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Ecuador. Duh.

Mueller team: What did Paul Manafort and Julian Assange discuss when he came to the embassy in London.

Ecuador: Paul Manafort? {{rifling through logbook}} Paul… Manafort. Nope. Could he have used another name? Pablo? Manoamano? {{staff giggles in background}}

Mueller team: He was the American. Casually dressed when he exited the embassy, wearing sandy-coloured chinos, a cardigan and a light-coloured shirt. Visited in March 2016. Stayed about {{checking video on iPhone}} 40 minutes.

Ecuador: {{crickets}}

Mueller team: Take your time.

6 Responses

  1. Manafort/Stone –> Wikileaks –> trump (Russia, if you’re listening?) –> GRU –> Wikileaks –>Stone –> trump …

    {Manafort/Wikileaks/trump all bailed out by Russian money at one point or another}

    • Funny, after all the massive coordination (yes, I would bet my last dollar there was such a thing), all they got was Podesta’s Risotto recipe? But he “won” the presidency and is weakening America bit by bit. So where does that leave us?

  2. RD, there are a lot of skeptics out there questioning the article. But like Matthew Miller tweeted, wouldn’t the Ecuador embassy squatter be surveilled 24/7 and all visitors in and out captured?

    • They have a good point. If this is true and Manafort actually met with Assange in London in March 2016 just a month after he offered his services to Trump – for free! – it would be very serious for the Trump administration. A lot of little puzzle pieces would start to fall into place, especially with respect to Manafort’s ties to Russian organized crime bosses and Ukrainian autocrats. It’s been the holy grail since this thing began. What is the link between Trump, the Russians, and the most serious political crime since the Cuban burglars broke into the DNC at the Watergate?
      So, we don’t want to just assume that this story is correct. Proof is very desirable. You want to make sure.
      That being said, I’ve heard that London has more CCTV cameras installed than anywhere else in the world. Do I think their embassy row was surveilled? Is the pope catholic? Ok, but let’s say for the sake of argument that the diplomats weren’t comfortable with that and limited the cameras. There still would have been cameras recording when a person entered and left a particular geographic area. That is the least intrusive surveillance, right? But we’re talking about Ecuador here. That’s who Assange is hanging out with and his residence at the embassy would have likely been monitored. Why? Because he can’t fucking leave the premises without being arrested and/or extradited. Slightly OT: why hasn’t ecuador kicked him out yet? What does Assange have on it?
      Anyway, let’s assume that there were enough cameras/recording devices/drones disguised as insects/{{insert 007 Q’s wetdreams here}}. Let’s assume that there was a guy who roughly fit the description of Manafort in Levi’s dockers, jumper and shirt, how would we know for sure that it’s Manafort?
      Biometrics, baby. You think Mueller doesn’t have his measurements? It would be pretty easy to figure out how far his face deviated from the golden ratio or whatever the hell theyre using as a standard these days.
      So, I’m going to assume that if such footage exists, there is a reasonable certainty that Mueller has positively identified him as Manafort. Maybe this is how Mueller knows Manafort is lying.
      On another note, I read a substantial thread this morning about the likelihood that Trump is going to pardon Manafort. This logical conclusion is that it wouldn’t do Manafort any good at this point. He forfeits everything if he backs out of the deal and will be sentenced at the state level. It looks like 50 years. So, backing out of the plea deal was not in anticipation of an act of mercy from Trump. No, more likely, Manafort has been covering for someone who’s deadly and determined to keep all his minions in line.
      It might not be Putin but it’s probably someone who knows Putin. I guess Manafort wants to avoid the Skripal treatment. Or the Khashoggi treatment. In other words, solitary confinement might be looking pretty good right about now.

      • There is still this nagging detail though, that if solitary confinement is what he wants for protection, he could have spilled the beans. But I think the fear might be that they will go after his family members and with this broken plea agreement, he is showing whoever is the puppet master that he didn’t spill the beans. So pardon at this point is moot. Especially if with JDA, he shared stuff that were lies (from Mueller’s POV) and that made its way into trump’s open book answers, catching trump with the same lies.

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