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Trump opens mouth, inserts gardening tool

Trump visited Northern California, probably against the advice of everyone who lives there. Here’s his take on the situation:

With 76 people dead and nearly 1,300 unaccounted for and feared dead in California wildfires, President Donald Trump had a word of advice about stopping future blazes: “Raking.”

“You’ve got to take care of the floors. You know the floors of the forest, very important,“ Trump noted Saturday surrounded by the devastation of the burned town of Paradise in northern California.

“I was with the president of Finland and he said, ‘We have a much different —we’re a forest nation.’ He called it a forest nation, and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things. And they don’t have any problem. And when they do, it’s a very small problem.”

Critics were stumped by the raking solution.

It didn’t take long for the Finns to seize the opportunity to make a global impact. They took to Twitter with their rakish humor:

Yes, it *is* hilarious, except to maybe the family of four sleeping in their SUV in a Walmart parking lot after they lost absolutely everything but the clothes on their backs.

This is one of the greatest natural disasters this country has ever faced. There are over 1000 people unaccounted for and 76 confirmed deaths.

Think about that. Over 1000 people missing, many likely burned alive and beyond recognition except through dental records and DNA. We are probably going to hear horror stories in the weeks to come about mothers with children, trapped in their cul de sacs, overcome by flames and smoke, or people drowning in their pools or who knows what else. The imagination can get too distressing to bear. Just read this account of paramedics huddling in a garage for safety after the ambulance they were in broke down during their escape. They and their patients thought they were going to die, fire raining down all around them.

And this is our leader. Musing about rakes. He’s probably never used one in his life.

Californians deserve better than this. It’s a wonder it hasn’t seceded by now.


Off topic: has anyone seen Niles or Blizz lately? Like since before the election? I wonder what they’re really thinking about the rake advice.

91 Responses

  1. Before there was rake advice, there was insinuation that CA misused the money meant for forest management. Looked like somebody told him that the forest lands are owned by the Feds. He is one ugly American, if he is one at all.

  2. He is an idiot of Manhattan project proportion.

  3. Reporters instead of (or in addition to) asking about climate change, why wouldn’t they ask him about what he is doing to help these people? Where is the emergency declaration or federal funds? What is the plan?

  4. Right. So many gasbags called Chris on TV.

  5. Sorry, I do take pleasure in reading about ‘comments’ on his Oranginess. But this tweet is too cute. Yeah, have you all seen the Orange county map after the midterms?

  6. Why would he need scientists when he knows everything? We have an idiot on our hands.

  7. There has never been anyone in high political place in this country who compares to Trump in complete incapacity to empathize with, or care about, the pain and loss of any human beside himself.

    All he can think about is how much he hates California for voting against him; how much he wants to make money from logging companies which would come n and cut down all the trees. And of course it can’t be due to global warming, because he either doesn’t believe it exists, or he does, but will sacrifice the planet in the interest of helping his friends in the fossil fuel industry for a few years. And he can’t just shut up and express a few words of sympathy, he has to pretend that he knows things that other people don’t; and thus wants to insist over and over that it was due to not enough raking of leaves, thus California’s fault; and if they don’t start doing what he says, he will not provide federal funds for the disaster.

    Why did he even come out here? He craves attention above all, and this is more of it. He doesn’t care one bit about anyone who died or lost their home. He is far beyond appalling, he is a sick person who has taken advantage of weaker or more sane people all his life, and who has found his base of appeal in the dregs of society, those who are now happy about the wildfires, because,it makes the libs sad. He can’t be normalized, even though the media keeps wanting to treat him as having normal human capacities. There are people out there who are still trying to rationalize not voting for Hillary Clinton, because, well, they didn’t like the way she laughed, or they just didn’t trust her to ban all fracking, or some propaganda that stuck in their minds. So they allowed this ghoul to be installed as President of the United States of America,

  8. trump phenomenon in a nutshell:
    it is astounding how confident he is in parading his ignorance. If you yourself are ignorant, then all you see is his confidence. That is what is going with one class of his supporters. There are many supporters and enablers who see through him but they benefit from having him there and they are complicit.

