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Who gets their stuff?

I asked this question back in 2016 when Trump vowed as a candidate to send all the immigrants packing.

According to the Washington Post, he’s now just about to fulfill that vow.

My question is meant for the Niles types out there. You know, the ones who are wed to their 401ks and get all hard thinking about taking the fight to someone or some country that’s not instantly complying with Trump’s World Wide Wrestling diplomacy.

Here are more questions:

Where are all those migrants going to go once they are arrested?

What happens to their American born children? Do they get swept up too? That would likely trigger judicial injunctions. Would they stay with their parents? WHERE would they stay with their parents?

Would they get left behind? Where would all those little American children get left behind? On the street? Who will feed them, house then, make sure no one hurts them?

If you were an American born kid of migrant parents and you saw the sudden panic on your parents’ faces in the last 24 hours, how would you focus on your spelling test tomorrow? How could you even sleep?

Where do all the migrants go?

How are they transported there?

Can they bring sleeping bags or any other belongings?

Do we immediately dump them over the border? If the migrant isn’t Mexican and the Mexican government refuses to repatriate who isn’t a patriot, does the migrant have to wait somewhere?

Where is the waiting facility?

Is it safe?

Is there access to clean drinking water? Unspoiled food? Medical care? Are migrants entitled to any of that since we suspended our obligations to international human rights agreements?

Do we make them pay off their detention? Doing what? Migrant farm work for border state farmers? Yeah, make them pay for their detention by making them pick celery or peaches. For free!

Who gets their stuff?

What if a migrant owns a home or a business? What if they’ve put many years into their American Dream? Do we seize their assets? Give them a receipt? Take their stuff? Their cars, TVs, kids bunk beds, propane grills, restaurant equipment, construction tools, lawnmowers, edgers, trees and flowers?

Do we throw 21 year old students out of summer classes? Uproot them from thei internships, part time barista jobs?

How much human misery are we willing to commit in order to feel that our tender feelings of disrespect have been assuaged?

If Trump goes through with this, he’s going to have to do it by potentially creating dead bodies. And some of them won’t be migrants.


Someone is breaking the glass on this administration.

First it was the president getting caught not knowing that his national intelligence apparatus was infiltrating the Russians and then leaking that to the NYTimes.

Then there was the story of Trump admin officials notifying the State Department that we weren’t planning on enforcing sanctions the first week the Trumpers took over in 2017.

Now, someone is leaking the plans to round up migrants.

I think that there is mounting evidence that the 25th amendment is about to be invoked or that there are parties on the inside that feel like hostages who desperately want help.


MoveOn, maybe this is not the best week to ask about presidential primaries.

Have you considered organizing mass protests?

Yeah, do something useful.

17 Responses

  1. RD, as we know, to even try to invoke the 25th amendment, the VP and I think two-thirds of the cabinet must be for it. So it’s not that. As far as the leaks, I honestly have no idea why we keep getting them. How hard is it for someone to quit the administration, and then go on national TV with all of it? Is this the mafia, where they kill you if you rat on them? I think that there have been these various people who for some weird reason, still support Trump, still want all the benefits for millionaires, still hate Democrats more than Russia, but who are a bit uncomfortable with all of what is going on. So they assuage their twinges of guilt by leaking this or that. Nothing happens, policies are not changed. If they want to make a real difference, then stand up like patriots and leave the administration, and then tell the story to the people. But they don’t. It reminds me of people in an office constantly muttering about the management, but never leaving, never speaking up.

  2. One thing this will do is to further pollute the census, because there will be millions of immigrants who will be afraid to answer the citizenship question which the Supreme Court is going to mandate. This will substantially hurt the Democrats, which of course was the goal in the first place, as Republicans continue their quest for an unassailable permanent majority in all branches of the federal government, and most of the states. This is where the hearings in the House should be, and this is where the media should be focusing, but of course they won’t, because it is not exciting enough for them.

    It is possible that Trump wants to echo Nazi Germany in deporting all non-Aryans, or murdering them. It is possible that he just wants to get his base riled up. It is possible that he is truly insane. I would tend more toward the first of these being the most accurate, but they are all true to some extent.

    Today, the Federal Reserve has, or will,l come out with language which strongly signals at least one upcoming cut in interest rates. This is because Trump has intimidated the Fed into doing this, and it is also because the economy is weakening. But Wall Street loves rate cuts, so the market is up 400 points, in this continuing con game run on the middle class worker and consumer. I think that people should do everything they can to not spend money outside of necessities, or with wholly local small merchants, farmers, etc. If we lose the election, then none of it is going to help us, of course,;but a slowing economy would be very difficult for Trump to overcome next November. Major protests, if they are truly major in size, might do something, but probably would not help in the “swing states,” which is what the Republicans are relying on.

