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      The people who need to a good shit-kicking are most politicians, CEOs, and senior civilians. Well, and cops, obviously. And they need to know the cops can’t protect them from another one. The President, the mayor of New York, the Governor of New York, almost everyone who works for the Federal Reserve, all senior Wall […]
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Awwww, poor Donald. Everybody is out to get him.

It’s amazing how such a majestic and lauded president like Donald Trump generates such enmity in so many people. Now, Robert Mueller, who retired from the FBI to become an ordinary prosecutor, is angry because he wanted a high falutin’ job from Trump and didn’t get it.

Mueller is not a self actualized professional who derived intrinsic satisfaction from his work. No, he is on a mission to bring Trump down, like some inscrutable Iago.

Sort of like that Judge who couldn’t be fair to Donald because the judge was Mexican. Or the FBI agents that investigated him because of reasons. They all hate him. Why? Why is this man thus persecuted?? What did he ever do to them? I mean, other than call them names, like Hillary Clinton supporters, disparage their motives, and call them losers. It’s almost like these people feel like they have the right to think what they want about him and his behavior. They are casting aspersions on him and calling for the “I” word. That dirty filthy word, not like grabbing women by the pussy because how can THAT be bad??

How dare they try to make him look bad??

oOoooOooo! Listen to him growling and getting all worked up. He can barely contain himself.

Anyone who has ever had children has heard these arguments. I’m just surprised that we are supposed to swallow it from a 73 year old man. He’s completely innocent. They all hate him.

Poor Donald. He gets blamed for everything he does.

32 Responses

  1. Well observed. I do think that most of his supporters think that everyone is out to get them, too. Minorities, feminists, elites, intellectuals, people who read books or go to plays, people on either coast. They’re going to take away Xmas, or NASCAR. Those who disparage them, call them deplorable. Those who don’t think they read books, which they don’t, but who feel superior because of it. Those who want to burn flags, or watch movies with frontal nudity and no violence. People who like “Desolation Row,” not “Sweet Home Alabama.” They think they won the civil war, but we’ll show them.. They’re like those teachers who criticized us in school for not being prepared. They want to protect the environment–well that’s not bad, but they’re going to take away our hamburgers to do it; and besides, we don’t want to do anything that these elites tell us to do.

    Trump is not some kind of brainwashing mastermind, he is a con man huckster who not only plays into, but embodies their own frustrations and hitherto unfocused anger and resentments. “Everyone is out to get us.”

    • I’m weary of “Free Bird”, too. 😉

      OTOH, I wish the classic rock stations would play “Simple Man”, “Tuesday’s Gone” and “That Smell” more often.


      Both Trump and his master Putin took advantage of the machine unwittingly set up for them for years by closet-fascist Malefactors of Great Wealth and their hired propagandists.

      Putin hacked the Wingnut Launch Codes (h/t Driftglass), and stole control of the machine from the plutocrats, who still enjoy its material benefits to them, but hope its new foreign master knows what he’s doing, because even they can no longer stop him.

    • Trump is not some kind of brainwashing mastermind, he is a con man huckster

      Agreed, but let’s not forget that he is aided in his cons by:

      1) The corporate media, who, while they may never ‘build him up’ certainly don’t spend nearly enough time trying to knock him down.

      2) The GOP which has become a cult… you are either part of it or they will attempt to gut you.

      3) The Democrats who refuse to fight the GOP because they are afraid of the both-siderism which is part of today’s narrative.

      • Also some of the Democrats STILL believe that if they conceal their concern for social justice artfully enough from the Mean and Stupid White Folks [aka “cr@wd@ds” ;)], they can win them back. The Dems need to accept that the deplorables are NEVER coming back, and learn how to win without them.

        Plus, the Corporate Media is owned by rich people. The Rethugs consistently give fat tax cuts to rich people. Need I say more?

  2. I don’t know why Nancy is afraid to impeach this FOOL. He doesn’t have the supporters and never did. Remember that. He has a small but very vocal contingency of batsh*t crazies with a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

    • I find it frustrating also, but she certainly has more political experience than I do, so I will trust her judgement for now.

      I’ve read speculation that she wants to time it so the worst stuff on Benedict Donald and his capo-wannabes will come out during the election season, where it will do the most good in discrediting not only Trump, but the Senate Rethugs like Russia’s Bitch Mitch McTurtle.

      Remember, we weren’t able to strike back at Imperial Japan in, say, January 1942, either. We had to build (often literally build) the necessary forces first.

