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Stuff Jon Favreau says 🙄

I was listening to Pod Save America, something I do when I run out of everything else, when Jon Favreau busted through the fourth wall of his smugness to say something meaningful about House investigations.

The argument goes like this: no one would do it just to harass the president. That would be a really good way to waste political capital and the media would be all hand wringy about whether the Democrats were abusing their mandate. No, the best reason to investigate is because there’s plenty of evidence that something really pernicious has happened and Trump and his droogs are involved. Don’t do it over low level offenses, do it where the facts point to a constitutional offense. It is the responsibility of the committees with oversight to do this. Investigations may lead to impeachment. But impeachment is a political act and we’re not there yet. This is just a matter of serving the public’s interest by discovering whether Donald Trump is abusing his power to line his pockets. Or whatever.

You can go listen yourself. I’m not providing a link. The podcast irritates me on so many levels. But this one segment was notable.

I’d go further.

Pelosi should state that there are many committees in Congress and not all of them will be involved in subpoenas. The punditry should calm its tits already.


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35 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, it all depends on how the media “spins” whatever the Democrats do. I fear the media as much as the Rs.

  2. Remember how it was not a blue wave on election night? There are too many shallow/mediocre/partisan talking heads on today’s TV and media in general who spout off things just to create content for the channels and that is hurting our democracy.

  3. What is that guy babbling about? The Republicans use “investigations” like a hammer to get whatever they want which is exactly how they got control of Congress in the first place. Who can forget Whitewater, travelgate, filegate, Vince Foster, Benghazi? I bet there are many, many more I am forgetting. So, why do Republicans just get to make crap up while Democrats can’t investigate and then punish people who commit real crimes against the people of the USA? This isn’t how our government is supposed to work. We have had criminals running the show for to long now. It is past time for these folks to get what is due for them. Just think about how corrupt people like Scott, Kemp, Walker, Pence, Trump etc. are. These people spit on the Constitution and defecate all over every person in the USA. And these are just election riggers, lets not even talk about those taking kick backs, stealing from the taxpayers or just doing the bidding of their masters and then cashing in later. This all has to stop.

    • Who can forget Whitewater, travelgate, filegate, Vince Foster, Benghazi?

      yeah, I was thinking the same. It is always the Democrats that have to behave responsibly. Rs can do whatever they want.

    • Thank you for reminding us of all those investigations that are just “making crap” to fit their agenda.
      Yes to let’s investigate all the criminal activities against people,our Constitution and our America.

  4. The media has one political narrative: Democrats are doing it wrong, or Democrats are about to do it wrong. I remember someone writing after we had “lost” the 2000 election, that Al Gore ran his campaign as if his major goal was to please the New York Times editorial board. Let’s remember all the “bad” things he did: he sighed a few times during a debate; he had a fashion consultant pick out what color suit to wear; he said “lockbox” several times; he wan’t the kind of guy you wanted to have a beer with, like GW Bush, who apparently went AWOL from his national guard post, had two DUIs, didn’t know anything about history or government or politics, but what the heck. They did it to Dukakis, with Ted Koppel incredibly sneering at him when he sat in for a 90-minute interview which GHW Bush had refused to do, “You just don’t get it, do you, Governor?” They did it to Bill Clinton; how much did we hear about the draft, when every single Republican outside of McCain had pulled strings to get out of the draft? And of course Whitewater and Paula Jones, on and on. Kerry was a war hero, and they put lying “swiftboaters” on the air every single day. We won’t go over all the untruths and made up things they hammered Hillary with. The only one they left alone was Obama.

    It is like Democrats are the child which always gets lectured (“for his or her own good”) about everything, while Republicans are the child which gets away with everything, because they don’t care what the media says. This has gone on for at least 30 years. It never stops, even though we always hope that the media will do better. Whatever the Democratic House does will be the wrong thing for the media. Pass bills which cannot get through the Senate, that is wrong. Don’t pass bills, that is wrong. Investigate Trump, wrong. Don’t investigate him, wrong. The media looks forward to the House being the punching bag for Trump, who will blame everything on them. He blamed the stock market going down on the election results, ignoring that the market went up 400 points the day after the election. The media has been uncomfortable having to point out Trump’s endless lies and abhorrent behavior. Now they can go after the Democrats again, and particularly Pelosi. and they certainly will. What the media wants the House to do, is to “work with Trump” to pass bills which will help him get reelected.

