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Happy New Year!

For the balanced, thoughtful, determined view, I turn to Preet:

44 Responses

  1. Happy New Year, RD and everyone here!!!

    {speaking of Preet, they were showing some old senate hearing clip on TV yesterday or so, I forget in what context, of Schumer and who is sitting behind him? Preet; the clip/hearing was from 2007.}

  2. 2018 went beyond my expectation in trying to avert the disaster called “trump”. Lot of people woke up from what a disaster 2016 was with no help to speak of from the media. But we are not out of the woods. Media/press is still a problem. We should not let them hijack the electoral process like they did in 2016 and after. We should expect 2020 candidates to also talk about how close we have come to losing it all and not brush it under the carpet. Disregard the Bernie Sanders, Bidens, and Warners and search for new and fresh voices and ideas who will rise to the occasion protect and preserve rule of law and diversity.

    • Joyce Vance is a highly intelligent, razor sharp legal mind who has been sounding the alarms in calm, measured, but impactful words for quite awhile. Now this statement from her. I fear 2019 is going to be far worse than 2016, 2017 and 2018 combined. When the foxes are done with us, there will be no hens. Then the wolves will come, to kill the foxes.

    • I respect Jill Wine-Banks but I think she is in a time bubble. There is so much corruption that rooting it out will take more time than we the American people have the patience, will or desire to endure. And, as far as facts are concerned they have no power if they are not believed or even known. And, we have already seen how results can be manipulated to keep the will and the welfare of the people at bay. Right now, only 30% of the country is being “heard” but to be honest, those 30% were brainwashed in the first place to achieve the long plotted, GOP-desired outcome. They are just pawns. My best hope is that Mueller is in reality a superhero, a man who sees the peril and acts, takes one huge risk and brings as many indictments as he can justify on both Russian-trump-GOP conspiracy to win the election and unparalleled obstruction of justice to cover that conspiracy up. And Whittaker be damned, publish it all. It is our country to keep or lose.

  3. We have our work cut out for 2019.

  4. Let us do this this year! So far they have skated without any penalty.

  5. Madoka damn it, would you people please TELL US when your links go to a Madoka-damned pay site or limited free site? 😡

    • Also, I’m really not interested in reading ANYTHING by David Fornicating Brooks. Is it really so much trouble to list where the article is, and who wrote it, in the post?

  6. I know that the election of Donald Trump has been traumatic for you guys. To help you keep track of where you’re at and how much longer Trump will be POTUS, here is a special Trump Era Calendar for Democrats.

    • Don’t bother correcting your mistake, Ratzi. I doubt any of us would click the link, anyway. 😛

    • Ohai, Niles! Happy New Year! Well, happy for US anyway. This is the year that Trump’s shit finally hits the fan and affects how ordinary people live. Did you see that China cut its import of American soybeans to 0%? Is that fun or what? And just wait until the stock market stops plumping up everyone’s 401k. Jocularity! Jocularity!
      Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Trump freak out whenever Pelosi sends him and the senate perfectly good legislation that everyone actually likes. You know like sensible gun control, national election standards, renewable energy initiatives and protecting sick people with pre-existing conditions. It will be like Trump trying to argue against vitamins and sunshine.
      The mueller investigations will be just extra entertainment.
      17 investigations.
      Whoa! That’s a lot. And so many indictments.
      Hey, did you hear that the Republicans are finally tired of investigating Hillary? Hard to believe all those years and millions of dollars of investigating and hearings produced not even one single indictment. It’s almost as if, now bear with me here, it’s almost as if she hadn’t done anything wrong. Fancy that. Amazing. You’d think they’d at least get her on a parking ticket or something but nada, zip, zilch. Even the media is having a moment of self reflection. It can be taught. Good thing we have freedom of the press here, eh, Miles?
      So, I am really looking forward to 2019. It’s going to be awesome. Totally awesome. And if he makes it to the end of his term, it will be a new episode of tantrums and feces throwing from him every day.
      Let’s see which side blinks first, shall we?

    • Omg, Niles, did you read the op/ed in WaPo from Freshman senator mitt Romney from Utah? You know, the senator with a six year term?? I wonder what he owes Mitch McConnell. I’ll bet it’s nothing. I. An almost see Romney stepping in ala Gerald Ford before 2020, can’t you? Good times, good times.

      • I can’t see Mike Pence resigning and if the Democrats are dumb enough to impeach Trump it’s gonna end the same way the Clinton impeachment ended – with an acquittal and a POTUS whose approval ratings went UP.

        As for 2020, the Democrats are gonna be running against peace and prosperity. And they won’t be able to cheat next time because the Republicans know to watch for ballot harvesting.

