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The reason I won’t be voting for Trump

I would not have thought that I needed to say this but I’m not voting for Trump in 2020 because he has made no attempt to represent me or work for my priorities.

It’s obvious that a politician who refuses to acknowledge the things you find important should not get your vote. In the case of Donald Trump, I have no idea what his objectives are but I don’t like what I see.

Also, he’s benefiting from an economy he did nothing to shore up and which is mysteriously defying the pull of gravity. I trust others to do a much better job on the economy for the long term.

Finally, he is disrespectful and hostile to the rights of women and is making our lives more difficult.

Such a man doesn’t deserve women’s votes.

This is not a novel concept.


The same goes for others in the Dem coalition. If you can’t get your head out of the white guy’s ass, don’t ask me for my vote.

But seriously, the above was written for the Niles types who seem to think that their 401k is the ONLY thing that matters in life.

It’s not. Plus, we’ve seen how stock market crashes go. It ain’t pretty. One day you’re rich on paper, the next you’re waiting for social security to kick in like the rest of us.

There’s more to good leadership than whether you just happen to be in the Oval Office (probably illegally, the more you open your mouth around reporters) when the economy is trundling along due to a boost from your predecessor, massive deleveraging of pension plans by almost every company, and a ruthless, gut wrenching servicing of shareholders to the detriment of every other stakeholder.

Sooner or later, that flame is going to use up all its fuel and burn out. Then what will you have? An ugly ill-tempered 74 year old Soviet style autocrat who beats his flabby chest a lot about Tarriffs, immigrants and crazy North Korean dictators and then does nothing about any of that stuff except increase the General misery of the world non-white guy by non-white guy.

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  1. *sigh* I always seem to post something right before you put up a new thread. 😛

    So here’s Niles’s speech again. 😉


  2. There are so many issues, and Trump is wrong on every single one of them. One would have thought that as awful and stupid and graceless as he is, he might have somehow fallen into the right side on something; like combating climate change, insuring fair elections, favoring gun control, something. People thought that maybe he was some kind of different Republican. But for whatever reasons, he turns out to be worse than the previous worst of them. He even wants to fight a war in the Middle East. Remember the insane Maureen Dowd’s column during the campaign, “Trump the dove, Hillary the hawk”? I never forget things like that, even if doing so does not help at this point.

    The economy will collapse, and that is not good for any of us. The only question is when? We now have an immense deficit, and it is growing. Millionaires are paying less taxes into the coffers. The next thing we will see is an all-out effort to cut Social Security and Medicare. The dollar is losing value. I studied a little economics, but I am certainly no expert. But I do know that an economy like the one we are creating now cannot continue. All the wealth is at the top. GDP is now slowing down precipitously, looking like barely over 1% for the next two quarters. Economies grow from the bottom or middle up, as Keynes said. Top-down economics always fail. I suppose that banana republics continue on, but there is much poverty and suffering. Trump is using the Treasury as a chest to plunder for him and his family and the oligarchs. Trump has a career of never paying off his debts. He is not beyond printing money, which would give us rampant inflation. And he is playing with the stock market, which is really now just a board game for millionaires and their machine trades. I’m not sure if the market will crash, but the value of those dollars is going to be a lot less. Anybody who is stupid and spiteful enough to vote for Trump, falls into one of these classes: Insanely greedy billionaire who doesn’t care if the planet burns up. Racist who doesn’t care what happens as long as he/she thinks that minorities and libs are worse off. Brainwashed person or one who is so overwhelmed by cognitive dissonance that his/her entire psychological reality would collapse if it admitted the possibility that their support of Trump is completely in error.

  3. Classic rock therapy.

  4. Bill,

    Boz Scaggs is one of my favorites. Just loved this album (before they had CD’s!)

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