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      Right, with the ban on Huawei using chips made with American manufacturing equipment (one of America’s last few places of absolute advantage); the bans of TikTok, Tencent and WeChat; the attempt to convince other countries to not use Huawei 5G; the arrest of the Huawei founder’s daughter for doing business with Iran along with the […]
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A blurb from a blurb that summarizes this moment in our country’s history.

I saw this excerpt from an Atlantic post this morning on Eschaton. I’ve been trying to find a way of articulating it.

Here it is:

Whatever their disagreements, the leaders of both the populist and establishment wings of the Republican Party have concluded that they cannot be allowed to lose power simply because a majority of American voters do not wish them to wield it. 


I’ve wanted to go to a town hall for Senator Pat Toomey and ask him one question: “If we want to vote you out of office, how many different ways are you going to try to sabotage our right to do that?”

If you followed the stupid ways the Pennsylvania Republicans attempted to solidify their chokehold on the district maps last year, you would have gotten the feeling that they considered their dominance permanent and any attempt to allow for a more dynamic representation was unthinkable. They were prepared to impeach the PA Supreme Court that Ruled that the Republican district map was unconstitutional because it enforced inequality and diluted the strength of any voter not a Republican.

I was gobstopped by the utter shamelessness and lack of self awareness. The PA Republicans were willing to take extreme measures to make sure that more than half of the voters in their state were not represented according to their actual votes.

Just think of that. They were aggressive, ruthless and hostile to voters who didn’t vote for them. We kind of expect that politicians will represent everyone. But the goal of the PA Republicans was to explicitly disenfranchise as many non-Republican voters as possible.

So, it should come as no surprise that the Republican Senate and Mitch McConnell are blocking any bills focusing on election security in light of the hostile actions of the Russians in support of one candidate.

It’s not surprising that the citizenship question was added to the census.

It’s not surprising that Donald thinks he can accept stolen emails from foreign sources without any repercussions.

This is who they are. YOU do not have the right to get rid of them.

If the economy suddenly goes sour next year because of all the stupid things the Trump administration has done, and you think it’s time for them to go, too bad. That’s a choice that will be taken away from you in any way possible.

If there’s no rule against it, the Republicans will do whatever they want to stay in power. If there is a rule against it, they’ll count on their justice department to slow walk any accountability.

That’s how they roll.

If Democrats don’t pull out the big guns pretty soon, they’re going to become an EX Party, pining for the fjords.

Playing nice doesn’t work anymore. Being civil and rule abiding is just going to result in a Darwin Award.

9 Responses

  1. Playing nice doesn’t work anymore

    AMEN to that. Biden has to go, and Pelosi needs to get a clue… both were there when playing nice meant something (i.e. before Newt’s declaration), but that was a long time ago (20+ years) the only way to play the game now is for blood.

  2. I’ve been thinking for awhile now that we need a war time party, this ain’t it

  3. If the economy suddenly goes sour next year

    Keep your fingers crossed. If you don’t luck out with another market collapse, maybe some Iranian mullah will decide to nuke NYC and you can blame it on Trump.

    Don’t give up. Something bad is bound to happen. Trump can’t keep winning forever.

    • Hi Niles! Have you read Michael Lewis’s new book about The Fifth Risk? Or don’t you read much?
      You should really read it.
      You know, as a representative of the class of people who whined so much about getting the shaft in the Obama years and how no one listened to you so you were forced to blow everything up, it’s kind of amazing that you would settle for so little from Trump while his droogs at Interior and Treasury steal everything that isn’t nailed down.
      The cracks are there. You really should read that book. There’s a reason why we need regulation and referees. Unless you guys (and you’re almost always guys) just like whining.
      Yeah, I think you like to whine.
      BTW, the economy is not all it’s cracked up to be. Most of us haven’t seen a raise in years and live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of what we do.
      Trump has done nothing to change that. ZE-RO, as they say around here. Go ahead, name one thing he’s done to favorably impact the average working class person’s life.
      Hahahahaha!!! That tax “cut” doesn’t count. It didn’t go to working class people, such as moi, and whatever bennies we get will expire soon. Sooooo, there’s that.
      You really should read that book by Lewis. The chapter on project management will chill you to the core. Then you’ll see what Trump and the Republicans are really up to.
      And yeah, it wouldn’t matter to me if the market tanks before or after the election. They are not representing me. Intentionally. They aren’t representing you either because you aren’t rich enough. They actually hate your type, you taker, you.
      Given that Trump and the Republicans don’t like women, or most Americans, you know, the ones that didn’t vote for him, I’m going to vote for people who will represent me.
      But then you never did have a lick of sense.

