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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on This part is interesting…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d hate to be this DOJ lawyer…
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Then the scary man got in his unbelievable vehicle…

He’s just making stuff up now. He doesn’t even agree with himself. Here’s what Trump said of asylum seekers yesterday:

They’re driving in and they’re not coming through checkpoints, because you can’t have three or four people in the back with tape over your mouths and your hands tied and drive past someone who is checking out your van…The fact is if we don’t have barriers, walls, call them what you will, very strong barriers where people can not any longer drive right across. They have unbelievable vehicles. They make a lot of money. They have the best vehicles you can buy. They have stronger, bigger and faster vehicles than our police have and that ICE have and that Border Patrol have.

Ok, let’s think through this, shall we?

We are lead to believe that these poor Central American refugees will travel by foot, sometimes with no shoes on, take months to get here and face all kinds of problems on the road. But once they get to the border, they go all Transformer on us and have better vehicles than the US border patrol and all of our military.

To believe this, both of these things need to be true. The refugees are faking the fact that they have no other means of transportation. And they are masters of invention that we really should hire because our rocket scientists are slackers compared to the tech wizards of Guatemala.

Im sure there are people who won’t think this through because kicking libs is so much fun. But why should we treat it as newsworthy? It’s like watching a crash oh unbelievable vehicles.


122 Responses

  1. Adderall addled brain. He is a sick cruel man.

    We have to go after Republican senators. They are unscathed in this shutdown crisis and they are as responsible as the lunatic.

  2. Republican Senators up for re-election in 2020

    Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee)
    Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia)
    Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana)
    Susan Collins (R-Maine)
    John Cornyn (R-Texas)
    Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas)
    Steve Daines (R-Montana)
    Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming)
    Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)
    Cory Gardner (R-Colorado)
    Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)
    Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Mississippi)
    James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma)
    Martha McSally (R-Arizona)* don’t know if she is up in 2022?
    Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)
    David Perdue (R-GA)
    Jim Risch (R-Idaho)
    Pat Roberts (R-Kansas)
    Mike Rounds (R-South Dakota)
    Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska)
    Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska)
    Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina)

    • According to the local news, Arizona is having an election in 2020 to determine who will finish the last two years of McPain’s term. Then the seat is up for grabs again in 2022.

    • Alexander has announced that he will not run for reelection.

      Roz in NJ/NYC

  3. It is a wall, but a wall of corruption. Reporters have to dig deeper and figure out what this is all about and why he is doing this (and no, I don’t buy that fucker Ezra Klein’s psychoanalyzing for a second).

    • It is like they’ve never heard of plasma cutters, torches, angle grinders, hack saws, acid, winches or ramming something with a large over sized vehicle such as Semi, a bulldozer, etc. Lets not even talk about ladders, small aircraft such as ultralights, hang gliders, balloons, etc. Building a wall of any kind in an rural area where you can’t patrol serves no purpose as it is easily defeated by rudimentary means.

  4. This is what I don’t understand when reporters go on all the shows and breathlessly talk about his “base”. There is no fucking base and whatever there is, it is not big. Yes, these are Republican voters and it will hurt the Republican party (yay!) but it is not your job to inflate it to protect those republican motherfuckers.

    • Heffernan is one of my all time favorite journalists. How did I come to know of her work? Via a recommendation by RD, over two years ago, to take a listen to the podcast, “Trumpcast.”

      And she is spot on! “Fake base” is correct and reflects the media’s spinning a small group as omnipotent, when in fact they are a small fraction of the general population and do not represent the MAJORITY of American citizens. Maddow’s figured this out and is reaping rewards for it. When will the rest finally wake up?

  5. Every news show, every news anchor should lead with a segment on shutdown,
    1) what a sham it is,
    2) its harmful impact on everyday Americans and not just federal workers (because I don’t think trumpies care about federal workers),
    3) Republican senators can easily, easily solve this problem but Mitch McConnell is playing games with people’s lives and not bringing the House bills for vote and
    4) Republicans had TWO years to do this and they didn’t.

