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      From our benefactor. Slight reduction in speed of increase of cases. Death rate continues to increase.  I think we still have some serious undercounting going on, and in particular I think it’s a good idea to keep an eye on Florida. The results of the work I do, like this article, are free, but food […]
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Yes, yes! Why didn’t Hillary do that??

Pete Buttigieg’s advisor says he will talk to EVERYONE including CNN and Fox.

It sounds like a new and original idea from a very smart person. Oh my goodness, mayor Pete is a RHODES scholar. He speaks NORWEGIAN. He’s got a HUSBAND. He lives in Indiana where women are women, men are men and sheep are scared.


I’m sure it would surprise him to know that back in 2008, Hillary Clinton was already taking on Fox News. She subjected herself to a couple brutal interviews on Fox.

And if Hoosiers were less than excited about a Clinton rally in 2016, maybe it’s because the most exciting things to come out of Indiana are basketball and John Mellencamp.

Mike Pence is from Indiana.

I rest my case.

I was in Pittsburgh for a Clinton rally in 2016. Some little girls couldn’t make it into the venue. They stared at me glumly through the barrier while I gloated about my exalted standing room only piece of turf.

Them’s the breaks, kid.

Speaking of kids, mayor Pete is all of 37 years old. He was 26 when Hillary ran the first time. That’s younger than AOC is now and, to be honest, I don’t think he’s at AOC’s level. She’s smart, she’s got vision, can speak SPANISH, which, given the ratio of Spanish speakers to Norwegians, is much more significant. Yeah, yeah, Mayor Pete speaks other languages too. So does my youngest daughter. She taught herself to speak 5 languages pretty fluently before she left high school. Sure it’s awesome to the rest of us but if I’m not mistaken, Lincoln only spoke English. Who is Pete trying to impress? Chris Cillizza or Tractor Dude? The journalists seem to think he’s trying to impress them while Pete is simultaneously dissing Hillary Clinton and all her voters so he can pick up the rural and working class guy voter.

Am I the only one who sees an image problem here that the right wing nut jobs are going to jump on as soon as Pete gets a little bit ahead of the rest of the crowd?

Look, all I’m trying to say is that there seem to be a lot of male journalists, pundits and strategists who want Pete or Beto or Biden. I know why they’re doing it. THEY were unenthusiastic about Hillary in 2008 and 2016. They told us constantly about their unenthusiasm. It was an annoying steady drone like some kid whining for candy in the checkout aisle. They wouldn’t shut up about it. And when her poll numbers took a hit about how unenthusiastic we were all supposed to be, the success of their self fulfilling prophecy spurred them on to more piling on. They want a guy, like them, who went to the right schools and can bullshit his way through microeconomics authoritatively. Or let him be aspirational. Gosh, wouldn’t we all like to speak extemporaneously like Beto? He’s better than Obama who spoke in endless run on sentences with half a dozen prepositional phrases that left us all wondering if we were too stupid to truly understand the wisdom of his sayings.

Oh please.

Enough, guys. And ENOUGH. GUYS. I promised to vote for whoever the nominee is but until that time I’m going to fight like hell against and white male Democrat who thinks he can win by appealing to other white guys. That’s how we got Obama and Trump.

I heard last night that Elizabeth Warren hasn’t racked up as much cash as mayor Pete for the first quarter. Well, no wonder. Pete is getting fluffed pretty heavily by the punditry and the same damn thing that happened with Obama and trump is happening to Pete. We hear lots of breathless hype about how enthralled we are.

Well, here’s news to you, Chuck Todd. We aren’t enthralled. We’re offended. Yep, we’re not on Pete’s bandwagon or Beto’s or Biden’s. But you’ll find out when the first primaries happen and the power of pissed off women blow little Pete all the way back to South Bend.


Waaaay back in 2008, we had a series of online fundraisers for Hillary. One night, we raised $10000.00. I’m motivated to try that again. Who’s with me? Let’s have a Cherish the Ladies fundraiser for our women candidates. Who’s first?