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Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. 🙄

I don’t think Nancy is completely pulling impeachment off the table but I get so damn tired of someone telling us No all the time.

I’ve heard that she’s concerned with moderates who might suffer a backlash if the House impeaches. Let me put that to idea to rest where it comes to Pennsylvania. We redistricted last year. Democratic voters overturned a bunch of seats. It made a huge difference. And those of us who got shoved in Moderate D districts, like Conor Lamb, are not going to vote for a Republican Representative. In fact, Lamb has so many of Mike Doyle’s Democrats, he should be very worried that he’s not kissing up to us enough. We gave him a decisive victory. But ok, if he wants a close race next time, blow us off. Pretend all of us Hilary voters don’t exist.

I might run against him.

It could happen.

Nancy is also not inclined to show Hilary voters any respect. There’s no sympathy for those of us who had our votes stolen. No movement towards righting that wrong. We’re just supposed to suck it up Year after year. It’s incredibly demotivating, Nancy.

Now, I know she’s not ruling it out. I saw some conditions in her comments yesterday. And she was one of the gang of eight who were briefed on the national security threat that Trump’s associations with Russia posed. Remember Andrew McCabe told us about that? She knows more than we do. Is she just going to bide her time until the truth comes out?

That’s one scenario.

The other is that she will get freaked out by the prospect of a bunch of white guys voting for Trump no matter what and we never get satisfaction.

I just think that’s the wrong message to send. For so many reasons.


16 Responses

  1. I was so ticked off when I heard that….. I am still and will be for a long time. Still angry with Nancy Pelosi for taking it off table when W and DarthVader were trampling the world. It is not her place to take it off table. If the evidence requires it, then the Constitution requires it. If evidence is thin, then don’t proceed. But to make this out as if it is a totally political decision is a violation of her oath! She must uphold Constitution. Not the Democrat Party. If Trump sold out to foreign party, then we must impeach. If you feel impeachment is divisive, what the fuck do you think a totally corrupt president is?

  2. Those damn democrats are so small! I say, “Go Big or stay home”. Either she is corrupt herself, or being blackmailed or an imbecile. My only hope is she is trying to rile up opposition to her position and people will be outraged at taking it off the table and will insist on impeachment if evidence warrants it. And it sure seems to warrant it 10x over. How can the Dems accuse him of all these wrongdoings and then say or do nothing. It is so stupid and reeks of complicity.

  3. Is Nancy Obstructing Justice? Seems like she is covering stuff up!

  4. What does The Donald have on The Nancy?

    • Um, I don’t think he has anything on her. If he did, he would have used it by now. D’s tend to be goody two shoes types. Their scandals are orders of magnitude less serious than Trump’s low hanging fruit.
      You can be clean and still ridiculously cautious for no obvious reason.
      I actually think there’s evidence that she’s taking a different approach to Trump. It will probably work to some extent. But it doesn’t excuse her from not doing what her constituents want her to do.

  5. I think the Don would keep his powder dry for the right moment. He doesn’t really care about the Wall or other things, but impeachment, that is a different story. He has stuff on everybody!

  6. I know I’m not saying anything that we don’t know, but it is a certainty that the Senate would never convict Trump. We’d need 20 Republican senators to vote for that, and it is literally impossible with this group–unless the Mueller report were so powerful and evidentiary, that 80% of the public would be for impeachment, to give these Republicans cover, and then they’ll be happy to put Pence in there. Right now, polls show 42% favoring impeachment.

    So it’s a Pickett’s Charge to nowhere, except psychological satisfaction. That is important, but not as important as winning the Presidential election. And a long trial on impeachment, with Republicans screaming about how Democrats are trying to undo the election with “no evidence,” is not likely to help us win. And actually, I am not even sure that there are enough Democratic votes for impeachment in the House; probably just enough, but a number of moderates won last time, including the ones who led to the sweep in Orange County.

