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Why should we care?

The media is all breathlessly aflutter with the prospect that Democrats might be getting ready to impeach. All the journalists are prodding them to say that they are. That’s what all the document requests are about, right? Right?? Say it, damnit! Just say it!!!

You know that the minute they do, those same journalists will turn and accuse them of partisanship. Then they’ll wag that dog all the way to November 2020.

So, we know what’s going to happen. They can’t help themselves. But why should we care?

There’s more evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors to impeach 5 presidents 10 times over. WE know it but there are still some Americans out there who think that since no one has reigned in Trump, it can’t be that bad.

That was the magical fairy dust of having two houses of Congress in Republican hands with all the Devin Nuneses you could eat. That era is over. Now we can lift the cover on all that racketeering, fraternizing with the enemy and personal enrichment. It’s all going to come out in all it’s seedy glory.

I’m not going to predict that Trump’s faithful base is ever going to turn on him. Nope, I expect them to double down because they hate the libs more than they love their country.

But there were 65 million people who had to sit on their hands for three years of a coup and none of us have threatened a civil war. We want to see how it happened and how Trump and his allies did it. Once that’s out in the open, then we can decide whether to impeach.

It can’t be done until it’s absolutely certain that he can’t get back up.

So, stuff your ears, Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings. Keep your eyes on the prize – the Truth.

And ask journalists if they’re interested in knowing the Truth because that’s all that counts.

5 Responses

  1. Yeah, it looks like the Cavalier culture and its dupes among the Borderers (not all the Borderers–remember, they were found plentifully on both sides last time) are gonna make us kick their @$$es again.

    At least this time maybe we can do it with far less bloodshed.

  2. *sigh* What twisted Spammy’s knickers THIS time? *roll*

    • There’s nothing in the moderation queue.

      • Then something else is making posts not show up promptly. My posts were, indeed, present when I returned a few hours later. 😕

  3. There’s no ideal way to handle this, we’re going to get media criticism no matter which way. Given the relative nearness to elections, I would tend to think that the best way is to do all these investigations, tell the public what damaging things they show, and then use it all against Trump in the election. It can also be an implied threat that if Trump gets elected, he’ll be impeached. We’d all love to have him out today. And maybe the Mueller report will be so damaging, that somehow 67 Senators will vote to convict him. But that’s highly unlikely, as we can see, plus it would take many months to have these trials. It’s a difficult call.

    There is of course also the danger that Trump wins the election and doesn’t get convicted after that, and we have four more years of this horror. There is the danger that somehow they convict Trump, and we get Pence, and some other evil person as VP. There is also an argument that House should simply fulfill its constitutional responsibility if the facts show the grounds for impeachment, and that optics or political pragmatism should not be a factor. And we all know that in 1997, a Republican House, having investigated President Clinton for five years on anything they could concoct, finally impeached him for lying about a consensual affair, just because they had the votes to do it, and just so he would go down in history as having been impeached. So there are two sets of rules, always, and the media is going to blast the Democrats for anything they do. And the Republicans will immediately try to impeach any Democrat who becomes President, unless Democrats continue to control the House for decades. And the media will say, “Well, the Democrats started it.” Just like, “Reid blew up the filibuster,” when the truth is that Republicans were basically blocking all of Obama’s court nominees, saving the openings for when they could ram them through. So there is a good argument for damn the Republicans and the media, full speed ahead. But until there is almost unanimous consensus among the Democrats in the House that there is clear and convincing evidence of impeachable offenses, with visual and/or aural proof, for the public, I think that they are best to wait for now, as you suggested.

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