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    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death
      First: her refusal to resign when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009 (on top of already being old) when Obama could have replaced her has caused an entirely avoidable crisis. She was selfish, put herself first and this is the consequence. Second: Though far better than anyone Trump will nominate she was on […]
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A blurb from a blurb that summarizes this moment in our country’s history.

I saw this excerpt from an Atlantic post this morning on Eschaton. I’ve been trying to find a way of articulating it.

Here it is:

Whatever their disagreements, the leaders of both the populist and establishment wings of the Republican Party have concluded that they cannot be allowed to lose power simply because a majority of American voters do not wish them to wield it. 


I’ve wanted to go to a town hall for Senator Pat Toomey and ask him one question: “If we want to vote you out of office, how many different ways are you going to try to sabotage our right to do that?”

If you followed the stupid ways the Pennsylvania Republicans attempted to solidify their chokehold on the district maps last year, you would have gotten the feeling that they considered their dominance permanent and any attempt to allow for a more dynamic representation was unthinkable. They were prepared to impeach the PA Supreme Court that Ruled that the Republican district map was unconstitutional because it enforced inequality and diluted the strength of any voter not a Republican.

I was gobstopped by the utter shamelessness and lack of self awareness. The PA Republicans were willing to take extreme measures to make sure that more than half of the voters in their state were not represented according to their actual votes.

Just think of that. They were aggressive, ruthless and hostile to voters who didn’t vote for them. We kind of expect that politicians will represent everyone. But the goal of the PA Republicans was to explicitly disenfranchise as many non-Republican voters as possible.

So, it should come as no surprise that the Republican Senate and Mitch McConnell are blocking any bills focusing on election security in light of the hostile actions of the Russians in support of one candidate.

It’s not surprising that the citizenship question was added to the census.

It’s not surprising that Donald thinks he can accept stolen emails from foreign sources without any repercussions.

This is who they are. YOU do not have the right to get rid of them.

If the economy suddenly goes sour next year because of all the stupid things the Trump administration has done, and you think it’s time for them to go, too bad. That’s a choice that will be taken away from you in any way possible.

If there’s no rule against it, the Republicans will do whatever they want to stay in power. If there is a rule against it, they’ll count on their justice department to slow walk any accountability.

That’s how they roll.

If Democrats don’t pull out the big guns pretty soon, they’re going to become an EX Party, pining for the fjords.

Playing nice doesn’t work anymore. Being civil and rule abiding is just going to result in a Darwin Award.