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Worth repeating.

This is Donald Trump on immigration asylum seekers:

I’d call it security porn (there’s a category for everyone) but it goes much deeper than that. There’s a short YouTube video of Dominic Crossan (Jesus Seminar) who talks about Fundamentalism, the apocalypse and the language of pathology. If you skipped it the first several times you saw it, pay attention now:

It happened in Germany, it happened in Rwanda, it happened in Serbia and bosnia-hertzagovna. Now it’s starting to happen here. The evangelical right is impatient for an apocalypse and the MAGA crowd just wants to bash heads in.

The reason why Americans laugh this stuff off is because they think that it can’t happen here. This is wrong. It already has happened here. If you want a clear example, consider the Mountain Meadows Massacre on September 11, 1857. Brigham Young stirred up the Mormons to kill men, women and children who were just passing through Utah on the way to someplace better.

That massacre should be studied in detail because that’s where we’re headed. There are a lot of hot headed Trump supporters, fired up about government telling them what to do, they are afraid of immigrants stealing their stuff and they’ve got a leader who uses the language of pathology stir up their basest instincts.

And they have guns. A lot of them.

That doesn’t mean anyone has to be afraid of them or capitulate in any way just because they are menacing. Plus, as far as I know, there’s no law stopping the rest of us from buying a gun to defend ourselves- something you’d think the right wing nutters should have thought of.

They’re not the brightest bulbs in the pack. But they don’t really have to be to cause bloodshed.

6 Responses

  1. Not only is he horribly racist and just all around a nasty cretin who is doing his best to incite violence against and between the disenfranchised populations of our country, he is also, to paraphrase my dear, departed, spicy Mom, “Losing his gawddammed mind!”

    He is clearly cognitively compromised and we are far past the time of tiptoeing around whether anyone in the general populace is qualified to diagnose, blah, blah.

    C’mon, he can barely climb stairs, can’t close an umbrella, confabulates constantly, is significantly less able to construct sentences, hold thoughts or practice basic syntax than three or four years ago.

    He speaks almost completely without filters. I hold the slim hope that at some point what little filter he still has will dissolve and he will say ALL the quiet parts out loud, but his supporters are so in his thrall, I don’t know that it will make a difference with them. Not to mention the complicit media.

    At least the weather in gorgeous here today, and a bike ride awaits. RD, keep fighting the good fight, we need you! ❤

    • And stating: “This country is full”…?
      And why does he claims his father was born in Germany? So he can claim to be German=nazi?
      And “closing the border”; which would bring an economic disaster of billions of dollars…

      You are right, he’s cognitively deficient…

      Cause for impeachment…just saying.

  2. The Nazis verbally and visually depicted Jewish people as rats or insects. before torturing them, experimenting on, and killing 6 million of them. “Mein Kampf” was Trump’s favorite book. I think that Trump wants to be Hitler. The question is whether Americans will stop him.

  3. This was debunked a year ago.

  4. Time to move past discussions concerning Individual 1, his order to close the border last week and now the removal of DHS leadership because they would not harm this country’s economy by carrying out such a dumb move (not buying they didn’t want to break anymore laws). And at a time when Russia is attempting attack our elections and he has guested a probable spy or terrorist at his Southern White house. It’s really doesn’t matter why anymore we need to demand he resign, he is a danger to this country, our pocketbooks and a threat to this country’s safety. Can we really allow DHS to be comprised as the DONJ has been?

  5. There was no debunking. If said criminals or gang members are of other than Aryan descent, Trump says “animals”, dehumanizing them.

    When white men slaughter large groups of people, he refers to those perpetrators as “having problems” or “wires crossed in their brains”, thus humanizing them.

    RD is exactly correct in her assessment, he is using a Nazi approach.

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