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Did you see the showdown in the White House?? The only thing more annoying than Donald’s infantile tantrum over the wall was Chuck interrupting Nancy just when she was on a roll.

(I imagine she pulled him aside and told him the next time he interrupted her, she wouldn’t take him to anymore meetings. “What did you learn, Chuck? Can you be quiet next time or will I have to leave you in the car with the driver? This is your choice.”)

What she actually did afterwards in “private” (with attribution) is administer some low blows to Donald. She referenced the Steele Dossier:

“It goes to show you: You get into a tinkle contest with a skunk, you get tinkle all over you.”

And she ruined his “cheeseburger night in bed listening to Fox”:

Pelosi, D-Calif., spoke of Trump’s insistence that a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border will be funded and said, “It’s like a manhood thing for him. As if manhood could ever be associated with him. This wall thing.”

Ooooo, that’s gonna leave marks.

Trump’s response is predictable. Whenever he is challenged by a woman, he conjures up disgust in his base by referencing their bodily fluids or their looks. I’m guessing he’s going to insinuate that Nancy is incontinent or unfuckable.

But you know, for self-actualized women like Pelosi, that kind of stuff doesn’t phase them. She gets off on totally different things these days. Like making the president look like a big, squishy, red faced toddler who manspreads what he has to pay women to touch. She made him lose it on national TV yesterday. That’s worth a couple of orgasms right there.

Probably made Chuck walk back to the Capital so she could have the backseat all to herself.


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89 Responses

  1. I love the front page of the NY Daily News this morning. It has a picture of the meeting that shows Trump, with finger pointing upward, facing Schumer, with fingers on left hand spread apart.

    It’s good illustration of tRumps short, stubby fingers.

    I’m not always a fan of Frank Bruni in the NY Times. Sometimes he has blamed Hillary for being a poor candidate, so I am very selective about reading his op-ed columns.

    His column made for enjoyable reading this morning.

  2. Fainting couches, pearls for clutching and hand fans for waving away the vapors seem to be needed by some in the media as they parse Pelosi’s “skunk tinkle” and “manhood, not!” comments. It’s gratifying to see these talking heads struggle with trying not to appear completely hypocritical while attempting to be shocked, shocked I say, by Pelosi’s tough remarks.

    • Pence looked super irritated. Probably because he thinks a woman’s place is to be subservient property rather than dynamic equals. Unfortunately, a lot of the media think the same way especially the talking airheads both male and female. They all need to get with the program. This is 2018 not 1718.

    • We’re already calling him “President* Skunk Tinkles” over on Wonkette.

      (I added the Charlie Pierce asterisk.) 😛

  3. This is the comment I left over at Sky Dancing. I think that the meeting at the White House was to serve 3 purposes for Trump. 1. He got to gaslight and try to blame the Dems, namely Pelosi and Schumer, for his and the Republican’s failure to pass any meaningful legislation in regards to building the wall or really any significant legislation at all. His last 2 years have been a complete failure while owning both Houses and the Supreme Court. 2. He gets to play the equivocation game where Pelosi and Schumer are seen by the gullible in our society as having the same behavior. As one idiot on facebook said, Mike Pence was the only grown up in the room. So by standing their ground Pelosi and Schumer still lost in the eyes of the idiots in this country. Ironically, if they would have capitulated then they would have been admonished for being “snowflakes”. It was a classic no-win situation. 3. I think that by attacking Pelosi and Schumer he was trying to weaken their credibility and hopefully in the process con the incoming Democrats to not vote for her as Speaker. What is clear is that there are way to many people in this country who have no critical thinking skills and are failing our Democracy and failing our fellow citizens. After the Paul Ryan debacle we desperately need a quality Speaker of the House. I think it is imperative that Pelosi regains that position so that the Dems will actually stand up for the American people. It is going to be a thankless job because of just how ignorant our population has become.

