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      I am unintersted in “hope.” Or as we called it in the Obama bullshit years, Hopium. Hope is not a plan. Hope is bullshit. Luck is real, but you don’t count on luck other than in the sense that the harder you work, and the more things you do, the more likely you are to […]
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Things that should be obvious.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t returning Mark Zuckerberg’s calls.

Let’s just be honest here. Mark Zuckerberg has to have known way back before 2016 that Facebook was vulnerable to misinformation campaigns because WE knew it here. Facebook news falls into that category that JK Rowling wrote about in one of the Harry Potter books:

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain

There are too many unidentifiable things running around Facebook thinking and pretending to be your friend. This wasn’t rocket surgery. It was Facebook leaving itself wiiiiiiide open to exploitation for profit. They might have thought Americans were smarter than we turned out to be. But right wing takeovers and nationalism took us by surprise because we have no natural immunity to it. Even Great Britain, which really should know better, got snookered by the Brexit campaign.

Anyway, Nancy is not amused at the viral video of her sounding drunk that zipped around Facebook. To some extent, it’s the part of the job if you’re a public servant. There are plenty of Trump follies. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg has to try harder to rein in Facebook’s baser and more dangerous flaws before the campaign season and the Pelosi video shows that he’s not trying nearly hard enough.

According to the article:

The altered video’s dissemination highlights the way that viral misinformation could shape public perceptions in the run-up to next year’s election. Spreaders of misinformation don’t need sophisticated technology to go viral and crude manipulations can be used to undermine an opponent.

In declining to remove the video, Facebook cited a long-standing policy of not banning false information. While independent fact-checking groups that have contracts with the social network, Lead Stories and PolitiFact, deemed the video “false,” the company said in a statement that it does not have a “policy that stipulates that the information you post on Facebook must be true.”

Time to revise that policy. Toot sweet.


Here’s a twofer:

Mike Doyle has been trying for a couple of years now to reinstate Net Neutrality. We should all be concerned that our internet providers have the power now to slow down or disrupt the news we choose to receive. Can this be used during campaign season? Let’s put it this way, if there’s no law against it, we can be fairly confident that it will be used against us for the shareholders’ greater good. Where there is profit to be mined and no regulation, self interest will prevail.

Doyle is also pointing out that the bill to restore Net Neutrality passed the house but like many other bills that Americans want passed has stalled in the Senate. Mitch McConnell is going to let legislation pile up indefinitely. Or until the Republican Senate is voter out.

Here’s another popular bill that Mitch is holding up:

This is McConnell’s definition of getting things done and bipartisanship. It’s intentional. Because why would he want to make government better? It’s not in his agenda.

10 Responses

  1. 😈

  2. Today’s Big tech needs to be reined in they are out of control. Imagine if IBM did not have to live under the consent decree for 40 years where they would be. It’s unlikely we would have Microsoft, Facebook (good things), and Google (maybe not so good) running around like 800 pound gorillas and gobbling up everything else. Having spent a career making money off IBM products, I definitely think that we would be in a totally different place today had they had free rein they way today’s tech companies do. I admit to being biased here.

  3. Well, I appreciate the optimism here, we need some. I am so far from understanding tech, that I probably shouldn’t even comment on anything tech-related; but to me, Zuckerberg and the rest of the new tech billionaires are weird and scary people who will sell anyone’s identity and soul for money and power. I don’t think that Zuckerberg even has the psychological capacity to understand the terrible damage that he, Sandberg, and the rest of his people, have done to American democracy. He probably is some kind of right-wing libertarian, as well, but the character I saw portrayed in “The Social Network” was very bright in one area, was amoral, and had a basic contempt for the human race. He started out with a program which allowed men to rate women, and evolved to a platform where the owners could do psychological experiments on people by making up stories and seeing if they could excite or depress them by their tenor. And then to a massive money-making machine which had no interest in the accuracy or origin of the “news” stories which got run there. And he’ll never care, he’s shown that through his testimony before various bodies, and by his unwillingness to change a thing. Facebook allowed the absolutely doctored and fake Pelosi videos to be seen by over two million people, and said something about the people having a right to see it and make up their own mind?

