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      The markets are crashing become they finally realized that the senile Trump is too incompetent to handle a global pandemic. Via Vanity Fair: “Even if Congress provides additional funding, there remain fears that the Trump administration has already hamstrung it’s ability to address this emergency. As Foreign Policy’s Laurie Garrett wrote last month, the admi […]
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Bagman and, er, other thing starts

It’s hard for me to believe that there are still people out there who think that Bob Mueller hasn’t got anything on Trump or his lackies, that this is all a huge waste of money and that the partisan justice department has it out for Trump.

That last part is hillarious for a couple of reasons. The first is that with the exception of Peter Stzrok, who was probably just voicing what everyone there was thinking, the justice department and the FBI is run by Republicans. Actually, I can’t remember when the FBI was NOT run by a Republican. So there’s that.

Then there’s the fact that Trump is copying the Spiro T. Agnew playbook To. The. Letter. Just copy from the best and see how long you can get away with it I guess.

Anyway, Rachel Maddow (the Republican lurkers just cringed) has a podcast called Bagman that reviews the Agnew Strategy. Anyone who listens to Maddow regularly knows what a gifted storyteller she is. This podcast is no exception. She pulls from the NBC archives, speeches by Agnew, recollections from the defense lawyers and federal prosecutors, and lays it all out. You will be able to put the Trump moves in perspective and can probably guess what’s going to happen next.

One big difference between then and now is that the Nixon era justice department was leaky and the Rosenstein-Mueller-Wray axis of evil is leakproof. We’ll see if that changes now that Whitaker is in charge – for now.

Bagman is on its third episode. It will take about two hours to catch up.


Hey, since the election of so many women on Tuesday night, have you felt your libido making a rebound? Feeling your mojo yet?

Well, here’s a thread that caught my eye this morning. It’s all about bad sex stories. Need some humor today? Check it out.

Morning Music:

Oooooo, yeah, Darius Rucker…


Tweet du jour, MITH again. (Just subscribe to him):

46 Responses

  1. This Whitaker guy may not last in that job for long. Even the conservatives who support trump are calling it unconstitutional.

    • I’m predicting we’re going to have to come up with a new unit of measurement. One Whitaker is equal to .5 Scaramucci units.

  2. It’s good that Dems retook the House and can stop bad legislative initiatives. Moreover if the Dems realize that we are in for the long haul, and keep organizing on the ground, we have a shot at flipping key states like FL, GA, and TX in the near future. Finally, if Whitaker stops Mueller, his info could be passed to New York State, whose prosecutions can continue regardless of federal pardons– and to the House Judiciary Committee. Assuming Mueller is willing to depart from his by the book persona.

    OTOH I would list 3 rather nasty caveats.
    1. The House can subpoena till the cows come home but Trump will do his best to knuckle drag and the Supreme Court could well back him. Necessary as they are, investigations will be tough to do.

    2. With two more Republican Senate seats we will see more nasty judges get appointed for life on the Federal bench with less resistance than in Trump’s first two years. We REALLY need Ginsburg and Breyer to hang on, desperately.

    3. Even though the Republicans will defend 22 Senate seats in 2020, these are mostly in red rural states. Retaking the Senate will be hard work.

    Item 2 is exactly what Trump and McConnell created when they deliberately decided to amp up the rhetoric starting with the Kavanaugh fight and thereby sacrifice the House to get the gains they wanted in the Senate.

    For Lord of the Rings fans: “So far Gollum’s plot had succeeded.” (Two Towers, end of Chapter 9).

    • I believe 9 of those 2020 senate seats are in blue states. I would not bet on David Perdue keeping his seat here in GA. It’s now a 50/50 state and it’s not going to get better for him in 2020. He has a 100% pro Trump voting record. Secondly the other senator we have Isakson is unlikely to run for reelection but he’s not up until 2022. We almost took out a rep that is in a R+7 district. This fight has only just begun. Taking the house was only 1 step in the first of many.

      • You are fierce, Ga6th! I still believe that Stacey will be your Warrior Queen. We have a whole lot of butt to kick.

      • GA 6 I really hope you are right, and yes, I like your spirit too!! But what about defending Doug Jones in Alabama, he won’t another child molester to run against this time. If Beto runs again after continued strong organizing, maybe he can get over the hump. And maybe we take out Cory Gardner in CO or Joni Ernst in IA. Most of the other states look really tough. Of course we have to do everything possible but we may need a few stars to align, too.

