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Biden and Sanders are still in the lead. It probably doesn’t matter 18 months out. Only in America do we even care who our candidates are this far in advance.

Nevertheless, I’m starting to develop a preference. And the reason why this person is edging out the others for me is because of consistency in thought, word and deed. This person has probably always been an existential threat to the powers that be – on both sides. That’s why it was so important to start smearing early with something tiny and insignificant from the past. You know, do a Clintonesque makeover and blow a molehill into a mountain. It’s very important that the struggling working class dismiss this candidate’s words because paying too much attention and looking at the record of accomplishment just might start persuading the voters.

Here’s a clue:

As Michael Lewis pointed out in a recent podcast, Elizabeth Warren is the prime mover who got the Consumer Financial Products Bureau started. It is potentially one of the most important new governmental referees in decades. Its purpose is to stand on the side of consumers against the licensing agreements and fine print. It means that financial advisors have to disclose who they’re working for and that your student loans are held to the same rigorous standards as the safety of the toaster in your kitchen. In other words, it’s supposed to act as a brake on the incentives for financial institutions to take advantage of the unwary.

It’s been completely undermined since Trump took office and probably never fully supported by the Obama administration either. But she almost singlehandedly created it, got it funded and THEN ran for the Senate. And that was after her decade of presentations on the two income trap.

She has dangerous ideas and is bold and works her ass off. So of course, Dickhead in chief had to find probably the only think Elizabeth Warren has done wrong. A tiny toss away checkbox on a form years ago that she thought was merely a formality for some university diversity initiative.

She hasn’t even grabbed a pussy, declared bankruptcy, or collaborated with a foreign government to meddle with an election. It just goes to show you the power of the public bully pulpit that someone who has her finger on the pulse of how the rich and well connected are screwing the working class can be derailed by a checkbox.

Or can she?

Elizabeth Warren is the one to watch. She’s not letting stupid nicknames get in her way and she’s not blaming the victims of the last election. She’s in it for everyone.

Too bad she’s not from California.


Dickhead tweeted nervously yesterday. He seems worried about something.



Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 5- The Bells.

Overall, a pretty good episode. I would give it an 8. This is where Dany was headed. Anyone who had loved her and followed her through the years could have seen this from a mile away. With great power comes great responsibility. She has spent much of her years developing her powers but has been notably absent with the responsibility. I mean that literally. She rode off on her dragon when Meereen needed her most and was in no hurry to rush back. She likes being a hero, a savior, a messiah, but when it comes to taking care of the people and things that depend on her? She does and takes whatever she wants. Yes, she’s occasionally been benevolent but “dictator” has always been the undertone.

So when she torched King’s Landing last night because she was finally going to take what she felt entitled to, and no one was going to get in her way with their own wars and pleas for mercy or logistical considerations, she did what she wanted. Because she could. And because even one dragon was the equivalent to a nuclear arsenal. Why have all that firepower if you’re never going to use it?

I’ve loved Dany since the beginning. But she’s always flaunted her power. She’s always been single minded. It was always a matter of time before it all went to her head and she let her inner dragon out.

That being said, there were a couple things I didn’t care for in this episode. The fight between Euron and Jaime was completely unnecessary, boring AF and took away time from other characters. In fact, I would have liked to have seen more scenes of with Jaime’s final moments with Cersei. These two main characters should have had a little more time together to wrap things up. Putting smirking, smarmy Euron between them was unforgivable. I can only imagine that the actor who played Euron had a “minimum sword fight scenes” clause in his contract.

What a waste.

The other wasteful, but somewhat more understandable thing was how Jon was completely useless during the battle of King’s Landing. No one paid attention to him and he had trouble keeping his men from committing atrocities.

This makes sense in some ways. The fog of war and bloodlust can create its own kind of nuclear chain reaction. When you’re in it, when some of the army are not your guys, when they have their own motives, one rash decision leads to another and it quickly spirals out of control. The noise makes it difficult to give commands, too many people are acting at a primal level. It makes even the best of men powerless.

