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Rule the World

Special Counsel Mueller’s office released the sentencing recommendations for former national security advisor Michael Flint. The government said after they confronted him in what he must have known was evidence of his lying, he cooperated fully, and provided “substantial assistance” in a “timely” manner. In other words, whatever he told them got other people to confess.

The question remains, why did he lie in the first place? He’s not a stupid guy. Can ideology that intense short circuit your common sense? Or is there something else he was trying to hide?

His cooperation resulted in assistance to a criminal investigation, a counterintelligence investigation and something else. Almost everything is redacted. Very frustrating. But there’s more to come from Mueller this week so as Preet Bharara would say, “Stay Tuned”.


North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin Republicans are acting like the only elections that count are the ones where they win. No other party or winners count.


Tweet of the week:


Walk to work music in the snow:


70 Responses

  1. Re Flynn: i was taken aback when Mueller praised his military career. Didn’t Obama warn 45* about Flynn in his hand off? Didn’t Flynn give classified info to NATO allies? Didn’t he have a second, unauthorized internet connection in his office? Isn’t that why the military got rid of him? My memory is poor but there were reasons to suspect and despise Flynn before he hooked up with the trump crime family. If i got any of that wrong, please correct me, my memory sucks!

  2. PM: i tied to post a comment with just L$$ At$$$$$ as you asked and it disappeared as you predicted.

    • Weird. Let me check the moderation bin for that name.

    • Thanks for confirming.

    • The unmentionable name, he was around for the first Bush campaign in 1988 with Dukakis. Looks like he was not around for the campaign with BC? (I should dig it up). If he was, I wonder why he was not successful making more hay with Jennifer Flowers and others.

      • Big cover story on “The Star” (whatever that Murdoch rag is called) and almost derailment of Clinton’s primary campaign was pretty effective hay.

      • He died in 1991. He developed a very aggressive brain tumor in 1990 and (exceptionally painful and debilitating) treatment was unsuccessful. During his illness, he converted to Roman Catholicism and publicly apologized to Dukakis and others for the way he conducted political campaigns and specifically for the W* H* ad. I would link to the apology in the New York Times, but the link contains his name and it was swallowed by WordPress the first time around.

        • it was swallowed by WordPress the first time around.

          Aha!! happened to you too. 3rd data point. He must be haunting wordpress.

          Thanks for the info.

    • One of my comments disappeared and now I know why. Maybe Word Press thinks we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.

  3. […] Source link […]

  4. That tweet in the post is gold. And tariffs/subsidies are a feature, not a bug. Because they further weaken the US government. Weakened America is the goal for trump and Pootie.

  5. Just saw Chelsea talking to the Pences. Bush twins and especially Jenna get slobbering treatment from the media but never Chelsea. Heard tingles say BC suffered because he didn’t have a father figure and then lo and behold, GHWB filled that role. Changed the channel. Watching CNN.

  6. Chelsea and Ivanka are sitting together, chatting.

    • I guess they are still friends. Chelsea is a far, far better person than I. After the campaign, I would have shunned plastic Barbie like a leper.

  7. I think the Quayles (remember him?) stopped by BC and H. OMG, trump gets a special entrance. ugh.

  8. Melania shook hands with the Obamas and BC and waved to Hillary. trump shook hands with the Obamas. John King is wrong.

    • Garance wondered why there was no staff to take his jacket. The Marine stepped in or rather trump forced him.

      • When Bush was lying in state, 45* saluted the coffin. I wanted to vomit. Personally, I don’t think anyone should give a military salute if they were never in the military and if they dodged the military with imaginary bone spurs, there should be an absolute prohibition on doing so. I think Obama saluted on occasion and it was supposed to be okay, but I think it is disrespectful. I guess the rationale is that he is CIC so it is acceptable.

  9. Everything he touches is ruined.

  10. or his dad’s…

  11. Safe to assume Trudeau won’t be eulogizing trump.

    • With any luck no one will, he ain’t a legitimate president, he didn’t even play one on TV.

      • He will have Fox news people give his eulogy. My comment was when Canadian PM Brian Mulrooney was giving his speech at the funeral today.

  12. All these Republicans look so polished and refined. /s

  13. Christian funerals are beautiful. Like most everything else in that religion, keeps a clean and sophisticated façade without exposing the raw underbelly of sorrow.