      • She’s racing against the clock. It won’t matter how bad she makes Donald look if she can’t guarantee the security and fairness of the election in 2020. And for THAT she’s going to have to “impeach” McConnell and the Senate. She’d better get a move on.

        • Yes, that’s one reason that the non-cultist majority must turn out in overwhelming numbers.

          One comfort I can take is that the cult members, as well as many of their most-admired politicians (Benedict Donald, Turtle McTraitor, etc.), are disproportionately old.

          “Progress moves at the speed of a hearse”. 😈

          That is also one reason I don’t want Biden or Sanders. The Democratic Party should not nominate a candidate with one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel.

          • Where is that quote from? I love it.

          • I don’t know who said it first.

            IIRC, the scientist Max Planck said that the only way to get a new idea approved in science was to wait for all the old scientists to die, which is a similar statement.

        • How can she ‘Impeach” McConnell and the Senate?

  3. Did any of you see David Frum on AM Joy this morning making the case for not impeaching? I don’t always agree with Frum but he is brilliant. I hate politics!!! This is like GoT, only important but frustrating.


  4. Here’s Frum’s article in the Atlantic and for once it is short!


    • Cats. On this I agree with Frum, who is indeed brilliant, but somehow was on the wrong side of just about everything in the GW Bush era. I didn’t read him then, but it’s hard to believe that he could have been on that side, though he was. I recently read a very long piece of his about Herman Wouk, and it was beautifully written. Of the so-called “Never-Trumpers,” he is the most effective, though I must confess I am starting to like Jennifer Rubin, at least for now!

      I well understand the frustration, despair and anger which makes one want to see Trump humiliated via impeachment hearings. But the tableau is much different than during Watergate. There were actually moderate Republicans then. The Democrats controlled both houses. Some Nixon appointees turned against him. Those hearings were like a mystery story, with the final twist being the existence of the tapes. This is not going to happen here. Republicans are not going to turn. There are not going to be any revelations not contained in the Mueller report–unless they are unearthed in the records the Democrats have been trying to subpoena.

      And the conclusion that Trump will not be convicted in the Senate, is guaranteed. And then Democrats cannot really run on those issues, because they would be met by, “This is decided, Trump was acquitted. That’s all you can talk about, instead of helping the American people through legislation.” Of course this would be very misleading, but when has that ever stopped Republicans? I think that if the information keeps coming out slowly, it makes Trump weaker and weaker. Who knows who is right on this? But I’d rather rely on Pelosi than anyone else in power now. I am getting very tired of the various hosts on MSNBC, as well as Hollywood, beating the impeachment drums. Hollywood does a lot of great fundraising for Democrats, but they are almost always wrong about reading the electorate. I’m still seeing about 37% for impeachment, 54% against. Those numbers are not going to radically shift during hearings. In fact, who’s to guarantee that the networks are actually going to show these, rather than occasionally looking in? They won’ t be full of revelations like Watergate. How humiliating would it be to have most of the public not care; Trump to get a boost about of playing victim, and then winning the election, thus dooming the country? I bet that O’Donnell would blame it all on Hillary, that kind of thing seems to be a comfort many in the media.

      • And the conclusion that Trump will not be convicted in the Senate, is guaranteed. And then Democrats cannot really run on those issues, because they would be met by, “This is decided, Trump was acquitted. That’s all you can talk about, instead of helping the American people through legislation.” Of course this would be very misleading, but when has that ever stopped Republicans?

        Doesn’t this say that Americans are now letting the media and marketing industries decide what is good for the country. Have people really come to the point that they would rather not think things through for themselves? I believe all you are saying is the likely outcome, but it
        is a very depressing outcome IMO

        • Yes, to everything, jmac. This country is being manipulated by many forces and virtual one party rule, with the help of our enemies, is going to take us down. I don’t see how to stop it, even if every citizen votes. Maybe some brain rattling slap to the back of the head (especially republican heads) like a military invasion, a 9/11 level terrorist activity, a NK missile striking the US, an economic depression, or a widespread natural catastrophe on our soil that he and his administration botches horrifically (NB: multiple hurricanes and wildfires in blue states didn’t do it). In short, a miracle or alien intervention before 2020.

