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So true…

18 Responses

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  2. Was it all worth it to you, Elfie?

  3. Media (and Ari), don’t fucking make this about Hillary not even wanting to look at trump? He didn’t have the decency to acknowledge BC or Carter who were both looking at him.

    • The insufferable Sally Quinn was criticizing Hillary Clinton for her “behavior” at the funeral. I thought my head would explode.

      • “Mean Girls.” If you are not in the clique, they’ll attack you every hour of every day.

      • Sleazy women like Sally can also be sexist. Women can be sexist.

  4. I saw this.

    • Very genuine and touching. She should be President, and he should be First Gentleman. And they would have made the country and world so much better.

      • Yep. Lost opportunity. I admire her for weathering such a huge disappointment with so much grace and wisdom. Handling disappointments is not my strong suit, so I know.

    • Thanks for sharing, pm. That’s lovely.

      • Loved it, too, PM. For all those people who never forgave her for not divorcing him: If you don’t understand the strength of this bond after looking at this vid, you never will. It goes far beyond sex.

        • It is the attraction of the intellect. BC more than any I know is very cerebral and more importantly he is not afraid of a strong and intelligent woman and women in general. He did more to support women than any I can think of. He relishes all things intellectual. Well I don’t know him 😉 but that is what I get watching him.

  5. What is happening in WI and NC is bad for democracy (small d) and Republicans are responsible for it.

  6. You can see Chelsea in the back and she is talking to sweatshop Barbie who is not in the frame.

  7. Hillary (and BC) supporters, all of us, should pledge not to support a 2020 candidate if they disrespect her/him. No vote for you! Twitter is great in that you see a cross section of people and their ’emotion’ and what gives me hope that others feel like I do about Hillary is seeing how they went after Dowd recently for her garbage article and how they are going after Tingles calling these motherfuckers out. There is a lot of love and respect for Hillary out there.

    • I hear you, PM. I wish all that love and respect had been more visible in 2018. All the positive opinions of her were drowned out or completely ignored; all the negative, endlessly repeated and amplified for maximum damage.

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