  9. Oh, must you really ask? Hillary voters don’t count, don’t you know?

    • I’m glad you point out to the millions of Hillary’s voters and the fact that she won the popular vote.
      I’ve been infuriated with CNN Cillizza’s opinion (twice) “Don’t do it Hillary”, assessing that it was her faulty campaign…WTF!
      Give him hell on twitter…

  10. I’m longing to see the House rake Trump over the coals.

  11. @JMS from last post: “I think another problem with electing Obama in 2008 when he was in his first term as a US senator was that it seemed as though intelligence could overcome a lack of experience. It doesn’t and it also made tRump’s campaign more valid because tRump had experience as a CEO.”

    This is so true! trump is scary and bad for the country but he is also a prime subject for some dispassionate investigative thinking on how he came to be where he is. I think the last decade was about MBA culture burgeoning everywhere, here, and in India to the detriment of every industry. MBA’s on their own don’t bring much to the table and especially here in this country, it is all about tall, white males proficient in English who BS with confidence. trump being a businessman with his fake confidence fed right into that culture, despite his many failures. His confidence in BSing is a phenomenon unto itself. Many ordinary people got impressed by that.

    • MBA = Mendacious Bullshit Artist 😈

    • pm someone once described him as an executive salesman. He is not a business man. He lies, cheats, steals, manipulates and threatens. At best, he heads up a successful criminal organization that will suck the rest of us dry if he cannot be stopped. The suckers voted for him and still love him. They bought the snake oil and will swear until it kills them that it is the best damn product they ever laid their hands on.

      • He is an obnoxious human being. That is it. We are about half way with the course correction and hopefully we add more momentum and get rid of this scourge in 2020. Stomp them like the cockroaches they are.

      • I’m generally opposed to the death penalty, but I’ve always supported making possession of an MBA a capital offense.

        • LOL… my nieces/nephews generation were all consumed by the MBA culture. They would poopoo our technical expertise. They have people skills! They are now struggling while my techy niece is buying a MacMansion.

        • I have an MBA! It was not my first choice degree, I got a JD first. I could have saved some time had I figured out that I could get both in the same time at some top universities. I studied the human side of management, the area that most MBA students have little interest in. UCLA for a while had a very liberal curriculum in that regard, until there was so much complaining from the Finance and Marketing types, that they got rid of some of the more person-oriented classes. But I do know that at Harvard, they were churning out the kind of coldly pragmatic business types which gave it all a bad name.

          I remember having to take a summer Calculus class at UCLA Graduate School of Management, to be fully eligible, since that was a requisite for the Finance classes, and I had been an English major. Several of us from Humanities backgrounds had to take it.. One evening, I sat in on an hour of another summer class, just to see what it was all about. It was on Strategic Management, or something like that. The first night, there was a handout passed around, a hypothetical case study, where the students were supposed to analyze the situation and give their best recommendations. It was about a company where a particular department had declining profit figures. It actually mentioned a department head who had been at the company a long time, was having some personal issues to deal with. Various class members gave their recommendations, which were mostly a version of “clear out the deadwood’: i.e, fire this person and his staff. I had never taken a business class in my life, so the whole idea of cost-benefit business analysis was somewhat intimidating to me. But I ventured to raise my hand and ask if the fact that the man described had been a good long-term employee, and was having personal problems, should at least be part of the equation; maybe move him to a department where he might do better? The professor put it to the class, “How many of you think that this aspect is worth discussing as part of the case study?” About three of the 70 or so people raised their hand;, and I thought, “I may be in the wrong graduate program.” But there were actually some courses there which delved into human issues at the workplace, and I thought that was a fascinating area of study. If this were a regular part of MBA curricula, things would be a lot better.