          • Cats, what a frightening picture, though things are indeed dire. Actually, I wouldn’t put it past Trump to allow some terrorist attack, because the country usually rallies behind the President then. He will do anything to win, and he is a soulless sociopath who does not care a bit about anyone else. My best hope, not a pleasant one, but better than the others, is for an economic downturn. I think that Trump and his people are setting up some “great” economic news, which of course would not be, but that he could spin. Wall Street will rise before the election, because the people there absolutely love no regulation. Some deal with Mexico and even China will be made, and spun as “see what tough negotiating can do.” I don’t even believe the economic numbers which come out, because he lies about everything. This economy is not all that good, real wages are barely outpacing inflation now. If the economy were so great, why is his proposed budget trying to slash Medicare benefits? It is another massive con. He is trying to buy off farmers just until after the election, by stealing money from the rest of the budget. I am certain that if he got another four years, this economy would be destroyed, just like he destroyed all of his businesses until Russia bankrolled him for their own ends.

            Even if we win, Biden won’t do that much to fix anything. And Warren could never get any of her impressive proposals past the Senate. Virtually all of the great legislation of the 1930’s was the result of the Great Depression, and the resulting landslide victories of FDR in 1932 and 1936. There is no FDR out there, most unfortunately, though on a lesser level, I am impressed with some of the new Congresspeople we elected in 2018. It may sound strange, but I actually thought that Bloomberg, who knows how to run things, and who has strong positions on climate change and gun control, might have been the most effective potential president, even though he is obviously no classic liberal. But we have to pick one from the group offered to us.

        • Yes, it may be our greatest problem, that the media is so controlled by the right wing, that every single election sees them dominate the narrative. Just chilling to hear that woman from Michigan say that she watches ‘conservative” (what a false term, they are money-grubbing phony religious fascists) media, and thus had no idea that there was anything negative about Trump in the Mueller report. I remember as a boy hearing about “Voice of America,” and how the goal was to somehow get through the Iron Curtain, to people who were endlessly fed propaganda. And I thought, “how awful it must be to live in a country where you never were told the truth about anything.” Well, to a large part, this is is America now. And then the part of the media which is not pure propaganda, is so worried about alienating right-wingers, that they pull their punches, or twist into “both sides.” We saw enough of that during Hillary’s campaign to upset us forever. The “smaller” the country gets, because of technology, the worse this is. We were better off when there were just a bunch of newspapers, some run by decent people who tried to tell the truth. So while you are certainly right that Democrats should not just listen to polls, we are facing an election which just has to be won; and so whatever the course is that would help us win it, is the one we must take. There is no guarantee as to what course that is, but I do think that Pelosi is following a legitimate plan, even as much as all of us would love to see impeachment hearings. If the wave calling for it gets too large, then she will have to accede, for better or worse.

  5. William. I hate it when the bad guys win. I was watching Rachel when she showed a quote from an Amash constituent. She said she only watches conservative news and she had no idea that trump wasn’t exonerated by Mueller. Amash’s tweets must have been an eye opener for her, but enough to not vote for trump again? There is so much working against a successful, just outcome to the illegitimate, lying, corrupt, evil doing trump administration that has been inflicted upon this country.

  6. jmac,

    Sadly, most Americans do not read (especially 448 pages of legalese) and would not be able to understand the complexity of what we are dealing with here.

    The dems and the progressives were depending on Mueller to do more than he did in putting the dems in the best position to impeach without a backlash. IMO, Mueller isn’t finished and has no right to declare that he is. He still has some “splainin” to do regarding the gaps in the report and answer some very important questions before he rides off into the sunset. He did have a responsibility to make a decision instead of leaving it “if we could have said that he had not committed a crime, we would have said so…” That just opened the door to tons of interpretation, and is the central cause of this mess.

    I hate trump and can’t stand to watch him and even get upset when he is referred to as “the President”….however, I do believe Frum is right when he says “an acquitted Trump will be an immunized Trump…”

    Hard as it is to believe, those of us who visit these sites and discuss political opinions are not the majority of America. Most Americans are watching reality shows, or America’s Got Talent or The Voice, etc….they see things in black and white and the republicans have figured that out and are playing it to the hilt.

    • Kathleen, i am hearing it more and more, we need the movie version of the Mueller report. We also need plain English, bullet points on all of his unethical, immoral and corrupt, if not downright illegal acts, in descending order of shock and horror. I want the tax returns, the Deutsche Bank and Mazurs financial records and every financial example of real or potential compromise and self enrichment, esp those involving tax payer dollars. Call it whatever you want, investigation, inquiry or impeachment, but we need the receipts before 2020. An attorney on AM Joy this morning also had some great ideas: broadcast examples the corruption on social media, make videos, TV ads, tweet, facebook, any venue the American peeps read or watch because the truth is boring or too hard to understand. DUMB IT DOWN, STAT!

