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Mueller Report Strategery

So, AG Barr is going to give a press conference where he massages the highly redacted Mueller report two hours before he hands it over to Congress. There is no question that what the report says is just the tip of the bad news for Trump. Can we all agree on that? It’s probably going to be embarrassing and describe unethical and corrupt behavior but in Barr’s hands, stop just shy of impeachment material.

The talking points are being written up now about how partisan Democrats are trying to stage a coup blah blah blah. In reality, the Mueller report is about the degree to which Trump propagated a coup against the rest of us who did not consider his character and behavior worthy of the honor of the office. Oh yeah, we were paying attention BEFORE the general election. There were a lot of hinky things going on that predicted Trump to be a dark stain on the history of our country.

Slightly off topic: Do Republicans hate Democrats and Independents more than they love their country? Sometimes, I think Nancy should have given him the money for his stupid wall. It would still be in the planning stage at this point and immigration fearful Trump voters would have had a lot less to be angry about. Maybe that could have freed their attention to actually watch what Trump is doing. And they might have asked themselves, if Jimmy Carter had done even half of what Trump has done, wouldn’t they have impeached his ass back to the Georgia peanut farm? The rest of us don’t have blinders on so challenging us on why Trump is a national security threat is easy. But what does it take for the Trump contingent to see it? Presumably, they are adamant about his innocence. And that might be a hopeful thought. Because innocence still seems important to them.

Anyway, all I ask is for the non-Trump voting Republican to maintain his dignity and decency. Siding with a man who is trying so hard to prevent the report to come out has the likelihood of tarnishing good Republicans someday. If you can have courage and are kind, why should you expect anything less from your president?

Back to the Mueller report. Mueller’s spokesperson reached out to the media to confirm that Mueller and his team will not be at Barr’s press conference tomorrow. Mueller’s team is literally saying that it is not standing behind Barr’s version of the report. And it’s clear now that the White House has been briefed on the contents because it is planning to issue a rebuttal. So, by this time tomorrow, the whole country will be flooded by Trumpian messaging that can’t be refuted because so far, no one, including Congress will have seen all of the evidence. Congress will subpoena the report and they will get it. No doubt about that. But the damage will be done because negative advertising works and the truth is just putting its shoes on while the lie makes it half way around the world.

Let’s just admit that’s what the plan is.

The only way around this is for the Mueller report to be leaked. About a week to ten days ago. And the people who actually have it are keeping vewy, vewy quiet.

The best time to release it would be about 7am. Just my humble opinion.


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  1. My fervent hope is that The Barr Version is released and the Real Mueller Report is leaked right after! And the people and the press see the true demented character of the GOP syndicate. Giving Barr enough rope to hang himself and Trump and all his gangsters is my idea of a great plan. Sucker them in by their lying and spinning the report and then we get to see just how far they will go to destroy this country.

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