  14. I think that what happened in Wisconsin last night is even more important than Flynn, and maybe the whole Russia investigation. Their legislature is completely gerrymandered; 55% Democratic votes got them 36% of the seats. So the Republicans just voted to take away the new Democratic governor and attorney general’s powers, plus make it harder to vote. Walker will sign it. A typical lying Republican legislator said that this was just to retain balance among the parties. Where was the balance when Walker was governor? They did not have a lame duck session for eight years there. This is purely and simply a fascist move to keep power in the face of an election which did not suit them.

    I am sure it is not fair to blame Obama for such things, but him just letting McConnell deny Garland a hearing, surely emboldened Republicans. Had he punished them by blocking grants to their states; had he made a national issue of this every day, they might have thought twice the next time. But there really is no punishment for them. The worst that happens is that the Democrats will sue, it will take at least a year in court, and the right-wing judges might find for the Republicans. If they are allowed to gerrymander like that, Democrats can never take over these states, they will have installed a permanent dictatorship. I don’t know all the legal aspects in Wisconsin, but I might suggest that the new governor just ignore the bill, say it is unconstitutional; go ahead and do what governors used to be able to do there, and let the Republicans be the ones suing. And he should issue edicts restoring early voting, and have his AG enforce them. Playing nice, always being the side that loses gracefully; thinking that if you follow rules and decorum, it will somehow come out well, is stupid and destructive. If the whole democracy falls apart, it would be awful, but it is a risk that has to be taken, because this way it is torn down piece by piece, and Democrats end up having no power whatsoever in a sham republic.

  15. W got where he is because of daddy, having wasted the first 40 years of his life. But some people didn’t want Hillary to get where she and most others wanted because they said she would get there because of her husband (even though she has long been eminently qualified).

  16. Well, the man did break down in public at his son’s expensive mistake like the unwanted war which he himself didn’t want to get into for good reason. .

    • Wasn’t it said at the time that W went to war with Iraq solely because they went after his daddy?

      • oh, rationalization I would think. But I saw (in the last couple of weeks)a letter GHWB wrote about why he would not go to Iraq after liberating Kuwait and some of the things he said in that letter hauntingly came true after his son went there.

  17. How extraordinary for women everywhere to have elected an eminently qualified wife of another eminently qualified president?!!! Erase trump from the pics today.

    • Chelsea is supposed to not only forever abstain from politics, she must refrain from any public statements about anything. Our media are really monarchists, and the Clintons do not have the blood royal, which is obtained here through ruthless business practices which accrue immense wealth.

      • It is shameful how the media personalities have effectively silenced her and shut her out. It is doubly annoying as they slobber over the Bush twins and Jenna having that beautiful career on NBC.

        • I have seen so many excellent tweets from Chelsea, gracious in the face of every rabid, irrational attack. It is actually one of the few positive things I can say about twitter. They haven’t silenced her there.

          • True. I have seen her tweets too. Maybe I should have said, they try. Any major thing she wants to do, they are there to ruin it for her and that takes its own toll.

          • Agree, PM. Fortunately, Chelsea has her Mom’s “when you get knocked down, get back up again” gene! She is masterful at turning an insult back on the insulter in the most kind and gracious way. She has provided many a teaching moment for me.

      • Contrary to what you hear, Clinton the ever conciliator did look sideways with a slight smile, in case trump extended a hand to him.

        • I meant BC. Hillary did well not to even bother to look in trump’s direction. Not that trump had any decency to have acknowledged her and he didn’t.

      • Hillary and Bill look exhausted, truly saddened by the loss, I guess they really cared for H.W.

        The Orange Malignancy OTOH is sitting there in his defiant, arms- crossed, little brat pose. Ugh.