  12. What is happening is not about Democrats v. Republicans. Not. at. all. People voted overwhelming for the Dems because they have seen the alternative and it is dangerous. trump and his supporters are a danger to this country and its democracy. When will the media at large with their megaphones learn? Even today there is a fucking journalist writing an article (not linking it) blaming Hillary for MI given all that we have learnt about what happened in 2016!

    Good thread.

  13. Just another day in the Finnish forest, clearing out the undergrowth of diereses…

    • Nice to see the Finns have a sense of humor. I haven’t had one since Nov 2016. 45* has made non-Hillary voters a laughing stock all over the world.

  14. People are spooked and rightly so. Let us work on keeping this momentum and getting our act together with respect to voter suppression and other roadblocks Rs throw at citizens for 2020.

    • Hillary is not getting enough credit (when has she?) she knew AZ and GA were leaning Dem even then and made a play for it. The midterms are in that wake. But she gets hounded for losing MI and WI by a few 10k questionable votes.

    • See this ad? It is a new group of Rs spooked by the WH squatter. These Rs turned their nose at and smeared Hillary then but if she were to run in 2020, would vote for her, even admitting all their objection to her were not real but concocted.

  15. Interesting! If I use the name L$$ Atw$ter, my comment goes into some blackhole. Won’t post. RD, do you know why?

  16. This is trump’s America. 2 year old child?! Why won’t the people get spooked? They should get spooked more.

  17. I am thankful for all the women LE warriors on TV, Joyce, Jill, Mimi, Maya, Barb …

  18. I only caught part of Rachel’s show tonight. Nixon was a really sordid guy. He deserved every bit of that impeachment.

    • I do not usually frequent blogs; just this one ,and another one or two political ones in the past. But I did for a while “join” a blog where the blog runner wrote rather good book reviews, and people discussed them. She is Scottish, most of her following is from the British Isles. Anyway, she wrote a review of a biography of Nixon, the one which came out a couple of years ago. And she, being bright, but not really knowing anything much about Nixon, or American politics, bought into the apparent argument of the book, that Nixon was both good and bad. She commented about how Kennedy, or at least Daley, was said to have cheated in the 1960 election; so Nixon was just doing what he had to do in his career. I wrote a very long (!) and heated reply, listing many of the awful things which Nixon had done in his life, from smearing Jerry Voorhees and Helen Gahagan Douglas with insinuations of being Communists; to his crookedness requiring the “Checkers Speech” to stay on the ticket; to various other sleazy and terrible actions. She didn’t appreciate that, thought I was attacking her review. So I decided to stop commenting on the blog. But my parents, very intelligent and politically aware parents told me many things Nixon’s early days; how he was backed and groomed by a cadre of right-wing millionaire businessmen; how he used red-baiting to build his career, all of it. My mother suggested that he was paranoid, and that was way before he became President. My parents were so thrilled when he lost the governor’s race to Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, Jerry Brown’s father, and Nixon gave his “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around any more. Gentlemen, this is my last press conference” speech. But of course he returned, pretending to be “The New Nixon.” But ultimately, he was exactly the same Nixon. I refuse to let some political historians try to paint him in a more benign way, without my commenting on it. These things do matter, at the very least because the way we view the present day has a relation to the way in which we interpret our past history. “Nixon was a gifted man who had good instincts and bad instincts, did good and bad things,” is both simplistic and biased.

      • Nixon subverted the peace process contemplated by LBJ, just to win an election. What is more heinous than that? Maybe W’s unnecessary ME war.

        • Well, it turns out he actually *did* have a secret plan to end the war. Fortunately, Henry Kissinger and Melvin Laird talked him out of it

  19. This UK reporter is holding Facebook’s feet to the fire unlike any others I have seen. In all the muckraking ugly politics around the world, think about the common factor. Facebook and other social media platforms used to propagate fake news, disinformation. By whom? State actors and their enablers, goondas, thugs, mob heads, it is happening everywhere and effecting lives of ordinary citizens, like the gifted musician in India who is being ostracized by state sponsored trolls for his outspoken dissent against Modi government. It is happening in the Philippines and Brazil elected an authoritarian know nothing. Last night S. Ruhle and that Recode woman had a glossy show on Facebook but they didn’t even touch on the way Cambridge Analytica intersected with Facebook. Companies like CA are BAD, very BAD for democracies. American journalism sucks.