        FYI, here’s the map. https://ballotpedia.org/United_States_Senate_elections,_2020

        • Don’t forget Maine. Collins is more than likely a goner or she may just retire. NC and KS are trending blue so there may be pickups there. with 20 seats up we only have to net what? 7 seats to take the senate? As far as Jones goes, it just depends. Alabama does not like changing senators no matter which party they are from. AL had D senators long after the state had turned deep red. Just depends on what is going on and since 2020 is likely to be a bloodbath for the GOP it might be enough to carry Jones to victory. MT is another possibility if Bulloch decides to run for the senate. I would think flipping Texas is not going to happen since Conryn is a stronger senator than Cruz. After 2 years of the house investigating the corruption of Trump and the GOP there might even be some of those states that have been red that are going to say enough.

  3. With the Dem victories on Tuesday there has been a major shift in power that people are beginning to embrace. The con has crumpled, tRump, his morally defective evangelical nationalist republicans, their red crazies, and cable just sound like caged yapping dogs trapped in their own little tiny co dependent world. Time to focus on real news, legislation, excellent candidates and a strategy for winning the EC in 2020 the rest is just noise. And if the United States Department of Justice and FBI can’t stand up to a publicly corrupt Administration and their co-conspirators in the Senate to protect Mueller, we need to know that now. If this isn’t a country of laws anymore, and a President and his cronies are above the law, let’s get it out there.

  4. Read this thread and weep. All those fucking Obamabots many of whom are still in the media. Hillary (and Bill) understood how to fight with these craven mfers on the R side. Stop making the argument ‘this is not who we are’ to shame them (they don’t care) and instead show how to stand your ground for what you re when they show who they are. I hope the younger generation of Ds are more savvy. We don’t need to get down to their level of dirty but we do need to stand firm and fight. We need the media to highlight what is right and true but they are as incompetent at it as the majority is while the minority just goes about its corrupt and cruel ways bulldozing everything.

  5. He is like a disease and has infected the country. Where is the cure?

  6. How do we put a stop to this nonsense? He is a mini-trump as all of them are.

  7. 😈

  8. Bret Stephens is a conservative op-ed columnist for the NY Times whose columns appear on Saturdays. His column for 11/10/2018 is on line now. He is calling for Democrats to impeach Whitaker if Whitaker does not recuse himself from the Mueller inquiry.

    The column lists the ways in which Whitaker is a hack. Whitaker was also involved with a firm in Florida which is being investigated by the FBI.

    If a conservative columnist is calling for a conservative serving as atty. general to be impeached, it must be pretty bad. Here is the link.

  9. is this what happens if you are stupid enough to try to mug Jackie Chan? 😛

    From Mock Paper Scissors:

  10. MAGA Maggie and her ilk. They were going at Hillary even as recent as a couple of months ago. Fuck them!

  11. they elected this idiot to the highest office. the country that has the highest concentration of intellectual capital elected this motherfucking idiot.

  12. Republicans (not trumpers) running this ad on TV… Can the Democrats play offense now? go for the jugular on the corruption and the incompetence?

  13. Apparently idiot trump missed this because of RAIN! He can’t mess up his hair, right?

    • Next time he says anything about kneeling during national anthem or patriotism, the media and everyone else should rub this in his face. Apparently this tweeter is Churchill’s grandson. He is taking down the entire GOP as an institution and yet his supporters and his enablers don’t know it. Everything blows over, right? Right, media? Media is the problem.

      • It wasn’t about the weather and his chopper; for chrissakes, take a limo. He was worried that his hair would look bad in the rain. Can you imagine the brouhaha if Clinton had skipped the tribute to our fallen soldiers of WW1?

    • That is ‘Hillary in rain’ picture from 2008. Wish we could just copy and paste the picture here on WP.

  14. Good stuff from emptywheel. Sessions ought to be able to get his revenge.

  15. OMG… anybody who has tried to sign on tablets for purchases and such these days know how not so easy they are and how they don’t look the same as when we sign on paper. This is disenfranchisement. Paper everything like we have in MD now.

  16. Ha, take that trump!

    • Ha, that video is from last year and not from today. But works because trump cancelled it because of a little drizzle. America, which helped make peace and Marshall plan and rebuilding Europe, it sat on its hands today. What a shame!

  17. Their president went all the way across the Atlantic but cancelled his visit citing rain. He missed all this. You have to wonder why he went at all. Was it to meet with Putin and what are they talking about?

  18. Oh my teeny weeny hand, my hand…(not doctored — captured by Reuters photog I think)

  19. What is going on with trump? He had not shown up for the dinner yet at 9:30 PM Paris time. Is he there just to have a tête-à-tête with Pootie?