  3. Of course, America could have avoided all of this, including the apparently upcoming war with Iran, by simply turning out and voting for Hillary. And every person and entity who contributed to this by spitefully not voting, or voting for Stein or Johnson; or spending their time on Twitter writing insulting things about Hillary; or who was someone in the media who just could not stop the compulsion to ridicule and snarl at her; or anyone who was Bernie Sanders or James Comey, is directly responsible for it. It was the clearest choice in American political history, and all of these people failed at it. And then, to somehow protect their sanity from this realization, they are compelled to blame all of it on her. If one watches cable TV news (and I am beginning to watch less and less) you will see phony pundits doing this daily. Jason Johnson wanted to inform us last week that “Hillary was the most loathed candidate in America history.” Cornell Belcher wanted to remind us of how exciting it was that Hillary was ahead in 2008, but then Obama rose up and….well, he lost almost all of the major primaries to Hillary, but that’s beside the point. Annie Gearen wants to point out all the mistakes she is sure that Hillary made in 2016. Because none of their cavalier failure to vet or probe into Trump, and their delight in torching Hillary at every turn, had anything to do with where we are now. They loved Obama, truly loved him! And anyone who was not Obama, well, they were never going to be excited about them. Particularly if it was Hillary, because….oh, there is no “because,” it is all in their own warped psyches, which of course have not changed a bit.

    • She was so “loathed” that she won the popular vote. 🙄

      She may have truly won the electoral vote as well.

      Joe Cannon:

      I am increasingly convinced that the Trump administration is founded on a Big Damn Secret. This Secret has little to do with Russia. It’s something else.

      This Big Damn Secret explains why all Republicans have bent the knee, and why Bush and Trump (who hate each other) worked together to put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

      The Big Damn Secret is the GOP’s history of election manipulation. I believe that the problem goes beyond the caging tactics that Greg Palast talks about, although those tactics are definitely important. I also believe that the problem goes beyond gerrymandering, though gerrymandering is also very important.

      I believe that actual rigging of voting equipment has occurred. Key Republicans understand that, if Trump is ousted, he will blab about The Secret, and history will label more than one president as illegitimate. That’s why so many Republicans who otherwise dislike the Great Vulgarian are willing to do as he demands.

      I disagree with that part about having little to do with Mommie Dearest Russia, but otherwise it sounds quite plausible to me.

      • From the same thread, a comment by “DJMorris”:

        If memory serves me well, a number of seemingly well-qualified statisticians who have followed the “red shift” phenomenon, in which almost all the variances when a candidate wins a vote by a margin well outside the margin of error of reliable exit polls have broken for Republicans, consider it a virtual certainty that something is rotten. The most likely theory is that Republicans have been able to successfully manipulate the results of central tabulators (evidently much easier that trying to corrupt a huge number of voting machines) in key districts.

        As careful readers of this excellent blog might recall, one theory I put forward some time ago was that what the Russians actually accomplished with their successful voting equipment hacks was not to change the results themselves…but to uncover evidence that the Republicans have been doing exactly that. If kompromat like that has, indeed, been passed on to team Trump, it would explain an awful lot.
        All of which is to say that – although I have zero evidence – I’m definitely with Joseph on this one!

        • I just thought of this–Trump being Trump, the Russians might not have known about GOP cheating until Trump blabbed it to them.

          He never has learned not to say the quiet parts out loud–but then, why should he? He won the GOP nomination exactly because he said the quiet parts out loud; the other Rethug candidates offered only the same old methadone-maintenance bigotry, while Benedict Donald offered them pure China White bigotry, straight up the mainline. 👿

          • IBW, this does seem plausible, certainly the vote tabulating part. I don’t follow this exhaustively, but it does seem that in virtually every case that there is a major result different than the polls, it is the Republican who does better than forecast. With regard to the biggest election, for President, we know that in 2004, the early exit polls had Kerry winning. Of course, exit polls are not conclusive, but this was over several different states, including FL and OH, where he was ahead by a nice margin in the exit polls, only to lose. And then of course in 2016, very reliable statisticians had moceling based on pre-election polls, and had Hilary with a 99% chance of winning. That was based on various statistical formulations, wherein hundreds of state polls were used. And of course Nate Silver and Sam Wang and the rest were later mocked. But was it more likely that these computers were all wrong, or that the vote counting was wrong? Finally, Andrew Gillum was up seven points in a key poll a few days before the gubernatorial election, only to barely lose. The felon proposition was also ahead by seven points, and won by seven points.

