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While Congress issues subpoenas that the Trump Family Organization considers to be an unconstitutional imposition of law enforcement on itself, the judge does a double take, and the FBI quietly continues its counter intelligence investigations started by mastermind Andrew McCabe, let’s take a small diversion to talk about the last episode of Game of Thrones.

I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who is a fan and hasn’t seen season 8, episode 5 yet. I’m not the writers, I have no idea what horrific plot twist GRR Martin has in mind. But a few things are obvious now. Without drawing any conclusions, this much we can say for certain:

  1. The last dragon has to be destroyed. Yup. Can’t have one of those beasties around and sleep at night.
  2. The dragon’s owner has to be taken out. War crimes make that necessary.
  3. Jon, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Tyrion and Davos are all in mortal danger.
  4. The Unsullied and Dothraki need to leave.
  5. Jon has to step up, acknowledge his share of the blame and not pre-abdicate again.
  6. Bran had to know this was coming and may be the real villain. Do the ends justify the means?
  7. He who passes the sentence swings the sword.

I have no idea how this series will end. There is still too much up in the air. There aren’t really enough episodes to tie up all the loose ends. You can definitely tell where HBO spent the money. The fifth episode was harrowing. It had a “you are there” quality about it. So, well done HBO for the pyrotechnics as well as human scale to the disaster.

But the shortness of the season means that a lot of exposition and narrative was left on the cutting room floor. I’d like to see all of the deleted scenes.


Biden isn’t resonating with me and I’m the kind of voter who should be in the Obama cohort. Obama’s age, right level of education, blah blah blah.

Yeah another late septuagenarian White guy! Like we haven’t already had 44 of those!

OMG, what if we run low??


Well, I got thru 12 straight weeks of phase one without taking a single day off from work. Had a test last Friday that shows weedkiller has been successful. Phase 2 starts at the end of May. It’s been no picnic but I’m bouncing back in the interval. Cool.

I’m going to treat myself to a single IPA this weekend.

Thanks to all of you who have hung in there with me so far.

Still looking for a short vacation recommendation.


Walk to work music. Accroches-toi a ton reve:

25 Responses

  1. Re chemo update, RD, we knew you would kick ass! You never disappoint. How is life with the wig? Does this mean you are halfway through?

    Re GoT, if i ever get to re-watch the series, looks like i will watch through season 7 and write my own damn ending. White men strike again! Not pleased with the way they are handling the female characters. At this point only Sansa, mighty mite Lyanna and Missandei are looking strong, no tears, no whining, no tell me what to do, no deer in the headlights pee my pants little girl fear.

    • I like the wig. I had bangs cut into it. The front was flopping in my face all the time and driving me nutz. Bangs are so much easier.
      Yeah, about halfway through. The summer should be ok after mid July. Just in time for hurricane season.
      The GoT comment is spot on. But Jon has been such a toady I want to smack him. Maybe Sansa and Arya will smack him.
      The more I think about the last episode, the more awful it is. There was no reason for that. The city had surrendered and the primary target was the last one to go down.
      But you know what? I think we all knew this would happen. For seven seasons the writers have been telling us. The people who are shocked haven’t been paying attention. It’s funny how Sansa, Arya and Varys sized up the situation so quickly. I wonder what gave it away?

      • Well, if Sansa smacks him, there will be no more Jon! Are those her shoulders under that cape? At this point, my money and my hopes are on Sansa and Tyrion taking the throne. Not sure whether Tyrion will be Hand or King, but either way I am good with it. They both have earned my respect through seven seasons, they are survivors, they learn from their mistakes. As for Jon, Ygritte took his measure with, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” When he is thinking, his face says, “Damn, this hurts.”

        Yeah, I admit I am one of those fans who missed all the clues about Dany going bat shit. She was so well-intentioned in the beginning and actually thought about the welfare of the people, but her end results were always off the mark, but I ignored her poor execution because I wanted to see her take the throne.

        Would love to know how G.R.R. wanted it to end. Also hate to see the last dragon die, perhaps there is an animal rescue in Westeros….

        Oh, bangs! What a clever move. Can we get a pix when you are feeling photogenic?

  2. Good news on the chemo front! Twelve weeks and not taking one day off? You are Wonder Woman.

  3. So glad your treatment was a success!

    • We’re not done yet. Was the first round successful? I think it met and exceeded the goals. But it’s not over yet.

  4. I’m not suggesting we become sociopaths like the GOP, but their sociopathy does give them an advantage. They are willing to kill the country if they’re not allowed to misrule and plunder it. Our priority is saving the country, so we back down.

    It’s like some repeating evil Mirror Universe version of that Bible story about King Solomon and the two women who claimed the same baby, in which Mirror King Solomon always gives the baby to the woman who’s willing to see it cut in two.