  4. Cheer up, Jason! There’s at least one every year! 😛

  5. Happy Flag Day! https://i.imgur.com/dIXnnme.png

  6. Always on the money!
    Thanks for the blog.
    We are going to need the guns…and as you said, big ones.

  7. Smiling at the Monty Python reference, very clever!

    I’ve written this more than a few times: there is one party which has ideas and wants to implement them, and is undergirded by a sense of general decency, lines they will not cross, the capacity to apologize or to make course corrections. The other party is like some group from science fiction, whose only imperatives are power, and destroying anything which stands in the way of it. And this is a very difficult configuration to alter. I was thinking this morning that we need some old-line Democrats who embodied a more cutthroat kind of politics; people like LBJ, or the Kennedys. FDR could play hardball, too. But the modern Democrats, very possibly because of their inclusiveness, do not, and maybe cannot, do that. There are too many concerns about offending this or that sensibility. I wrote something on a blog right after Trump;s election, and the general ongoing panic we all felt, that people on our side might want to not buy things from, or travel to, various Red States. And another person complained that this sounded like the character Harry Lime, who saw people as dots whose suffering meant nothing to him. So I guess we can’t try to punish the Red states, that would be wrong! And we can’t wish that Pelosi and the House would defund the census, if the citizenship question is on it. Or defund all sorts of other corruptly run institutions. Because it wouldn’t be the moral thing to do! But we know that the Republicans would do all of it, if that were their only play.

    In fact, we can repeatedly think of the various ways where Republicans would threaten or even try to destroy our entire economic or justice system, just to extort something from Democrats in power. They did it when they ran the House, they do it when they run the Senate. They have not even a flimsy pretense of morals any longer. They do what they want to do. The media seems to consist of masochists who only respond to steely strength, because they always admire the Republicans, while scorning the Democrats who are always concerned about the “right” thing to do, and how not to offend or diminish anyone by anything they say, or any legislation they propose. Hillary uttered the word “deplorables,” and the media jumped all over themselves to say how inappropriate it was. Democrats are not supposed to say things like that. They are supposed let the Republicans pummel them, and to reply “please. sir, may I have another?” They are supposed to say, “We need to bring the country together.” “We need to find common ground and work across the aisle.” This is what Obama said, and the Republicans stomped all over him at every opportunity. He’s still waiting for them to hold hearings on his last Supreme Court nominee.

    So it somehow has gotten to where Democrats and Republicans are two vastly different entities. Maybe we need some mentor like in “The Karate Kid,” to teach us how to beat them, while not becoming like them. It’s a daunting task. They are masters at cheating, and suppressing votes, and glibly lying about everything. And they never strop, it is their lifeblood. While most people on our side would like to spend time with families and friends, and enjoy art, and the outdoors, the people on the other side relentlessly look for ways to game the system, and suppress their opponents forever. And they’ve got 24-hour proopaganda networks to do their work for them while they’re reveling in their profits. We’ve got no radio or TV networks, and less money than they do. We need massive victories in the House and Senate and Presidency, because they’ll block everything using any one branch of government that they control. And then we need people with the will and daring to change the laws and the system, no matter how much the media attacks them. Grim determination. No retreat, no surrender. It sounds good, at least.

  8. Hey look, everyone! Niles gave a speech! 😉


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