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       *** MANDOS POST *** I have been thinking about writing another post about Britain and Brexit for some time, but every time I started it, there’d be literally another new dramatic twist, so I’d stop.  But now it seems like a corner is being turned. What the corner really is, we’ll still have time […]
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Who gets their stuff?

I asked this question back in 2016 when Trump vowed as a candidate to send all the immigrants packing.

According to the Washington Post, he’s now just about to fulfill that vow.

My question is meant for the Niles types out there. You know, the ones who are wed to their 401ks and get all hard thinking about taking the fight to someone or some country that’s not instantly complying with Trump’s World Wide Wrestling diplomacy.

Here are more questions:

Where are all those migrants going to go once they are arrested?

What happens to their American born children? Do they get swept up too? That would likely trigger judicial injunctions. Would they stay with their parents? WHERE would they stay with their parents?

Would they get left behind? Where would all those little American children get left behind? On the street? Who will feed them, house then, make sure no one hurts them?

If you were an American born kid of migrant parents and you saw the sudden panic on your parents’ faces in the last 24 hours, how would you focus on your spelling test tomorrow? How could you even sleep?

Where do all the migrants go?

How are they transported there?

Can they bring sleeping bags or any other belongings?

Do we immediately dump them over the border? If the migrant isn’t Mexican and the Mexican government refuses to repatriate who isn’t a patriot, does the migrant have to wait somewhere?

Where is the waiting facility?

Is it safe?

Is there access to clean drinking water? Unspoiled food? Medical care? Are migrants entitled to any of that since we suspended our obligations to international human rights agreements?

Do we make them pay off their detention? Doing what? Migrant farm work for border state farmers? Yeah, make them pay for their detention by making them pick celery or peaches. For free!

Who gets their stuff?

What if a migrant owns a home or a business? What if they’ve put many years into their American Dream? Do we seize their assets? Give them a receipt? Take their stuff? Their cars, TVs, kids bunk beds, propane grills, restaurant equipment, construction tools, lawnmowers, edgers, trees and flowers?

Do we throw 21 year old students out of summer classes? Uproot them from thei internships, part time barista jobs?

How much human misery are we willing to commit in order to feel that our tender feelings of disrespect have been assuaged?

If Trump goes through with this, he’s going to have to do it by potentially creating dead bodies. And some of them won’t be migrants.


Someone is breaking the glass on this administration.

First it was the president getting caught not knowing that his national intelligence apparatus was infiltrating the Russians and then leaking that to the NYTimes.

Then there was the story of Trump admin officials notifying the State Department that we weren’t planning on enforcing sanctions the first week the Trumpers took over in 2017.

Now, someone is leaking the plans to round up migrants.

I think that there is mounting evidence that the 25th amendment is about to be invoked or that there are parties on the inside that feel like hostages who desperately want help.


MoveOn, maybe this is not the best week to ask about presidential primaries.

Have you considered organizing mass protests?

Yeah, do something useful.