    • Let me just add that Schumer is part of the problem right now. He definitely needs to step up and show some better leadership ala Nancy Pelosi. Frankly, Pelosi might just be our last hope to stop the runaway Executive branch. If Trump wants to get anything done he’ll have to start compromising some. With her in charge the attack on Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, etc. goes away. The Senate cannot accomplish 1 thing without the House. No war can be declared. No wall can be funded. Having someone in charge of the House who has integrity and stands up for Americans is vitally important.

  4. Nancy Pelosi called Trump’s bluff and he folded.

  5. Gregory P,

    Excellent points about Pelosi and Schumer. Schumer only engaged in a shouting match with trump when he did speak and really didn’t say anything that added to the conversation. It was Pelosi all the way who acted like the adult and an astute politician who effectively pushed trump into his usual bluster which led to his stating that “he” would shut down the government. Pelosi is needed to take on trump because he has such a mental problem towards powerful women which will make her even more effective in getting him to be his own worst enemy. I bet any of the men who would like to be speaker could not hold a candle to Pelosi. The proof of that is that she has gotten more legislation passed than both Boehner and Ryan combined. The evidence is clear that it will be Pelosi, moreso than schumer, who will have the necessary gravitas to take on trump and out manuever him politically.

    Let’s not forget that in January, SHE will be the “Majority Leader” and Schumer will be the “Minority Leader”. schumer would do well to show her more respect and start listening more to her than interruping her like trump did.

    Pelosi’s job will be a thankless one for sure, as I’ve no doubt that no matter how successful she is, the boyz will take it for granted and look for any opportunity to criticize her, especially the idiots who wanted her not to get the speakership in the first place.

  6. Four “players” in the room, three male, one female but only one pair of balls attached to killer political instincts. Well done, Nancy. You made us proud.

  7. This happened on Election day. Push the mfer squatting in the WH out, resign and be indicted, given everything that we know today.

  8. Cats,

    Don’t you think it ironic that we have an expression that in order for one to show a sign of strength one should have “balls”? This the most “sensitive” and “vulnerable” part of the male body that can render him helpless if grabbed or hit in a fight. Perhaps we should change the expression to anyone showing strength in the face of overwhelming opposition as having a major pair of “ovaries”. After all women have been standing up to overwhelming opposition and injustice on so many fronts since the beginning of time but STILL WE PERSIST.

    • How about gonads? Applies to both sexes.

    • Of course, there’s the old fashioned “guts.” We all have them.

      • Sweet Sue,

        I agree. I think it’s time we stop using male parts to represent strength. Guts, gumption, hudspa, whatever you want to call it, strength is not male centric and should no longer be treated as such. Strength is blind to gender, sexual orientation, race, color and religion. It’s an equal opportunity characteristic. Nancy just happened to show more of it than her male counterparts did in that meeting,! Pence was a perfect example of what a coward looks like.

    • I take your point, Kathleen, I will refrain in future. Thanks.

      • Cats,

        I apologize if I came across as if I was scolding you, just pointing out just how much our culture still revolves around men and how we measure our value and self-worth. After what I (and many here) witnessed with what was done to Hillary back in 2008 and 2016 when she ran for president, I just couldn’t wrap my head around why men, in particular, and women in general hated her. HATED HER FOR WHAT? We all can hope that with the “MeToo” movement coming along after trump stole the white house, it will continue to bring into focus just how biased America still is towards women and we still have a looonnng way to go towards equality.

        It is because of Hillary’s willingness to stay in the arena and take all the attacks and lies about her, we can now openly admire Pelosi for standing up to trump instead of having to put up with the media, men, women, republicans, and democrats criticizing her for being disrespectful for standing up to trump’s temper tantrum. Pelosi’s experience and her political savvy are greatly needed to take on trump during these dangerous times in order to turn this titanic around. Schumer, I have grave doubts about, based on his performance yesterday.

        BTW, I am looking forward to seeing the film “On the Basis of Sex”, about Ruth Bader Ginsberg (aka, the notorious RBG). It’s about time.

        • Kathleen, no apology required. You made a very insightful observation and did so persuasively and diplomatically. I was trying to be funny and missed the mark! Maybe i should have said two sets of balls in her purse when she left the room. I have no idea where Pence was mentally or if Mother has his manhood locked in a box in their basement, therefore no trophy was to be had.