    That last point has to be made in every damn show. Ironically, Brian Williams had the best presentation last night I have seen and Bill Crystal was the one making the compelling argument (go figure).

  6. Get this trending people #trumpmcconnellshutdown

  7. Amy K is coming across as the most capable yet for me among 2020 contenders. Hope she runs. I have watched her on the floor during a vote and everyone wanted to talk to her and she talked with everyone.

    • I could get behind Klobuchar, I like her better than most of the potential candidates; she is smart and and on the right side of things, and not a grandstander. My favorite would be Adam Schiff, the perfect obverse of Trump,, but I don’t think he would run. I like Jerry Brown, too, but he isn’t running, either.

  8. Amy K is coming across as the most capable yet for me among 2020 contenders. Hope she runs. I have watched her on the floor during a vote and everyone wanted to talk to her and she talked with everyone.

  9. As we all know, the “border wall” is just a symbolic propaganda device. Trump ran on xenophobia. Would-be dictators always try to create some threat, the answer to which requires giving more power to them. Where did the caravan go which was talked about every hour on TV the last month before the last election?

    Trump will never concede anything. His entire self-image and his evil right-wing coterie would never stand for it. So he’ll either declare a national emergency, which would be a dreadful step against our democracy, or he’ll just keep holding the country hostage, figuring that the Democrats, who actually care about unpaid workers, will finally do something. Obama always did this; the Republicans in the House would threaten not to raise the debt ceiling unless Democrats conceded a bunch of things, and Obama once said that when you are being held hostage you have to concede something to keep the government solvent. And Boehner said, “we got 98% of what we wanted,” and I’m sure it was true. We all feel bad for people who cannot get paychecks, but Democrats cannot let themselves be extorted again. Congress by itself would never pass a bill to fund this ridiculous wall, so Democratic leaders should never allow it. If Trump tries to override the separation of powers, then Democrats should immediately challenge this in the Supreme Court, plus tell the country that Trump has attempted to destroy the Constitution. And then, the next Democratic President should declare all sorts of national emergencies, and allocate funds appropriately.

    • Obama always did this

      Obama told us he would do this during the primaries… it’s just that no one listened, and those who heard it and pointed it out were labeled r@c1sts.

  10. I want Pelosi to speak more clearly and plainly, give sound bytes people remember. Say ‘this is the same bill you passed in December. Why are you not bringing for vote? ‘

    • She actually comes up with great sound bites, it is just unfortunate that the media ignores them. The other day, when asked about her holiday in far off Hawaii, she responded that Hawaii is part of the United States, although the “president” may not be aware of that fact.

      • I like those zingers but describing what is happening in the senate now has to be more direct and plain. I would say ‘McConnell is not bringing the same bill they voted on in Dec, now for a vote’ ‘they had 2 years to do this and they didn’t and are holding federal workers hostage’ – compare these simple and direct sentences to her quote.

      • I agree, lililam, Speaker Pelosi does come up with very quotable remarks. All the Chuck Todds and Jake Tappers in the Media roll their eyes just as they did to Hillary.

    • I’d say that our Senate majority leader is a duly owned subsidiary of Putin Enterprises, Inc.

  11. OMG!! watch this! and say WTF… RD can you frontpage this, please?

  12. Networks should air this video, the full video. It should be easy to verify (though Snopes already says it is legit). This will kill the wall and make the congress and everyone supporting this guy look foolish, if not already.

  13. Just read an op-ed by Frank Bruni and it’s about the vehicle the media provided to propel tRump to the presidency.

  14. “The considerable muck in Clinton’s background never did, and never could, match the mountain of muck in Trump’s.”

    Considerable undeserved muck that NYT and the rest of the media helped with! Still too much CDS for my taste, still not taking responsibility for their part in blowing up her historic candidacy, too much emphasis on not letting what they did to her happen to anyone else, esp a male, still disregarding the fact that she got more votes than any other white male candidate in our history, in spite of them. Yes, i am still a sore loser, esp when it is either stated or implied that SHE was a loser undeserving of the presidency so let’s just move on.

