is a member of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus (no surprise there). Now you’re going to love this…the guy is a obstetrics and gynecology physician, which makes his attitude towards those children in cages even more egregious.

    Ideology obviously trumps humanity with this guy. So much for the “first do no harm” creed of physicians.

    • I thought of one reason Putin might back off next time, or even throw Mommie Dearest Russia’s not-so-secret support behind the Democrats or even the Purity Left next time.

      It depends on what Putin’s chief goal is.

      If Putin’s chief goal is not to install the Fascist Right in power in the USA–but rather, to create chaos in the USA–then he might throw the next election to the Dems and/or the Purity Leftists, hoping that the few reactionaries who do have the warped courage of their monstrous convictions (think Timothy McVeigh) will start a terrorist campaign that will compel the USA to concentrate on internal affairs, leaving Russia a freer hand in the larger world.

    • Kathleen, have you tried contacting Rachel Maddow or Joy Reid with your concerns and a link to “Hacking Democracy?” I believe they both have all sorts of social media contacts for you to use. It would be great if their research staff would jump on this before the primaries. As far as I am concerned, Russia AND the GOP are the biggest enemies of our democracy at this point in time, both having interfered with the implementation of free and fair elections, the GOP possibly for decades now. Getting out the vote is meaningless if our votes are not properly secured and accurately tabulated.

  2. To RD: Oops; I forgot and used a word Spammy doesn’t like on the DOJ Lawyer thread.

  3. “You can wag your dicks at us all you want but…”

    You (the fascists) had better warn us first, so we can get our magnifying glasses. 😈

    (Why no; I never get tired of vulgar humor at the expense of fascists. Why do you ask?) 😛

  4. Bill,

    Doesn’t really matter who the president is – if the Russians can manage to keep the Senate a republican majority, then we will have more of the same do nothing Congress and that will cause all kinds of chaos and destruction of our institutions. Haven’t you wondered why the republican Senate has totally ignored their constituional duties and, in the process, have betrayed the American people? They must know that the Russians were responsible for the trump win and believe they can benefit from Russian interference, just as trump did. I’m sure they are counting on it and will sell us out to ensure it.

    The proverbial elephant in the room argument which continues to be minimized is the very fact that these machines have huge security issues which makes it possible for votes to be altered. Why hasn’t the media caught on to this possibility and made it a major story and inform the American people of the risks of another questionable election? Why aren’t they demanding another way for us to confirm that the votes are being counted as cast? By doing nothing, our elections will remain at the mercy of foreign adversaries who are determined to destroy democracy.

    We have been betrayed by the media too, who have made it very easy for these adversaries to succeed through their silence and passivity in how our votes are counted.

  5. As part of his self-glorifying essence, Trump needs to mock and criticize everyone who is not himself, or a strong supporter of himself. So of course everything that Obama did must be attacked, and that included the Iran deal. So he pulled the U.S. out of the deal, not for any strategic purpose, just because it was Obama’s work. NAFTA was the same thing, something entered into during the Clinton Administration. Trump pulled out of that, then signed a newly named agreement which was the same thing, but which had his imprint on it. There’s no global or national strategy behind any of it, is is just Trump;s massive ego, and need to somehow show that he is smarter than everyone else, and that he is changing everything, thus is a momentous figure worthy of worship. People in the media keep reflexively searching for the “Doctrine” behind Trump’s behavior, but it is like looking for a cogent rationale for why a badly behaving child might break a sibling’s toys.

    One does wonder why someone as wholly unpleasant, cruel, and untrustworthy as Trump is even in this position, much less seeking a second term. Somehow he managed to bully and cheat people all his life. The media is afraid of him, so are the Republicans. That’s part of it, but the other is that the Republicans and many of their voters, are so partisan , angry, and greedy, that they actually admire these characteristics. Look at how many Republican officials are of the same make: angry, bellicose people who attack women, threaten other men, seem one step away from hitting someone with a baseball bat. You see the people at a Trump rally, and you don’t want to be anywhere near them. And if Trump is taken away from them, their entire rationale for existence, which is hatred of “the other,” is at stake. Republicans have no boundaries, they will do anything to win, just like Trump has always done. Bottom line, we need all of PA, WI, MI, where in 2016, massive vote suppression and fake news on social media were effectively targeted against Democrats and Independents; or we need Florida, the most politically corrupt state of all. And we do need a “bloodbath” against Republicans, because all the state redistricting will be at stake. A small win in the Presidential race, but with Republicans keeping control of most statehouses, will very unfortunately only give us a stalemate at best. One very much wishes that there were someone in the Democratic Party, in a major role, who could help galvanize and organize against the pervasive threat that the Republican Party presents in all areas of life and politics.