      • Carole Cadwalladr is a fearless journalist, who handles herself with aplomb. And she has a great name! She and Natasha Bertrand are two heroes of journalism in his period, when so many have failed their responsibilities.

  20. 😈

  21. Why is Ocasio-Cortez garnering so much publicity and focus? There are going to be about 233 Democrats in the House, about 40 or so new ones. She is from a very Blue district in New York which does not extrapolate to other parts of the country. So why do we keep hearing about her? Because she’s young? Because she describes herself as a “Democratic Socialist,” and thus is an easy target for Republicans who love to find someone as a symbol of the Democratic Party for their followers to hate? Because she is the female Bernie, someone who apparently has no capacity to work within the system, but offers up fantasy goals to the Left, which somehow thinks that there is going to be some great social revolution? Because she is so full of herself that she thinks that she is Daniel Webster, and that everything she says is packed with wisdom and knowledge?

    Nancy Pelosi is a liberal Democrat from a very liberal district in CA. She is not a “neoliberal,” whatever that nonsensical term coming from the Far Left is supposed to mean. She does not need Ocasio-Cortez’ seal of approval, or “there is an opening for me to support her.” I swear, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are the biggest threat to the Democrats winning the next Presidential election. There is a group of 10-15% of Democrats who would be willing to have the party lose every presidential election, as they feverishly hope for the Great Socialist Awakening in fifty years or so. These people have no idea of how government works, do not even consider that there is another party which is not going to let them wave the Bernie arm and magically turn the country into Sweden. But they love to hear themselves declaim, that is as much fun for them as actually seeing any positive changes in the country’s direction. With all the other evils combatting Hillary, I still think that had only Sanders not run, or even run and then shut up; and if his supporters had realized that Hillary was as close to a New Deal Democrat as we have seen run for President since FDR, she would have won. But he didn’t, and they didn’t, and now we have Trump. And they’re ready to do it again.

    • Yesterday, I heard a TV pundit say that Ocasio-Cortez should be considered for Speaker because she has tremendous support throughout the country. Huh??? If Pelosi is a target, can you imagine what a meal the Republicans and right wing Media would make of Ocasio-Cortez?

      • They are already working on AOC. She would be in negatives in short order after the GOP was done with her and then she doesn’t have a clue as to how to govern or pass legislation. If I were one of her constituents I would be raving mad because she sure acts like she dosen’t care a whit about them.

        • The minute she won that primary, I knew she was going to cause much trouble, and she will never tamp it down. She is in no way more gifted than any Democratic Congressperson one might randomly choose to look at. But she is a gift to Republicans; and as stupid as most of them are about important issues they are good at finding someone to hang the Democratic Party around. The more people they can convince that AOC represents Democrats, the more votes the Democrats will lose. Lenin was considered by German Intelligence to be a ticking time bomb, when they put him on a train to Russia. AOC may be another one, which sounds silly on the face of it, but one must take into account the Bernie Left, formerly the Nader Left, more formerly the Jesse Jackson Left.

      • She would be the best target the Republicans ever found. So good a target, that one wonders who came up with her?

    • NPR’s ginning up the anti-Pelosi Dem faction for all they’re worth. Today, again, just before I hit the “next channel” radio button, one of their news “analysis” programs reported on the amaaazing number of Dems (what, 15?) who have circulated some letter or petition demanding her removal.

      Just like they tried to with Oregon’s Kate Brown, and all that breathless “Oh noes, it’s a contender from nowhere gaining fast! Can a Republican really defeat nice {do-nothing} Kate Brown???” After which Gov. Kate Brown won again, handily. I certainly hope NPR and the rest of the media’s anti-Pelosi campaign suffers the same fate.

      • I am getting so tired of the opinions of talking heads. If they can add facts or historical relevance to an issue, fine, but enough with the bias, pearl clutching, faux outrage and propaganda.

