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      I’ve discussed the better than ever world argument before. I find it questionable, for a number of reasons and if that interests you read the linked article and the articles it links to. What I’ve been watching is WHO likes and buys the argument. They fall into two groups: the first are techies; the second […]
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Good question

Katy Tur wants to know why Matt Gaetz is carrying Trump’s water and intimidating Michael Cohen:

Gaetz is a Trump loyalist.

And Michael Cohen is a thuggish former lawyer. He was disbarred today but that only means that at one time, he passed the NY bar exam. No mean feat. John Kennedy Jr. took several tries to pass it. My point is that as bad a lawyer as people have tried to portray Cohen, he was smart enough to get a license.

But he’s still a thug and, you know, if I were him, I’d embrace that tomorrow. Just admit it. “I’m a fixer for a company of thugs, know what I’m saying? We are not nice people. The Trumps and the Kushners are not nice people. I know more shit about them than we have time for. I’m only going to give you the highlight reel. Why should you believe me? Hey, why should you believe anyone that worked for Trump? We’re all liars. We’re all going to jail because we didn’t come clean up front. We lied willingly for him because we were all loyal thugs in the service of the head Don. We benefitted from it and we were afraid of him. But you know, my wife knows what a shithead I’ve been for years. I’ve had to tell her everything but she already knew. Because I didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone or anything. I could swing my dick around because that’s the kind of guy I am.

The question is, why are Matt Gaetz and his buddies supporting the thug in the White House? Why is Matt so fucking loyal to a criminal? Why is he provoking his base? What’s that all about, Matt? You know as well as I do that none of us, including Don the Con Trump, has any goddamn business running the White House. We’re only going make it sink to our level. We’re not even supposed to be there. So what’s it all about, Matt? Are you selling your voters a pocketful of lies for what reason? What does Trump have on you?

Take your time, I’ll wait. I got all day.”


In case you aren’t sufficiently disillusioned about Trump’s support, don’t expect Evangelicals to abandon him no matter what comes out tomorrow. They won’t drop him as long as 1.)they believe that he is an agent of god and 2.) they are personally in no physical danger.

That support for him will shift only if they start to feel under threat in some way.

After all, the tribulations and awful stuff is supposed to happen to the non-believers, not to them. The best part of being a Rapture loving evangelical is the self satisfaction they feel about their moral superiority and the punishment of the unworthy.

Suffering with the rest of us is not in the plan. Then Trump will have to go.

Just sayin’. The delusion is deep with them.

3 Responses

  1. I think that your proposed comments by Cohen are really good. That’s the kind of thing he should say.

    Gaetz is pretty much a Nazi. People like him just want power, and to put their boots on the faces of those who disagree with them. For him, it’s all-out contest which intends to win by any means necessary, and he is proud of what he is, and will never relent.

    I saw a WSJ poll yesterday which had Trump at 43% Favorables, 57% Unfavorables. I was actually shocked, I had thought that after the last six months, he would permanently be at 36% or so. At that number, all it would take is a fake “victory” in the upcoming summit, a fake “big trade deal” with China, solving a problem he created, and he is almost at 50%. How could people be this abysmally dumb and foolish? It is clear that the 40% base will never abandon him, because of what you alluded to; somewhat the same thing as the Protestant concept of the Elect and the Damned. These people will never change sides, it would be a complete abandonment of how they see themselves in the spectrum. Their taxes are going up; the climate, the air and water, are getting worse; their medical care becomes less affordable; and they would still rather die, than ever vote for who they see as the Archdemoness Hillary Clinton, or indeed any Democrat. And they go to rallies, and they chant, and they sing songs in church, and they devotedly watch Fox News, and there is strength and comfort for them in numbers. They have to be worked around, not won over.

    • Also, never forget that Sith Emperor Putin’s gremlins hacked the Rethug servers as well as the Dem servers. Ascended Madoka only knows what kompromat Russia has on Gaetz, and on many, many other Rethugs.

  2. Tomorrow should be very interesting, but we will see once again that the Republicans have not the slightest interest in learning anything, or investigating anything. They will just insult Cohen. They are not “opponents,” as Joe Biden was quick to upbraid Hillary with, when she suggested that they were “an enemy.”

    I don’t know the exact vote on the resolution today, but it seemed to me that we got about seven Republican votes for the proposition that a President cannot override the constitutional power of the Congress to allocate funds. The rest obviously thought it is okay, except for the first time that a Democrat tried it. If any Democrat had ever done what Trump did with regard to declaring a state of emergency just because he didn’t like the budget bill, they would already be impeaching him or her, and screaming treason and lock them up.

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