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Black Ice

It’s slick and slippy in Pittsburgh this morning. I have a post floating in my head about Patrick Healy’s tweets from yesterday. But work has been hectic lately and I’ve got something else coming up starting tomorrow that I’ll let you in on in a few days.

In the meantime, if you already know what you think about Patrick Healy, let’er rip in the comments.

Walk to work music:

Lou Reed because why not?

17 Responses

  1. I saw Healy’s comments, and they were both infuriating and unsurprising. There are a few possibilities for what went on, and is still going on at the NY Times: 1) Carlos Slim, a big Trump supporter, is the major shareholder, so the paper is stet up to favor Trump. 2) Dean Baquet, the editor, absolutely hates Hillary Clinton, and has done everything possible to make sure there are a bunch of Times writers who will mock and attack her at every opportunity. 3) The people at the Times have hated Hillary for 25 years, for what reason, I have no idea,since she was a very popular Senator from NY for eight years. I have read that it was a rite of passage that if you wanted to be part of the Times political team, you needed bona fides of despising Hiillary.

    Another possibility is that the political staff is just a bunch of awful journalists, but that seems the more unlikely option. When Maggie Haberman wrote, “Looky here, we have just gotten our copy of ‘Clinton Cash,'” this was not incompetence, this was a paper which helped fund this completely discredited hit job on Clinton. There are a bunch of studies showing that the campaign coverage of Hillary was almost all negative, and that there were about fifty times more articles about her emails, than any of her policy positions. The Times clearly wanted Trump to win. They were excited to print, “FBI sees no cleat link between Trump and Russia,” which was simply a planted story by the far Right cabal at the sDNY FBI. They also on the same day printed, “New emails jolt Clinton campaign in final days,” when there were NO new emails, just duplicate of those the FBI had already looked at.

    Let’s just put it this way: If a newspaper were very much trying to get one of two candidate elected, while destroying the personal and public reputation of the other one; but yet wanted to cloak it in, “we’re just working hard at reporting, we’re not a right-wing mouthpiece,” they would have done it just the way the NYT did. Either Healy is abysmally stupid, or so caught up in the pervasive bias, that he can’t or won’t see it. “We are mindful,” is about as patronizing a comment as one could make. I have nothing but contempt for a newspaper which used to be America’s finest, but has become a Trump shilling organization, as well as one of the major culprits in the disgraceful demonization of Hillary Clinton, which of course lef to the “election” of a fascist, racist demagogue. That no one sees it that way over there, is appalling and frightening, both for what they did to this country, and for what they are prepared to do again and again.

  2. RD, just so you know, I apparently am now required to type in my information before each post, and it holds the post in moderation. Probably nothing you can do to fix it, but going along with what IBW posted the other day, it is probably a general problem with Word Press?

    • Hmmm… two possibilities. 1.) The Deep State is on to us or 2.) You May have your phone’s browser on “Private”. Disabling private browsing usually fixes it for me.
      There may be other possibilities but I’m drawing a blank right now. I can check into it later and see if your post needs liberation.

    • Lately, that has been happening to me as well. If you log onto WordPress and restart your device, it will likely go away.

  3. There is a long post I wrote, which is in moderation, and I hope not lost, as it was all about Healy and the NYT.

    • Released!

      • Ahh! BTW, are you still watching “The Last Kingdom”? I know you pretty well liked the first season. I got around to watching all of Season 2, and it is excellent. I have Season 3 here to watch, and they are shooting Season 4. I admit that I have never watched “GOT” except for 15 minutes once, but I am pretty sure that “Kingdom” is better. Also, BTW, one can even bet on which GOT character is going to end up in control of..Westeros at end of season.They offer about a dozen choices. Favorites are Bran Stark and Daenerys Targaryen, both at about 2-1.