    But then, they are the spiritual descendants–and in many, many cases the genetic descendants–of the people who were willing to cut the country in two in 1861.

  5. And congratulations on your medical success so far.

  6. RD, you are brave, and always keep a sense of optimism about things, personal or political.

    I’m still trying to figure out what year and what universe the slightly different version of Agent Cooper was in, in the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” and wondering if there ever will be another TP series, after a finale which both was an elegant ending, and yet almost demanded a sequel. I hope that GOT fans are reasonably satisfied with how it ends, because such things matter. I think that there are going to be prequels for GOT.

  7. I would like to make a small pitch for at least the consideration of Steve Bullock as a candidate. If anyone watched Maddow last night, she was pretty much praising of him, although obviously he is far from a perfect candidate. One point he made which I agree with, is that, as Maddow had pointed out, there are many states which are completely controlled by Republicans; so that even if Democrats can get just enough electoral votes to elect a President, they still would not be able to get anything through the Senate. His obviously self-serving thought is that someone like him could turn some of those Red states more Blue. There is an argument to be made for running someone from a Western state, someone who is fairly progressive, like Bullock, who could actually potentially turn Montana, maybe Arizona, make the West more in play, rather than completely dominated by Republicans, except for him and Tester, and the recently elected Sinema. The political system we have has been gamed by Republicans, and something needs to be done. Republicans, mostly from the South and West, blocked most Democratic initiatives and judges under Obama. We are not likely to be winning Southern states, they all cheat there. But the West, home of some people who actually care about the environment, clean water and national parks, could be worthwhile to pursue electorally. I remember people like Frank Church, Gale McGee, Mike Mansfield. Just a thought, at least. It is certainly true that winning the presidency is imperative, but not enough in itself. Bullock would make a good VP candidate, I think, but is unlikely to be picked by a man, for obvious reasons, nor specifically by any of the women candidates we have.

    • Sorry, William, I’m not voting or even considering voting for a man in the 2020 primary. And I think the country is going to be shocked by how many women do the same.
      It’s time. We’re impatient. And we’re not afraid of Trump. We’re more concerned that the guys on our side are going to psych themselves out.
      I don’t care what his name is or how good you think he is. If he has a Y chromosome, he’s a non-starter for me.

      • Darn! I thought I might convince you! 🙂

        I do think that many woman will simply not vote for a man in their primary. I wish that weren’t true, but I understand it. I think that a large amount of African-Americans will not vote for anyone who is not Harris or Booker or Biden. Put all of this together, and I think we very likely get Biden, possibly Warren or Harris, because none of the other white men can possibly gain enough traction, with most women and African-American voters not considering them. In a worst case scenario, Biden starts losing some support, but manages to hang on to win the nomination. I think that most of the other white men who cannot get enough votes in the early states, will drop out, and many of their votes will go to Biden. That is one argument for support of a Beto or Bullock or Buttigieg, at least in early primaries.

        • If I were a Millennial or Gen-Xer buried by non-dischargeable student loan debt, I wouldn’t vote for Biden for dogcatcher (based solely on the 1995 Bankruptcy Act). Of course, I’m not: I’m a Boomer who benefited from free in-state tuition at a state university and was therefore able to start my adult life with a clean financial slate. I’m restricting my primary vote to candidates who want to provide young people today with the same advantage I had, or are at least in favor of modifying the bankruptcy code to allow them to escape a lifetime of debt peonage. Personally, I think we’re eventually going to have to bite the bullet and write all the outstanding federal student loan debts off.

        • William,

          It’s obvious you have more faith in a relatively unknown white man rising to the top than you believe any of the women or African-Americans running will do! IMO, Bullock doesn’t have a snoball’s chance in hell of getting the noimination. He, like Beto, should first start with the Senate before even thinking of running for president.

          Warren and Harris have a heck of lot more going for them than Bullock and most of the other guys (even Biden when people stop living in fairytale land about how great he would be against Trump). Like RD, I’ve given the guys every chance in previous elections to show me that they will do what they say they are going to do but have been disappointed every time. I firmly believe Bill Clinton would not have achieved as much as he did during his presidency if he didn’t have Hillary to consult with.

          It’s way past time for a qualified women to be given the chance. We don’t expect passes or excuses and right now, that’s exactly the kind of leader this country needs if we want to clean up the mess made by the white guys.

          • Bullock at least has some selling points like being a governor and winning against the tide none of which Beto and Buttigieg have. I’ve had Bullock as an outside dark horse for a while now but I thought he was not going to run.

            Part of the reason I have seen for a woman candidate is because of the draconian anti-woman laws that have been passed recently. Too many women just don’t trust that men won’t roll them under the bus when push comes to shove.

