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    • How Important Is The Drone Attack On The Saudi Oil Field?
      As you’d expect from the title, both more and less than it seems. The impact on oil prices is not that big a deal, despite the screaming. If they were to, say, wind up at $75/barrel for a few months, well the last time we had prices that high was… less than a year ago. […]
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Things I learned from Margaret Brennan’s interview with Donald Trump

Here are some things I picked up about Trump vs The World.

He doesn’t listen to his intelligence advisors. About anything.

He’s afraid of what’s in Mueller’s report and he thinks Bill Barr is going to squash it for him. At no point does he say he has nothing to hide.

Pompeii is probably going to run for Senate to bring his own brand of post millennialist dominionism to the legislative process. Huzzah.

He wants to keep troops in Iraq so that he can keep an eye on Iran. He distrusts his intelligence chiefs. And anyway, Iran is like the vorpal bunny:

Might have to attack.

Kim Jun Un isn’t really serious about his nukes. It’s all so tiresome for Kim. {{flipping through psych textbook toooooo… ah, yes, projection}}

Sounds like Donald lost this round to Kim. He was pwned. Who didn’t see that coming?

He has no plan for the shutdown because there’s nowhere to go that wouldn’t piss someone off bigly.

He’s thinking about invading Venezuela, probably to distract from that Wall thing.

And finally, he thinks football is too dangerous for Barron’s brain but, you know, perfectly ok for the brains of black players who can no longer protest police brutality. But not to fear, ratings are up for the NFC. So YEAH.

I couldn’t help but notice that Brennan cut the interview short.

Then probably spent time in an art museum trying to recenter herself.