    • Agree. Look at the wording… “considerable muck” — Pray, tell us what was the “considerable” muck in Clinton’s background? Media motherfuckers have to accept they were full blown enablers in putting motherfucker trump in the WH and come to terms with it.

      • I agree with both Catscatscats and pm317. I found it interesting to hear a member of the media acknowledge how poorly tRumps campaign was covered by the media.

        The muck he attributes to Hillary is the 20+ years (from Bill Clinton’s administration) that was thrown at her because the criminal enterprise that is the GOP knew what a threat she could be.

        It’s not easy to be a strong woman and thankfully Hillary is stronger than most.

        • You know for once, I want the media to act on what is good for the country long term. Don’t do both sides for a short term thing. Refer to what is not normal or what is wrong as wrong. They have done too much damage in trying to be ‘unbiased’ that they have lost sight of what is true and noble for the good of this country. But maybe they have always been like this and we didn’t feel the heat because the people elevated to higher echelons in government and elections were normal and law-abiding citizens for most part.

          • I think that one problem for the media in the past was that many reporters (both print and electronic) tended to be liberal while publishers (e.g. the Chicago Tribune) and owners tended to be conservative.

            It seemed that as conservatives complained about “liberal” media coverage, that the media threw a bone to the conservatives by doing the “both sides” coverage.

            The elimination of the Fairness Doctrine late in the St. Ronnie of Reagan administration meant that the media no longer had to provide an opportunity to air an opposing opinion.

            It wasn’t perceived to be such a problem during the Clinton (how nice it would have been to say the 1st Clinton) administration as Fox News was just getting started.

            I consider that one of Obama’s failures was not implementing a new version of it. A new version should require not just an opportunity to respond to opinion. If a station has opinion as 35% of its content, then it should be required to provide at least 20% of opposition content.

            I live in a very red county about 40 miles west of Chicago. When my child was in middle school, I would go into the school’s office to find the television for the benefit of the visitors tuned to Fox News. I think people complained because it was later switched to CNN.

            An additional complication is the manipulation of social media with stories planted by the bad actors that reduced turnout and affected the number of votes Hillary received. More people did not want tRump than did but we got stuck with him anyway.

    • That’s the media’s cover. It is obscene. Hillary was senator from NY for eight years, and there was not one single questionable dealing, she was highly respected and completely ethical. Then she took Secretary of State, which might have been a mistake; but again, nothing questionable, except idiocy invented by the right wing. All foreign policy comes from the President, the Secretary of State does not create it, just implements it. But somehow, any disagreement with foreign policy slid off Obama and on to Hillary.. Again, no scandals whatsoever, but that never stopped the right wing from inventing them. Heck, they got people to say on TV that John Kerry was a coward who shot himself in the foot to get a purple heart, and Chris Matthews would have these people, let by the despicable Jerome Corsi, on his show every day. Back to Hillary, she has no muck, she has no baggage. The stupid media let the right wing invent it, and just took them at their word. They even spent hours during the campaign talking about the Clinton Foundation, which is an A-rated charity which has done so much great work. But the right wing goaded them, so dutifully they tried to act as if there were improprieties. I never have forgotten one of the major weeklies, i think Newsweek, once running a cover and five pages on Whitewater, saying that everyone is going to have to learn the names of the players; having pictures, drawing arrows, as if they had unearthed the scandal of the century. And of course there was absolutely zero to it, but innocent people still ended up in jail because of a rogue prosecutor. And the media never uttered one word of apology for it. They are still running TV specials about Monica Lewinsky.

