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SWF ISO Red Priestess of R’hllor.

Remember I told you that I was doing something unusual on Valentine’s Day? Well, I can finally tell you what it was.

Are you sitting down?


I was at my first chemotherapy session.

I know right?? I was surprised too. 2019 sucks is of low quality. The whole thing started going downhill just before Christmas. But why ruin a holiday?

I’m not going to go into details, oh best beloveds. Let’s just say that my doctors are optimistic but the next 6 months are going to make me feel like I’ll need a resurrection ceremony by Melisandre. If I recall correctly, she started by cutting Jon Snow’s hair and I’m about to lose mine in the next couple of weeks. Didn’t realize how expensive realistic wigs are. It’s just one of those things you never really think about. But I’ve got my eye on a pink one. This one is pretty close to my current length and style.

It would be my fun hair, not my serious hair. Can I get a show of hands?

So, there may be weeks in the future when I won’t feel like ranting about Trump. Fear not! I still loathe him with a white hot passion. (Whaddaya going to do about it MAGA heads?? It’s not illegal.) Rest assured that I have not lost interest or have become a Republican.

Speaking of Republicans, remember when I swore I would never date one? Ok, never say never. BTW, not all Republicans are MAGA heads. Who knew??

So, that’s it, friends! Hang in there with me. Friday afternoons are when they infuse me with weed killer. I’ll be checking in and maybe start a thread. I always look forward to reading your comments. Let’s keep it light and funny.

Love you all. 😘


32 Responses

  1. The pink wig is so you, RD, i vote YES! I had 6 months of chemo and 6-1/2 weeks of radiation back in 1996 (breast cancer). I’m still here, no remission, but didn’t need a wig. Hope the treatment time flies by, the weed killer does its job and you are back in action sooner rather than later. How is your daughter taking your diagnosis? I am guessing you are more worried about her than for yourself. Will you be allowed to work? Kick ass, RD, as you always do. You got this. Please keep us posted.

  2. Sorry, meant, no “recurrence.” It’s been a long day, words are not my friends. You’ll understand when you’re my age!

  3. Speaking as someone who’s been a primary caregiver for a cancer patient – we’re all pulling for you in your battle against The Beast. Kick its ass. Hard. With or without the pink wig.

    Best wishes to you, your daughter, and your favorite Republican 😉

  4. May the Ascended Madoka bless you and heal you in your struggle.

  5. In my mind this one fits you. But I like the pink too 🙂

    I will send you good Karma.

  6. RD,

    Needless I am so shocked and saddened to hear about your having to deal with the big C. However, I do know that you have the strength and resolve necessary to kick its ass. The higher power is with you and so are we, every step of the way. So, “knock the ball out of the park”, as Hillary would say.

  7. I have a friend that has invasive breast cancer who has become very stylish with scarves. I’m also a survivor and you will be soon too!

  8. RD, I follow you since the 2008 primary. Love your posts and also the comments from your readers. I feel I know you all. I just want to wish you the best in this fight. I am sure you will beat it! We need you here.

  9. A young friend of mine recommends Follea natural hair wigs but they are hella expensive. What ever you decide to wear or not to wear, you’ll be beautiful. Love you, kid.

  10. All the best to you in this battle! I go to a knitting group and there are 2 breast cancers survivors in it. There are caps that can be worn to prevent hair loss from chemo.


    It will sound trite, but you will be in my prayers.

  11. Chemo literally curled my hair and that was fun. But it soon returned to its natural wavy self. You will be pretty in pink, RD, and pretty powerful. Cancer treatment is a test of one’s mettle. You’ve got that in spades. My weapons in the fight eleven years ago included a cocktail of chemo by infusion and by pump worn for 72 hour stretches and radiation. I never before had appreciated research and development so much. You’ve got all you need to see you through this. A positive attitude is good medicine too. I’ll being sending all good thoughts your way.

  12. Thank you all for the pep rally. I really appreciate it. And my personal Republican is my head cheerleader.
    So, you know, They’re not all bad. 😉

  13. RD, I was shocked to read this, and I do very much hope that you can get through this without too much discomfort, and make a complete recovery. We will miss your daily contributions, but we will endeavor to keep the site humming along and fun for you to read. I remember seeing a picture of you which you put on the blog back in ’08 or so, and with any color of hair, you are, and will be, lovely. Your boyfriend is lucky, because you’re bright and kind as well.

  14. RD, I was shocked to hear this, and I do hope that you can get through the treatment without too much discomfort, and that you make a complete recovery. We will endeavor to keep the site humming along, so that you can enjoy reading the comments, and I hope that you can write a few posts as you feel up to it. You once put a picture of yourself on the blog, about 2008 or so, and you are and will be lovely, with any color hair. Your boyfriend is lucky, because you are also very bright, and kind-hearted.

  15. Goodness, I hope you get better and very soon. Right before I got married my wife was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Fortunately, she had a brilliant country doctor who knew exactly how to treat it and she never had chemo. That was 21 years ago and never a recurrence. I hope you can have that kind of success.

  16. My thoughts and love are with you…
    Positive attitude and determination to overcome…
    There is a rebirth as an outcome …
    Some of us have walked that path…
    We are still here…
    And appreciate life the more…

  17. Pink is a yes. Cookbook suggestion: The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen…the ginger ale and the Soothing Smoothies can be very helpful. We are thinking of you.

  18. RD, please know I am thinking of you and from what I know of you, my money is on you kicking cancer’s ass. Just Do It!

  19. You are one of my favorite bloggers, and have been since the DK days. I hope that you get all the tools you need to deal with your cancer, with a minimum of puking. I freaking hate cancer but I also know it can be beat!

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