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Things that should be obvious.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t returning Mark Zuckerberg’s calls.

Let’s just be honest here. Mark Zuckerberg has to have known way back before 2016 that Facebook was vulnerable to misinformation campaigns because WE knew it here. Facebook news falls into that category that JK Rowling wrote about in one of the Harry Potter books:

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain

There are too many unidentifiable things running around Facebook thinking and pretending to be your friend. This wasn’t rocket surgery. It was Facebook leaving itself wiiiiiiide open to exploitation for profit. They might have thought Americans were smarter than we turned out to be. But right wing takeovers and nationalism took us by surprise because we have no natural immunity to it. Even Great Britain, which really should know better, got snookered by the Brexit campaign.

Anyway, Nancy is not amused at the viral video of her sounding drunk that zipped around Facebook. To some extent, it’s the part of the job if you’re a public servant. There are plenty of Trump follies. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg has to try harder to rein in Facebook’s baser and more dangerous flaws before the campaign season and the Pelosi video shows that he’s not trying nearly hard enough.

According to the article:

The altered video’s dissemination highlights the way that viral misinformation could shape public perceptions in the run-up to next year’s election. Spreaders of misinformation don’t need sophisticated technology to go viral and crude manipulations can be used to undermine an opponent.

In declining to remove the video, Facebook cited a long-standing policy of not banning false information. While independent fact-checking groups that have contracts with the social network, Lead Stories and PolitiFact, deemed the video “false,” the company said in a statement that it does not have a “policy that stipulates that the information you post on Facebook must be true.”

Time to revise that policy. Toot sweet.


Here’s a twofer:

Mike Doyle has been trying for a couple of years now to reinstate Net Neutrality. We should all be concerned that our internet providers have the power now to slow down or disrupt the news we choose to receive. Can this be used during campaign season? Let’s put it this way, if there’s no law against it, we can be fairly confident that it will be used against us for the shareholders’ greater good. Where there is profit to be mined and no regulation, self interest will prevail.

Doyle is also pointing out that the bill to restore Net Neutrality passed the house but like many other bills that Americans want passed has stalled in the Senate. Mitch McConnell is going to let legislation pile up indefinitely. Or until the Republican Senate is voter out.

Here’s another popular bill that Mitch is holding up:

This is McConnell’s definition of getting things done and bipartisanship. It’s intentional. Because why would he want to make government better? It’s not in his agenda.