      The horror of all of this, is that it is clear that if the right wing simply declaims loudly enough, they create the reality for the media, which then runs with it. What has also bothered me greatly, is that Obama was the one Democrat, at least since JFK, who got a free pass. The media anointed him, and was sanctimoniously proud of it. And of course the public is now convinced by the right wing and the media, that Obama was a great president, and that the Clinton administration was a failure, neither of which is close to being true. I am so sick of the general media, that I now don’t even bother to read any of their articles, even though there are undoubtedly a few good ones among the muck. They are mostly a bunch of pretentious of old boys’ clubbers and mean girls. In all the millions of words devoted to the presidential campaign, how many of them did you ever see which were unabashedly complimentary of Hillary? From the mainstream media, essentially zero, except from a few feminists who saw her as part of a larger movement. But about her personally, with all her career of hard work, unparalleled knowledge of issues, devotion to trying to help people? Nothing, ever. So now they’ll just pivot to some other person, and give them the favorable coverage which Hillary never got. We have to take whatever we can get, for the future, but the endless derogation of Hillary Clinton is still unforgivable in the scope of history. Plenty of muck, indeed. What muck,, Mr. Bruni,, and all your “journalist” friends?

      • But somehow, any disagreement with foreign policy slid off Obama and on to Hillary

        Not surprising and likely an Obama policy to “create a legacy”. Again this was broadcast quite clearly during the primaries by the Obama bursh off.

  15. After this disaster, I whole-heartedly agree with this and add, a legal education. This country is based on rule of law and the person running it must have an understanding and appreciation for how things are run and ought to be run.

  16. It just occurred to me that if the next president does not win the popular vote but the electoral vote, the electors should pick the popular vote candidate. Can Congress make a law to that effect?

    • There would need to be a constitutional amendment, which will never happen, since the red states will never go for it, because the Electoral College vastly benefits Republicans. There is this movement which has managed to get many states to agree that they will give their electoral votes to the person winning the popular vote nationally, but this will only become an agreement in place, when enough states to comprise a majority of national electoral votes will agree to it; otherwise of course, the blue states will be cutting their own throats. But I doubt that enough states will agree, because red states will not. The Founders wrote a wonderful Bill of Rights, and were very good in delineating powers; but the electoral system is outmoded, if it was ever good. But only a Constitutional Amendment could change it.

  17. two weeks too late but the senators are talking about this on the networks. Everybody should burn McConnell’s phone and their republican senators.

    • Again, let’s correct what happened in 2016 by voting “better” with the help of the media in 2020 and let the 2016 election result stand. Hell NO! As a minimum I want an acknowledgment that the election was stolen from the popular vote winner AND that der trumpenfuhrer is ILLEGIMATE as is every f***ing thing he signed and put into effect. They will never let Hillary be president but they owe her and the country at least that. Use that “evidence” to tell the world who this country actually wanted to be their president in 2016. And as for that “awful but lawful” misbehavior, fix it by putting it in a law or a reg. It’s pretty clear we cannot rely on norms or institutions or even voting any more. If we don’t want it to happen again, don’t ALLOW it to happen again, make it a violation. We also have to rein in the executive privilege BS. Checks and balances need to be overhauled and upgraded. This asshole is getting away with murder and destroying the country.

  18. Republicans have long ago learned that all they have to do is to “win” by any means, and it is a fait accompli, no matter how much they cheated, or how unethical it was. We’ve got one side which is devoted to playing relatively fair, and another which does not care a bit about fairness. We saw what happened when they finally got all the branches of government; they essentially locked the Democrats out of the entire process. They stole the election of 1876, and the elections of 2000 and 2016, and countless state elections, even down to a small state district in VA, which in 2017 meant the deciding seat in the state legislature, where the Democrat had gotten one more vote, but somehow in recount, they found one extra ballot which had been thrown out previously due to multiple vote on it,, but which was resubmitted to a panel which had a majority of right-wing appointed judges, which said the ballot was valid; which led to a flip of a coin which the Republican won, to keep legislative control. Any way to win, is their watchword.

