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That went well.

Last night, Stephen Colbert announced that a consensus poll by fivethirtyeight found that the number of people who believed the president regarding the conclusions of Mueller’s investigation soared from 41.9% to 41.9%.

We should take some comfort in this. While it looks like there will always be a certain fixed number of people who will willingly believe whatever their chosen leader tells them, no matter how soft, weak, duplicitous, callous and criminal he is, there will be about 60% of Americans who are going to see through his sleight of hand.

Note that this doesn’t mean that 41.9% of Americans are stupid. Some of them might well be stupid and can’t think their way out of a paper bag. But I bet that they are the minority. No, the reason the 41.9% believe the stale orange marshmallow peanut has something to do with their personalities or the way they were raised or something like that. Who knows what happened to them for their consciences to become so fungible that they can be morally compromised by Donald Trump. Maybe its a failure of imagination because if I were really counting on a dictator to save me from the unwashed masses, I’d want someone who’s at least 80% compatible with my moral philosophy, is wise and is as hot as Viggo Mortensen.

Maybe there is something in it for the 41.9%, like power or connections or wealth. Or the average Trumper is just easily frightened. Mostly, I think Trumpism gives them the opportunity to feel better about themselves in some way. We can’t know why these people are so willing to screw the rest of us by clinging to Trump so tenaciously, like a wad of toilet paper to whatever extends the metaphor for you.

The rest of us know that there’s a massive coverup going on, that the underlying evidence of wrongdoing in the Mueller report must be worse than we ever imagined, and that efforts to suppress and cleanse the Mueller report before it reaches congress really does seriously matter. It would have been better for Trump if the full report had been released. At least he could have mounted a vigorous defense of whatever was in it.

But you can’t defend yourself against a vacuum and the absence of evidence doesn’t mean evidence of nothing. Which means that for the other 60% of us, the Barr letter has confirmed what we suspected.

He’s a crook. He’s a national security risk. The Mueller Report will show it. To the non-41.9%, it matters.

We didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.


“I’m not pitching this very well, am I?”

Says Lloyd Evans of JW Survey in his interview by John Dehlin of Mormon Stories. In this second part of a three part interview, Lloyd and John compare Jehovah’s Witnesses vs Mormon theology and discuss such weighty topics as:

Do people poop in paradise?

Will you get your dead pet back in the resurrection?

What conclusions would the scouting team from the Starship Enterprise come to when they encounter a planet full of hot young sexless vegetarians?

Did Jesus’s body ascend into heaven or just his spirit and if only his spirit, what happened to his body?

And is 18th century ignorance bliss?

I never laughed so hard about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Or Mormons. Not to be missed.


16 Responses

  1. From Jordan Orlando (no, that’s not me) on No More Mr. Nice Blog:

    The modern GOP’s “ideology” boils down to the vengeful authoritarianism of Mediocre White Folks.

    • Benedict Donald appeals to the lumpenproletariat–and also the lumpen bourgeoisie and the lumpen rentiers, he being an example of the last group.

    • Either Spammy or TurdPress itself is being obnoxious again. 😡

  2. I have a MAGAoan family member. He is a kind hearted person, but since he started mainlining FOX news, Breitbart and Drudge, he’s lost his empathy edge.

    He always called himself “conservative”, but whatever the original meaning of that political description, it is an empty term at this point.

    He’s now afraid of millennials, because “socialism, afraid of MS-13, which he most likely never heard of until he was indoctrinated by RW TV and he complains bitterly about all those border crossers, none of whom vaguely threaten his comfortable way of life.

    I miss the old days, when we could discuss politics without rancor.

    I am guessing he tamped down resentment for years, maybe decades. Resentment that whte males were no longer automatically at the front of the line. I don’t know, but his new persona is tough to deal with.

    He used to have a balanced view of the world, of life. But now he is perpetually outraged and/or fearful.

    And he is wholly admiring of Trump.

    I wish I could offer insight instead of expressing frustration.

    • Freud said that “behavior is overdetermined,” meaning that there are more motivations in one’s psyche to do a certain thing, than are really needed for the person to do the thing. Still, I think that the endless assault of right-wing talk radio and of course Fox TV, is a major factor. Hour after hour, as people listen at work or in their car, of propaganda in which the other side is totally evil, and their side is always right. Nothing is allowed to filter in which might cause some doubt, or illuminate an issue. And over time, these people are more sure that what they are fed, is right, and that the other side must be destroyed.