  22. I keep harping on this thing called Facebook. Short of shutting it down, I don’t see a way out here.

  23. Fox News on the Internet. FB is propaganda platform for trumpies. No two ways about it.

  24. Ivanka used personal account to send hundreds of Govt emails.

    • Lock the b$%#h up!

      • And, in the meantime, yank her clearance.

        • Yeah, let us see how many of those emails were classified? Her dad was prescribing jail sentence in a rally then, about that other person. The press/media don’t know what to do now after having put Hillary through hell for it.

        • Probably 1/2 of the white house couldn’t get a security clearance without a Trump override.

  25. I can’t take this infighting anymore.

  26. They are shameless and they don’t give a fuck about being hypocritical. They won aided and abetted by the media. What will the media fuckers like MAGA Maggie and all the NYT females (and males) do now? That is the million dollar question.

  27. Thumbprint is used in India for various things. 🙂 If the crooked Rs are going to suppress voters on a technicality using widgets, let us go manual, all paper and thumbprints.

  28. What!? trump ashamed of #masculinetoiletMattWhitaker, you say? who would have thunk it? Well, who else, Hamilton…at least Hamilton was ready for a trump. Pity our contemporaries on the Republican side were not.

    Giving monkey a diamond, that is what it sounds like these days.

    • “[T]he obsequious instruments of [the President’s] pleasure.”

      ~ #masculinetoiletMattWhitaker

  29. WOW

  30. Interpol… and you bet trump won’t do anything, just he won’t do anything about the Saudis MBS.

  31. Horrific

  32. These reporters are so fucking stupid. Carol Loenning of Wapo on her scoop about ivanka’s emails said, of course unlike Hillary ivanka didn’t have a private server in her basement as if that is a knock on Hillary. Where was ivanka’s mail server? Was it google, yahoo, where? You think they are more secure than Hillary’s private mailserver? These journalists are so fucking computer illiterate.

    • They have about the same capacity as Trump to admit they were wrong about anything. They never liked Hillary, so it just had to be something really bad that she did, although she did nothing wrong at all. But something had to be wrong! And if it wasn’t, well, it looked bad! And so they hammered away, literally every hour of every day. And they got Hillary defeated, at least by the electoral college. And they would never think that they caused it, so it had to be Hillary! Hillary is to blame! Exonerating Hillary would mean that the media would have to admit that not only were they horribly unfair to her, but that they caused Trump to be elected. And they could never carry that burden of guilt with them. So they will contort themselves to say, well, she did something wrong, it must have been! Of such things were the theory of cognitive dissonance developed. If your mind holds two incompatible thoughts, you have to drop one of them. 1. We are the proud media, we always search for the truth, and never slant anything for personal reasons.. 2. Hillary didn’t do anything wrong. They drop #2 to keep #1.

  33. No tweet should say, “Ingraham said he was uniter in chief to cover for his vulgar behavior yesterday”. It is not highlighting hypocrisy anymore. It is highlighting how they enable him and what an ugly motherfucker he is.

  34. How did a dare devil, put a man on the moon, innovative, rich in most everything, spirit and wealth, country elect this emotionally weak coward? “afraid of such situations”

  35. 😈

  36. 😛

  37. 😈

  38. Egyptian legal agreements from the 23rd Dynasty (749-21 B.C.E.) frequently include the phrase, “If you do not obey this decree, may a donkey copulate with you!” [Reinhold Aman, “Maledicta,” Summer 1977].

    😈 The above quote is my favorite part of this NSFW article:


  39. Hoo putt deflektur sheeld on dis fish pondd? 😛

  40. Yay! Just heard Marcia Fudge is now supporting Pelosi. Hope Barbara Lee gets one of the party leadership positions and that Nancy creates a diverse bench for the future. She cannot live forever, she needs to groom some successors.

  41. #MasculineToiletMatthewWhitaker, a pleasure instrument of the current president.

  42. Happy Thanksgiving!

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