  6. One very much wishes that there were someone in the Democratic Party, in a major role, who could help galvanize and organize against the pervasive threat that the Republican Party presents in all areas of life and politics.

    Strange thing about that–when we do get people like that, they always seem to be targeted and assassinated by “lone nuts”. Peculiar how no “lone nut” ever seems to go nuts in any way that benefits the Center, the Left, or the Democratic Party.

    • Since the end of the SLA (good riddance) in 1975 or so, with the sole exception of the Unabomber, I can’t think of any domestic or foreign terrorist who attacked Americans, who could reasonably be called “leftist” or any variation of that.

      (No, cr@wd@ds, the 9/11 hijackers were not leftists. Islamic fundamentalism could hardly be more right-wing.)

      • Well, the one guy who was obviously deranged, who shot Scalise, which has become a standard right-wing talking point to “both sides” something which as you point out, is dominated by far right lunatics.

  7. William,

    You think it was only due to voter suppresion that trump won the electoral vote, despite the evidence I’ve presented on this blog to those who are willing to take a look at the documentary film which proved voting machines were not to be trusted to count our votes.

    You still seem are unable to accept that it very well could have been that the voting systems were manipulated by Russian hackers and gave trump the 70,000 votes spread over 3 states – Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin The states which have the most voter suppression are Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia. Only Wisconsin is part of this group. So, it’s highly possible that it was not voter suppression that gave trump the electoral vote but the voting machines.

    Why is it so difficult to accept that our voting systems are not secure and the American people, Congress and the media should have an open debate about their reliability? What are we afraid of, the truth? The evidence has been there on film for the last 13 years for anyone who seeks the truth. Congress ignored it, the media ignored it but the American people cannot afford to ignore what was discovered. The German people recognized the dangers of machines counting their voted (they based their concerns on our investigative work here in the states) so why can’t Americans see what the German people were able to see? If we don’t do this, our elections will always be questionable and people who shouldn’t be in office will be because they were not elected by the American people. That’s not American democracy, that’s Russia. Is everybody ok with this?

    • Kathleen, I believe you! Please see my comment nested under your first above. There has to be a friendly ear somewhere in the media. Corn, Isikoff, Betsy Woodruff or other reputable investigative journalist, if not Rachel or Joy or even Nicolle Wallace. One of the very vocal new Reps? AOC, Porter? One interested in election security? You are so knowledgeable just based on your association with the film alone and your contacts with the German government. Hell, maybe even Hillary could put you on someone’s radar. You are passionate, eloquent and informed, if they won’t listen to someone like you, the rest of us don’t have a chance. Shining a light on this can’t hurt, it can only help. RD and Uppity would have better ideas than me on getting this some air time.

    • Kathleen, where I have I said that I am unable to accept this possibility? It could well be the case. If it is so, then this means that we will lose the next election, and every other one, since the people whom it keeps in power will certainly have no incentive to fix it. I am not certain that it is the case, because we did win the House and several governorships; and except in Florida, things looked reasonably fair and according to polls. Hopefully, in the three states we “lost” by 70,000 votes, there will be people there who will be working on such a possibility. I think that each of these states has a Democratic governor. And then we obviously need a Democratic President to try to protect our voting systems.

      It is a certainty that there were hundreds of thousands of people in the key states who were taken off voter rolls via Kris Kobach’s bogus and illegal “crosscheck”system. And most of these people didn’t even know they were not on the rolls. And then they were mollified by poll workers telling them that they could cast a provisional ballot, which of course was later tossed out. I do think that it is easier for them to kick people off the rolls, than to change substantial votes, but of course they could be doing both. I think that the vote hacking must be further investigated, and that the voter suppression schemes be stopped. If we had one more moderate-to-liberal on the Supreme Court, it would be, but we don’t, even though we had that opportunity. When we actually have had the power, and didn’t use it, the dire result is inevitable.

      • William,

        True, you have never said that you were unable to accept the possibility that machines were manipulated to favor trump with the electoral votes, you just have never, ever discussed the possibility in your posts.

        Have you watched the documentary I gave you a link to? If you had, I can’t believe you would not be posting about it because it is definitely an eye opener. Even today, what was discovered about the dangers these machines post to our elections process is shocking and should not be dismissed. As I stated above, when the documentary was released in 2006, both Congress and the media ignored it. The one question that has never been answered to anyone’s satisfaction who has participated in the investigation of these voting systems is WHY?