    Just to add: it is going to be a real challenge for House Democrats, because this isn’t the 1950’s, and there is this large quilt of disparate backgrounds and political positions. Some intelligent and admirable people, but also people who don’t know nearly as much as they think they do, about how government works. They demand to meet with Pelosi, “to see if she will carry out our agenda,” they think that winning one election entitles them to demand that House leadership do it their way. I have this fear that it is going to resemble the 1972 Democratic Convention, which at least looked like a bunch of people with their own different ideas, all demanding that they be heard. What we need is a caucus which votes with the leadership, not thinks that they get to continually express their dissatisfaction, or that having a majority in the House means that Democrats run the country. We will see. Ocasio-Cortez seems to me to be a real problem. I don’t know who put her in office, but she is going to cause a lot of trouble. If someone told me that Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez were being paid to destroy the Democratic Party, I would not discount that possibility; but it is probably mostly arrogance and intransigence on their parts.

    • “The only one they left alone was Obama.”

      The media feared the scarlet “R”.

      The next African-American President won’t get the kid-gloves treatment from the media that Obama did, now that Benedict Donald has demonstrated that there are no longer any real consequences for being openly r@ci$t.

  5. When the Republicans “shellacked” Obama’s administration in 2010 and took over the House, they immediately threatened to not pass a budget, not raise the debt ceiling, unless he did what they demanded. They were almost certainly bluffing; Boehner was not that irresponsible, but Obama always gave in, said that we were being held hostage; and Boehner said that his party got 98% of what they wanted, in these deals. The media thought that this was smart and exciting politics by the Republicans. If the Democrats ever did that, the media would go berserk. Democrats are supposed to behave like responsible men and women, and try to help the fascist president. Democrats are never allowed to play hardball, or stand firm, or use the power of their elected positions. It is a guarantee that Trump will look for an excuse to shut down the government, and blame it on the Democratic House.

  6. Whenever I see Jon Favreau mentioned, I cannot help but remember that disgusting photo he put up on his Facebook site after Obama won of a cardboard image of Hillary in which he is holding her pretend breasts and someone else is trying to stuff a beer bottle down her throat.

    I saw a little of Pod Save America recently, mostly young white male, and their smugness and self-satisfaction and know -it -all-ness was too toxic and infuriating for me.

    • Yes, I will always recall that photo in relation to Favreau and as a Hillary delegate to our 2008 state convention, I saw first hand the condescending “bros before hos” (an actual T shirt slogan many Obama delegates wore) attitude that infused their campaign.

    • Fk the Favreau guy and the messiah…

  7. Face(Ass)book run by evil Ass motherfuckers. What is wrong with Zuckerberg and Sandberg? Profits over country? Really?!!

    • Kaplan is the guy you saw in Kavanaugh’s hearings. He is friends with the brewski and threw a party when he was installed on SCOTUS. Facebook is the Fox on the Internet, by the Republicans, for the Republicans.

  8. I am getting Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes vibes here. Unfortunately, Hillary thought highly of Sheryl Sandberg while that bitch was backstabbing her and the Dems all along at Face(Ass)book.

  9. Do the Democratic muckrakers know this?

  10. ha… trying to post a comment but it just disappears, does not show it is in moderation… 😦

  11. I’m not happy about the Dems path to wreck the gains accomplished by been and feeling entitled.

  12. 😆

  13. Samson and Delilah, protect the hair, protect the hair…

    • Because some Democrats, particularly the Far Left, have been either deliberately or very stupidly trying to wreck the Democrats for decades. Imagine if we had Gore instead of GW Bush, and Hillary over Trump; we would have courts filled with liberal judges, much cleaner air and water, so many things. But the Left voted for Nader just enough to cost us that election, and then a number of Sanders supporters voted third party, or stayed home, just to show us how spiteful they could be. They’re still yelling about how Sanders was “cheated” out of the nomination; yes, 4 million votes worth of cheating, by dozens of states? They are of course giving the Republicans credence for their dangerous claims of fixed elections.