    And they’ll keep doing it. Trump and his allies pulled out every illegal and treasonous trick to get him elected. In any other democracy in the world, the last election would be nullified in some fashion, either through revote, or in parliamentary systems, a vote of no confidence, necessitating new elections. Here, the cheaters continue to get the spoils. Legal voters were thrown off the rolls; voting laws were put in place to make it virtually impossible for some Democrats to vote; who knows what happened with the ballot boxes and computers? And of course all the electoral data was given to Russia, so that they could microtarget voters with fake news and ads. This is all right in front of us. And yet the Trump Administration goes along each day, just like GW Bush’s did. And right now, all sorts of plans are being implemented by Republicans to diminish the power of any Democratic governor who recently got elected; to further curtail voting rights; to do everything possible to turn the country into a one-party state. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some members of the broadcast media actually looked at the emperor’s supposed clothes, and concluded that there were none, and that this is not a lawful administration, and should not be given any credence? Rather than just acting like all the cheating and treason might be unappealing, but still does nothing to invalidate the results of it?

  19. We have to go after these 7 Republicans in 2020.

    • These are the 7 Republicans (copied from a tweet reply to the one above):

      Justin Amash (R-Michigan)
      Andy Biggs (R-Arizona)
      Paul Gosar (R-Arizona)
      Glenn Grothman (R-Wisconsin)
      Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky)
      Chip Roy (R-Texas)
      Ted Yoho (R-Florida)

  20. I guess I am wondering what you would have them do. I am hearing more and more subtle dismissals even on local news and blatant “no clothes” outcries by the likes of Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow and others. Sometimes I worry about their safety- O’Donnel does not hide his righteous contempt and well-placed Humiliation. Maybe the collective voices are concerned about anarchy? Although, I think part of the problem is the lack of collective voice. I do agree if a solid enough body of media all joined at once in their rejection of the administration, a tipping point may be reached, which would push public outcry, which I imagine, is what you are looking for. In the meanwhile, we have Pelosi and Mueller.

    • I was responding to William’s comment above.

    • Lililam, I think that most of the media, at least on MSNBC, which is the only cable news station I watch, are fairly united in their distaste for Trump. What is bothering me is that none of this would have happened, had not so many of the media treated Hillary with disdain or contempt. It would take a book to discuss all the possible reasons. Some misogny, some general dislike of Bill Clinton because of Lewinsky, and then somehow Hillary didn’t do the right thing (she never does in their eyes) in that matter. Some of the Left which never likes Democratic candidates from the liberal middle. Of course all of the Right hates Clintons, because they were effective, and will fight them. No one is perfect, but Hillary didn’t deserve an iota of the media attacks on her, and those attacks gave many people psychological justification for not voting for her. Back to MSNBC, which has pretty good people, and which I watched every day during the campaign, though not all the shows. O’Donnell is always anti-Clinton, said nothing at all favorable about her, just hates Trump. Hayes wanted her to win, but loves Bernie, and kept having him and Nina Turner on..Matthews kept suggesting ways that Trump might be able to win (“why doesn’t he run a populist campaign like Huey Long?”). Maddow was fairly supportive, but she had favored Sanders, it seems. If one of them had gotten on there every day, and said how badly and unfairly Hillary and her record had been treated, it would have helped, at least gotten out more of the Sanders people to vote. Oh, and Andrea MItchell, who would say every single day, “Hillary Clinton has a trust issue.” Really? For having done what? Mitchell just created her own narrative.

      So while we must face the present and the future, none of this should have happened. Of course, had Hillary won, the Republicans would have tried to have impeached her in her first week, and then every week thereafter. But if the decent part of the media had her back, like that had Obama’s, the Right Wing could not have gotten away with it. The media always seemed to just enjoy sitting back and watching Hillary get pummeled, the way that some people in high school are just glad that they are not “it,” and then get to watch someone else be scorned and mocked and get the silent treatment. I can never forgive them for it, not just because it was so unfair to a very good and caring person; but because almost every one of us is having to deal with various effects of Trump being in office, and the media was one of the three biggest reasons for it, in my view.

      • Of course that was the case- the media was horrible, as they were in 2008. I thought you were reflecting on the present, notwithstanding the continued infiltration of reprehensibles, e.g., the New York Times. Fox may be less so, as they at least don’t feign to be anything but what they are.

