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Chaos and insanity.

Let’s think this through, shall we?

We are going to trap these human beings between a rock and a hard place. If we close the border coming into the US, what makes us think Mexico won’t close its border going out of the US? What about transportation of goods over the border in either direction? What about families who have members working legally in either country who would like to visit? What about tourism?

What will Canada do? Has anyone thought about whether the Canadians will look with horror on how we’re tear gassing poor little Honduran kids in diapers?

What EXACTLY is the problem with processing these people like we used to do or sending aid to their countries to put down lawless insurrections? If we want them to stay in Central America, maybe we should help make Central America more livable for them. Oh, that’s not YOUR problem? Just wait until the borders close.

How about the Russians moving in on Ukraine?

How about Ford planning to close plants and lay-off thousands of Trump voters because of the rising costs of imported steel that we tariffed?

How about the romaine lettuce we can’t eat because the FDA was allowed to relax regulations to appease farmers?

How about the deficit becoming a source of frustration to Trump after he and his party foolishly cut taxes on very wealthy people and corporations?

This is just the beginning of the wheels coming off the country and all because a lot of really snooty white women couldn’t see how they were flim flamming them on social media about Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This is what we will get: political, economic and social instability. It’s going to get worse. And we haven’t even talked about climate change that no one can escape from.

He is what he is- a large, soft, orange colored, ignorant, mean, fool of a crime boss who is using his position to enrich his family. You can tell by their Christmas decorations that they don’t have souls.

The Republican Senators and House members are letting this happen by not holding him accountable. The only protests we should be having right now should be at the Capitol in DC. Let’s see them try to cross our border.

18 Responses

  1. How about Ford planning to close plants and lay-off thousands of Trump voters because of the rising costs of imported steel that we tariffed?

    IF only Ford would develop that “clean coal” fueled car that tRump has designed we would be soo much better off

    • At this point, the only strategy he knows is to call and intimidate the CEOs. That is it. There are no other plans.

  2. Back to regular programming, right RD? It is like sleeping with one eye open. Many are discussing his 2020 candidacy already. Manafort development is a disappointment but we will see – looks like Mueller has evidence using which he could tell Manafort was lying, hopefully by extension trump if Manafort’s lawyers coordinated with trump’s lawyers in his open book test. So that is good. We need a bigger blue wave in 2020.

    When I look at this WH Christmas decoration, Melania’s brainchild, my first thought was Khashoggi. The Saudis, the barbarians that they are, could not even off the journalist in a quiet manner like Pootie does all the time.

  3. Maybe emptywheel is right. Mueller may use Manafort’s hearing to show how trump was involved in the Russian shenanigans. The guy who brags about writing his own answers without his lawyers, who does not trust anyone, would not remain innocent of all the Russian meddling that was going on in his campaign. The whole thing was coordinated at the highest levels.

    • It is notable that this article dropped after yesterday’s news. I don’t think we knew of Manafort’s shenanigans with the squatter at he Equador’s embassy.

  4. *Ecuador

  5. I have to say I think that the people of this country are at least part of the actual cause of instability in Central and South America as well as Mexico because of our fellow citizens love of illicit and illegal drugs. But nobody here is going to own up to our responsibilities or admit that our social problems spill off onto our neighbors. Also, in the near future the tropics are probably going to be completely unlivable. How does one survive 90+ temperatures even at night coupled with 100% humidity? It is physically impossible for our species. So, we might as well start dealing with the problems now rather than when it is going to be impossible. If Mexico decides they’d rather send their food elsewhere then we’d be in a sorry state. I live in Texas and there is hardly any food (I am vegan) that I can buy here that wasn’t grown in Mexico. I think we are in the first stages of this thing spiraling out of control. In my opinion, this is just what the Russians wanted. They’ve cultivated these Republican Rats for decades and are just now ready to start reaping the rewards. Got to acknowledge that they saw our biggest weaknesses (greed, arrogance, corruption, poorly informed electorate) and used those against us.

    • In my opinion, this is just what the Russians wanted.

      When I look at everything trump is doing/has done, taxes, tariffs, immigration, race relations … I seriously wonder whose side is he on? It is as clear as day and night that he is weakening America bit by bit but enriching himself and China, and furthering Russia’s geo-political goals.

  6. Vote for this man today!

  7. The front page of the NY Daily News today shows a man in a boxcar racer, with a photoshopped tRump face, driving off a cliff. There is a red MAGA hat that has blown off his head, and the extra long red tie is fluttering in the wind. The boxcar has a GM badge on the radiator grill.
    and smoke is coming from the racer.

    The last two years have seemed disastrous. It does feel as though the wheels are coming off.

    The new Congress with a Democratic majority in the House may start to employ some breaks.

    I hope that with the NY Times story that Manafort has lied to be the beginning of the end of tRump/Pence. Because Pence may not have colluded, he has benefited from the collusion and should not be sworn in as president.

  8. Well written! For me to say that it was all pretty much inevitable when Trump got installed, sounds pat, but I think it is true. The people surrounding him, the people behind him, they are simply the worst extension of the Right Wing cabal that we have seen. Reagan was bad enough; GW Bush was worse, Trump is the progeny of all of that. I actually think that there were and are many more potential Trumps out there; maybe from different backgrounds, but the same Far Right insanity, the same utter contempt for working people, women, minorities, and the environment. All those people that he put in the Cabinet, the lowest of the low, utter crooks and conspiracy nuts, were all in waiting. Getting rid of Trump is imperative, but there are plenty of Republicans out there who might do just as awful things, but in a more unctuous manner. The entire Republican majority in the Senate is that bad, from Cruz to Cornyn, Cotton to Grassley.

    One could argue that the wheels almost always come off when Republicans are in charge, except for Eisenhower, who was hardly great, but at least had principles, and was willing to work with the Democratic controlled Congress; and who also, to his later chagrin, put Warren and Brennan on the Supreme Court. Nixon left us in chaos, with an attempted fascist takeover. Reagan left us in massive debt, and with the knowledge that most of his administration tried to subvert an Act of Congress, which I think could reasonably be called treason. GHW Bush left us with a recession which caused about 12% unemployment on the East Coast. GW Bush; well, we know all about the economic catastrophe he left us in..

    Why people actually vote for Republicans is a testament to ignorance, illiteracy, and lack of memory. Trump’s regime will be worse, because he does not even care about America, he cares about himself and his tyrant friends abroad. But even so, the whole Republican Party, in thrall to the oil and coal industries and the NRA, has blocked climate change legislation, and all gun control bills; as well as gutting the FDA, thus inevitably leading to contaminated foods and water, which one would think that average working folks would care about enough to never vote for them. It’s all just accentuated now, but it was essentially a continuation of the last 50 years. Meanwhile, this odious organization called “No Labels” has apparently elected several Republicans who pretend to be Democrats, and is busy organizing to stop Pelosi from being Speaker, and to maybe get Kevin McCarthy to be installed. That’s what we’re facing. We made gratifying strides in the last election, but far too many people are so brainwashed and rigid, that they refuse to see that the Republican Party is full of pure evil, with Trump as its carnival barker. all evoking Ray Bradbury’s novel “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

  9. Happy Birthday to Yui Hirasawa of K-On!.

  10. Separated at birth? 😛

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