        • I can understand that the Clinton impeachment is the outcome you would prefer, Niles. Gosh, those were simpler times.
          It’s just that with Clinton, there was none of the seedy, greedy stench of organized crime. Soooo, you know, there’s that…
          Peace and prosperity? Hmmm… I don’t feel more prosperous. I haven’t had a raise in three years. I’m always concerned that I’ll get laid off whenever the shareholders get cranky.
          And as far as I can tell, peace is illusory. Once Putin gets access to the eastern mediterranean, we’ll be looking at WWII all over again.
          But you just keeping doing you, Niles. It’s always helpful to know what monumental bullshit the right wing is going to try out on everyone in advance.
          Inoculation of impeachment via the Clinton version. Check.

        • He’s talking to you cr@wd@ds, and all your fellow Orcs. 😛

        • Prosperity: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/31/investing/dow-stock-market-today/index.html

          In other words, the worst since the last time the Republicans were in the White House. Funny how that works.

    • This is your guy. Enough said. People are waking up to reality at a faster pace than I thought they would. At this point, you are here to troll us because I don’t think even you believe he is good for a second term.

  7. Happy New year from the girls of After School Tea Time! (K-On!)

    • Right-click, open in new link, and click resulting pic for full size.

  8. Of course. :mrgreen:

  9. Shorter Romney: ‘trump is a vulgar little bastard without character but we got all the judges, the tax cuts, the deregulation…. we wanted. Vote for me in 2020, I will give you the same but without the ugly aftereffect.’

    • LOL, PM, superb translation.

      • I read his Op-ed to see what the hoopla was all about. That is what I found. Now he is saying he will side with the Rs on the shutdown. Of course, he will, shutdown be damned. I think these Rs know how damaging trump is and they are trying to minimize him so that the party does not get burned down, but using him to get what they want at the same time. It still amazes me how the party is not (yet?)paying any price for trump.

  10. It’s over, his male base has finally discovered Trump is the Weak, Sniveling, Blowhard, Loser with an ugly comb over we women always knew him to be, and they are embarrassed. Fools.

    • Oh, shit, what did i miss peep? I suspect most of his male base can be tagged with most or all of those descriptors!

  11. ‘You are likeable enough’, who said that? It is baaaack!

    If we let the media motherfuckers and their misogynistic panels run the campaign in 2020, we are doomed! We will not let them pick the candidates (and the winner) again. Say it with me, NO means no!

    • Good thread on, wait for it, ‘likeable enough’

      • Yeah, I’m finding myself defending E. Warren even though she’s right above Biden in someone I would vote for in the primary. We have to fight the misogyny even if it helps candidates we do not like.

        • I miss Hillary. Hillary looked the part. Warren’s answer about Syria and Afghanistan sounded like trump’s and canned with words like metric and maybe poll tested. I wish someone would ask these people what happens in the region if it gets overrun by bad guys, much worse than us, like Russia or China or Iran or Saudi?

          • I didn’t listen to what she had to say because truly I’m just not interested in what she has to say. We’ll never have another Hillary with her knowledge but maybe someone will come close in 2020. It’s not Warren though for sure.

    • Robyn Pennacchia on Wonkette:

      ‘Likability’ Is Socially Manipulative Middle School Bullsh*t And Everyone Should Shut Up About It Forever


      • Media might actually shut up because of the push back and start to say, oh we said that about Hillary because you know she is Hillary. SHE made us dislike her.

  12. I can’t imagine how bad today must have been at this buffoon’s parade today. But media and everyone is discussing 2020 and him as if everything is normal!
    What is wrong with people?
    Cadet Bone Spurs for the General. Would you laugh or cry? This is not good for the country!

    • This morning on Good Morning America, Terry Moran, their WH correspondent reported on this. Moran said, “And it’s true we’ll never know, because when he (Trump) was called to serve he received five deferments for bone spurs.”

      It would have been nice to hear more reality based observations like these from MSM sources in 2016.

      • They were busy with HER EMAILS in 2016. They could have traced the doctor who gave the fake bone spur letter in 2016. They didn’t.

        • That wasn’t all they failed to investigate. Corruption and deceit on the level of trump is hard to hide. Not too long ago, one of the commentators said that in NY, if you said the name trump, people would spit on the ground. And the truth wasn’t just overlooked, it was intentionally ignored if not buried. Do you think if trump was running against a MAN, they would have buried the facts and maligned him at every turn? Do you remember when Obama was on the celestial plane and inquiring minds wanted to know if Obama would have even been on the ballot if he were a white man or a black woman because his credentials were so poor? We have the media to thank for both trump and Obama.

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