      The white male aspect is undoubtedly part of it, but there are also plenty of women at these Trump rallies, and they don’t act as if their husband somehow forced them to go or yell or contort their faces in anger and hatred. It is like a religious cult, really. It is like Orwelll’s two minutes of hate, or however long it was. And the more one expresses that, the harder it is to ever move away from it, because that would be like an abnegation of self. They are at a spot where there would be no place for them to go, if they abandoned Trump and the right-wing hate machine. For me, Trump is simply the newest, most horrifying incarnation of something that has been building in this country for decades. George Wallace, Patrick Buchanan, and others foreshadowed it. And then of course vote suppression in key electoral states was the element which allowed this group to ostensibly win a national election.

      • William, is it just me or are there a few voices of reason at Fox now (Napolitano, Chris Wallace, that Major guy)? They are getting air time at some point, so I wonder if their comments and questions are getting through to some of the viewers. Even Bannon appears to be moving from the Dark Side. If the viewers would at least try to think things through and see that trump and the rethugs’ 1 + 1 often don’t equal 2, and then ask why not, I would have some hope for this country.

  3. The concerns are that the media is unable or unwilling to give the people the information they need, and that the absolute fascists who are running the Republican Party, can use this to institute the equivalent of a dictatorship. I know that sounds dramatic and dark. But when Republican Congress members are on the floor in the House, demanding that Adam Schiff resign, we see again how far it is going. That is the new dictate from the would-be tyrant, and it goes to his legions, and they push it relentlesslly. I would not be surprised if they start walking out of his committee meetings, and if we don’t see more pictures with bullseyes on them disseminated to the kind of people who sent pipe bombs to Democrats. It’s a simple as that Schiff is very bright and very capable, and the Republicans want to get rid of him. as they wanted to get rid of Hillary, and Franken. Demonize and destroy I am sure that there are echoes of all of this in the Hitler regime, too upsetting and frightening to even want to read about.

    I know I’ve said this ten times, but it is just so astounding and upsetting to me to see member after member of the media mischaracterize the Mueller report that we haven’t seen. A snippet of the Lester Holt interview with Comey shows Holt saying “It certainly does seem that the report found no evidence of collusion.” Oh? I don’t know what the report said. I do know that Barr used the term “did not establish.” That is far different than “found no evidence of.” One does not need to be a lawyer to understand that! But the media is determined to say that the report finds no collusion, and that Mueller left it to Barr to determine obstruction, and he did not; so Trump wins, and he is taking a victory lap, and wants to punish his enemies. This is so wrong and dangerous of the media, All the fascists have to do. it seems, is to grab the narrative, then send all their hordes out to repeat it; and then just stall and stonewall until the narrative is so entrenched, that any facts will just be met with an “oh, well,” from the media and the populace. The truth is that Mueller’s report is sitting there unread, except for Barr, who believes a priori that there is no such thing as Presidential obstruction of justice, and who can’t even dare to repeat one full Mueller sentence, lest it show what the context is. And the media is so desperate to end the story, or to help Trump, or to lower all the listeners to the second-grade level which they seem to be at, that they end up being complicit in all of it.

  4. It would be nice to think that Schiff’s forceful statement in the House today, could be the equivalent of Joseph Welch’s statement to Senator Joe McCarthy. “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?” It should be.

  5. I consider what Barr did a palace coup. And the media should call it the Barr report and not mislead everyone by saying it is the Mueller report.

    I just witnessed Nunes&Co. attack on Schiff on C-Span. These are really vile people. Schiff was magnificent. I hope someday, when and if the Democrats take back the presidency, that he would become our nation’s attorney general. He would certainly restore moral order. Sigh.

    • Lucyk, I had wanted him to be President, because I think he is the best. But it is probably not in his temperament to want to run around the country campaigning, which I respect. But he is really the complete antithesis of Trump, such a cleansing thing for our country to have.

      Can you imagine, the entire Republican minority on the House Intelligence Committee wrote a letter demanding that Schiff resign. Where do these orders come from? What a breach of Congressional norms. There really is not, at long last, any sense of decency in these people.

      • William – I think you right that Schiff does not have a politician’s temperament. Of course, that is what we like about him. I would trust him totally with everything.

  6. RD, if this is your brain on weed killer you have proven once again that you are a magnificent woman deserving of our praise and admiration. How’s that wig working for you?

    • Aw shucks, it’s nothing. Truly. I write this crap on the bus. I’m blessed with hypergraphia.

      The wig is magnificent. It’s a beautiful honey blonde with some light blonde highlights. But I can’t wear it everyday. So I bought a less expensive synthetic wig to switch off. Gotta wash it in laundry detergent.

  7. Gene Lyons:


    “Exonerated, my arse”, basically.

    Also, don’t forget the state-level investigations.

    Don’t forget that the House can launch investigations as well–including calling Mueller in to testify about what he knows that Barr won’t let us see.

    Even if the Treason Party majority in the Senate prevents impeachment and removal of Benedict Donald, we can hang their obstruction around every Rethug’s neck like The Mother Of All Stinky Rotten Albatrosses in 2020.

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