          Is the film you referred to a documentary? There was a recent one that was quite good, i think it was simply called RBG. Not only is she a quiet pioneer and formidable warrior, but also a lousy cook (i so relate) and a beloved wife and mother. She and her husband were perfectly matched, soul mates if you will. He let her be Ruth and she adored him.

        • And don’t get me started on pussy.

          • Cats and Sweet Sue,

            Loved what you had to say about Pence and “Mother locking away his manhood in a box in their basement…” priceless and probably very true!

            Sweet Sue,

            You’re response made me laugh out loud! Amen!!

          • Sue, the C word makes me apoplectic.

        • It’s a new film about RBG and it opens on December 25th. What a wonderful Christmas/Hannukah present to those who love a great story and has inspired us all since RBG was chosen by Bill to be on the Supreme Court!

          • Yay! I’ve had the law school textbook she co-wrote for twenty years. It’s about time she got the thanks she deserves from all the women who have been helped by her decades of work as an attorney, law professor and Supreme Court Justice.

            This is from Frontiero v. Richardson:

            In an amicus brief, Ginsburg used the statute to argue that gender-based discrimination hurt men, too. “Why,” she asked the Court during oral arguments, “did the framers of the 14th Amendment regard racial [discrimination] as odious? Because a person’s skin color bears no necessary relationship to ability. Similarly…a person’s sex bears no necessary relationship to ability.”

            She understood and understands better than anyone else I’ve ever read that women are entitled to equal protection of the law, not lesser, not some “social” cutout, but equal.

          • Also a reminder that the “strict scrutiny” for which RBG argued in Reed v. Reed, that is the law of the land for race and that all but guarantees no racially tinged state policy or law will stand, is still out of reach for women.

            In fact, the anything goes standard for women, of “intermediate scrutiny” was further diluted by O’Conner et al into the even more permissive “undue burden” in “Planned Parenthood v. Casey” (yes that anti-abortion Dem., Bob Casey’s dad). Women have suffered from the consequences of that ever since, and not just in increased state ownership of their bodies.

  9. I want Nancy Pelosi’s coat!

  10. Has he found CoS yet?

    • My choice for nominee for President, except that he won’t run. The absolute antithesis of Trump: he’s very smart, very sober and believable in his analysis, and yet occasionally shows a sense of humor. What he lacks is what many like to refer to as “charisma,” but which while valuable for a movie star, is a greatly overrated trait for effective leadership.

      • He is my favorite, nerdy and smart. The whole CA Dem delegation is superb.

        • Agree. PM. CA has very impressive reps (excludng the likes of Nunes of course) and two fine, fine female Dem senators. I like Schiff because he is unflappable, reserved and always has his eye on the ball. He will be an exceptional Committee leader.

        • Yes. I think Eric Swalwell is going to run. I like him, he is smart, though he does have a bit of that Matt Damon movie role cockiness I don’t think he would be able to win the nomination, though; he could be a possible VP choice.

  11. Why does Nancy Pelosi have to promise not to serve more than four more years as Speaker, just to get the votes she needs? I see no inherent value in replacing extremely capable older leaders with young ones. We’re not going to get a better Speaker than Pelosi; the ones before her on the Democratic side were not, nor will the ones after her, whoever those may be. What makes her effective is that she is very smart, counts votes, and knows all that is necessary about legislation. That she has these detractors on her own side, is ridiculous. Schumer should probably he replaced, but because he does not seem very effective, not because of age. Too many Democrats do not seem to understand what the House Speaker’s responsibilities are, none of which are “being charismatic” or being young.

    • William, maybe it is what SHE wants. Maybe she is ready to step down for the good of the Party, but on her own terms. I have no doubt she will be remembered in the history books and will finish her time in the House in a blaze of glory. She’s a Hall of Famer already!

  12. Well said!

  13. William,

    I understand your concerns about passing on the Speakership to those less experienced and talented as Nancy. However, I think she is right to have limits on how long a person can serve as Speaker. We all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely and what we’re seeing in Congress now is proof of that.

