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SOTU Pregame Show

I don’t know what else to call it.

Will Donald try to bite back in public and attack Democrats in every other sentence?

Will Democrats just sit back and take it as all the tut-tutters have been telling them this morning. “Yes, he’s going to fling feces at you from the podium in subtle and not so subtle ways. Maintain your decorum anyway. You are not allowed to get angry. Nay, even if he is symbolically flinging poo at every one of the voters that sent you there. Do not break a sweat.”

That’s going to be difficult.

One thing I’ve heard over and over again this am is just what an entertainer Trump is. Gosh, I would love to see him on a unicycle spinning Melania on his head as he cycles over a titerope. Who’s with me here? I think that’s something we can all get behind. Why should the president keep all these talents hidden?

But is the House of Representatives and Joint Session of Congress really the right setting for Donald’s Erzatz Cirque Du Soleil? Surely, the Sergeant at Arm’s has something to say about titeropes and First Ladies in full torque.

Will there be a declaration of a national emergency? (I suspect the markets would object). Will he strip naked and body surf the teleprompters? Get the bleach, Ethel!!

More likely, he will read his speech like a third grader, one that he wrote himself with all the “tremendous” and “fantastic” accomplishments he’s accomplished during Executive Time.

Then we’ll get the real SOTU from Stacy Abrams our Happy Medium and we will feel like we can get through another day until…

Bernie gets on and yells at all of us.

Got any better predictions? Leave them in the comments.

Addendum: I have heard it said that the best antidote to abnormal Trumpian behavior is to model normal behavior. And I applaud in advance anyone who wants to go that route. But it only works if the abnormality is exposed before it is corrected. I don’t know what that will look like but I’m interested in some creativity here. And professional game consultants would probably be worth the money.

13 Responses

  1. Speaker Pelosi will need to call on her decades of political experience to stoically maintain an neutral expression. I predict that Trump will turn around and directly address her (or lecture or bully her) in an attempt to show HE’S the boss. I hope she is anticipating this breach of protocol and knows a procedural approach with which to manage it.

  2. Who knows. Trump is impossible to predict. I just like the fact that Nancy will be over his shoulder the whole time.

  3. I just wish that Democrats would not watch this, so that the ratings would be the lowest in the last few decades. That would be a good story to highlight the next day’s coverage, and would subsume any discussions about what Trump said.

    What the media is dying for, is to be able to say that this was a new Trump, that he was civil, and showed a willingness to compromise. This is the “pivot” which was headlined in about a thousand stories over the last two years, even though it never existed. The wish of the people who run the media, is that we forever have Republican presidents who are civil, and only try for 98% of their agenda, while the Democrats gratefully accept the crumbs, while they are struggling against disarray. This is another reason for not watching this, since if Trump were no longer a ratings booster for the networks, much of his usefulness would dissipate, and they’d look for someone else.

    What Trump is, above all, is a promoter of himself. Thus, every speech he gives, is a means for him to sell it. Lies, insane versions of reality, disparagements of his foes, are all to serve that one end: that he is the star of his own fantasy show, and that everyone must buy into it. So, as I am sure that everyone sane knows by now, nothing he says has any meaning whatsoever, other than as part of his sales pitch. It’s like you are standing outside the tents of a carny, and the barker is spinning away, trying to get you to buy a ticket, or at least buy a few bottles of the concoction he is selling. If you stand there long enough, you will hear him change his spiels, depending on which suckers he is trying to fleece in a given moment. You may find it entertaining for a while, but you know that not a word he is saying is anything more than various versions of, ‘Give me your money.” Trump literally created a phony university which provided nothing, and fleeced people out of their money; and yet he is still accorded some kind of respect by people who love to lecture about morality. He should be in jail for the things he has provably done, not still standing outside the tent, hawking and conning a larger audience for much bigger stakes.

  4. Just watched Stacey, she is phenomenal! Clinton/Abrams 2020 and i would die a happy woman. And they are both Methodists to which i attribute their devotion to service to others and their remarkable compassion. Stacey has that rare ability to pierce the political veil and touch the heart, to inspire and give hope to all people. She is smart, down to earth, confident, strong, persuasive without being offputting, caring and a genuine doer in addition to being an excellent talker. I love her to bits.