        • Kathleen, I have not watched the video yet, because it is just too upsetting to contemplate. I have read some of Gregory Palast’s articles in the past, and he might well be right about all of it, but it was pretty depressing to read. Obviously, we are not going to get Hillary as President, which is what she and we all deserved. The injustice and the terrible damage cannot be undone. All the other stuff–the vote suppression, targeted ads via Cambridge Analytics, the sharing of polling information by Manafort to Russia–was more than enough to alter a couple of millions of votes, and an fairly handy Hillary victory. If votes were actually changed, and i certainly think that the Republicans and Russians would have if they could, then we’re talking about a totally fixed election (Trump would call it “rigged,” and actually did, via his usual projection), which does not give us much optimism that any future election will be fair. And even if they somehow are, the damage has already occurred. Defeating Hillary was immensely important to Republicans, for so many reasons, including the the current stacking of the courts for forty years. So anything they could do, they would do, since their fake religiosity does not include honor or decency. All we can do is to plod ahead, all go out to vote, give money where we can, and hope that there at least are some people in state government now who will try to fix the voting systems. I’m also sure that the 2000 election was fixed, and so that’s two elections, four Supreme Court Justices, trillions in national debt, and 18 years of unmitigated environmental catastrophe we should not have had.

  8. Rob Reiner is a good man who cares, but he is another in a line of Hollywood figures who think that because they can make decent movies, they know all that is necessary about governance. Comments about “ready to give up on the ineffectual Dems” only help Trump. I do not imagine that Pelosi would deign to give Reiner advice about how to make better movies, she would stick to her last, as the saying goes. This does not mean that Pelosi is immune from any differing views, but the vanity of Hollywood people who mean well, but who have very little knowledge of political realities, is always galling. Does Reiner think that Pelosi is stupid? Or that she is a coward? Or that she likes Trump any more than he does? If not, what does he think? That he and his buddies know more about what to do than she does? I have little respect for people with no experience in governing, or any political background except for fundraisers, who think that it is all so obvious, and that anyone who doesn’t, is to be scorned. I appreciate that there are different views on impeachment, but if Democrats do try to impeach, which 60% of the population is not in favor of, and this redounds to their detriment, what would Reiner say then? Probably nothing, just go back to making opiates for the masses.

    The Left got rid of LBJ (deserved, but cost us the ’68 election); they got McGovern nominated (led to an absolute rout in ’72); they took about a week to become disillusioned with Clinton; they actually supported Bradley in 2000, because he wasn’t Gore, and then enough of them voted for Nader to cost that crucial election. Then they supported Sanders, and threw dollar bills at Hillary, calling her a corporate w___e, and then some of them voted for Stein, and many more refused to vote, giving us Trump, whom they hate, but allowed to win. And now once again they are sure that only they are correct, and that anyone who stands in their way is a sellout, another corporate w___e, and by gum, they are ready to abandon the Democrats. Like they have done time and time before, costing Democrats at least three Presidential elections, now shooting for four.

  9. I live in PA. My county (outside Philly) apparently has switched to paper ballots, as decided by a group of local election officials, with no referendum or request for public comment that I am aware of, implemented in the last local election that most voters avoid, and then announced in a flyer. A friend of mine who works at the polls for Dems said she expects lengthy delays in the big elections to fill out ballots and scan them. She also fears that if it rains, voters completing the ballot with wet sleeves, may produce a lot of smeared, unreadable ballots a la the hanging chad method of throwing out votes…

    Re the Dem wins in 2018, how much did those big numbers shift the balance of power at the state and federal level? If you were going to fudge some numbers would you go big or just enough to win? IIRC, during 2008, a city in Indiana (Was it Gary?) was very late in submitting their tallies, and they waited until all or most of the other tallies were in. When they finally did report, surprise, surprise, Obama won over Hillary with a modest lead. Color me suspicious. I don’t trust the DNC any more than I do the RNC, whom Malcolm Nance writes in his book, were infiltrated by the Ruskies, along with the NRA and the evangelicals. He wrote that even Pence had visited Russia before the election in his capacity as robotic white Repub Christian shill. The attraction for these three groups was shared values (e.g., homophobia, islamophobia, white supremacy, sexism, misogyny, anti abortion, racism, anti immigrant, Christianity etc). Russia became like-minded friends not our historical devious, dangerous, subversive enemies hell bent on burying us without a shot fired. Better, in their minds, the Russians than the decadent, touchy feely, profligate liberals, I guess. Enter, trump, hero of the people, savior of all they hold dear.

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