      • O’Donnell hated Hillary Clinton because he did not deem her worthy of occupying Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s (O’Donnell’s old boss) seat in the Senate. It’s amazing to remember that Hillary was the first female Senator from the oh, so liberal state of New York. She was and remains an amazing person.

        • Sue, thank you for elucidating this. I had thought that it was O’Donnell’s Catholicism perhaps being so appalled at the Lewinsky matter, that he could never forgive any of the Clintons. I think that is part of Matthews’ problem with them. It is interesting; they all have their “reasons,” which do not seem to come into play when someone other than Clintons are involved, as you have pointed out. I have nothing against the late Senator Moynihan,.but I was never impressed by his politics, even as he was the darling of the Sunday talk shows, because he was an intellectual to some degree, and because he would often criticize the Democratic Party, and how many Democratic Senators would do that? But as to political positions, Hillary’s were far closer to mine. As far as O’Donnell is concerned, one would think he had been Senate Majority Leader, from the stories he tells about his days as a staffer. He does have a gift for writing political prose, but he did not seem to realize that if you truly hate one of the candidates for being an inveterate liar and crook,then you must support the other one, unless she is, which is not the case. Otherwise, some of your followers will just stay home, or vote third party.

  21. LOL, Republican senator already worried that trump will divert his state’s goodies. Good. Vote to re-open, motherfucker.

  22. Raise your hand if Obama should have made a speech from the Oval Office about Russian meddling in the election before the election when it was brought to his notice, and told McConnell to go to hell. THAT was the real national emergency. The fact he could not navigate that challenge makes him a weak leader and partly the reason why we are where we are.

    • Context for my comment is the breaking NYT article that FBI became highly suspicious after trump fired Comey that he was acting on behalf of Russia. Everything he has done in the last two years is about weakening America. Nothing he has done has worked in favor of America.

    • Well, you know that I agree, since I write it more than I should, perhaps. We don’t know exactly what President Obama knew, but it had to be serious, if his intelligence agencies told him. And then he thought it was important enough to tell McConnell. Maybe he was so non-political, that he didn’t realize how truly awful a person and political figure McConnell is? Hillary knew what he was.. But Obama apparently let McConnell either bluff or threaten him that if he told the country, Mitch would say that President Obama was being political. So? Obama is was much more popular than McConnell. All he had to do was to tell the American people what his intelligence agencies were telling him, and say that despite McConnell doing this or that, he, Obama, was telling the people what he thought they needed to know. Wouldn’t you think that after McConnell incredibly refused to even hold a Senate hearing on Garland, Obama would have just ignored his threats, and do what should be done? Did the people not deserve to know before a national election? Was McConnell allowed to run the country?

      • McConnell was a convenient excuse I think. Obama needed to rise to the occasion for the country and did what was right with conviction and force. McConnell would have been silenced. There would have been some chaos but it would have dissipated by the time we went to vote by releasing more evidence of what they had. Media was a problem and is still a problem. But media loved Obama and he could have managed them (this was not even entirely about Hillary. This was about how trump needed to be prevented from getting to the WH).

      • If ever there was a need for a somber Oval Office speech, it was when he was told about Russian interference and an inkling of where trump stood in view of that.

      • For 8 years Obama walked around with a sign that said “kick me” on his back. This is just yet another example.

      • IMO Obama was legacy buffing.

    • This is going to be a big black mark against Obama when it is all over. His cowardice in the face of an attack from an adversary is going to haunt him. The media actually has brought this up a few times.

      • There was in an article that talked about what Obama WH did or didn’t do, a tidbit about Obama’s NatSec getting deeply disappointed that they could not go after Russia because he would not give the order.

      • This is going to be a big black mark against Obama when it is all over

        I wish… but I seriously doubt it. How many emails have you gotten since tRump was elected telling you that we have to protect Obama’s legacy. I know for me it is in the hundreds, I no longer even look at most of them.

