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Thousand Oaks

I spoke too soon.

Very, very sorry for all the lives affected. This has to stop.

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  2. This time with smoke grenades and a Gloch. They said the .45 ammo leaves big holes, esp at close range. 12 dead with possibly one clip?This is insane.

  3. These terrible tragedies are all about guns and ammunition. There have always been disturbed and even dangerous people, but never before have they had such access to killing machines. Of course, there is no chance to get gun control through the Senate and Trump, but the House could pass it, and at least show people what is possible. And states must try to pass their own legislation, though the Supreme Court will likely hold that no gun restrictions whatsoever are constitutional.

    I suppose that the only thing to do for now is to have much tougher rules allowing the confinement of anyone who appears to pose a threat, when he is interviewed after any disturbance at his home or outside it. This would be an unsettling thing as far as liberty is concerned, but there has to be some move in this direction. The tragedies of the people killed in these now daily events is far more important than our own anxieties, but I can attest that it has become more difficult to enjoy any public event such as a concert or theatre show, without thinking that someone might burst in and start killing people.

    • “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” — Justice Robert Jackson

      • True, but detention without trial (or in this case without an actual charge) is the death of democracy. What’s next, summary executions (actually, we already seem to have that, given what happened to Al-Awlaki and his son)?

        What constitutes “dangerous”? Who decides? Donald Trump? Or just some Star Chamber appointed by him?

        • Every time I blow off steam, you insist on being a literal-minded killjoy.

          If this were Disqus, I think I would have blocked you by now.

    • “There have always been disturbed and even dangerous people, but never before have they had such access to killing machines.”

      In some cases, perhaps, but not in this one. The .45 ACP was introduced in 1905. Disturbed and dangerous people have had access to this particular “killing machine” for 113 years.

      Maybe you’re right – maybe returning to the old “snake pit” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Snake_Pit) days of involuntary commitment would help, but there were a lot of abuses under that system. Who decides which people are “dangerous”? Do you really want to give Donald Trump’s DOJ the authority to do that?

      “Red flag” laws are another matter entirely – removing weapons (of all kinds) from unstable people just seems sensible to me. I believe California has such a law, but apparently it was not invoked in this case.

  4. Yo Bernie, stfu

    • So, Bernie Sanders doesn’t do math. African Americans comprise just under 13% of the population. Barack Obama was elected to 2 terms as President of the USA. If white people don’t vote for black people then how was this possible? Why did so many of Sanders devotees vote for Trump and the Republicans? Because neither Sanders or his followers are Democrats. All they want to do is stir up crap and torpedo the only party trying to help real Americans.

      • Okay, Gregory, I’ll play. Exactly how many Sanders supporters voted for Trump? Numbers (with sources), please.

        • Well, everyone of them that I know personally which had to be around 20. They flipped so fast it was unbelievable. Went straight to saying crap like Hillary murdered Vince Foster, she stole the nomination, etc. But Bernie Sanders is not nor has ever been a Democrat. He was an independent who identified with Socialism. He was not nor will he ever be a viable candidate. The Democratic party was stuck between a rock and a hard place in regards to Sanders and it completely backfired on them. Any other interpretation of this is just wishful thinking. You want numbers that don’t exist but I’ll give you something to consider. In every other electorate when the exit polls don’t match up we know that there was widespread election fraud and a re-vote happens except in the USA when the Republicans win this way it is just fantastic.

      • Something fishy about that Bernie guy. He is not serious but his followers appear to be and that’s a problem for the Democrats. Trump is talking about causing more divisions within Ds as a strategy going forward and he could perhaps secretly enlist Bernie.

        • You do realize you’re talking about nearly half the party, right?

          Disagreements about policy only “cause division” when people use them as an excuse to organize the traditional Democratic circular firing squad.

          If the Democratic Party can’t handle dissent, then it ought to change its name.

          • I don’t mind policy disagreements and his followers idealism and aspirations. My problem is with him. I am not impressed with either the person or his razor thin accomplishments and he is already 70 something. He just does not appear to have all his ducks in a row and I see him as a charlatan who likes this accidental attention and adulation he is getting. And there is the issue of his ego and perhaps sexist/racist tendencies.

          • Oops, I used the R word and my response is in moderation. 😦

        • Thanks RD! That was very quick.

    • Wholeheartedly agree with this. Every time one of these events happens they cash in. 😦

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