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And another thing, Nancy

Her impeachment comments brought back all the things I didn’t like about Nancy, including that she handed Obama the nomination in 2008 and didn’t allow Hilary Clinton a full first vote on the floor. Remember that, California? We got “no drama” Obama for 8 years and Obamacare that made working class people choose between health care and the car they needed to get up work.

Ok, ok, ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. I have to slow down. By the way, what does it mean when you dream of a bunch of Persian fortune tellers invading your house and sending you off to work in a military style jacket and skirt? Agggghhh. Ok, so off topic.

Anyway, back to Nancy.

What she is essentially saying is that Trump can get away with literally a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. As long as there are not sufficient votes in the senate, it’s a waste of time to impeach. That’s right, indicting the president is off the table, so saith the justice department, and impeachment is too decisive.

So, Trump is above the law is the only obvious conclusion. We have no mechanisms that would hold him accountable. He can barbecue Mexican toddlers on a stick while group groping a herd of porn stars on the yacht he bought with the money Putin gave him for the launch codes. It would be impolite to bring up impeachment at the next intersectional congressional picnic.

Are you serious, Nancy?? Are you listening to yourself??

We aren’t talking about a stupid blow job where we could see that the Republicans were overreaching. And Bush Cheney were amateurs compared to the Trump crime family.

He’s doing crimes in front of our faces and daring us to do something.

So, do something. No one should be able to break the law with impunity. Especially Trump.

Unless you’re waiting for SDNY or the NYAG to do the heavy lifting, you have an obligation to not send Trump the green light to do more crimes. Impeachment is written into the constitution for a reason.

It’s meant to be used in circumstances just like this.

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  1. What she is essentially saying is that Trump can get away with literally a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. As long as there are not sufficient votes in the senate

    I read this and all I can see is that the Rs have won. Now we not only have McConnell saying he wont bring things up for a vote, but now the House wont bring things up for a vote if there are not sufficient votes in the senate? IF this is the case than the party that controls the senate will always win.

    I am not a big Nancy fan primarily because of the 2008 stuff, but I had hoped she had learned something…

    • The House is voting on and passing some very good bills, like HR1, and the licensing check on guns, and of course the nullification of Trump’s executive order. And the last one actually passed the Senate, but Trump will of course veto it, which seems like an awful rule, since he’s the one who issued what should be an illegal order, in the first place. The framers did some very good things, but there are several procedures which are ridiculous, at least when there are more than 13 states, and two-thirds of the Senate would have been 18 votes to 8. And the rule that says that the Majority Leader gets to decide what to bring to the floor, is undoubtedly a rule that was made up some time ago, like the filibuster. I liked what Jay Inslee said a day or so ago, that the only way to pass laws to deal with climate change, is to eliminate the filibuster,or otherwise the Senate would block all of them. And the rule which allows the leader to decide what goes to the floor, is ludicrous and undemocratic, and should go, too. Easier said than done, of course.

      The absolute partisanship of modern Republicans has probably deliberately created a situation where Democrats can’t do much of anything, since intransigent Republicans will stop all of it. Obama had the best chance in 2009-2010, but wasted it all on ACA. What we are going to need is to win the Presidency, hold the House, and somehow pick up four net votes in the Senate (50-50 is too iffy). If we get the Presidency and House but not the Senate, the President should simply issue sweeping executive orders. It is a crisis, and we cannot be patient, like Britain’s 19th Century Fabian Socialists. I have the same negative recollections you do about Pelosi, but I don’t think that she is a political coward, she simply sees no way to get rid of Trump by impeaching him, because he will not be convicted. Meanwhile, the House will be doing many investigations, and telling the people what they have found. Every day Trump remains in office is very upsetting, but we’ve gotten close to the next election, and winning that is the ultimate imperative for the country and the world. I am hopeful that what we will learn from Mueller and the House investigations will so weaken Trump that he will surely lose the election. And just maybe, we will win so convincingly, that we can take the Senate, too. That’s what Pelosi seems to be thinking, at least.