        • Those are not going to matter when the Mueller report comes out. The Mueller report is going to decide a lot of Obama’s legacy despite what any of his apologists might want.

          • We can only hope! We are experiencing the backlash of electing someone who was ineffective, inexperienced and naïve. A real triple threat.

  23. HELSINKI! everything he has done in the last two years has been to help Russia/China and undermine and weaken America. I have said this over and over again.

  24. His unstable behavior? Meh, that was just entertainment for his peeps.

    • Yeah and the media ate it up because it was “good television”. The crazier he acted the more free coverage he got.

  25. Obama really owed it to the country to go public with the information about Russian meddling regardless of McConnell. It still shocks me that he did not do this.

    • He was too damn afraid of looking like Teh Angry Black Man and/or a partisan Democrat. The poor bastard really believed he could be the Great Healer and Reconciliator. 🙄

  26. weakening of America:

    * lies, breaking norms, breaking the law, shredding the consitution, corruption everywhere
    * tariffs
    * massive tax cuts to people who don’t need it raising debt
    * lack of qualified people in the government agencies and corruption
    * intentional chaos at the southern border
    * ICE, CBP, DHS corrupt and cruel
    * SHUTDOWN for the stupidest of reasons

    Add your own…

  27. We have to see this news with this lens.

  28. Follow this tweeter for trump and Russian state news

  29. RD when you get a chance, put this video next to that Trackdown TV episode video (where that Trump character says his grift (fraud) goes up everytime the ranger doubting him talks).


    • Once we take this country back, if there is some way to reduce Russia to impotence without starting WW3, HELL YEAH DO IT! 😡

  31. If trump is a Russian asset, how about all the people he has appointed, meaning everything he has touched is also contaminated, right? A judge appointed, a cabinet member or ambassador appointed there…

    Is some of the press compromised? This is a clusterfuck. It needs a fumigation of the whole apparatus.

    • They should all resign and if they don’t they should be impeached and removed from office. It actually is kind of simple and there is precedent of people who cheat to win an office and then the courts award the other party the office. It won’t happen in this case but Pelosi should be President in the near future. But this demonstrates the weakness in our laws as we have no avenue for declaring corrupt elections void and conducting new ones as every other democracy in the world has.

      • Somebody on twitter suggested that Pelosi have Hillary as her VP. I guess then Pelosi could step down and Hillary would be president. It’s the only way I see to rectify the situation and put the rightful person in office.

        • I agree! It would certainly happen in a humane fictional political drama. Of course, Pelosi would not do it. As much as I admire her, she seemed to tip the scales for Obama in 2008, for whatever reason. And then she jumped in to tell Hillary that she should not stay in the race, even though there might have been a real chance that she could still get the nomination, had some of the superdelegates not been convinced to change their choice. And even if Pelosi somewhat would do it, the same media people would be in a frenzy, far more than most of them have been with every revelation of Trump’s treason and grift. I wonder: if in some magical way, the race could be run again, would the media be any kinder to Hillary, even knowing what they know now? Probably not, as amazing as that may seem.

          • The media completely dropped the ball on the Russian interference story. Will anybody even care what they say?

  32. And for God’s sake, let us stop talking his “BASE”, OK? The country is being weakened in every aspect and we have to defer to these motherfuckers?

  33. At this point everyone in the Republican party requires a FBI investigation.

      • Really, I think that it isn’t the meetings that are out in the open that we see but rather the ones conducted in a backroom, in a bathroom, on a yacht, etc. that are very problematic.

  34. Sorry, this may go against the idea of democracy or may be not. But fringe candidates like this need to be put in their place and not become a Russian bot for interference siphoning votes. Voters need to be extra diligent.

    • Perhaps more literally than we think; I would not be surprised if Gabbard became the Green Prez candidate in 2020.

    • Perhaps under a new administration and as part of laws regulating voting, there could be a requirement that if a party has not reached a minimum percentage of votes, in a previous election, then it should not be on the ballot for the presidency.