    I think that Pelosi is right, she did not completely rule out impeachment. But so far, there is no Mueller report. Maybe she has advance knowledge that the report will be strong, but not conclusive? Probably not, but she has reasons for what she does, even though I certainly do not agree with all of them (see: basically supporting Obama over Hillary in 2008). She cares about the Democratic Party, and she wants us to win, and she thinks that trying to impeach now, is not going to help us win, and I agree with that to a reasonable point. What would happen if we did this now is that there would be a long trial, with all the screaming; there probably would be an impeachment by about ten votes; the matter would go to the Senate, where Republicans control the narrative and debate; and there would be a resounding vote against conviction, which Trump would use to claim a great victory for him and for America. I do not see how this would be an overall positive for us.

    (some kind of problem popped up with the “w’s” here, they are all lighter than the other letters. Oh, well wwwwww

    • Shush! I don’t want to hear anything out of her mouth except an acknowledgement of our anger and her determination to do SOMETHING about it. I don’t really GAF about how many senators have to join our side. That’s not the point. The point is that there has to be some kind of effort to make the Republicans, and I’m not just talking about Trump, accountable. If she wants to target McConnell, I’m perfectly fine with that.

      • I agree with the idea that she didn’t need to say anything of this sort, just leave it out there. Which does cause one to wonder why she did say this. She isn’t usually one to crave the camera time, she likes to work on the issues. It is possible that she is getting demands from some of the caucus, but that doesn’t usually faze her.. Maybe she thinks that the implied part of what she said, that she would need some overwhelming evidence, would keep Trump from doing even more drastic things?

        Is it that she thinks that the best way for Democrats to win the Presidency and keep the House, is to keep the conversation off this subject? I certainly take you point, that the awfulness of what is going on, needs more than measured responses. I’m angry and upset every day, and even with the ancillary stuff, like some newsperson misrepresenting what happened in 2016.. But I think that if we’re going to take the proverbial shot, it’s go to be one which eliminates him. Of course, I could be wrong, and he gets elected again, and it’s even worse. But I think he’ll lose, as long as Democrats do not screw this up completely. And I think that if the Mueller report is overwhelming, they would start impeachment proceedings despite what Pelosi just said.

      • Just to add, RD, I do follow Louise Mensch quite a bit (meaning, I read her tweets, but do not, and would not, have a Twitter account). She can be prickly at times, but she’s very bright, and she has always appeared to have some inside sources, whether from British or American Intelligence. She was the person who helped make a lot of us feel much better in the early days after the awful election, because she was very confident that Trump’s treasons were already known by Intelligence, and would be revealed. Last week, she said that multiple sources tell her hat all three of the prominent Trump children will be indicted. I am hoping that she has been mostly right all along, and that this entire house of cards will collapse, with much jail time handed out. I hope that you will feel better soon!

    • I agree with you, William. A failed Impeachment process would be a gift to our enemy, Donald Trump.

  7. Apparently they look the same when the comment posts, so that is the main thing!

  8. My hackles always stand at attention whenever I hear someone dismiss the idea of impeachment because it would be so hard on the country, so divisive. How could it possibly be worse than the nightmare we live every day with the pretender in the White House? I’ve been inclined to think along the lines of your scenario one. I think of all the horrible details we now know and imagine how much worse the not-yet-known might be. Surely jail is in the disloyal family’s future.

  9. If one looks at Pelosi’s wealth and what social class she is one, one suspects she “took impeachment off the table” because she secretly supported Cheney and Bush without wanting to quite come out and say so. She was a “Cheney” Democrat. Rich people gotta stick together, you know.

    I have another thing I wonder about. If the Democratic Party successfully manipulates the nomination process in order to make their Biden into the nominee, how will the Hillary voters respond to that? Are the Hillary voters prepared to vote for Barack Obama’s proud and happy Vice President . . . to be President next time around?

    • 1.) Lol! We have nothing against rich people. Some of them actually have principles.
      2.) We will support whoever the nominee is. I doubt that Biden will be the nominee but I’d be ok with him getting it.

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