      The Left never learns anything, and can’t be convinced. They didn’t like Bill Clinton, didn’t like Gore, didn’t like Kerry, didn’t like Hillary. They don’t like Pelosi. They actually believe that someone like Ocasio-Cortez could win a national election, if only they could somehow get her nominated. They, or their political ancestors, got McGovern nominated, to get 34% of the national vote. They have every right to have very liberal positions, but the problem is that when they don’t get their way, they complain, and don’t vote. Democrats very much need Nancy Pelosi to be the Speaker; she is by far the most qualified person to hold her caucus and deal with the Republicans. I do hold against her the fact that she pretty obviously favored Obama over Hillary; but she still was a very effective Speaker, and will be again. A bunch of new House members, many of whom obviously do not understand how government and the Congress work, are going to undermine all the efforts made by so many people in the last year, if they indulge themselves by starting a fight for the Speakership. There is not one good reason to try to upend Pelosi, but the Left never cared about good reasons. they are doctrinaire, full of their own sense of superiority. They thought that if Bernie got elected, he could magically get bills through the right-wing House and Senate. This next two years is going to be seen as a test of how Democrats want to govern, and going after Pelosi is not a good start..

    • Why indeed?

  14. Why would he check it? His intention is to paint and smear Mueller as an Obama Democrat and his minions will take his word for it. As a journalist, your job is not to wail that he didn’t check it but to show his deception and corrupt intent.

  15. ….Congressional Black Caucus passed a vote of no confidence in Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez on Wednesday…duh WTF. Do we have a Congressional Women’s Caucus yet? How about a Congressional Hispanic Caucus? Anyway I have a great deal of confidence in Chairman Perez and his almost 40 House wins, 7 Governors, turnover of 2 Senate seats, and countless Statehouse seats above 250. And the most diverse group ever to join the Congress…breathe. Big Tent center left.

    • Peep, are those gains really attributable to Perez? I would think Hillary’s loss, The Women’s March, Indivisible and orgs like Onward Together had more to do with it.

      • Even if he was not responsible, I don’t understand all this infighting between various factions. Like Hillary says, Rs fall in line but Ds eat their own.

      • All of the above possibly, however, their vote wasn’t that he contribution was equal or less than others: it was that they no longer deem him fit to hold that position which to me is wrong.

  16. trump effect, not good. This person should arrested and subjected to full LE.

  17. Obviously, we are in a very dire situation all around. It can possibly be ameliorated, but it will take immense work and unity. Winning 38 or so House seats and 7 governorships is very gratifying. But Republicans hold the Senate, the Presidency, most state legislatures, and of course the Supreme Court. If Trump stays in office until the next election, the federal courts will be filled with right-wing judges, who among other things will validate all of the Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression. The suffocation of this country by the stacked courts, those deliberately left as vacant as possible by Republican tactics, until a right-wing Republican could fill them, is very unsettling to contemplate. The only antidote might be Democrats winning more state legislatures,and then gerrymandering everything. But right now, blue or bluish states are passing laws to limit gerrymandering, while red states gerrymander away. It does not take a mathematician to figure out the result.

    If Democrats all pull together, we have a chance. If a bunch of Democrats are so full of themselves that they actually sabotage their own party, Republicans win. Trying to get rid of Pelosi is about the stupidest move possible after just taking over the House after 8 years of Republican control. Whoever is behind this–Republican operatives, ignorant and arrogant Democrats–is contemptible. Democrats cannot change much policy right now, and the frustration of that is going to cause the fringes to want to burn down everything they can reach. Can Democrats mature as a party, or are they going to turn into a bunch of city states, each with its own narrow partisanship? The Black Caucus which does not like Perez, because they wanted Ellison? The phony “No Labels” which are basically semi-moderate Republicans who cannot touch the Republican Party, so try to trick Democrats? The Sanders Left, which does not like anybody who is not one of them? Women’s Caucus, Latino Caucus, Conservative White Men Democrat Caucus? Virtually every revolution in history, violent or peaceful, has been ruined by endless infighting among a bunch of people who can only run or fight against something, not work together to create reasonable compromise and progress. “Grownups in the room,” is a cliche phrase, but that is indeed what the Democratic Party needs now, not factions. Governance requires almost always voting as a group, which is something that some Democrats never figure out, which is why they usually have gotten rolled over by en bloc voting Republicans.

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