  20. Didn’t he have this same expression as Pootie and he walked out of their Helsinki summit? What a leader!

  21. Babies of any species are good!

  22. Look, he does not care if his America First becomes America Alone. In fact Pootie wants that exact outcome so that he can go after the Baltics and reclaim what he thinks are his right. The corrupt motherfucker trump is satisfied getting all the millions into his personal wealth. What is the GOP getting in return and what are the trump supporters getting in return for their support? GOP has already lost a chunk of its major support from its own people and got routed in the midterms. Whatever is left of them is acting like trump but will be decimated soon election by election. His supporters didn’t get the tax cut but their healthcare, Medicaid/Medicare, and SS are in jeopardy. Good job, Sparky whoever you are, wherever you are!

  23. Republicans are screaming about election fraud, with no evidence whatsoever, and regardless of the statements by election officials in the states in issue, that there is no evidence of it. Of course not, at least not in the voting or counting. The fraud is the targeted suppression of minority voters via various devices, including now the “signature check,” wherein polling officials are allowed to make their own decisions as to whether the signature exactly matches, even though of course very few people sign exactly the same way, particularly over time. Just another way for Republicans to try to fix elections.

    And then their media echo chamber amplifies it, so that now millions more people do not trust the election system. The only thing to do, is to just ignore them, vote, and get others to vote, just like what happened in this election. But we can be sure that Republicans will try other techniques to quell minority and general Democratic voting. I think that many of us did not realize the power that Secretaries of State had to fix election processes, although what has happened in Ohio with Blackwell and Husted, was Exhibit A. And of course Katherine Harris in Florida. Among many other things, the legitimate victory of Gore would have helped limit the effects of global warming, which undoubtedly is a major factor in the air in California being so dry, that fires now spread with unprecedented ferocity, according to fire department officials. And Florida’s red tide is not going to be dealt with, with DeSantis in charge. We’re watching the planet burn and be polluted, and the media talks about nonexistent caravans and nonexistent vote fraud, while Republicans try every measure to keep their fossil fuel and gun selling donors in charge of the country, to keep it burning and shooting.

    • It appears to be the FL crooks (including trump) that are screaming — kicked dog hollers loudest like Gillum said. Arizona Rs seem to be behaving alright. Media and reporters should behave responsibly here by not giving these crooks a platform to spread their lies and rumors.

      • In Florida, Steve Schale reports that 10.1k voting by mail ballots have been rejected because of “unspecified error.” Another 10.1k have been rejected because they were not signed. In Arizona, the court ruled that “penmanship” should not invalidate a person’s vote, and that people whose VBM ballots were not accepted, should have the ability to come in and rectify the error. That is the difference between Arizona and Florida, the most corrupt election system in the country. “Signature match’ is ridiculous. I doubt that most people could replicate an earlier signature in one attempt, and with the other one not in front of them. And who are making these decisions about match?

        They’re not going to finish the recount in Palm Beach in time. Gilllum should have foregone his recount, because he cannot win, even though of course it is hard to do such a thing. The time taken up for Gillum and the Agricultural Commissioner’s recounts are taking away from the time for the Nelson recount. It is very likely that Nelson was cheated by all the various devices used by Republicans to keep Democrats from voting, or to disqualify their votes if they do.

  24. I never watch Fox, of course. But somehow while passing through a few channels, I hit one of their outlets, and actually watched it for maybe three minutes, for the first time in the last 25 years or so. It’s worse than I had imagined. There is this Jeanne Piro, and she has Corey Lewandowski on, and they are yelling about something, but without any coherence, much less sense. Something about Florida fraud, and someone driving a truck with ballots inside; and Piro saying “Florida is a purple state, but Trump won it easily over Crooked H, but now Democrats are cheating, and what can be done about this?” And people actually watch this station? No wonder the collective IQ of America has dropped 20 points or so. Seeing three minutes of this virulent fantasy that is Fox, makes me really fear for the safety of this country, because no one who actually sits and watches it on a daily basis can be anything but brain dead and brainwashed. Outside of Goebbels in Nazi Germany, I don’t think that there is any historical parallel to Fox.

  25. Bye, bye, Pooti’es favorite Congresscritter.

  26. trumpie flapping his jacket is some kind of a tell. People should decode. He did that after he pushed aside the president of Montenegro in his first foreign tour and is seen doing that in other instances.

  27. Thank you, veterans.

  28. Happy Birthday to Azusa Nakano of K-On! :mrgreen:

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