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Happy Presidents Day (not you Donald)

Did you catch Andrew McCabe on 60 Minutes last night? I didn’t understand why Trump was so unhappy with him. I thought it had something to do with McCabe flying Comey home in a government plane after Trump fired him. Or maybe it was that McCabe was too loyal to the FBI and not the president. I knew pretty conclusively that it wasn’t over some minor evasion on who told the press what. The reason for firing him should have been much more serious than that. If that’s all the IG could find on him after decades at the bureau then McCabe should sue.

As it turns out, it was something more serious than that. Andrew McCabe, lifelong Republican, was deeply suspicious and unsettled by the President’s behavior with respect to Russian interference in the 2016 election. So he made sure that the investigation was difficult to stop. He set up the Russia probe in such a way that the president couldn’t stop it if McCabe was fired. So McCabe sacrificed himself in a way and the investigation continued apace:

Lindsay Graham and a whole host of other Republicans think this is about Trump Hatred and overturning the will of the electorate. I don’t think they really believe this because they know who really won the election and it wasn’t Donald Trump. If anyone has a right to be angry about overturning an election it would be Hillary voters. But the talking point was no doubt hand crafted to infuriate the Trump supporter who has no right to be angry and is mystifyingly complacent about another country taking over our government. The will of the electorate was for Hillary Clinton. Three million additional votes don’t lie and they weren’t all located in California. I’m deeply suspicious about how Trump “won”, especially after so many strange comments he made leading up to the election about how he would challenge the result if he lost PA. Let’s just say my mind is open to the possibility of vote hacking.

As for Trump Hatred, I don’t like what Trump is doing on just about any topic or policy. You name it, he’s wrong on just about everything. But I would remind Trump voters that for years they have bought into the concept that racism, while immoral and repugnant, is not illegal. The meme creators seem to think that the rest of us will feel guilt and shame about hating Trump. Maybe they think we’re all women who were conditioned to think there is something wrong with hatred while the MAGA hat brigade stomp all over any tender feelings they might have had for the rest of us.

I would caution Trump voters who still look up to him that he’s probably caused you to violate every personal moral code you have in order to rationalize supporting him. That right there is a sign of something deeply wrong with the man and how he gets people to support him. I don’t have any respect for Trump or the voters who will jettison decency and compassion to walk in his footprints. But I don’t hate Trump. I COULD if I wanted to. There’s nothing illegal about that. He’s just a guy. He could be any guy. There’s nothing special about him. History is full of bad guys who have no scruples and give zero fucks about crossing the line.

No, the people I hate right now are people like Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell and Richard Burr and Susan Collins who will do nothing to stop Trump. As long as he is a Republican President, he is above the law. He can do and say anything with impunity, they will look away. Lindsay Graham is especially disgusting with his insistence that there is something illegal with an investigation bureau investigating the president, as if Trump enjoyed the divine right of kings.

Can you imagine how bad the intel must be for the acting head of the FBI and the Deputy AG to discuss the 25th amendment or wearing a wire during conversations with the president? All I can think of is they already stumbled onto information about Trump’s actions that made him a national security risk and an asset of a hostile foreign power. But the Republican Party doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. Or at least Mitch McConnell and the rest of the cabinet don’t seem to think it’s a big deal. It’s got to be extremely bad for FBI investigators who are themselves Republicans to even consider displacing one of their own.

But the rest of the Republican Party rolls over?

On this president’s day, it’s a waste of time focusing on Trump. He’s not really important anymore. He’s a symptom of the Republican Party. His power can be eliminated in short order if the other two branches held him in check.

From now until 2020, let’s forget about Donald. Let’s stop getting trolled by him and his witless tweets.

Let’s shine a spotlight on all those lockstep Republicans in the Senate and the House. They’re the ones who deserve our revulsion and they’ve gotten away with their act for far too long.