    I believe Nancy said it best herself: “I want to be a bridge for the future generations”. Her willingness to mentor and then pass the torch to those coming up is the way it should be. She is a great leader for her willingness to compromise. These men and women are elected to serve the people not hang on to power for life. In fact, I think term limits would be a good idea for the House and the Senate!

  14. Maddow has been at this new scandal for a long time, Inauguration Committee and where did the money go?

    • Rachel has been pulling at a lot of threads for awhile now. She is wickedly smart and a superb critical thinker. When she raises logical questions in light of reliable information, it means something, at least to me! I am waiting for her to posit the implications of a stolen election, an illegitimate administration and a justifiable roll back of all they have inflicted on this country and its people.

      I heard a discussion today about challenging the Justice Department’s policy on not indicting a sitting prez. The point was made that the policy memos are based on the assumption that the Prez is too busy doing the nation’s business to be distracted or impeded by indictments.
      Clearly, if 45* can spend so much time watching and being interviewed by Fox, getting fatter on Big Macs, talking to friends on an insecure phone and tweeting incoherently and inappropriately to the world, he has time to be indicted for federal and state crimes past and present.

      • I think it is Rep. Adam Schiff who said that that indicting sitting president is possible. And I also saw another article on it.

        And of course, he plays president for his peeps on TV. Here he is walking into the WH at noon.

      • Cats,

        I totally agree that Rachel is wickedly smart and a superb critical thinker. What still gets me to this day is where were these attributes during the 2016 presidential election? She reserved all of her critical thinking almost exclusively to Hillary, while letting the boyz (especially her pal Bernie) get a free pass. They were not vetted (as they should have been) and is why trump was able to slink into the WH.

        I applaud Rachel’s excellent investigative skills but I would have admired her even more if she had been “fair” in her reporting of ALL of the presidential candidates during that now infamous election. If she and all of the other reporters had been fair and objective in their coverage (which is the primary responsibility as the 4th Estate), the American people and the rest of the world would more than likely be in a much better place than it is now, don’t you think?

        Until they own up to their complicity in helping put trump in the WH and recognize and admit that they helped “steal” the presidency from Hillary and undercut the will of the people, I will continue to speak out about how horribly they failed us.

        • Very well said, Kathleen. But none of us should hold our breath waiting for the Media to confess their sins because they won’t.

  15. We’ve had a plethora of men who are considered serious contenders, despite a lack of experience and the ability to build consensus and coalitions. I like both Adam Schift and Eric Swalwell, but I think both Kamala Harris and Amy Klobachar would give them a run for their money. We should not put too much emphasis on personality rather than the whole person and their ability to be tough but compassionate, a multi-tasker, a big picture person and an extraordinary ability to communicate and listen to all types of people, to have a vision that will include all of the country and not just the base. Unfortunately, it will be a long time before we find someone who is anywhere near as qualified as Hillary.

    The person who runs must have a record of accomplishment and not just a desire to run for President. People are already talking about Beto O’Rourke running! Great guy, but I’d like to see him pay some dues first and get to know him better. Obama and George W. came to the WH with little or no accomplishments and you’d think we would have learned by now not to keep doing the same think over and over again and expecting a different result.

    • Kathleen, you know i am a dreamer, but a Hillary/Abrams or Hillary/Klobuchar ticket would fly me to the moon and back! Would also love to see Sally Yates as AG. Four years of Hillary with a hand off to either woman would be epic, esp with a Dem House and the possibility of a Dem Senate if the GOP crashes and burns, as it should by 2020. We might actually be able to save the Titanic with the right people at the helm.

      • I really think Klobuchar is a great option at the top of the ticket. She is a solid Democrat with a long track record in the Senate and experience as a prosecutor. She is from the Midwest and has a folksy appeal. She speaks with authenticity and is able to display humor, intelligence, and a degree of compassion without sounding sappy, something that is unfortunately necessary for a woman in public life, but in her case, has a genuine ring, as it likely is genuine. I have been paying more attention to her lately and like her a lot.

