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We tried to warn them

But would anyone listen to the libtards?

According to the Washington Post, millions of Americans are finding that their tax refund for 2018 has been slashed:

Millions of Americans filling out their 2018 taxes will probably be surprised to learn that their refunds will be less than expected or that they owe money to the Internal Revenue Service after years of receiving refunds.

People have already taken to social media, using the hashtag #GOPTaxScam, to vent their anger. Many blame President Trump and the Republicans for shrinking refunds. Some on Twitter even said they wouldn’t vote for Trump again after seeing their refunds slashed.

The uproar follows the passage of a major overhaul to the tax code in December 2017, which was enacted with only Republican votes and is considered the biggest legislative achievement of Trump’s first year. While the vast majority of Americans received a tax cut in 2018, refunds are a different matter. Some refunds have decreased because of changes in the law, such as a new limit on property and local income tax deductions, and some have decreased because of how the IRS has altered withholding in paychecks.

The article goes on to say that the refund cut was compensated by the fatter paychecks.

Um, I didn’t see a fatter paycheck, or at least not by MY definition of fatter.

A lot of people in blue states are hit bigly by the tax deduction changes. Most of them knew it was coming but I guess there are always a few Trumpers who are surprised.

“Ya gives’em books and gives’em books but all they do is chew on the covers.”

Welcome to Trump’s America.

19 Responses

  1. The media is trying to frame this as “your refund is lower” … if they were truly being objective they should be pointing out “your taxes are higher”… unless of course you happen to be in the 1%

    • It REALLY bites in NJ where workers paid more in taxes than they’ll ever get back. And that was before the state and local property tax deduction changes.
      But you know, it’s your fault for living in a blue state.

      • Stupid fools punished people in GA who itemized too. So while it was intended to punish people in places like NJ and NY the unintended consequences were tax increases in red states.

      • True… but I would still rather be in NJ than PA. Hillsborough was fairly republican when I was there, but it was still way more liberal than where I am now in PA

        • IKR? I ran for school board on a ticket with a Republican. He was reasonable. The township republicans were a rotten bunch though.

  2. I added up what we got in paychecks and what we have to pay and we have to pay it all back plus some. The whole idea of a tax cut was really nothing but just another scam from Trump like Trump University. Running scams is all he knows how to do.

  3. I had quite a bit of concern, heading into the midterms, that the reality of the tax cuts weren’t’t going to be in evidence until after the elections. Thankfully (and sadly) it turned out that there were plenty of other motivations for voting blue.

    Between the shut down and the tax debacle, even with a kid glove media and social platform skulduggery, the R’s are digging themselves into a pit.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

  4. If the media didn’t lie and/or bothsides everything, this would have been obvious, simply through math. Paul Krugman had been saying this since before the tax cuts for the multimillionaires, plus the abolishment of the estate tax, went through. Not only are we now running ever-increasing deficits, but the government is being mostly funded by the middle class, since the tax rates for the super-rich are lower than since the income tax was first installed, around 1916. The corporations and oligarchs have relentlessly lowered their tax rates, by duping the middle class into thinking that they are getting their taxes lowered, too. Sometimes they did, slightly, but at the cost of government services. This time, they didn’t even bother to lower taxes on the non-wealthy.

    The system of supposedly representative democracy, if not broken, is seriously awry. Yes, these Republicans were elected, but about 65% of the economy comes from blue states and cities which are underrepresented in our electoral system. We knew that if the Republicans ever got control of all branches, they would plunder the economy, and they did. A popular minority managed to game the electoral and voting systems so that they could gain permanent power. The representatives do not represent the people, because the tax bill had very little support, but they only answer to to their corporate donors, so they rammed the bill through, even as polls showed great public disapproval. What much of the populace seems to never understand, is that if you vote Republican based on hyped-up racial or gender or anti-elite, anti-intellectual themes, you are just handing over your wallet to the wealthy people who never have enough of your money, and always look for ways to get more of it.

  5. Never been a fan of hyper rabid identity politics that Democrat’s get stuck in, still not ….. but they are spinning out of control and drowning out everything else including this Republican Tax screw job. Can we move on ……

  6. WTF is wrong with TurdPress NOW?

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  8. Aaaaand now it’s doing it again. Sayonara for now. Maybe I’ll have better luck some other day.

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