        • William, i just finished S3 of Kingdom and loved it but it is not better than GoT, IMHO. The acting, the writing, the plot and character complexities and cinematography in GoT are the best i have seen to date on the small screen. Plus, GoT is pure fantasy. Vikings is more realistic than Kingdom (the anachronistic language puts me off, e.g., “they played us”) and Lagertha is an amazing female lead through every season, plus they say “had sex” instead of “hump” and for some reason I find that refreshing. I do like all the strong women in Kingdom but Uhtred son of Uhtred goes through women like i go through Kleenex. I have no idea which viking saga, Kingdom or Vikings, is more historically accurate. Having said all that, i cannot wait for S4 of the Last Kingdom, the final season of GoT and the next season of Vikings!

          • Arselings, we go to Season 4!!!!!!

          • Cats, good analysis! But in Uhtred’s defense, one of his wives was killed. He seems loyal to his current wife. I guess it is impossible that he ends up with the Princess Aethelfflaed, but she is impressive in all respects. I think that all the actors are great, and I am particularly impressed with the actor who plays King Alfred, that is perfectly done. I rarely have a show that I like which does get taken off the air after one season (“Turn” was an exception), so I am glad that The Last Kingdom is continuing.

            I know that GOT has an immense following, and it is the favorite show of a number of people.. It is likely that I just prefer historically based stories to “sword and sorcery” fantasy. Bernard Cornwell, who wrote the novels upon which TLK is based, also wrote the Sharpe novels, about a soldier who fights in the Napoleonic Wars, moves up the ranks, and has amazing adventures. “Sharpe’s War” is a great series, as well, full of high tension and great dialogue, so you might like it, though a lot of it is about soldiering. I think that Cornwell does conscientious research, so that while not all that much is known about the 9th Century, it seems very realistically portrayed.. And the dialogue is probably true to what we know of it. Anglo-Saxon and Danish words were not as elegant as some of the language which English later owed to French, due to the Norman Conquest, or even to the Latin used in the church.

  4. Thank you, William. I always appreciate your breakdowns of disturbing political behavior. In general I have never understood Hillary-Hate. But coming from the NY Times who should know better, it is really appalling. They were complicit in what happened in the election and have yet to own up to it. Probably never will. They were extremely tough on Bill also from the get go.

  5. Patrick Healy is a disgusting misogynist along with lots of others at the NYT. They have learned nothing from their 2016 coverage and are repeating it again therefore I can only come to the conclusion that they are happy with Trump as president. The only satisfaction I am getting out of all of this is the fact that is becoming beyond obvious even to the stupid bros before hos crowd that Hillary was not the problem since the 2020 female candidates are getting the exact same treatment.

  6. William, i thought Uhtred had only two wives, Bride and Iseult were lovers. It was a no go with Hilde, whom I adore along with Athelflaed who apparently was a beauty and a warrior in real life. Yes, I agree Alfred is superb. It seemed to me that each season got better and better, wait til you finish S3! I never read any of Cornwell’s books, a friend didn’t care for his writing, but i will try. Should i do Sharpe first? I saw the PBS Sharpe series with Sean Bean and enjoyed it. Re GoT, I don’t know anyone who watched the first ep, who did not get hooked!

    • Cats. I am not recommending Cornwell’s novels, I have not read them, either. I picked one up in a bookstore, and it didn’t look that great from quick reading. I was recommending the Sharpe TV series, but you’ve already seen it. Then I would recommend “Turn,” a true story about American spies who may actually have won the Revolutionary War. A wonderful show, four seasons.

      • Saw “Turn” start to finish and enjoyed it much to my surprise. Also recommend to you “Hell on Wheels” about building the railroad after the Civil War. Five or six seasons with a good ending. A little slow at the beginning but wonderful writing, acting, characters, plot and all the prejudices you can think of, and of course, dirty politics!

  7. There seems to be an ongoing framing in the media, describing how younger, left leaning politicians who espouse strong environmental protection beliefs, along with borrowing from socialism in their governmental views are harmful to the Democratic Party, due to their “extremism.” Rarely a mention of the alt-right nationalistic hard linerswho embrace nazi beliefs possibly, definitely harming the Republican Party, what’s left of it.

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