    I’m not the first to say this, but we have an unholy collusion between fascists like McConnell and big tech, big pharma, big everything. Trillions of dollars are being shared. The government is set up so that McConnell gets $75 million in allocations to his Kentucky districts, money that is being taken from other states which the President does not like. The goal here is a permanent dictatorship where the illegal census (of course the Supreme Court will approve the question), vote suppression, and gerrymandering make it impossible for Democrats to ever control the legislative agenda. Big tech is utilized to disseminate right-wing propaganda. The people who run big tech are either part of the cabal, or too greedy and sociopathic to care either way. My thought is that everyone should get off Facebook, because these kinds of things are unsettling and evil. But with people having devices in their home which now tell them when to go to bed, and choose music for them to fall asleep by (this is not exaggeration), we move ever closer to the dystopia that we used to just read about in science fiction novels, or see on TV and movies, and which we could at least escape from at that time. Elizabeth Warren is right that big tech should be regulated and broken up, but where is she going to get the legislative votes for that? As the world becomes more interconnected, people and ideas are easier to control. Technology in the social realm is not our friend. I would imagine that there are plenty of would-be Zuckerbergs out there, he is not an aberration. They are a new mutation of the robber barons of the late 19th century who valued money and power above every moral consideration.

    • Our enemies are breathing out great wrath, for they know their hour is short (at least the smarter ones do).

      They’re the dinosaurs. Demographic change is the asteroid. Plus, they don’t even have a majority of younger whites behind them.

      The only worry is: by the time we take the country back, will it be too late to save it? (Hillary would have done SO much better in the 2009-17 Presidency…)

      • For that matter, she could be doing so much better NOW, and Gore would have done so much better in the last decade.

        Thanks a f&%king HEAP, Utopia-or-Bust Hard Left. Sith Tsar Vladimir also thanks you for your service. 😡

        • Exactly. Gore unquestionably won the election, but Harris and Jeb stopped the vote count long enough for the Supreme Court to step in. Of course Nader running kept Gore from winning handily.

          The time was ideal for Hillary to win in 2008, with the country in economic disarray. She would have gotten us a better health care plan, revived the Democratic Party nationally, and gotten us a favorable Supreme Court. It is not coincidence that we ended up with worse alternatives both times. One of the ironies is that Left, which grew to hate Hillary, hated Gore, hated Kerry; voted for Nader and Stein, and sat out elections out of spite and pique, is going to end up with Biden, who is to the right of all of them, or Trump again.

  4. Did Trump actually say that he would accept help from Russia and China in the next election? If so, he should be impeached immediately, even if that is the only Count in the Articles. This was what the Founders did everything they could to prevent. This is antithetical to the Constitution, as well as democratic principles. The parties are going to bid out the country to various nations, some hostile to our way of life? It is obscene. I wonder if the media will shrug. If any Democrat had ever suggested that, the Republicans and the media would literally be calling for mass executions.

    Of course I would collude, why wouldn’t I? I don’t see anything wrong with it.
    Media: “Trump boldly states that he would accept help from foreign hostile powers. Meanwhile, Biden calls Trump an existential threat to the country, as Trump says that Biden is feeble-minded. Both sides go at it. Trump’s base still strongly with him, they like that he pulls no punches.” Fox: “What’s wrong with getting election help from foreign countries? Democrats always do it.” “Trump way out in front in getting commitments from other countries for next election, while Democrats claim that it is unconstitutional, but will lose in front of conservative Supreme Court.”

    • It’s not just Benedict Donald. Pretty much the entire GOP has become the Treason Party, or at least the dupes of traitors. 😡

      Holy Ascended Madoka, that Great Demographic Shift can’t happen soon enough. The most horrifying thing about the whole Trump campaign and Presidency* is the discovery of just how deeply depraved so many of my fellow non-elite white Americans really are. 👿

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