      • William… I agree with all this… but, even if we get the Senate that still leaves the stacked courts to deal with, and due to Republican intransigence over the past 10 years it’s going to take beyond my lifetime to claw things back. I am not saying we should give up, but that something needs to be done about the choke point (i.e. Senate Majority Leader).

        • The stacked courts are stacked with modern right-wing Rethugs–so you KNOW they’ve got some crooked things in their pasts.

          Investigate, investigate, investigate! 😈

        • Jmac, yes, it is very depressing to contemplate just how relentless the radical right has been for decades, in attempting to turn this country into their version. Democrats did not respond fiercely enough, mostly because they don’t think in those terms. They should have gotten rid of the filibuster years before, and gotten all the Obama judges confirmed. Obama should have fought for Garland. Democrats should never have confirmed Thomas or Alito. But they mostly believed in comity, and also they did not want the media going after them, so they figured it would work out. But it doesn’t, because Republicans are determined to use every flaw in our system, to allow them to continue their march toward absolute authoritarian power. All I can suggest, is that Democrats risk the media’s and the Republicans’ wrath, by adding seats to the Court, ending the filibuster entirely if they can gain Senate control, and for Democrat controlled states to pass their own laws no matter what the stacked federal courts say.

  2. Charlie Pierce:

    The Democrats Who Flinch at Every Republican Attack Should Listen to Ulysses S. Grant


  3. Exactly. Do the right thing. Don’t over reach. Let the facts and the Constitution prevail. Nancy, you stepped in it! Nobody wants impeachment. But if circumstances warrant it, you cannot run and hide from it. It is up to people to explain the need for it. Truth will resonate. It always does. But it takes a great amount of courage for many to speak it. Rep Katy Porter is a truth teller with dignity and courage. Let her explain it if Nancy can’t get it.

  4. Most people on this blog have expressed great admiration and respect for Rep. Adam Schiff and his sound judgment. He always comes across as calm, confident and knows what he’s talking about. What’s not to like. Some even expressed they wish he would run for president. As we all know, Schiff has been one of the biggest critics of trump from day one.

    However, we must not loose sight that the process of impeachment is much more complicated than just putting forth the inormation and everyone will be on board in the senate to convict trump if the house votes to impeach trump. I wish it were that simple of a process because I loathe trump from the moment he announced he was running in 2015 and want him in prison for a long, long time.

    I think it would be helpful in understanding what we are up against with the impeachment process by taking into consideration what Schiff has said in response to Pelosi not wanting to impeach NOW. Schiff agrees with Pelosi and stated recently:

    “Speaker Pelosi is “absolutely right,” Mr. Schiff said. He did not rule out impeachment, but said the case against Mr. Trump would have to be “clear and compelling.” In the absence of such a case, he said, it becomes “a partisan exercise doomed to failure. And I see little to be gained by putting the country through that kind of wrenching experience.”

    “The reality is that the Republican members of Congress, with very few exceptions, have been utterly unwilling to stand up to this president,” Mr. Schiff said.”

    Following is a link to the full interview with Schieff regarding the subject of impeachment:

    I urge everyone to read it. It puts into perspective just how coomplex this process would actually be and the possibility of backfiring in a way that would end up favoring trump, God forbid.

    I don’t think going for immediate gratification of impeaching trump now is worth the risk of a long-term failure of not nailing him to the wall.

    • Immediate gratification?? Are you serious? I absolutely reject this argument.

  5. Note that the article on Schiff’s views includes all of the issues being addressed in the House investigations which is part and parcel in building a compelling case that will bring Americans onboard and in return, the republican controlled senate in moving forward to impeach the SOB.

    • Schiff is quite admirable; sober, very intelligent, calm, and smart. I’d vote for him for President, but he’s not the kind of person who usually runs, or gets votes. The country wants “inspiring,” “tingly,” which is a shame. It’s great that he is the head of the Intelligence Commiittee, because he will do everything possible to get to the bottom of this deep and murky plot.

      • Democracy does not work well if the demos is poorly educated and irrational.

        I still prefer democracy, but now only for Churchill’s reason: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others which have been tried.” 🙄

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