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Happy Thanksgiving 2018!!

I hope you are having as much fun today as I am. The turkey is in the oven, I made two kinds of stuffing, cranberries are chilling, potatoes are boiling. About to start the green bean casserole. It already smells delicious.

Thank you, everyone, for being as erudite, silly, sarcastic, kind and honorable as you all are. I am so glad you spent your time here, even when I’ve been preoccupied elsewhere. I know you have a choice of blogs to call your own and I’m happy you have chosen this one.

Thanksgiving roll call:

pm317, IBW, william, Sweet Sue, GA6thDem, jms, jmac, catscatscats, Lady V (who has been diligently volunteering her time to rescuing animals from California wildfires), propertius, trinity12305, earlynerd, Gregory P, luckyk, and the many people who I have enjoyed reading in the last year. Thanks to you lurkers as well. You’ve helped push our unique page hits above 13,000,000 this year. It’s a little milestone but it thrilled me anyway.

Let me know what your eating today and what your favorite side dish is.


18 Responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving (and birthday too). Hope you enjoy your meal.

  2. I know you have a choice of blogs to call your own

    Not me! And, I am very grateful I made my way back to this blog. Thank you, RD for giving me a place to voice my thoughts/ideas, hopefully what you and others see as worthwhile contribution. If you wonder why I am always here: one, because I like to talk and RD allows it; two, I see it as a bit of archiving, like recording what was happening at that time and twitter makes it awfully easy; and three, my laptop is always stuck to my hip if I am not away from it out doing stuff or when I am working (on my other laptop).

    Husband is cooking Eggplant Parmesan, Indian-style Falafel, and I may make a sweet pudding of Indian sorts. 🙂

  3. Well, khest it. 😛

    I thought the last thread was both BD and TG thread, so I used up my Thanksgiving material on the other thread.

    Oh, wait… 😆

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, RD! Happy Birthday too! While mostly I just lurk being shy by nature, I am no less thankful for The Confluence and all who join the conversation here. For over a decade it has served as a reminder that I am not alone in my views. It has informed me, and at times, given me hope. I was fortunate to celebrate today with family at my younger brother’s home. Not all could join us this year, but we still had a party of 27 and three generations were represented. My contributions were a sweet potato casserole and a fennel and apple salad. I don’t think I could choose a favorite side, but the collard greens were mighty good today.

  5. Aw, what a sweet message, RD. Obviously, your regulars love you, too. You’ve been my blog main squeeze for ten years! My favorite side dish that we do is brussels sprouts (yes, you heard me) boiled for no longer than four or five minutes, sliced in half and sautéed in bacon drippings with shallots and chopped walnuts until nicely brown. Yum. That and my cranberry chutney topped with crème fraiche.

  6. Had half a can of pumpkin left over… used it to make overnight oats… was way better than I anticipated, I will definitely do this again

  7. Happy TG/BD to riverdaughter and I am thankful that you keep this blog rolling along! And, we had a traditional dinner yesterday, except I whipped up some gingerbread cake for dessert, which was perfect!

  8. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday in all of my 30+ years here? My needs are simple, 🙂

  9. Happy B & T-Day, RD! Your feast sound scrumptious! (no need to worry about calories either, given that 24 year old metabolism 🙂 )

    And thank you for this blog and the (thing that shall not be named)-free day. A holiday during the holidays – what could be sweeter?

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