      • Cats,

        I’m with you and lililam 100%.

        If the women who marched on January 21st 2017 would stand together in solidarity in 2020, your dream (and mine)would become a reality! If women would only wake up and realize just how powerful they really are and how much women are needed now to bring our democracy back to life…the men have put us into insurmountable debt, chaos and no direction or vision. Moreover because of trump’s destruction of our country and our leadership role around the world requires us to be BOLD not timid. What could be more bold than 2 women on a ticket? The debates would surely require more substance and specifics and less blarney (which both trump and sanders and their finger pointing excelled in).

        We’ve never really considered the positive impact a total female ticket would bring to the Oval Office but I expect it would be much like a clean up crew after a flood or a fire. Women would be expected to do the job and that they would NEVER be given a pass, as the boyz always get. NO EXCUSES for them. Because the standard placed on them would be very high (as it should be) for such a job, I have no doubt that women would do a much better job than putting another male in the WH who would be talking the talk but NOT walking the walk.

        I’m sure you and lililam are in agreement that women are tired of “waiting” for that perfect moment in time for them to be taken seriously in being both President/Vice President, which predominately men keep telling us. By now we should know that that “perfect” time will NEVER come and we can’t wait any longer, since the boyz have clearly fallen short and we are going over the cliff.

    • Kathleen, I agree. We are not going to get anyone as qualified or as knowledgeable as Hillary. People can thrill all they want to new names, but they will see that every one of them has flaws and lacks, which will show up during the campaign. And yes, the idea is to elect a really good President, not just win the election, as important as that is. It infuriates me to hear various people try to blame the 2016 results on Hillary, and think that because we won some House seats in 2018, this means that anybody but Hillary could win. Maybe it’s like 1976, where Democrats had a very good chance to win the Presidency, and Carter squeaked through, but lasted four years, and Republicans ran against him for the next 16 years, even if he was not on the ballot. And yes, Obama’s limitations helped lead to the Republicans taking over the state legislatures and the Congress, which Hillary had nothing to do with. So it is far from a freebie, and so much is at stake. But while Republicans just want to win, because they all vote en bloc, Democrats usually look for some mythical figure, and get angry when there really aren’t any like in the superhero(ine) movies.

  16. Crazy!

  17. Can we just put all these corrupt mfers in jail and take their guns away. Start with indicting NRA.

  18. Tim Ryan of Ohio is an idiot. I do not know what his goal is,other than self-aggrandizement. How do term limits for Speakers help Democrats? The other side keeps veteran, wily people in there, and the Democrats keep changing leaders who then have to spend years learning the nuances? The biggest political problem Democrats face going forward is that they could devolve into a bunch of people who each think they know best; carping at and frustrating each other, and never getting behind a leader, or a set of policies. Will we have the Biden Democrats, the Harris Democrats, the O’Rourke Democrats, et al?

    It’s one thing to be “The Resistance,” as necessary as that is; and another to actually run the government, as well as grow and develop the national party’s strength. Carter could not do the former effectively, and Obama could not do the latter. Why do Democrats never hold him or the way he got nominated and elected, as significantly responsible for the massive loss in national power in all branches of government from 2009-2017? Do they think it was just racism? If so, how did he manage to win two national elections? We need smart leaders who really care about the long-term health of the Democrats, and who are not neophytes or grandstanders, like several of them seem to be.

  19. William,

    Tim Ryan is a power hungry idiot! I called his office when I saw he was one of the signatories on the letter opposing Pelosi for the Speakership and gave his staff a piece of my mind. I made it clear that the 12 men (and 2 misguided women) on that letter were showing that dems are just as sexist as the republicans. I asked on what basis was Ryan making this claim other than to position himself and other men to get that powerful position without ever having earned it. Pelosi earned it and is the right person for the job in taking on trump. I also pointed out that Schumer and the men in other powerful positions have not been asked to leave their positions to put new blood in, despite schumer’s poor performance as minority leader in the senate, which proves my point that all these men want is power but don’t want to do the work necessary to deserve it. Something only a sexist could do with a straight face.