          • Kathleen, I supported Hillary as much as anyone reasonably could, who was not a multimillionaire. She faced every possible obstacle, and still got three million more votes than Trump. She was almost certainly cheated out of the White House. In my mind, she was far more qualified, and is far more knowledgeable about foreign policy, than Harris or Warren. She has a much better grasp of how domestic issues tie together, than Harris. Most people (not you or people here) do not comprehend what an amazing political figure she is. Yet, White women voted for Trump more than for her. This gives me real concern as to whether any of the women in the race this time, could win. Of course, Trump is not the fantasy projection figure he was last time.

            It actually bothers me to see various candidates get praised for things that Hillary could do in her sleep. None of them is close to Hillary in ability. Obama was not, either, and yet infuriatingly (to me), the pundits on TV keep raving about him, without comprehending the fact that Republicans taking over the Congress, so many governorships and state houses, was in his tenure. In some weird formulation, the pundits want to try to blame Hillary for this. But if one wants to just look forward, the question is, who can not only win (necessary condition precedent), but save the country. Another Obama is not close to enough, as his devotees should somehow try to understand, but cannot. Looking for another Hillary seems futile in this field. We cannot stand another four years of Trump. But a four-year interregnum, under Biden, even an eight-year one with another Obama, is obviously far from sufficient. My thought about Bullock (and I would have to see a lot more of him, but he is thought very well of in his state), or maybe Beto, or Stacey Abrams, if she runs,, is that they could potentially shift the electoral college framework, more so than most of these others. Biden or any Democrat would save us from the disaster of another four years of Trump, but how could they realign the country, something that is desperately necessary for Democrats to actually pass and sign major legislation, and change the makeup of the Supreme Court? I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I am pretty sure that if Democrats win the Presidency, keep the House, but Republicans still control the Senate, the Senate will block every single bit of Democratic legislation, and certainly refuse to take up the nomination of any Supreme Court nominee who might shift the balance. And if that is the case, then it would take a very strong, smart, and gifted President to find ways to circumvent this.

      • Same here! I’ll cast a vote for a woman…

        I’m getting a bit concern with the Dems pack load of the “me too candidates” … De Blasio? Please…

        Maybe a subject for a blog on its own.

        Is it good with too many because of a show of diversity?
        Or no taking serious what it’s at stake?
        Or plain ego trips?

        Your thoughts.

    • Instead of wasting his time (and ours) on a quixotic quest for the Presidency, Bullock should run for the Senate.

      • Agree.
        I posted before, that Dems don’t see the importance of the Senate to take the control away from the Rep_tilians.

        • If we don’t win the Senate, the best we are playing for is a temporary stalemate. Nothing substantial will ever get past the Senate. Republicans play any position they have to the utmost, as if they would rather have the country destroyed than compromise. Apparently there is no one in the Democratic Party with enough power or foresight to make sure that there are top candidates in every single Senatorial race. We’re down three seats, and I don’t see Doug Jones winning, so that’s four. And Manchin could always swing Republican, so we would need to win five seats to have a workable edge. And how are we going to get those? Right now, all I can see is–and these are no guarantees at all–Maine and Colorado. Maybe possibly Arizona, but McSally came close last time, and is now the incumbent. The rest are mostly wishful thinking, unless there is some kind of landslide, very unlikely. Republicans have set up things with their base so that it is increasingly difficult for Democrats to ever take over the Senate again. Nelson was probably cheated in FL, and we ran a nice but rather ineffectual candidate in PA in ’16. Those were two key seats. Maybe some Democrats running for President will drop out and run for Senate, but their cachet would be lessened by doing so poorly in the primaries. Rubio did it, but he was an incumbent from an utterly corrupt state. Another problem, is that this big field is sucking up money from donors which could be better used for Senate candidates.

      • I seriously hope some of these presidential candidates will decide they are not getting traction and will run for the senate.

  8. I want the Westerosian People’s Liberation Front to overthrow all of those “great houses”, redistribute the land, and execute every single one of those inbred m*f*k*rs. Power to the people!

    • Lol! The number of inbred m*f*k*rs is one.
      Funny how much Jon, Tyrion and Jorah remind me of the feckless Democrats and Trump’s advisors who think they can keep her under control. Only Varys was willing to risk his life. And he was “fired!” for it.
      I keep hearing spoilers that say Bran is going to be voted in to take the throne. But I consider him almost as much a war criminal because he had to have *some* insight into what happened and apparently told no one. So he’s as responsible for the deaths as she is.
      I’m hoping it’s Sansa. So far, she’s the only one this season with any gd sense and she knows how to get people to work together. She could be the new George Washington of Westeros.

      • “The number of inbred m*f*k*rs is one.”

        Hardly – there are maybe a dozen great houses and they all intermarry. Everyone’s at most a second cousin (except Baratheon’s bastards, of course). They’re like the bloody Hapsburgs or any other noble house in Europe. It’s a wonder they’re not all color-blind hemophiliacs.

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