      • Cats,

        I agree 100% with you that we need the movie version of the Mueller report, plain English and bullet points.

        I also saw the attorney on AM Joy this a.m. and again agree that broadcasting everything in every form possible in order to reach the critical mass necessary to bring this corrupt beast down!

        What we cannot forget is that trump knows that as long as he is president, he cannot be indicted. This means he will do ANYTHING to stay in power and that translates to just how ugly the 2020 election is going to be. Russia will definitely be doing everything they can to ensure that he gets in for a second term.

        This is literally a war between the American people and their government to save our democracy and we should never underestimate how low trump and his minions will go to win at all cost.

  7. She is quite awesome, I am really appreciating what she brings to the race!


  8. A link on Wonkette sent me to this fine article from November 2018 in The Baffler.

    “The Year The Clock Broke”, by John Ganz, tells how the 1992 GOP presidential primaries hinted at the horrid world we know now.

    • D’OH! I forgot the link! 😛


      “Of all the things I’ve lost over the years, I miss my mind the most.” 🙄

      • Thank you, that’s a great read. Ol’ Bill Clinton from Arkansas really threw a spanner in their works in ’92, didn’t he?
        That’s why they hate him and his brilliant wife so much: they stood in the way of the New Order.
        Now even young lefties believe the lies that the right wing fanatics have spewed for thirty years.

        • Not just young lefties. I would expect that at least half of the Counterpunch writers are older than Millennials.

        • Ol’ Bill from Arkansas and Ol’ Ross from Texas. Perot gave disgruntled wingnuts and independents, who just could not bear to vote for a Democrat, an alternative to Bush Senior they could vote for.

        • Sue, what is dimly amusing is that the Left doesn’t even comprehend the policies of the people they are hating or supporting. I think that some of them voted for Bradley in 2000, just because they didn’t like Gore; not realizing that Bradley was quite conservative for a Democrat. Then they were thrilled with Dean, who is a decent man, but not as liberal as Kerry, whom they also disliked. Then they loved Obama, because he was not Hillary–except that Obama was somewhat to the right of Hillary, certainly on health care; and as it turned out, in governing, and fighting the Republicans. Then they adored Sanders, despised Hillary, though the two had voted the same way about 96% of the time in the Senate, the difference being that he voted against all the gun control bills. So with their sanctimonious despising of the candidates who were the more liberal, and their spiteful voting for Nader or Stein, or not voting at all, they have totally destroyed most of the New Deal, abortion rights, the environment, and the judicial system. And they don’t see it at all, wrapped in the cocoon of their own pretensions and ignorance. Now they are probably going to get Biden, more conservative than all the above but Bradley. Or they’ll get Trump again. Stupider people can scarcely be imagined. Of course, one could make a good case that the Left doesn’t actually care about issues at all, they just care about their espoused moral purity, and about their sense that they are on some kind of higher intellectual plane.

          • I voted for Stein in 2012, when it did not matter, because I was still annoyed at the obnoxious faction among the 2008 Obama supporters though now I suspect many of them were Republican or Russian–but I repeat myself–ratfornicators. However, if I had known at the time that Stein was an anti-vaxxer, and/or a Russian dupe or agent, I would have held my nose at the trollish faction of Obama’s supporters and voted for Obama.

            The first elections in which I was old enough to vote were the 1982 elections. I voted for the Green Presidential candidates in 1996, 2008, and 2012, and the Democratic Presidential candidates in the other Prez elections. (I knew Bill would carry the Arkanshire in 1996, so I indulged in the luxury of a protest vote. I was reading The Nation and The Progressive regularly then; whaddaya expect?) 😛

          • BTW, my three Green votes indicate one of the reasons we need to dump the Electoral College. In those elections, I knew Clinton would carry the Arkanshire in 1996, and the Republican candidates would carry the Arkanshire in 2008 and 2012, so my Presidential vote really did not matter in those elections.

            If you live in a solidly red or blue state, your Prez vote does not matter.

  9. Speaking of elections, let us not forget that the last Republican Presidential candidate who indisputably and clearly won both the popular and electoral votes was Bush Senior in 1988.

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