    • I agree that it is ageism and sexism and those concepts are alive and well in the Democratic party. The interesting thing about our society now is that young people or those who never had any intellectual curiosity tend to revisit long debunked and rejected ideas and then uncritically believe those ideas and think that they somehow have outsmarted the rest of us and are now “woke” while all the rest of us have been living in some sort of miasma. Liberals aren’t immune to this and so many of the younger generation(s) often buy into clearly terrible ideas such as misogyny and ageism.

  20. Next scandal in the making.

    • Reminder, trump established his 2020 campaign hours after getting inaugurated and has been making money off of it since.

  21. About Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, I will go with a man or woman who articulates what happed in 2016, the danger it exposed America to and how she/he has a plan of action to make a complete course correction from such a takeover again. Whoever she/he is, they better consult BC, the winner of last effective Dem campaign. Obama’s was nothing compared to BC’s because he had media protection and he only had to defeat Hillary in the primary and he didn’t even do that. Even a dog with a Dem label would have won in 2008 after GW fiasco.

    I was watching a documentary of the election between GHWB and BC and Paul Begala said how they stole the townhall chairs (from the TV network) and replaced it with the one that BC used for practice. They had practiced how he should sit on the high chair and how he would get off it to approach a questioner. That is planning to win and I want that in the next person running. BC himself had called into his team during the debate planning meeting to propose a townhall setup which they all thought that GHWB team won’t accept but they did.

  22. Let me get this straight. Conway can’t persuade his wife to quit her job of defending a felonious president she works for but wants to convince the nation? Valiant effort but work on her too.

    • I can’t imagine remaining married to someone who is that unethical. I just couldn’t live with myself no matter how much I loved the person. Thankfully, I married a wonderful woman who would never behave in such scandalous ways. I just don’t see how being deceptive and manipulative doesn’t bleed over into the relationship. I certainly would never trust someone like that and without trust in your relationships you have nothing.

      • Agree. In an analogous context, my uncle used to work for customs and tax department (in India) and one day I was expressing my disgust at all the bribes he accepted and my dad was quizzing me what I would do if he were like that just to see what I would say. I was a high schooler then. I told him I would disown him. But luckily my dad was as honest as they come and I didn’t have to test my resolve. Proud of him everyday.

  23. Looks like a Federal Judge just did away with the ACA. Hard, hard times ahead for a lot of people. Lots of people won’t get treatment. Lots of people going to be financially ruined now. States will have to pick up the tab on everything. Just the wrong thing to do. These Republicans are just super sorry and stupid to boot. They are so financially irresponsible it is astonishing. I think all they care about is how much money they can plunder out of the Treasury.

    • I think the decision will be overturned, but then it will get appealed to the Supreme Court, and who knows what they will do. Right now, the ACA is the same as it was. But the right-wing judge did this on purpose right before the last day of enrollment, in an apparent effort to reduce enrollment, plus cause panic.

      It always angers me to hear stupid right-wing people talk about “wanting judges to interpret laws, not make laws.” The fact is that the radical right judges and justices appointed by Trump are the most radical jurists in our history. They delight in offering up weird and ahistorical interpretations of the Bill of Rights. They want to reimagine the Constitution to turn it into a version that they created out of their anti-democratic, religious, and authoritarian belief system. Watch as they find all gun control legislation as violating the Second Amendment, while restrictions on free speech and free press are found to be legitimate. And every single decision will favor business over labor, irrespective of anything the New Deal ever put into law. I don’t know how liberals let radical right people frame the terms of the judicial debate so that liberal judges are seen as inventing laws, while radical right judges are just calling balls and strikes. It is completely untrue. The far right has long intended the judiciary to act as the compliant and anti-intellectual authoritarian arm of the oligarchy, nothing more or less. That will be the worst political legacy of the blatantly stolen election, something that cannot be easily undone for decades. That was what McConnell and the Federalist Society wanted; Trump was just the figurehead who allowed them to do it.

