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G20 signing ceremony moment

There are so many {{cringeworthy}} Trump moments from the G20 but this one captures what the other world leaders are thinking:

Slightly OT, does anyone understand Trump’s obsession with the word “weak”? Does he think that if he calls other people “weak” it will make him look strong?

What kind of brainless person would believe that?


I saw this on Twitter yesterday:

Someone on the news commented that Mueller has checkmated Trump. Mueller has spent many years investigating and prosecuting organized crime and knows how to stalk his quarry, flip witnesses and cut off avenues of escape. (So you think you are going to get a pardon for federal crimes? Ok. I’ve turned a lot of your misdeeds over to state court. Pardon’s not looking so golden now, does it?)

Just a reminder that the following people are Republicans:

Robert Mueller

Rod Rosenstein

Chris Wray

Andrew McCabe

James Comey

All these people Trump says are ganging up on him with angry Democrats are REPUBLICANS.

What Trump actually hates is that these people are not politicians scratching his back. They’re career civil servants or political appointees whose terms of office were intended to survive the president who appointed him.

When Trump is throwing a tantrum about them, it’s not because they’ve become soft hearted and vindictive liberals. It’s because they’re well trained, rule following Republicans who are largely untouchable.


Walk to work music. Get your blood pumping.

20 Responses

  1. The disdain in Trudeau’s voice is palpable. He also called him ‘Donald’ and said to clean up his steel tariffs.

  2. Trump is a has been it’s just over for him, sentencing and property forfeiture is all that’s left for him and his family, well, that and running his ignorant mouth.

    It’s time, what with Republican operative Kavanaugh added to the SCOTUS, NC elections fraud stealing Democrat votes, the gerrymandered Republican NC and Wisconsin Legislatures attempt to continue the Republicans’ hold on state government we need to name the Republican as the real Enemy of the People.

    • Yet the freshmen/women Democrats are saying legislation before investigation. Apparently Democrats do not talk enough about worker’s dignity according to some VT Dem. Nice way to shoot their own while letting the other party go scot-free.

  3. Peep, they are talking about MI’s state legislature as well. Funny how both WI and MI were also two of the three states that let 45* squeak in.

    • Add NC to it. I saw some tweets on election night from NC that said something about vote tampering

  4. Just to go back to what is happening in Wisconsin and probably also Michigan now: It is beyond appalling. It is one political party having decided that power is more important than any other thing, and that they will hold onto it by whatever means. This really started during the Bill Clinton Presidency. Republicans thought they owned the White House, and were furious that Clinton won. So they set out to make his life and administration as miserable as possible. The first thing Clinton tried to do as President was to pass a modest stimulus bill, and Dole filibustered it. The Republicans used the filibuster countless times during Clinton’s and then Obama’s administrations. They blocked multiple lower court appointments Of course, they had Clinton investigated for five years for every financial, business, or private thing he ever did. They impeached him for no other reason than that they had the votes in the House.. Later on, they were so emboldened that they completely blocked even a hearing on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Because they could. And because there was really little blowback, from Obama, and from the media. So that is “winning” to tthem. During the entire GW Bush era they endlessly repeated, “elections have consequences.” But then Obama’s election in 2012 apparently did not carry the consequence that he was allowed to fill a Supreme Court vacancy during his term.

    And it gets worse and worse. With all the winning they had done at the state level during the Obama era, it was apparently not acceptable to them to lose anything. Somehow a Democrat won the governorship in North Carolina in 2016, so the legislature there passed multiple bills limiting his power. They and other states run by Republicans have gerrymandered the districts to such an extent that in Wisconsin, Democrats just won 55% of the popular vote for legislative seats, but only 36% of the seats. Gerrymandering has gone on for many decades, but never like this. Courts had said that the NC gerrymandering was illegal, but they have not fixed any of it yet. Republicans are confident that the Supreme Court packed with far right justices, will allow all of it. Wisconsin today is passing bills to limit the new governor’s and the new attorney general’s powers, plus make voting harder. Republicans have turned into a literal party of fascists. Whatever power they have to do something, they will do. Any branch of government they control, they will use to block the will of the majority. The media always abets them in this; e.g., when Republicans in the House yearly threatened to shut down the government or not raise the debt ceiling, that was called “hardball” or “clever politics.” If Democrats in the new House ever do it, they will be absolutely excoriated by the same media.