It was hard to watch that and to feel Jon’s frustration and horror. I kept waiting for him to turn it around. But it’s always been like this for Jon. He hasn’t had any magical weapons of mass destruction. His weapon has always been his heart, skill and honor. He’s just an ordinary man, not a demi-god and his resurrection now seems like a fluke. It certainly hasn’t helped him in any way.

I think the writers would like for us to see the contrast between Dany and Jon in this way. What can you accomplish when you don’t have access to a dragon? What are your limitations? And what other kinds of skills do you need to develop to compensate? Now that Jon has seen what a single dragon is capable of and how a whole city and its inhabitants can be reduced to a cinder, how can he let it exist? How can heart, skill and honor reason with a superpower?

But, unfortunately, most of this subtlety will be lost on part of the fan base the writers are dealing with. Commence the adolescent whining.

I’d like to see the director’s cut. What was left out, why did that fight between Jaime and Euron make it in when no one wanted it? Questions, questions…

Valor Morghulis.

19 Responses

  1. Warren is way down on my list simply because I’m not sure she can win a national election.

    • If no one votes for her, then she can’t. Why should that influence your primary vote?

      • It’s not just that. It’s that she called the 2016 primaries “rigged” and that she was all over Trump much like Bernie right after the election. She also has praised Trump’s tariffs which hurt the middle class. She generally is on the right track but there are other better candidates IMO. Also being a college professor I see as a big negative as president. That was Obama’s claim too that because he taught constitutional law he would make a great president. We also can look to Woodrow Wilson as another college professor who was president.

        • Some people grow into their role. I see her doing that.
          There’s one thing Democrat’s do better than Republicans. We get all bent out of shape by one thing that we just. Can’t. Handle. We completely ignore the overall picture. For Gillibrand, it’s Franken. For Clinton, it was her Iraq War vote. For Warren, it’s tariffs or primaries. I got to admit, tariffs would have done wonders for the steel industry – in 1978. Today? Ehhhh… not so much.
          But do I think she’s capable of learning? Yes. Do I think she’s going to pander? Probably, but she’s getting a clue that the people she needs to pander to are actual, you know, DEMOCRATS.
          Can’t say the same about Klobuchar, Buttigieg or the cast of thousands of mountain zone or western state governors. Biden is a non starter. He’ll find out when he gets to california. Sanders is self-destructing. Beto is a counter jumper. All he needs is a go-pro. Definitely not ready for prime time. Booker is a Senate version of Beto.
          Warren gets to the root cause of middle and working class voter discontent. They should listen to her big picture view of the country.
          Inevitably, I think Harris is the behemoth. California is going to rule on Super Tuesday. I’d vote for her. But it’s Warren, once a Republican, a teacher, an Oklahoman who made it to the ivies who I think understands how to right this ship. And why wouldn’t we want someone like that for pres or veep?

          • Growing into the role of president is what we were told with Obama too. I don’t know if she can grow or she can’t grow into the role but I would prefer someone we don’t have to use “grow into being president” as a candidate. I actually prefer governors as candidates since the executive experience they have translates better into being president. We however are in short supply of governors since the wipe out of 2010. The only way I will vote for Biden is if he is the nominee. Buttigieg needs more experience and to show he can win statewide along with Beto. I do like the fact that Buttigieg can get under the skin of evangelicals though. Beto is a big nothing burger to me. Booker I see as a good candidate but I don’t think his message of love is what primary voters want to hear these days. I like the spunk of Klobuchar. For me with Warren, it’s not just one thing. It’s a bunch of things. If she ends up the nominee I’ll vote for her. I will vote for anybody but Bernie or Tulsi as the nominee. If either one of them are nominated I will leave the presidential ballot blank or write in Hillary and focus on winning the senate. Frankly IMO both Bernie and Biden should drop out simply based on their Russian problems though I know that is not going to happen.

          • And I have not been impressed with Harris. It’s like she’s been oversold or something. I’m not sure she would make a good president either but I have to say I think the fact that she was a prosecutor along with Klobuchar is a big plus when running against a career criminal like Trump.