      Most of the time there is no Green or Libertarian candidate for one of the local or state offices, but every four years there are Green or Libertarian candidates for president. When you consider the damage these parties do as a result of being on the ballot as were Nader in Florida in 2000 and Stein in 2016, there is no reason for them to be there.

      Under a President Gore, Sept. 11 might have been prevented and there would not have been an invasion of Iraq.

      Instead of trying to endure a tRump presidency, we would be cheering Pres. Hillary Clinton onward.

    • It was an interesting op-ed to read. The idea that tRump is being true to his nature as was the scorpion who bit the frog who carried him across the river is apt. I find Cohen’s point that tRump is making bs up is because he is trying to hide something. And I think it will get worse as we get close to Mueller’s report.

  35. I can see some Republicans whispering in the Asset’s ears — you must speak now… Like in the Notorious movie, when the investigators come to his house on the suspicion and evidence that the husband (Claude Reines) was poisoning his wife (Ingrid Bergman), his mother shaking with fear says to him, ‘speak to them, Sebastian’.

  36. Susan Glasser had this story about the Russians in the Oval Office the day after Comey was fired, that that meeting was at the insistence of Pootie and even the photographs of that meeting came from the Russian News agency and not any of our news media. FBI CI, I bet caught trump and Pootie on tape about all this. He may have been surveilled since if not before because of that investigation that started. There is a lot more here than we saw the things trump did in public.

  37. If only Hillary’s campaign had got some help (from Obama) and the media to disseminate what was not a conspiracy… Watch and weep (I certainly do).

    • This could not be more clear and accurate. It is infuriating that the media and Obama did not give it the attention that was needed in bold caps far and wide. Surely they knew what was going on. Well, certainly Obama did.

      • And then Comey’s behavior at the time, knowing what the FBI was already suspecting. It is still baffling to me. He made me wonder at the time who he was truly working for. He certainly did not care about election integrity.

  38. Good, strong and powerful, direct.

  39. Yes. This is also how I feel when I look at Warren’s or Castro or Harris or any 2020 announcement. I am not ready. I think they all should wait a couple of months to see how this whole Russia thing shapes up to make their mission and message sharp for the country.

    • Yes, I think these early announcements are not good since we don’t know what Mueller is going to reveal. However it has been serving somewhat of a purpose by probably getting rid of Bernie and Biden before they announce.

  40. After he took the notes and told the translator not to reveal, and if she did, he will kill her…(well, that was implication, wasn’t it?)

    • Rep. Swalwell calls this destruction of evidence, taking the translator notes away and telling her not to reveal. Given what we know about FBI CI investigation, it should be treated as such, no?

  41. Charlie Pierce has a point and of course, I never doubted that the FBI had more evidence of trump’s treason.

    “No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials.” from this article:


  42. Joy played the “Trackdown” TV show Trump episode on her show.

  43. trump’s hold on the Republicans is his blackmail that he will reveal how THEY laundered Russian money. He has threatened that he will bury them and their party. What has he got to lose? If he goes down, they all go down, that is his threat.

  44. Comey was so WRONG in opening a FBI inquiry into Hillary’s emails and pursuing it like the guy in Les Miserable and then not doing enough on trump, the real Russian asset. Clint Watts as usual summarizes the state of affairs during and leading up to when the FBI started CI investigation.

  45. Good article by Rangappa. Yes, it is behind paywall but to read, cut and paste the title of the article in google search and click on the link.

  46. Actually, the gravity of that question and the NYT revelation are lost on all the people in power who can do something about it, especially the GOP. But the fact that we are where we are and that he CAN even be asked that question in a public broadcast and made to answer cavalierly is something to behold and unfuckingbelievable.

  47. Good article from Strobe Talbott, Bill Clinton’s Deputy SoS, especially contrasting what BC did with Yeltsin and now Trump the Sucker with Pootie.


  48. We interrupt the political stuff to ask a culinary question:

    When did KFC run out of chickens? 😛

  49. Finally! Randy Rainbow dropped a new video about, what else, the “WALL”

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