            Of course, there are various reasons to explain these away, but those reasons are not compelling. In the Texas senatorial race, there were verified examples of people voting for O’Rourke, and the votes being tabulated for Cruz. Those are explained away as anomalies. The state which keeps popping up over and over, is Florida, where it is clear that in 2000, tens of thousands of Gore votes were wrongly thrown out in violation of state election laws. Finally, I go back to Trump’s statements about PA in 2016. He kept yelling that the only way Hillary could win this state is if it were rigged. He didn’t say that he would win, he didn’t say that he was confident, he said that the only way she could win is if the vote were rigged. Since he projects everything,, this seems to indicate that he was told that this result would be fixed in his favor. Polls in PA showed Hillary up 3-4 points at worst, right up until the election. Polls in WI had her up 4-6 points. I don’t know what can be done about all of this, but if Democrats can manage to win this next election, they should do everything possible to investigate all of it. As to Florida, I don’t know what can be done, since the Republicans have managed to control every state office through these means. This time, watch for there to be various pre-election polls with Trump ahead, in an effort to eliminate this inconsistency between poll results and the fixed outcome. Fix the polls, fix the vote, and no one is the wiser.

          • Florida again?

            Where’s Bugs Bunny when you need him? 😛

  4. Who will get their jobs? Will it be a legal immigrant, a refugee who was granted asylum, or a poor American of color?

    Who will care for the children and clean the houses of the wealthy? Will the wealthy have to start paying minimum wage or higher to find replacements?

    Will we have to lay off any welfare workers when our welfare rolls are slashed because poor Americans find jobs that were previously held by illegal aliens?

    What will happen to the profit margins of businesses that exploit illegal immigrant labor when they have to start paying the minimum wage?

    What effect will the Law of Supply and Demand have on the average wages of American workers when they no longer have to compete with a flood of illegal immigrants?

    • OK, Frasier Niles, what would happen if you geniuses actually succeeded in closing the southern border, and deporting the “illegals” who live here already?

      Who will do the hard, dirty, bloody work of picking the crops and slaughtering the meat beasts?

      How many native-born citizens of the USA will do that work, for the piss-poor pay, in the degrading and dangerous working conditions that Food Inc. can get away with, because Food Inc. has bribed enough politicians?

      If you succeed, better gorge yourselves and build up body fat quickly, for the coming food shortages.

      Or maybe there won’t be food shortages, because Food Inc. will accept the new reality, and raise the pay of its workers, and reduce the danger and degradation to them?

      That will cost Food Inc. a lot more money.

      Do you geniuses think Food Inc. will, ahem, eat those costs?

      Nope; they’ll pass them on to the consumers, including you geniuses.

      And you same geniuses who bitch and moan the loudest about “those horrible Mexicans” will bitch and moan the loudest about the increased food costs and/or food shortages.

      So I’d better stock up on Super Glue, because I will need it after I laugh my unruly ASS off. 😈

    • Niles, you ditz, wages have been declining ever since women entered the workplace in great numbers in the 70s and employers had the epiphany that they didn’t have to pay them as much.
      If you were a smart guy, doubtful since you voted for Trump, you’d join our side and vote for candidates who want to guarantee paycheck fairness and better family leave policies.
      BTW, all the POC I see are gainfully employed and the only immigrants I see keeping wages low are the ones on H1B visas. They’re like wage slaves who can be sent back on a whim. I’ve seen it happen. It’s SAD Niles. Heartbreaking really. You really have no idea what it’s like for a foreign STEM worker in this country. They deserve green cards.
      You don’t learn so good, do you, Niles? You’ll fall for the “Ooooo, scary Mexicans!” shit every time and miss what’s really going on.
      I swear, I need commenters to pass a current events test to weed out the rifraff who don’t contribute to the site.

      • I wonder why he keeps coming here to be mocked and jeered at. 😕

      • How really disrespectful – calling someone who regularly comments on your blog. If it weren’t for Niles, you’d have nothing but sheeple here.

        • Another cr@wd@d (at least I think I remember that avatar pic from TCH–it’s been so long since I went lurk-slumming there). Yawn.

        • Lol!! 13 million unique page hits say otherwise.
          The blogosphere is huge. It’s vast. It costs almost nothing to start your own blog and say whatever you like. I encourage you an Niles to set up your own and attract an audience that wants to read you.
          This is a free country. Go exercise your rights.

        • Oh, and let me remind you cr@wd@ds–the last time an Elephascist presidential candidate won clear, indisputable victories in both the Electoral College (which should be junked ASAP) and the popular vote was Bush Senior in 1988.

          Where would your party be without electoral dirty tricks and treasonous assistance from Mommie Dearest Russia?

  5. As horrible as the Benedict Donald years have been, in the long run, it may be worth it all IF it teaches the Voluntary Non-Voters that yes, they have to get off their dead asses and VOTE, even if the candidates do not make their bathing-suit regions tingle, and YES, they have to vote in the off-year elections, too. (How much could Bill Clinton and Obama have accomplished if too many of the non-wingnut majority had not sat home in the 1994 and 2010 elections?)

    Note: I said “Voluntary” to exclude the people who did want to vote, but were prevented by Republican or Russian (but I repeat myself) dirty tricks, or by other factors beyond their control. These involuntary non-voters, of course, should not be blamed.

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