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Why Republicans should take this report seriously: Chaos is a ladder

From what I’m hearing on my iPhone, the report is very, very damning for Trump. I guess the only bright spot in all of this is that so many of his underlings refused to carry out his illegal orders. So, yay, otherwise revolting Trump underlings with a smidge more honor than your boss.

Here’s the reason why Republicans should not dismiss the report: it could happen to your candidate next time. According to the report, it’s very easy to seed the public with propaganda so that an otherwise decent human being (not Jesus but better than most of us) can be cast as a completely corrupt politician with little to no redeeming value. It’s easy to hack into the IT systems of BOTH parties. If you’re curious about why Republicans are sticking with Trump in spite of his manifest corruption, it could be that the hackers found some tidbits they can use on people like Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham.

It’s easy to target swing states with tailor made but wholly improbable stories about how your opponent has knocked of dozens of people. We don’t even know if the election was manipulated in the swing states but gosh, didn’t that crazy narrative about Wisconsin get a healthy airing the day after the election? Note, Wisconsin had no effect on Clinton’s loss. Pennsylvania had a huge impact.

Why did Russia try so hard to turn the election? Because there’s nothing better than instability to ruin your adversary. Chaos is the exact opposite of a smoothly running machine, which the US is (was) for the most part. But just imagine a world where the biggest superpower can’t get its shit together. If you wanted to invade another country or plow a path through the Middle East to give you access to a large body of water, it’s much easier when there’s no one big standing in your way. If you have billions of your people’s stolen assets, and there’s some asshole running around the globe getting an act passed so you can’t enjoy your ill gotten booty in Manhattan, you could make your problems all go away by getting your guy elected to not enforce sanctions.

The problem is, it’s your team that “won” this time. But it could be my team that “wins” next time. Or they could manipulate the system for some weird obscure third party. Sure, just manufacture support, hack some election machines, get the stooge to cooperate and voile! You could be looking at a Christian Socialist or Bernie Sanders in office.

It could happen. That’s what this report is saying. We are easily manipulated and the guy they got elected turned out to be onboard in every way. Just like President Jill Stein might be next time. I wouldn’t vote for her. But my ballot might say I did. And yours might too.

And once she’s in office, she can create all kinds of chaos because no one will be able to figure out how it happened.

It might be the Russians in 2016, the Chinese in 2020. Taking us down to the level of a bit player on the world stage has many benefits. Meanwhile, the taxes get even more uneven, infrastructure continues to disintegrate, social security deferred benefits become negligible and the whole country will be indebted to student loan companies and oil barons. We’ll start looking less like the US with every subsequent election and more like Greece.

That’s why you should care.

One more thing:

Trump and the Congressional Republicans have done nothing to secure the 2020 election or tighten cybersecurity. Maybe they think that they can use the Russian tactics to win and that the election will be in their favor.


But if Mueller’s report is accurate, there’s no guarantee of that. Tightening cybersecurity and securing the election could be a better strategy because there are only so many African Americans you can disenfranchise. It’s the other votes they have to be concerned about and which country or domestic actor is playing the part of Littlefinger.

2 Responses

  1. I think that the Republicans are confident in their protean ability to switch narratives and moral stances, depending upon their ends. Who can forget all that sanctimony about President Clinton, “What will we tell the children??” They turned “emails” into a pavlovian trigger, where just hearing the word engendered ideas of murky dealings in their audience, which included the media. Meanwhile, the Republicans were performing horrible acts of corruption and treachery, and their base doesn’t care one bit. So they figure that the Democrats will not do the kind of things they do, because in general, Democrats try to do things the honest way, and would never not report overtures to the FBI, or use a foreign power to win an election. Just like Democrats would never refuse to hold hearings on a Supreme Court nominee, and then vow to never confirm any nominee that the Democratic President might make.

    Republicans count on the ethical standards of their opponent, just like a cheating poker player knows that the person sitting across from him, would never do what he is doing. They put winning above every moral consideration in the last election, and they won big; stacking the courts, making illegal Executive Orders; putting a citizenship question on the census to benefit them; continuing relentless gerrymandering and voter suppression. So it has all been more than worth it for them. Hillary would never have done anything like what Trump has done. She believes in ethics and humanity. She got absolutely cheated out of the Presidency. Why did Manafort give Kilimnik specific polling date on battleground states? What did he think that Kilimnik would do with it? Obviously, what he did, which was to give it to people who wrote millions of fake ads and stories for social media, specifically targeted for the personalities of carefully researched voters. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these devices cost Hillary hundreds of thousands of votes in those states. It all paid of for them, at least in the mortal plane. So they’ll do it again, and are confident that the Democrats never would. How does one possibly reverse the damage done to our courts, DOJ, Intelligence agencies, environment, census, abortion rights, due to this sickening corruption and contempt for morality? Do Democrats need to do the same thing, simply to protect themselves and the country? Or will virtue and justice ultimately triumph? Not enough to ever give Hillary her presidency, of course.

  2. I live in Georgia. We don’t need Russians to falsify our elections. We do it ourselves. I mean, seriously, how can you tell if an election is manipulated if it is crooked in the first place?

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