      • With the Republicans its always opposite day. Everything they say is the opposite of what they actually do. When they say they want strict “Constitutionalist” judges they mean they want people who will throw out the Constitution. I always wonder about these hyper religious, hyper partisan backers of this crap because they are always the ones who couldn’t possibly live in a religious caliphate. Every single hard core right wing person I know drinks, smokes, lies, cheats, steals, uses drugs and every other vice known to man.

  24. Ooops!

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  26. What do you say? Shall we send this guy to Venus? He was on trump’s EPA transition team!

  27. Correct me if I’m wrong. The planet is still there but it’s uninhabited.

    • The remark by Milloy is beyond frightening. This is what we are dealing with. And Trump appointed all sorts of people like him to run every position which deals with the environment. I can’t even comprehend what sort of monster tries to destroy the land, water, plants, animals, and everything else. For money? Just out of spite? Because they are abysmally stupid, with less knowledge than the average nursery school student? Can you imagine trying to have a conversation with MIlloy?
      “If we destroy plant life on earth, humans cannot live.” “How ridiculous. There are no plants on the moon, and it still shines.” “But there are no people on the moon.” “Maybe not, but there aren’t any oppressive taxes there, either.”

  28. Come on, reporters. Dig deeper. Find the truth about Broidy and the million dollar settlement. Have you seen that guy? who wants to have sex with that guy and get pregnant accidentally?

  29. And now for something completely off topic: :mrgreen:

  30. Schrodinger’s Cat Fight? 😛

  31. Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” :mrgreen:

    The original, from the Phil Spector Christmas album.

  32. The first time she sang it on Letterman’s show (1986).

  33. The last time she sang it on Letterman’s show (2014).

  34. I for one appreciate Katyal taking this initiative to sound alarm. I still see many who have influence sitting on the sidelines. He has his conservative doppelgänger Conway who is perhaps doing penance for his dirty deeds during Clinton administration.

    • *sigh* Can we warn people of WaPo links in the future, please–since WaPo only allows you so many articles before they demand payment, even though Bezos has more $$$ than Benedict Donald could ever dream of having?

      • I do realize PM meant well.

      • Bing or Google the title words and click on the WAPO link in your search results. But I agree, Bezos should make it available without extracting money from little people like us.

  35. What the press corps left out in RD’s post pic:

  36. YouTube is very close to my heart for listening to music, like this one right now. RD, you may be interested in this video. Start listening at 1:09. Raga is called Keeravani.

    But like Facebook, it is toxic and they should clean up their act. Their algorithm is fucked up. Disband the recommendation engine. Even with the video above, the artist is politically engaged and therefore, while I search for his music videos, I get a lot of junk about muckrakers trying to discredit him. It annoys the hell out of me.

    • pm 17, I sometimes watch a few Youtube music videos, too; older music which is not available on CD. That’s all I ever go to there, except occasionally a clip from SCTV or maybe Monty Python.. But when they put up a list of “suggested videos” for me, there are always a few obviously right-wing videos. I never click on them. I have read that if one does, you are then fed a series of them. Some entities are using Youtube as a platform for right-wing, conspiracy fed, hate. And one should never underestimate the power of relentless propaganda. It’s cleat that Hillary would have won the election, maybe rather easily, were it not for an almost six-year program run by Russia, to fill the social media with anti-Hillary lies, and fake news stories. It’s pretty much inevitable than when there is a new form of communication, the oligarchs and the rabid haters will seek to use it for their gain. And the social platforms do nothing to stop it. Meanwhile, on the rare occasions when I want to write a review of a record of film on Amazon, they hold it up for a few days, to apparently make sure that it doesn’t violate some guideline?

      • All these social media platforms and their stupid algorithms were a gift to anti-Hillary contingent. If you search for her videos, it is overrun by conspiracy videos. Still the reach and spread of YouTube is not as long as Facebook.

  37. And who was helped by it, again?

  38. Ooops! Tomorrow should be very interesting.

  39. LOL, Bernie can go to hell!

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