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The right to righteous indignation

For three years, the majority of voters in this country have been told that only Trump’s voters have the right to be angry and that any attempt to get to the bottom of what actually happened to our election in 2016 would be the equivalent of a coup.

But if Trump actively participated with the Russians to use stolen email from the DNC, just like Nixon had his burglars break into the Watergate, then I don’t want to hear a single utterance from the neo-Nazi MAGA heads who have dragged this country into the gutter and ruined our reputation on a global scale.

If they can find hacked emails and conspiring with the Russians convenient, then there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to get the White House. The whole election and every “win” on the Republican side who rode to victory, is called into question.

That’s what Matt Gaetz’s menacing tweet was all about last night. When the top starts to go, it’s going to take every corrupt Republican who participated with it. That’s what they fear. They all fall down.

Circa regna tonat.

But let’s get one thing straight: no Trump voter has any right to be angry. They got three free years of their own coup and stomped viciously on anyone who got in their way. No media outlet should dignify this outrageous narrative so that their testosterone fueled rage threatens to keep the rest of us passive.

It’s time the rest of us unleashed our own anger.

9 Responses

  1. No media outlet should dignify this outrageous narrative so that their testosterone fueled rage threatens to keep the rest of us passive.

    While I completely agree with this, I think it will be the rare media outlet that will NOT resort to the both-siderism needed to keep the tRump base fueled.

    • We don’t push back hard enough.

    • Actually, I think the foremost purpose of Both-Siderism is to prevent the moderate majority from getting good and pissed at the GOP, and throwing them out, because the greatest fear of the McDucks who own the Allegedly Liberal Mainstream Media, as well as the Wingnut Media, is that a Democratic Party with an effective monopoly on political power might, just might, actually feel bold enough to raise taxes on McDucks, who are sociopaths who would prefer to sacrifice the survival of civilization, and perhaps of the species, than pay higher taxes. 👿

  2. Clearly, Republicans have no interest whatsoever in uncovering the truth. They just repeat their talking points, which are: Trump is wonderful; anyone who does not think so is a scumbag traitor. It is really disheartening to see, though we already knew it. They’ll never impeach him, they’ll never vote against his unconstitutional actions. Unless he is indicted, which of course would go to the Supreme Court, he will be there until and if he is defeated in 2020. The only audience which matters here is the voters. It is very upsetting that one of the only two political parties is utterly dreadful. Bothsideism elevates them to a credibility which they in no way deserve.

    • Best line from Michael Cohen was don’t do what I did and cover for Trump. The GOP persists in assisting in covering up for Trump.

  3. I should correct that to say that he could be impeached by the House, which will get zero Republican votes, but of course the Senate will never convict. However, it is certainly worthwhile to have this testimony, and plenty of room for state charges against Trump. And also note that “A sitting President cannot be indicted,” is not a law, not a Court decision, it simply was an opinion of Eliot Richardson’s DOJ back in 1974. There is no reason that this somehow becomes settled law.

    • At this point, I don’t care whether the GOP would vote to convict or not. I’m at the point where we need to have a full and complete hearing on what has been going on and if it goes to a vote in the senate and that person votes to protect Trump then they are going to have to answer to the voters shortly thereafter.

      • Exactly. If the GOP Senators refuse to convict, the Democrats need to run against that in every race, even for dogcatcher.

  4. When a Republican questioner yields the remainder of his/her time, Meadows takes the remaining time to harangue Cohen. When a Democrat yields back time, Cummings does not take it, and goes to the the next questioner,, a Republican. There are more Democrats than Republicans on this committee as in the House, so eventually we will run out o Republican questioners (best par of hearing), but right now, Republicans are getting more questioning time than Democrats, and Meadows has gotten at least a half hour, by Republican design.

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