    This is what we face.Republicans are not an opposing party, they are fascists who demand that they control every aspect of government. By packing the courts, they plan to institute an authoritarian regime which subsists even if a strong majority of the populace is against it. Democrats did very well in the last election, and Republicans are trying to nullify as much of it as possible. It is time for more than earnest complaining, or even lawsuits. I think that people are going to have to do more. Actually march in the streets and continue to march? Try to shut down the economies of states run by Koch owned crooks? Ah, but the innocent people will suffer, too. It is not an easy problem to solve. But if the will of the people is being perverted by utterly corrupt and amoral people who gained power and now will never relinquish it by electoral means, drastic but legal and nonviolent measures must be taken. Republicans have completely abdicated any right to hold power at any level of government.

    • Agree, innocents are already suffering some are being killed.

    • I agree that we are up against a fascist coup that has been mounting for decades, a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” as Hillary so accurately called it. We should all be in the streets, all the time. But like most people I just want to be left alone to live my life as I please, diminished as it is by the limited reality of a destroyed system. However, energy can rise and sweep us up in righteous action. I just don’t know how that will happen, or how I can help it.

  5. Here is more idiocy. Apparently 48 newly elected Democrats signed a letter to Nancy Pelosi, demanding that there should be more focus on passing bills, than in conducting investigations.. First, it is completely inappropriate to do this. They think that Pelosi is their tool, to use how they please? That they will only vote for her for Speaker if she does it just the way they want? Second, and even more importantly, anyone who is not a naive “citizen politician” who just got elected without knowing much about how a Congress or government works, would realize that none of their agenda is going to get passed by the Senate, probably not even brought to the floor. And if one small item somehow gets through, Trump will veto it.

    That of course does not mean that it is not important to work on legislation, and at least show the country what they are trying to achieve. But they aren’t getting it signed into law. And we know that the Republicans, aided by the compliant media, will so obfuscate it all, that it will look like the Democrats are asking for too much, or passing a House bill which will raise everyone’s taxes immensely. The fact that the bills will never become law in this administration, will mean that no one will know what good they might do. But yes, work on good legislation, it is important. Is there some reason that they cannot do both? It seems to me that when Republicans run the House, they investigate everything, and still pass bills. To my mind, this letter is nothing but a stupid and arrogant attempt to extort Pelosi, and to blame her if she doesn’t do what they say. I’m sure that she is very capable of running the Speakership without their public input. It sounds to me that this kind of thing is coming from the “No Labels” fake Democrats, and/or the Berniecrats, who kept yelling during the last three years that Russia was not important, that we should stop focusing on election hacking. I wonder why? I had thought that after we won the House, we could relax a little bit, and be confident that the Democrats would offer a major check on Republicans. I guess that we overestimated their capacity to work as a cohesive group. Just because you won your first election to a House seat, does not mean that you know what is going on, or how to fight Republicans, who always work as tightly controlled bloc. Far less grandstanding, and far more working together, is imperative.

  6. OMG, they are all so incompetent and the other are all so competent. FUN!! Goohliani runs a cybersecurity firm, I think.

  7. Happy Birthday to Chino, of Is the Order a Rabbit?.

  8. It’s that time of year again.

  9. I am disappointed this motherfuker is not spending anytime in jail.

    • I really wanted to see him go to prison but I’ll keep my eye on the big picture. He must have sung like Jenny Lind.

      • Sue if i understood Rachel correctly, the recommendation was 0 to 6 months and the sentencing won’t occur for awhile, perhaps until the report is completed? I would be okay with one month in a max security prison, some place where he won’t be golfing or playing tennis or have a cell to himself. You know, one of those places where you don’t drop your soap in the shower.

  10. Yep, look at the big picture and we are already there. Get him out of there.

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