          • Big difference between Obama and Warren. I never got the feeling that Obama conceived of something and carried it out to completion. Even his aca seemed like a committee project where the co-chair was a Republican and the whole thing was kinda half ass.
            That can’t be said for the CFPB. Warren got that almost in spite of all the obstruction. It was a miracle it got created and funded at all considering that Republicans has almost nothing to do with it. The concept wasn’t “on the table” and she wasn’t yet a senator. In some ways, Warren had a lot tougher time than Obama did since 2008. He was gifted the presidency. She’s wasn’t given anything. I think she developed some skills and has a coalition because she did it the hard way. She’s EARNING it. I saw no evidence that Obama was able to earn anything in his half a year in the senate before he decided to run. Don’t make me go over the stupidity and wasted opportunities of the Obama years. I can see where people like AOC are frustrated and impatient with the party that did almost nothing to help the average person against the wealthy marauding class.
            Harris seems capable. She isn’t getting the Charlotte’s Web treatment like Obama and California is going to rocket her to the top.
            I’m not impressed with the governors so far except for maybe Inslee. In general, I think there has to be a big shift to counteract the rightward one we’ve had since Reagan. Warren might be that candidate.

  2. RD,

    I agree with you 100% about Warren. If she were a man, I’m sure people would not be saying SHE CAN’T WIN! She is formidable in what she was able to achieve without being put on third base like Obama. She had to hit a home run every time she was at bat. Such is the life of women who seek a place at the table with the men!

    Your analysis of the other candidates, particularly biden and sanders is right on, IMO. Their lead in the polls just shows a knee-jerk response from a public who are willing to go back to the same old same old out of FEAR of the unknown with the media playing on that fear every day!

    Before we have the first debate, we are hearing that the women just can’t win against trump. Say that enough and people will believe it. Obviously, the media is doing their level best to convince the public that ONLY an old white guy can win and are choosing a man who couldn’t make it through the primary the last 2 times he ran. What clap trap and the only reason I can think that they are doing this is because the media is primarily run by men.

    How can people ignore that Warren is the ONLY presidential candidte who was willing to go out on the limb and declare that the House should start impeachment hearings against the criminal in the WH. I agree with her reasoning and admire and respect her willingness to put her candidacy on the line by standing up for doing the right thing. That is so rare a quality in a candidate that it took my breath away when she did it. I even called her office to thank her for doing so! It is because of this courage, not to mention a spine of steel that she is the one candidate running who I believe REALLY WOULD STAND ON THE SIDE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE no matter how hard it could get. The inspiration of such a leader is incalcuable.

    You are right, the only way she won’t win if we don’t vote for her. It’s really that simple. I believe she could beat trump in the general because she is fearless and that’s exactly the kind of candidate who could beat trump. I have no doubt that joe would fall into sticking his foot in his mouth as he is known to do often, especially when under pressure.

    It will be up to the people to choose a leader who actually HAS A PLAN that can turn things around and not just TALK about it. We should not let the media convince us who should be the nominee. We, the people, must choose the best one and Warren is looking more and more like that candidate to me.

    • I actually think a woman can win especially in light of all the anti-woman legislation the GOP has been cranking out. I’m just not sure it is Warren. We’ve had 3 candidates for president in the last 30 years from MA and they all lost. New England candidates in general tend to do poorly in general elections. And for the record, I think Biden would have a hard time winning especially in light of him saying nothing about Russian interference in 2016 and then having his stupid “I would have won” tour.

  3. Well, I would agree that Warren has not had it as easy as Obama did and the fact that Obama and Biden basically rolled her under the bus after they nominated her for CPB is yet another example. The governors really have not gotten much press attention. The media darling this cycle is Biden who is being given a pass on virtually everything. I’m hoping the debates will start to weed out the candidates.

    • You’re right. We should take a look at everyone and let the debates and primaries weed them out.
      No need to make a decision today. I only wish the rest of the country could have as open a mind as Democrats are always supposed to have.

      • That’s pretty much where I am. I really do not have a candidate. I have a list of candidates where the top ones keep fluctuating from day to day.

  4. Quick anecdote: I have a right leaning family, I still love them but we have never gelled in our political/societal views.

