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“I don’t think it’s Ok”

Reposting this reply from Adam Schiff to the Republican demand that he resign as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

He speaks for me.


22 Responses

  1. The whole clip is fantastic. He is visibly angry with his Republican counterparts, who look pretty uncomfortable throughout his 5 minute speech. His anger is also reflective of the anger we all feel, that not only do we have a president who is unethical in every way imaginable, but that he has found an entire party of politicians who help give him cover. I’m with Adam Schiff — I don’t think it is ok.

  2. And what a stark contrast between the two parties, Tokyo, for all who care to see. I have never seen Schiff so angry but he still held it together to forcefully make the point. Great line for a t shirt: “I don’t think it is okay either!”.

  3. Of course! Why would we let a President off the hook because a Republican refused to indict him? Democrats needs to find a way to impeach, indict, and imprison this corrupt and dangerous president. Democrats need to support adam Schiff and to demand a release of the Mueller report.

  4. Woah! Did you see the rest of that clip when the Republicans tried to defend themselves? THAT was riveting. Schiff completely exposed them. They walked right into it and he ripped them to pieces.
    Someday, that piece of video is going to be part of junior year Problems of Democracy classes all over the United States.
    If I had to vote for one white male for president, it wouldn’t be Biden, Bernie, Beto or Buttigieg. They can’t hold a candle to Schiff and the way he took control of that committee meeting.

    • Oh, I agree. That was one of the best moments in the political realm that I have ever seen. It is a shame that it wasn’t shown often enough in its brief entirety.

      I appreciate your basic optimism, even during a very difficult time for you. I would love to think that Schiff’s speech will be shown in schools, so people could see courage and articulateness in action. I know that it has felt that way for the last two years, but it seems to me that we are really reaching a crisis point now in our democracy.

  5. Wonder if Fox will be playing that clip with Schiff’s entire response……

    • Probably not but ironically Judge Napolitano said that the Mueller Report is really bad news for Trump.

  6. Adam Schiff was magnificent, today. His laundry list of Trump’s evildoing was like a powerful speech written by Aaron Sorkin-only better.

  7. Adam Schiff is a bug-eyed, pencil-necked liar.

    • Hi Niles! I’m surprised you couldn’t come up with something more clever. Schiff looks like Charlie Brown to me.
      Hey, you know who looks like a total criminal the longer the Mueller report remains off limits? That’s right, your stale orange marshmallow peanut President. Yep, the longer he tries to deep six that report, the more evident it is that there’s something in it that he doesn’t want anyone to see.
      Guilty, guilty, guilty! National security risk, corrupt, self-dealing. And that’s on top of his incompetence and stupidity. Rescinding the ACA has to be the most boneheaded decision he has ever made, especially with the election coming up. And now the GOP wants to go after Hillary again. You know, I really think it should. Yeah! Why not?? It’s been so productive to go through her underwear drawer in the last 20 years. Let’s get her to testify for 11 hours before Congress again. Bring up the email server 24/7. Construct an elaborate Steele dossier thing. Run that over and over again all the time until the public is thoroughly sick of it. I mean, even more bored and irritable than it was during 2016. Let’s do HILLARY in super saturation mode!!!
      Trump is so soft looking, isn’t he Niles? Like one of those guys whose body has stopped making testosterone and is rapidly losing muscle mass. Everything is turning to pillsbury doughboy and probably just as yeasty. Nothing grosser to women than some guy who doesn’t take care of himself and ends up having to pay for sex, amirite? I’m right.

      • Jordan Orlando has the cr@wd@ds pegged. 😈

      • Schiff is rubber, Niles is glue. 😛

      • Yeah, let ’em waste time and resources on Hillary, who seems to be the only Democrat NOT running for the Democratic presidential nomination of 2020. 😆

        Hell, there’s even a non-Democrat running for the Dem prez nomination (Hi, Bernie). 😛

  8. *sigh* Once you kick cancer’s @$$, you really need to consider finding another host besides sorry, worthless, craptacular TurdPress.

    • Yep, I was a delegate for HRC to our state convention in 2008. You…..were not.

      Anyhoo, most PUMAs don’t live in the past.

      PUMA, which you are not.

    • I don’t know how true that is–I certainly won’t read anything from Un-American Stinker–but Trump’s Chumps should be happy that happened, if it did. The Russians and their orange stooge would have had a harder time sneaking past a hypothetical President Hillary Hell-On-Wheels than they did sneaking past President Kumbaya.

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