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Can anti-choice people just be honest for once?

It’s not about the sanctity of human life because many of these harsh laws are passed in states where the death penalty doesn’t distinguish between the truly guilty and the innocent with a bad defense counsel.

It’s not about precious little babies because there’s never any provision for medical care or child care or nutrition or enforcing child support laws.

It can’t really be about racism because the new laws are going to result in more children of the wrong color.

No, what i suspect it’s about at the core is the idea that there is no difference between pregnancy and motherhood. Once you become pregnant, you are automatically a mother.

The anti-choice people would like for women to immediately take responsibility for their actions. That’s Responsibility. It means giving up their lives for their children including all of their former hopes and dreams and aspirations. The unintentional mother must instantly bond with their baby and feel love, warmth and sacrifice.

If this means that they and their children will have a significantly reduced quality of life and poorer standard of living, well, that’s what it means to take the Responsibility that the good Bible reading citizens have thrust upon them. Motherhood is their destiny. They will scrub floors if they have to.

Women are mothers. Men are breadwinners. That’s how nature made us.

Gosh, men come out on top again. Didn’t see that coming. It’s almost as if there was a political movement that only benefits men that uses religious propaganda as one of the cudgels to keep women from getting a bigger slice of the economic pie. It kind of feels intentional. They can be kept out of better jobs by completely shitty child care policies compared to other developed countries and they can be relegated to the very lowest rungs of the employment ladder if we insist on them becoming mothers with Responsibility and the obligation to sacrifice their own lives.

Oh, sure, there are probably good Christian women 🙄 who actually buy into the romanticization of the fetus. Babies are sweet and innocent and smell good and women should feel maternal and god fearing.

I’m sure they want all women to think of that when they wake up in the morning after sleeping with what turn out to be loser boyfriends or demanding husbands. That’s what the little 12 year old is thinking as her father shuts the door behind him as he leaves the room. That’s what the student is thinking after her friend’s friend forces himself on her.

They’re all thinking about the precious human life instead of the goo running between their legs.

If that last sentence made you feel disgust, good. That was the intention. It’s not easy to read and it sure wasn’t easy to write.

But very woman who’s had sex knows that feeling of disgust at least once. Even the god fearing ones.