    One family member in particular, whom I admire due to his innate understanding of people and his ethically achieved business and financial successes, shocked me when he voted for Trump.

    It took a long while for us to come to a dentente, of sorts. He really believed that Trump would bring in smart fiscal people to address the deficit, in particular. And, sadly, I think he bought into the Fox line about “evil and corrupt” Hillary.

    He is currently disgusted with, and disappointed in, Trump. And he says frequently that Hillary would have been much better as POTUS.

    And, as of now, he really likes Warren.

    And, lo and behold, here’s an article from Politico (ugh, I know) about her traveling directly into the heart of MAGA country and winning these folks over.

    She is a force with which to be reckoned. She has chops. And, astoundingly, she is demonstrating that she can appeal to those who voted for Trump.


    • In a way, I’m not surprised. Like I said before, she is an expert on the dual income problem and what is ailing middle and working class people.
      But that doesn’t mean the right wing still can’t bury her. They just have to activate the thought stoppers in your relative’s head and they’ll turn on her.
      Watch and see.
      The question is, has Warren or any of the other Democrats figured out how to disarm the thought stoppers?

      • The relative to whom I refer has given up on Fox News. It seems, in his case, they’ve lost their credibility. “Thought Stoppers” is quite a brilliant description of RW talking points and media.

        • The term “thought stopper” is not original. It comes from research into high control groups like cults. The word “socialism” is a thought stopper. If Warren starts taking off, a thought stopper will be developed around that word and anything she proposes.
          It’s already forming. We just have to see what triggers it and where the mind is directed to go.

  5. When I was a little boy, I would sometimes sit on the floor in the living room, and listen to music on the radio. And my favorite song was “Secret Love.” My parents thought it was very sweet that I would pick out a grownup song and like it so much. It still brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. Such a lovely melody and lyric. And no one could ever have sung that with the warmth and beauty that Doris Day brought to it.

    My mother, perhaps when she was just out of college, or during the summer, got a job working as a “script girl.” for the Al Jolson radio show. She got to meet the stars who would come in for guest appearances on that popular show. She told me that of all of them, the nicest, by far, was Doris Day.

    Yes, her movies were sort of overly wholesome, but they were usually very cute. And she played them beautifully. And she had some financial setbacks, certainly not her own doing, but was able to make at least enough money back that she could go to live in Carmel, where she dedicated herself to helping dogs. I am saddened to learn of her passing, for many reasons. She was really unique, and exemplified the best of her era in the realm of show business. So I hope that no one minds that I write this little tribute to her. I wonder how many servicemen were comforted and encouraged by hearing her sing “Sentimental Journey” just after the end of World War II. I don’t know that enough people realize what an absolutely incredible singer she was. We daily read about people we have admired or like, passing away, and it is always sad. But this is particularly so for me, even though she lived such a long and full life.

    • Doris Day was before my time. I don’t mean I didn’t see her movies. Just that I’m from the post Woodstock generation as far as coming of age goes. Doris Day was already old fashioned by the time I became aware of her.
      Not really a fan of Doris. She belongs in a category with Dinah Shore, another one I didn’t grok. Their vices kinda didn’t do it for me. I’m not sure why.
      That being said, I love Day’s swing years songs. You can keep Rock Hudson and Calamity Jane. Give me big band Doris any Day.

      • A lovely pastiche. Of course, the big band era ended shortly after WWII ended, significantly attributed to the fact that people started watching TV, and would not go out as much on weekend nights, so that the big bands were too expensive to maintain. The ’50’s era was sort of strange in that it was the time of the solo singer, a lot of inconsistent songwriting; sometimes pretty, sometimes schmaltzy songs, like “Que Sera, Sera,” which I never liked. But of course that is what there were then, so there were Doris, Rosemary Clooney, Patti Page, Gogi Grant singing big ballads, often with Italian-themed melodies. I sort of remember DInah as a vocalist, another nice person with a good voice, but I think that Doris was a much better singer. If she had been a few years older, she would have been a superstar of the big band era, a better singer than most of the other female vocalists.

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