  5. I didn’t watch the speech, but I read enough about it. It appears that Trump’s speechwriter decided to write a Ronald Reagan speech, all about going to the moon, and fighting gallantly in battle, and building the railroads. It worked enough times for Reagan, so maybe enough people will prefer living in those reflected glories, rather than dealing with complex current problems. I do wonder what will happen when millions of Americans get their tax bills, and find that they have few if any deductions to claim, and that they will be paying more. Maybe they will be so happy that we are not a socialist country, that they won’t mind.

    I will add that of course AOC”s boast that she is a Democratic Socialist, was going to be exploited forever by Republicans. They have run against the bogeyman of socialism for a hundred years,, from Harding,to Coolidge,, to Nixon in his various incarnations, to Reagan, Bushes and Trump. People conflate socialism with communism. I used to argue at length with people about such things, but it did very little good. AOC handed the Republicans their major issue in the next campaign, and they will hammer away at it like we haven’t seen since the days of Joe McCarthy. It’s all they’ve got. AOC is a one-month Congressperson from perhaps the bluest district in NY, but Republicans have long been adept at seizing on any outlier statement to demonize the entire Democratic Party.

  6. It appears that the Republicans are close to taking over the Virginia governorship, without firing a shot, or winning any elections. Just wait for the Democrats to guillotine themselves like the French Jacobins did. Republicans just want to win, and to enact their agenda of cutting taxes on the wealthy, outlawing abortion, and making Christian prayers mandatory in public schools. Democrats sort of want to win, but only with people who have not done anything objectionable, stupid, or subject to allegation, in the last 40 years. Oh, I know about these particular circumstances, and I understand the calls for all the Democrats to resign. But the problem is that we have a binary political system; and the other side has plenty of racists in office, plus a sexual harrasser on the Supreme Court, and another Justice who probably tried to rape someone, plus was a blackout drunk and a liar. It doesn’t bother Republicans. Democrats will hang themselves by their own “no tolerance” self-righteousness.

    I still don’t think that Al Franken did nothing wrong except perhaps make a few clumsy passes, but the Democrats forced him out. How many more of these are ahead? O’Rourke had DUIs; Klobuchar allegedly was mean to staffers; Warren may have fluffed her background. Plenty more to come, since Democrats can be counted upon to hand over the offices to the Republicans.

    I’ve got one more comment: Michael Vick, the quarterback, tortured and murdered dogs in one of the most obscene stories I have ever heard of. After some small jail time, the was let back in the NFL, played for a few more years,and was cheered by his home crowds. All I heard from various Black officials was that “He made a mistake and apologized.” Raymond Lewis, the great linebacker for the Ravens, was part of what I think was an armed robbery which resulted in a murder, which under the felony murder rule, would have made him guilty of murder. But he served only a short sentence, got out, played many years in the NFL, was MVP one year. All I heard from his defenders was, “He made a mistake,” “He made some bad choices.” But the head of the NAACP doesn’t want to give such a narrative to Northam or Hering. I almost hope that they get the Lieutenant Governor on the sexual misconduct charges, and then the result of all of this will be that the people of Virginia who voted strongly for a Democratic ticket, will get a right-wing Republican governor who will take away many of the rights which they were counting on. No, I don’t want that to happen, but this is where it is heading, in this situation, and in many more to come, unless this sanctimonious parade of piety is at least abated.

    • No, the Republicans are not going to take over the governorship. The Republican that would accede to governor edited a year book full of people wearing blackface. So apparently he thought it was just fine since he had to okay it. Most seem to think Herring the D AG is going to become governor.

      Klobuchar’s stuff is really nothing. She made her staff work hard? Warren is DOA but that’s fine with me.

      • Thanks for the up-close perspective, Hering would be fine, and could appoint a Democrat as Lt. Gov, for protection. I agree on Klobuchar, but it was an example of a hyped-up story which we are going to be seeing on every Democratic candidate.

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