  18. Certainly George Herbert Walker Bush deserves a funeral of pomp and heartfelt feelings. However, none of this solves anything in our country. The pretense of everyone getting along and behaving decently, as the various figures show up, is only that. The American people get worn out, and basically just hope for a courteous person in power, even if he or she takes away rights, tramples on the political opposition. Trump tried to have Hillary prosecuted, for absolutely nothing. He said that Obama was elected illegally. Because Dukakis said that he was a proud card-carrying member of the ACLU, his patriotism was questioned every day in 1988. And wishing that we were back in 1991 is both fruitless and forgetful. Where we are now can very easily be understood as an almost inevitable development of the Republican Party into an anti-democratic, oligarchical, prejudiced, unscrupulous entity. Nixon, Helms, Buchanan, Reagan, Bushes, North, Gingrich, DeLay, McConnell, Ryan, Walker, Trump. We’re not going back to some period of comity and fair dealing, though it is possible that some Republicans will now temporarily take on that disguise for election and supportive media purposes. North Carolina and Wisconsin should have torn it off once and for all, but it won’t, of course. I do not like war, no one ever should, but we are in one.

    • I just watched a couple of days ago Bush V Dukakis and Bush was neither gentle nor kind and he had the unmentionable name, L$$ Atwa$$r cooking up Willie Horton ads. Bush younger spread that rumor about McCain fathering that black child they adopted from Bangladesh.

    • William, the funeral is but a vestigial courtesy. I’d say most of our institutions are gone and the consensus is that manners are for losers and/or old people. I know being polite could be difficult at times and often disguised the truth, but it made living with others a whole lot more pleasant! I suspect however when Obama goes, there will be at least one month of mourning, weeping, remembrance and a movement to add him to Mt Rushmore. I don’t even want to think about how the media and the rethugs will treat either Clinton when they pass.

      • You know how the media will treat them: it’ll be a solid month of Monica and Gennifer, all the damned time.

    • However, none of this solves anything in our country.

      True… it simply lets the corporate media take the spotlight off the spoils being claimed by the GOP

  19. If you’re in the DC area, you must visit the Cathedral. It is a beautiful place and I have taken pics of it which unfortunately I can’t link here.

  20. Mooolleeee…

    • Apparently Tingles made some nasty comment about the Clintons not liking Carters. He said something off in the beginning too about BC and I changed the channel. CNN showed BC and H a lot on camera but didn’t hear anything nasty. Why does MSNBC do this knowing that their major share of audience is from Clinton supporters?

      • Tingles is an incurable hater of all things Clinton.

      • I’ve seen a photo of Hillary and Jimmy Carter laughing together all over the internet. Also, all the pundits are saying that Trump snubbed the Clintons, for which I’m sure they’re profoundly grateful, but don’t mention that Trump also did not acknowledge the Carters.

        • Sue, do the pundits think being snubbed by Dumpster is a bad thing? I suspect Hillary couldn’t care less. It is also possible that he didn’t know who Carter was…

  21. How much in subsidy will this be, tariff man?

    1Billion, with a B loss.

    • Good.

    • Well, maybe in the next election they should pull their collective heads out of their asses and vote for people who will represent them, do what is right for them and the rest of us. But no, that won’t happen. They’ll call the Democrat every kind of name from Baby killer, Communist to Pedophile and they’ll all gladly stand in line to vote for the guy who is most likely to intentionally destroy their lives.

      • Sing it, Gregory! I bet a lot of them would even vote to re-elect the man who not only picked their pockets, but took their coats and closets too, just because he could.

  22. We all know he can’t read neither does his immigrant wife. Very Christian president.

    • Rich white Christian evangelicals know he is neither. They don’t care because he gave them the SC so they could rule and control the lives of the rest of us who aren’t. It is my understanding that poor white and African American evangelicals also know he is neither because they saw the obvious hypocrisy, the man who is anything but Christian in word or deed.

    • Well, if he read it he’d probably disappear in a cloud of brimstone. 😉

  23. People should watch for Quayle glaring at trump. If looks could kill…

  24. Nicole Wallace said that Hillary ran a traditional race and told the truth but trump lied and how do you mount an opposition to a fraud like that? (paraphrasing the latter part). Good that Wallace does not appear to have CDS.

    • PM, she voted for Hillary and has said so on her show. I doubt Wallace would have voted for her if Hillary’s opponent had been her kind of Repub, like Kasich or Romney or Jeb (she ADORES the Bushes), but you are right: she doesn’t default to CDS like so many others do. She is one of the few hosts i can watch. Did she by any chance mention how abysmally the media failed to make that same point and focus on policies and kitchen table issues?

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